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‘No, Neo and Trinity, it’s not the Matrix that is weaponizing everything; it’s the money-lending cartels and their monetization of everything’…

Okay, I watched it. It isn’t as bad as the reactions although I get the criticism. The Red Pill was hijacked by the political right and they will hate the leftist material woke politics of the film. No need to mention the irony here. The first film was all about the white male and the white female who knew her place in the universe. This film starts with a female of Asian descent and a black Morpheus who’s hyper-stylized– consistent with the ‘bling-culture’ of neoliberal coloured culture.

Not to mention the problems with calling this a Christian allegory. No one is going to convince Christianity that a CIA writing team of trans-people is getting Christian hermeneutics correct. Ain’t gonna happen. I’ll take a moment to go a bit further here: 20th century American Christianity is a project of the intelligent agencies of the money-lending cartels; it was a continuation of the schisms created by the ‘cult of 33’ at the time of Luther and they would eventually splinter Christianity into about 33,000 schisms. But in America, Christianity got flipped and became one of the primary vehicles for the money-lending creation of capitalism. So the Trans movements infiltration of the church under post-modernism is simply one of the latest projects and this movie is a part of that agenda. Please note that this assessment isn’t based on what is true or not about metaphysics but is rather about the culture wars.

The storyline is fairly consistent and logical as we find Anderson at the top of the gaming pyramid as the creator of the Matrix game. He’s partnered with what Jung called his shadow (agent Smith as his business partner). I’ve suggested, based on various gnostic cosmologies, that the demiurge is the shadow of the Aeon Christ–so this portrayal is an allusion to that idea.

Of course, Anderson is on the blue pills of big Pharma, which is an allusion to a doped up civilization who’ve been coerced into drinking the Soma of the archons (just to cope with their operation chaos agendas)…Not to mention the JAB…All that money pouring into Israeli pharmaceuticals–nothing to see here folks.

Is the Red Pill a creation of the archons, too? Of course, you find out that, indeed, you’re memory has been wiped and you’re an energy source– Loosh— for parasitic and predatory entities. And the story goes that on this earth you’re being recycled by manipulative entities who now control the reincarnation template. But is that true? See my GOLDEN RULE post for my take on it. So, from a spiritual perspective, economics today is basically ‘spiritual crime’.

Written about here:

I felt for the Merovingian as I’m old and liked the analog world better than this computer controlled world. So I feel his pain. I instinctually hated texting and see it as de-evolution when it comes to communication. Not to mention the endless fakery of materialist woke, woke, woke…Take a warning from 6 ‘the Queen Of Heaven Cyborg and DE-network the worlds computer systems before it’s too late. Technology-wisdom=death.

It’s difficult to miss the Thoth character portrayed as a symbiant machine…So Hermes Trismegistus helping to perform the chemical wedding. If A MERI KA is Egypt (the past Atlantis?) then it’s consistent that the occultists who run it would promote Egyptian spirituality, or at least their version of it. But I can’t bite on much that comes out of Hollywood when it comes to metaphysics and the nature of reality. Although, yes…entertaining. But truth with a capital T? Hardly…more propaganda than anything else.

The Analyst was a great addition and really worked but I’d only add that it’s difficult not to see this as a type of spiritual reductionism. Morten Tolboll explores this trajectory on his Matrix Conspiracy site. Jordan Peterson has traditionally walked this interpretative path, too…The idea is that there’s only an Atman type awareness (archetypes) and no Brahman–so reductionism. I’m being kind to Peterson in this one as his public role mirrors who in this film? At any rate, what makes these films Oriental allusions is the idea that ALL IS MIND…The Trinity/Neo connection has more to do with Shiva and Shakti and Kundalini rather than anything to do with Christianity, and I say that as a Christian Gnostic. What these films do is misdirect away from the real problem on earth today: the complete co-opting of civilization by corrupt money-lending cartels who embrace the delusional Kabbalist idea of Tikkun: this makes them incredibly delusional and dangerous.  An added thought here: no sane person can think economics today, from a spiritual perspective, is anything other than dismal. I’d suggest, then, that what we are seeing is purposeful antinomianism….

Oh, BTW.: one of the aspects of these films that doesn’t get mentioned much is the modern techno nature of the Matrix. There is no way anyone can be a slave when there is this much technology and science around , right?

An earlier video on the Matrix HERE…

It goes over the usual flips of reality and one can also read the review in WIRED magazine on-line which is the biggest flip of reality I’ve come across within assessments of the Matrix…It must be another CIA front!

Let me tell you who the worst kind of fascists are! Those who dress in the drag of liberalism and pontificate their religion of money from the pulpits of poly-ticks (many bloodsuckers) alongside their media driven cronies. Let me tell you what fascism IS NOT: traditional religious (or conservative) people who live in rural areas said to hate the urban elites. We don’t hate you! We just hate your Marxism and crap ethics and amorality! We dislike your materialist philosophies which have ended up in economic fascism and the dog eat dog world of ‘Economic Darwinism’…It’s curious that you embrace predatory economics in all its porn and gore but go psychotically neurotic over a cold and flu that has a relatively low bodycount compared to all the casualties of all your other assaults on humanity: alcohol, drugs–the never-ending mass murder of the vulnerable via big pharma opiates, the MIC’s endless war campaigns, porn, usury, the targeted destruction of the historical family unit, and on and on and on. It’s curious that you wiped out the livelihoods of countless millions of people and made many of them homeless and now want to up the ante of your psychosis by blocking us from the most basic necessity of food–as if starving people is healthy public policy! You do this via *government agents who have not suffered one iota in the economic sphere and who’ve in fact used the pandemic to line their pockets along with their fascist peerage allies. You make me sick and I’d rather you just show your true colours and open up the concentration camps as that is who you truly are anyway.

On manufacturing consent for ‘economic fascism’ and medical fascism under Covid policies: do you really think the consenting masses would go along with this if their homes were worth what they were in 1963? Let me unpack that: the people implementing the NWO are NOT stupid but rather are evil geniuses when it comes to implementing strategies that fulfill their agendas–ergo the ‘coincidental’ speculation on the price of homes leading up to the pandemic which have turned homes into ATM’s for the top 20% of the social pyramid while making a basic human right (homes) unaffordable to the masses. The only concern (for the most part) of this demographic is that they don’t lose this manufactured (and unmerited) new wealth. This demographic will go along with anything the establishment says–IOW’s they have been bought off by this incredible brilliant coercive tactic of the archons.

On the TRUCKER convoy: the largest mass protests in recent history was the Occupy Wall St. demonstrations which had zero effect on policy. Why? Because it was the controlled opposition strategy of the the financial intelligence agencies. See THIS video to gauge how long these agencies have been around. Look past the silly presentation of the video and understand what the merchant elites were doing in Venice (Phoenicia). So these tactics are nothing new. Something would have to change when it comes to public policy and there is little hope of that in Canada as the mercantile elite (personified in Trudeau) here are too arrogant to listen even if this protest were organic. The idea that governments, transnational corporations, and worldwide usurious economics (**international communism) is beyond questioning and behave with the utmost integrity is beyond ignorant and is blind subservience.

But what is the alternative to international communism? What is the solution to the incredibly bad problems of pollution in all its forms? What is the solution to freedom and liberty without responsibility? Look back to various Christian movements about 100-years ago. See my blogs on The Golden Rule as explored in my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons; on Distributism (land as a basic human right rather than income for the moneylending cartels); on Economic Georgism (the economic ideas of Henry George); and the original Social Credit of Alberta Christians last century that got hijacked by various occult actors and eventually inverted in China…

On bureaucratic technocracy: rip a page from Miles Mathis and go back! Take a warning from 6 ‘queen of the cyborgs’ and de-network the worlds computer systems while breaking up Google, Youtube, Facebook, etc…End the algorithmic hegemony and manipulation of culture. Use technology in the same sense as small c conservatism. Technology-wisdom=death!

NOTE*: Not only have all (or most) politicians financially benefitted from the pandemic; they haven’t once to my knowledge offered to take substantial pay cuts, while at the same time dictating that millions and upon millions (if not billions/worldwide) of citizens succumb to various types of bankruptcy. Now they want to tax the healthy! They’ve clearly gone insane and should not be listened to. In an earlier blog on war I suggested that politicians who vote for war should be forced to fight in the wars they advocate for and the same should be the case with anything to do with Covid policies–politicians should suffer the same fate as the common people when it comes to the laws they pass rather than profiting from corporate/state (fascism) socially engineered disasters. So, civilizational hypocrisy has hit its zenith with the p/scandemic…

NOTE**: fascism becomes communism when practised globally. They are opposite sides of the same money coin.

Okay, RANT OVER and once again ignored, ridiculed, and cancelled!

The day after posting update: while there is more or less a worldwide media blackout on all the freedom marches; the media, a day after posting this blog, is filled with Covid bodycount headlines. No folks, Enron type accounting simply isn’t possible when it comes to public health…Again, it’s curious as to the concern of who dies and from what causes these days….Total neurotic obsession with C deaths but a couldn’t give a damn about all the other ways to die within this demiurgic shit-show! And right on schedule is the new NEO COV variant (watch the Matrix movies). See my blogs on what I call the Demiurgic Virus! These folks are always doubling down and upping the ante on their crap hands! Of course, this new demiurgic variant (right on schedule) will make lockdowns never-ending. Of course, it’s worth asking how NEO COV knows so much about societal politics! How smart is this virus…

The video can be found at this link

A video very much worth watching. I’ll cough up my thoughts one bullet point at a time!

The primary point of argument is whether Christianity was a strictly Roman invention or whether it was a civilization psy-op of Judaism–see 43:00 for the best points that it twas the latter… I side with Green on this point although I totally understand the argument from Atwill.

Atwill’s framing is very specific and covers a period between Titus through the medieval period. I suspect his analysis is also framed within a materialist worldview and heavily influenced by the confines of the academies.

My view is that the Judaic elites were much more enmeshed with Roman elites than Atwill will concede. I suggest looking at America today and to view Rome similarly. The senate today is thoroughly elitist just like the patrician class in Rome. In America today Israeli interests come first and I suspect the same was true with the Flavians.

As for the scriptures? All the major events in the Torah are next to non-existent which also explains why the historical events in the N.T. are next to non-existent: they are created psy-op fictions of the ruling elites who imparted different elements of whatever cult they were immersed in whether Solar, Lunar, Saturnian, or Stellar. I think Atwill is correct in suggesting that these writings were created via committees in more or less the same way that is happening today–see the cultural writings of Miles Mathis who clearly dissects these agencies.

Like everything with this global mafia the goal was entrapment and enslavement and I think Atwill is correct here when he says that Constantine’s new state religion turned the ‘common people’ into feudal serfs and that this would last for at least 1000-years. But this in no way makes Green’s assertion wrong when he suggests that this new religion was simply a Trojan horse for Judaism. That many people at the bottom of the social pyramid suffered doesn’t mean that that isn’t what happened–it’s called collateral damage alongside unintended consequences.

On the Freemasons: Ralph Ellis suggests that Jesus and James were Freemasons and thinks they were responsible for what he wrongly describes as Communism–a materialist political theory in the 19th century–when in fact they were living like most of the tribes throughout the earth (this community is described in the Book Of Acts). This begs the question of why the Freemasons, when creating New Egypt (*America), created an economic model directly opposed to this ‘communal’ way of life. They should have also befriended the N.A. tribes (first nations) and treated them like brothers (in economics) rather than implementing one of the more gruesome genocides in history.

But this Tekton (architect) of the Freemasons has more problems than fickleness and flip-flopping in the field of economics. Whomever this Archon is ‘he’s’ also not able to make clear what the shape of the earth is; whether there is an aether (and whether the atomist’s/materialists are lying); is unable to clearly elucidate prehistory and make plain and clear what the genesis of humans is, etc…In other words, this demiurgic architect is as flawed as Yahweh is in the Bible.

A note on Gnostic origins. It clearly predates Christianity and has roots in Egypt (Ptah); India (Brahma) which is likely the origin of the Tree Of Life motif in Kabbalah; and Sumeria, which links us to the Anu/Enki and Enlil E.T./alien theory.

NOTE*: it’s a fact that the Freemasons were heavily involved in the creation of America which has the Egyptian goddess Meri in the name meaning beloved; whenever one sees the Ca/KA take it as a marker for the Cabalists (non-jewish Kabbalist’s); also, (T) A MERI mean Egypt and Ka means spirit so A MERI KA means the beloved land of Egypt’s spirit. And what country existed beside Egypt? Canaan (ADA)…Get it? We see the Mississippi as synonymous with the Nile; we see a war between the north and the south; we see Egyptian monuments pretty well everywhere in the good ole USA…Jer USA lem…

In an upcoming blog, I’m going to dissect Hermeticism, which clearly has its roots in Egypt (and beyond), and Christian Gnosticism. The primary quarrel here is the nature of this Tekton/Architect.

‘the rain on the van’s roof is the best polyrhythmic drummer in the world’

Please understand that we are living an inversion or the upside-down. It’s fairly easy to get once you understand this. In this post there will be two Wicks: the one presented in the film (exoteric) and the one I’m addressing (esoteric)…

So, Wick represents the lone metaphysical researcher who is relentless in their quest and search into the nature of reality.

Here is the rub, though: all genuine seekers eventually find out the truth about existence: that the Inuit control everything and always have (at least from the first city-states); he/she then finds themselves endlessly surrounded and confronted by agents of the Inuit! Yes, they are everywhere! The person laying in the gutter who runs out in front of your vehicle (not by accident); your landlord; your old best friend who was sent as an agent to handle you; your girlfriend/boyfriend; yes, pretty well everyone and no more so than in what they call the ‘professions’–your work life is entirely controlled by the parameters and algorithms set up by the Inuit. Yup, all of them agent/actors of the Inuit! And to get to the mythological 1000-year reich of their Messiah they are waging war on everyone: waging war to get to peace. Isn’t Wick’s portrayal, then, the perfect symbol for this Messiah? It’s been estimated that the demiurge has a personal kill count of around 25-million (and counting) according to the Bible. At least Adam Green over at Know More News understands this and correctly argues that Christianity and Islam were controlled opposition–something I’ve suggested many times. The primary objective was to keep the Tribal God Yahweh at the top of the metaphysical pyramid and squash the views of the Gnostics who viewed Yahweh as a Demiurge. These religions made a ton of dough for the High Council’s mercenaries through the millennia!

Within the social sphere the High Council is the media, academies , and religious fronts who are there to dismiss and cancel anything the lone researcher says about the Inuit. These are their finest assassins but of course they are no match for the truth of Wick as their narratives fade into the mists of the abyss after all the sounds and fury of their obfuscations, black-washing, and dismissals–which will, in the end, signify nothing. Like, Mr. Wick, you will be targeted, cancelled, and likely put to death by those claiming spiritual privileged access. Through manipulation, coercion, and force, you will be alienated in such a way as to make it near impossible to live any kind of half-way decent life within the demiurgic mind-matrix. Of course, they’ll say they would never put you in concentration camps/dungeons but they always do when you don’t submit to their tyranny. And that is how Wick 3 ends–in dismal betrayal.

They obviously used Sophia to point John in the direction of the one above the mafia high council: the Demiurge, or an Enki type entity. But just like the movie The Matrix, they invert the relationship and make Sophia out to be below this demiurgic figure–and they make her violent to boot. All the Gnostic texts say that Sophia came first and was the mother of the material demiurge. To find this character Wick must follow the Canis star which points to Sirius and the lore of the Anu and Enki and Enlil. But I tend to think Wick is this Enki entity as his licence plate begins with XAB…X has long been the marker for the Christ figure (the fake one) and AB has its referent in Abraham whom I’ve suggested was Brahma (Enki) in human form. I’m going to use Enki here for this Tekton/Architect figure, but it just as easily could be called Yahweh, which has its roots in IAO (eventually Yaldabaoth) and was associated with the moon by the Egyptians. This is one of the reasons I suggest that these Archons control the reincarnation grid which has deep connections to the moon (and Saturn). I’m probably also referencing the website of Wes Penre whom I’ve been reading and will do an upcoming blog on. He thinks the Demiurge is the alien Enki…But it’s not my view; although it could be.

A few more random thoughts on the Wick films. I’ve said in my writings that the 911 emergency infrastructure serves the Kabal (High Council) and they allude to this in the scenes where the police officers interact with him–he always gets a pass. Think of the police, fire, and medics, as an extended branch of the Military Industrial Complex. Think about the Pandemic within this context.

The weaponization of everything: yup, it’s one of the ultimate outcomes of the religion of money. Ultimately, the J.W.(Jah’s Witness) films are about money which buys power and control of populations. Any development or evolution towards a culture premised on The Golden Rule (or, what some call ‘natural law’) will have to find an alternative to the current money system–there can be no anarchist society (no government rule) without addressing a replacement for what money means and what it has become on this earth. Interesting that the initial goddess of money, Juno, was known as a goddess of war, too. This, of course, has links to the Kali Yuga of the Vedas. Patanjali addressed this in one of his Sutras:

The Vishnu Purana states, “When society reaches a stage, where property confers rank, wealth becomes the only source of virtue, passion, the sole bond between husband and wife, falsehood, the source of success in life, sex the only means of enjoyment, and when outer trappings are confused with inner religion…” Then we are in the age of Kali Yuga. We live in Kali Yuga and will for 432,000 yrs. When Kali Yuga ends, the yuga cycle begins again with Krita Yuga(Satya Yuga).

What this sutra is suggesting is that Buddha would not charge Christ rent; nor would Krishna extract the surplus value of labor from his brothers or sisters. No, this is not an endorsement of Marxism and its material ontology. In other posts, I’ve suggested that civilization went from rule by Emperors; to rule by Clergy; to rule by Mercantile Elites (modernity); to a hopefully rule by the common person (anarchy)…See my Lords Of Karma post. But any true anarchist has the oncoming wall of Judaism’s 3500-year old ambition of worldwide political Totalitarian theocracy to deal with. Game on!

An end note here. This is my interpretation of these films and I’m in no way saying that these ideas are what the writers had in mind. I think they made Wick out to symbolize their juvenile understanding of an Israeli political Messiah. Easy to understand when you read the Torah– as Yahweh is a God of war– who destroys Israel’s enemies via endless violence while placing his chosen people at the top of the earth’s food chain. It’s worth noting as always that Christian Gnostics are the anti-thesis of Yahweh when it coms to Praxis as we embrace Ahimsa (non-violence) as an avenue of achieving the Golden Rule within economics. It’s why we are anarchists in relation to today’s political class who use force and coercion to achieve all their goals. It’s my view though that this place can’t be anything other than what it is so I hold little hope of any worldwide Golden Rule society or Anarchist society as posited by those like Mark Passio. The Golden Rule is a higher order WAY or existence within the Pleroma and not possible on masse here–the best we’ll get is ‘charismatic totalitarianism’ via some type of Messiah figure ushering in Noahide Laws by force and coercion. Of course, I could be wrong and would love to see ‘rule by the common people’…I just wouldn’t hold my breath. In my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons I argue for a compromise with our ruling elite. This is in part because of my secular upbringing and fondness of pragmatism compared to raw ideology. Keith Woods recently talked about appealing to the Mercantile Elites also. But, of course, this will all be met with silent contempt.

BTW: I try not to use the letter J anymore as I don’t want to be cancelled more than I already have. 1890 Outhouse’s are about my limit and I’d like to shower at least once every 6-months but that might be asking too much with the letter J around…