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Okay, I get it…this one will be difficult. I have to preface by stating that a large part of this site is dedicated to the Christian Gnostic view and its cosmology. We believe the material universe was the creation of a malevolent architect. Sorry, Youtube Gnostics…We know who the gatekeepers of Yahweh are!

So, with that as a starting point. Linked HERE is a movie Called, The Donner Party, which portrays the struggles of Christian settlers trapped in the mountains while attempting to get to California. Faced with starvation they eventually resorted to cannibalism as a means of survival. They’re likely those who will say this never happened and that no Christian at any time had to eat human flesh to survive. We’ll ignore this denial and likely dishonesty. But it’s worth pointing out right now that the eating of bread and wine in its literal partaking is a symbolic type of cannibalism.

My question, then, is why? Why would a GOOD Christ ever put his people in such a situation? Of course, the Christian Gnostics would say the GOOD Aeon Christ from the Pleroma wouldn’t. But we’ll get to that. What lesson or purpose would it serve this traditional Jesus to have people who worship him go through this horror? I see no lesson or purpose in this for any Christ claiming to be wholly GOOD!

I have to backtrack here and explain why I rejected all the mainstream views of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. I won’t get into the other religions here but you can search this site for Christian Gnosticism and ________________ where you’ll likely find that I’ve covered anything you’re looking for along those lines. . I’m not sure when it was but it was some time ago I came across a story about a women found dead in an elevator in China. She had been dead and alone in that elevator for months when they found her. So she died alone in that elevator. What we know for a fact is that God didn’t take her body but left it to die. The thing is that I reflected on her plight for some time and although I wouldn’t claim to know what happened during her ordeal I imagined the sheer horror she must have gone through: the slow starvation and slowly dying surrounded by whatever waste products were excreted and the filth and uncleanliness of such a death. And the mental anguish of living day after day witnessing your ultimate demise. It was at this point that I rejected ALL theism that posited a good god of this material universe. There has been nothing that has changed my mind since I left all traditional theism behind. I’m not an atheist so I’m not going to venture down that road in this blog other than to say we call materialists HYLIC and they are disciples of the worldwide religion of money today–so, they might describe themselves as atheist, but they are practising religion and the template for that religion of money is *Roman Christianity! Yes, the Archons are Playas and apparently not without a sense of irony. It’s also worth noting that I was not raised in any religion and was brought up in the once half-decent Canada that is now devolving into communism blended with corporate fascism.

Unfortunately, there is a group of people who have blocked all inquiry into Christian Gnosticism for millennia as the Hebrew Old Testament God is indicted from our cosmological view. . I’ve even seen Jordan Peterson do a video on ‘Is Yahweh All That Bad? Well, yes he is–the short answer. But who is Peterson directing the question to? To the Aeons of the Pleroma? I don’t think so as they would answer as I have. So he’s simply being an apologist for Judaism’s God. The only thing I’ll say about Peterson as of late is whether his constant admonitions are warnings or threats? I tend to the latter.

Can I be blunt here? The template for the material world is violence and chaos. This place is a meat-grinding death machine and those from the Pleroma see this place for what it is. It’s also the home of every type of deception, obfuscation, and treachery. You’ll live and die here never knowing the truth about existence because the truth has been intentionally blocked. You are prisoners to the remnants of metaphysical archons. Now, for the average person, I get that they’ve made this prison extraordinarily enticing with every conceivable manner of entertainment! And that the drive to life and reproduction leads to every manner of pleasurable distraction, but that’s exactly what it is. Moreover, that the ruling families (archons) of the earth have turned existence into a quest of consumption. There is no meaning other than to obey and consume! Now, if only that were the end of it.

But it isn’t! These archons suffer from a catastrophic case of OCD and they’ll never stop upping the ante while at the same time declaring how great and brilliant they are (and their systems of control). My sense is that their ultimate gambit is to trap permanently whatever the hidden spark of the Pleroma is…My own sense is that it’s the line that will not be allowed to be crossed and everything that is coming has to do with this treachery. This is why they will usher in a worldwide Totalitarian system–they want voices like mine silenced–as they always have. Oh, yes…there will be many more orchestrated events to get us there as they are not going to stop.

Look, my site is full of blogs that attempt to show that Christ wasn’t a lowly Jewish carpenter and that this story is a fiction created by the archons. The Demiurge used Christianity (and Islam) to project Judaism (a religion borrowed from Egypt and surrounding nations) throughout the entire earth. And look closely at this Jewish Jesus and how he wants to brutally punish most people forever for not believing in irrational and illogical religious injunctions. Yes, we see through this fictional Jesus. But this Yahweh as Messiah has yet to show up and it will be interesting to see how this merges with the coming Technocracy. I don’t claim to know the details of how this will happen but I’d bet there is no stopping it–not by human means. Allowing the reincarnation template to exist was one thing but the archon attempt to over-ride it is not going to happen–in my opinion, of course.

I’ll finish by saying that Christian Gnostics are adherents of non-violence and that people should not harm others (or, the Hebrews). But equally, we believe and are compelled to freedom of expression: especially within the arena of metaphysics and the nature of reality. If we had any say here all predatory financial schemes would be outlawed when it comes to humanity’s four basic needs of food, shelter, education, and housing. Of course, the archons will never allow this, even if people like me say they have a right to their casino economics that now rules the earth, but like I said, they suffer from spiritual OCD and have no sense of healthy boundaries. It’s a quirk of my personality that I find it funny that these folks are using Marxism to save the world (Tikkun) while the Kabbalist’s act out their astonished innocence. Who knew the left hand could be so persuasive?

Ask yourself this: would you praise and ‘worship’ parents who brutally abused their children? Would you call those parents good? Of course not! But when it comes to Yahweh and its cult offsprings (Christianity and Islam) everyone loses their minds and calls god good when it brutalizes them in every despicable way imaginable.

Just a side note here asking if this movie would have ever been made if everyone involved were Jewish? I think not…


KA$H is god; The Holy Spirit the hidden Hand of The Free Market; The loving Kristo’s inverted into The Anti-Christ in every manner of false inverted Christianity; The Pharisees’ the economists; the scribes are the media; The Sadducee’s are The Marxist’s; The Caesars and The Money Changers have the same roles in this millennia age drama of ‘The Genes of Isis’ (Genesis); The Apostles are The Heads of the Central Banks; The Evangelists are people like Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux; The Priests are the corporate C.E.O.’s; The High Priests are the real-estate developers; the brands and stores are the temples and the consumers the faithful; all marching to Hollywoods new scriptwriting of the code and verse book of war known as the two Gods of ELLE! Bi-bel…

This is one of the roads that flooded in the Chilliwack River Valley. But I’m cut off from the campsite I was staying at as the service road to it is washed out. I’m in trouble now… Firing up the butane!

I’m calling this age since 2008 the Ponziocene...Of course, it goes back further but 2008 works…

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