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“The goal of gaslighting is to gradually undermine the victim’s confidence in their own ability to distinguish truth from falsehood, right from wrong, or reality from delusion, thereby rendering the individual or group pathologically dependent on the gaslighter for their thinking and feelings.” -wikipedia

ABBOTT! We have a problem, right Houston?

Here is the way Yahweh loves us:

-in the same way a father picks one child as his favourite over another which causes the family to hate each other over time.

-in the same way a husband loves the wife he beats. This causes Stockholm Syndrome.

-in the same way a mafia don loves his business and protects his territory with violence.

-in the same way a mafia don privileges his own family while viewing everyone else as a means of ‘business income’.

Please link any verse from the Torah that specially says: I, Yahweh, love humans.

I can’t find any. And the New Testament doesn’t count as the Aeon Christ was not the son of Yahweh. Plus Judaism overwhelmingly rejects the god of the N.T. anyway. No where does the Torah say that Yahweh has a son. No where does the Torah say that 1/3 of its being/person is the Holy Spirit.

But it’s not only the Torah that is problematic; Christianity’s theological assertions are, too. The fake Christ presented in the N.T. is going to brutally punish the finite crimes of most of humanity with infinite damnation. This is sick and is evidence the RCC version of Christ is a false one. Moreover, the RCC version of Christianity says god is Wholly Good! The problem with this is that it confuses the God of the Pleroma with the Archon War God Of Israel. There is also the philosophical problem with this view covered HERE by Underlings. The closest rebuttal to what’s said in the video is Leibniz’s ‘best of all possible worlds argument’ which Voltaire correctly found incredibly wanting–as do I. Some say the Gnostic view of creation is simply a regression pushing back the argument but they don’t understand the qualities associated with Sophia–long story.

In the Christian Gnostic view the Jesus presented in the N.T. was likely describing Yaldabaoth’s mimicked version of the Aeon Christ. This PhoeniCIAn Jesus was an archon from the Nephilim Archon Spook bloodlines. The most dismissed, ridiculed, omitted, backwashed, misdirected away from view about who this Jesus was is the Cleopatra (Isis) Caesarian (Horus) Caesar (Osiris) assertion. My guess is that Caesarian was the reincarnation of *Thoth. So no one knew Kemeticism (Judaism) more than this guy. Obviously schooled in Alexandria as a child into the Egyptian mysteries (once again) which would explain how he KNEW so much as a child. Everything possible has been done by his bloodline to hide who he was and where his lineage went. Yes, if you search videos on this particular theory on Youtube you’ll come across the most pathetic presentations of videos ever done–no accident! This secret has been hidden until now by these families for reasons only they know. The Freemasons know who the bloodline is, though, and my guess is that he resides in (T) A MERI Ca (Egypts spirit) today and will be the 47th prez…There was a reason these bloodlines put the pyramid and all seeing eye of RA on their funny money. So yes, as always…the pharaohs were Phoenician, or at least since Akhenaten.

BTW: the Torah does say that the demiurge saw his works as good. From the Stellar Man, by John Baines: This is entirely consistent with how a lesser god would view its workings. The object of life, the reason for which sapiens was created, is not for him to enjoy life in the garden of the Lord, but rather to be a pawn in his vineyards, a worker so perfect he can act as cultivator and food at the same time. Welcome to the loosh machine!

And just for fun: the PhoeniCIAn Jesus and the Living Aeon Christ look like twins!

This is because this world is a mirror world of the Pleroma. The Living Aeon Christ was perceived by Yaldabaoth in the waters that acted as some type of chasm between there and ‘here’–this was long before the existence of this material universe that we as humans live in. So all Yaldabaoth saw was a reflection but it saw enough to mimic Christ in the most extraordinary way. This was described in The Lost Books Of Adam And Eve wherein it covers the 1000-years that Adam and Eve couldn’t tell the difference between God and Satan–Aeon Christ and Yaldabaoth.

NOTE*: The above mentioned John Baines explores an alternative view of Thoth linked HERE. As with my views on the non dual schools I also have reservations about Baines’ hermetical view of Thoth. Nonetheless we see a link between his thinking about stage evolution in his last chapter which aligns identically with Ken Wilber’s, Religion of Tomorrow. So top-tired adepts running civilization. I confess I do like his framing of the idea but I’m skeptical that it could be implemented. There is also the problem of calling Hermeticism science when no hermeticist will cough up public displays of EXTRA-ordinary ability. It’s worth noting that Judaism is now expressing the view that their Messiah will also not show any sign of EXTRA-ordinary ability–so, totally naturalistic power and politics in both instances. Although Here is a direct link to his negative view of Yahweh. I should think that the original Kemet pharaohs would be rightfully horrified by what Judaism did to their religion. So, contradictions and confusion all around. I solve this, in my Christian Gnostics view, by delineating gnostic spirituality from earthly power and politics–Christian Gnostics simply don’t seek earthly power and politics. Baines, also, in his book, states explicitly the paranormal abilities associated his with school, but once again it’s an ideology without public demonstration–extraordinary claims without backing them up publicly. All talk and no action. An ideology that is a flip of Marx and just as dangerous; especially factoring in the extraordinarily negative view he presents of humans.

HERE is a link to a blog I did yesterday exploring why traditional religious communities failed and fell to globalist economic fascism. The series is called, A Conservative Critique Of Capitalism. It should be noted that materialist ideologies have their mirrored version of these systems with the most common one being the left-wing authoritarian communism of Marx and Engels. I’ve suggested in that blog that the more the academies talk about Marx the worse life gets for the common working man! I implore them to STFU! Quit while you’re behind! Many have suggested that this was Marx flipping Judaism’s idea of a 1000-year period of Messianic power and politics and I tend to agree. There are no coincidences.

I think one of the primary distortions of spiritual fascism is taken from the description of the church as described in The Book Of Acts. I’ll parse out why this WAS NOT spiritual fascism and how the ideas presented get distorted by cult leaders. Today that would be people like Klaus Schwab and even the cultish Integral religion/vision of Ken Wilber. What people need to understand is the church, as far as the story goes, acted out of open displays of supernatural ability. The stories say that Christ and the Apostles openly demonstrated spiritual power and that this caused inner conversion of people with the concomitant commitment to living under a shared economic ethos. This is in contradistinction to ideas of the God of the Philosophers as described in the works of Plato. The Republic run by Philosopher Kings is sheer ideology premised on rhetorical idealism within the sphere of politics.

We see the fusion of economic and spiritual fascism in many of the cults that have come down through history. Jim Jones, the Jehovah’s Witness’, Rajneesh in Oregon, Adi Da, and his Advaita cult. I’d classify the Freemasons as a cult by today’s standards and they are one of the ones that matter most as they have the widest reach. As I described in my Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality blog, the religion of the Pharaoh Kings is another cult that had full control of power and politics. In my opinion, this is the primary reason that power and politics are foundational to Judaism–because it is Egyptian king ideology–with the Messiah acting as the Pharaoh King. The Freemasons continue this tradition today although it has now been fused with Canaanite bloodlines. This is why America means Egypt’s spirit. (T) A MERI means Egypt and KA is Egyptian for spirit but the Freemasons were often Christian Kabbalists and they used the CA marker for spirit: A MERI CA. Of course, the land of Canaan existed beside Egypt and that is why Canada was named the way it is. Winnipeg is the center of North America much like the pyramids are located at the geographic center of the earth. The Freemasonic architecture is unmistakable in the power centers of Winnipeg. A city I was born in this time around.

I call the Canaanite aspect of these lineages Nephilim Archon Spooks. They are descendants of Cain who in the Christian Gnostic tradition were the offspring of the demiurge Yaldabaoth and a raped Eve. It’s interesting that Ken has its roots in Cain as in the Kenite’s described in the Bible–a book written by the archon spooks of the demiurge. This construct is known as the Kenoma–mused on HERE...That is why the Bible can be both true and false and why things written in it will come to pass as the demiurge and the archons control the flow of civilization on this earth. What you should note is the difference between the church of Christ and this New World Order: Christ’s church was founded on open displays of supernaturalism while the archon spook society of the NWO is founded on occultism fused with technology. This is where technology has always come from: these archons and especially within their hybrid bloodlines. What gets added as a special bonus is violence and every manner of economic corruption. L O O K A T T H E W O R L D T O D A Y and tell me if this is what you see. See my Money And Guns blog where I cough up the coiniky-dinky of the first central banks arising with the first creation of guns. Maybe you see why the central bank controlled A MERI CA is so fond of guns!

Of course, Christians today will reject the gnostic view of Christ and continue to worship the demiurge who is not the father of Christ. I cough up the problems with this view in my blog, The Devil’s Most Heinous Plan. This is no more prevalent than in the ‘carinal barker grift show’ that is American Christian Zionism–you know who funded this church. This is the primary reason their churches have failed and are now practitioners of economic fascism. Yes, the Amish are still remnants of the original idea–as are a few other Christian sects, but for the most part the church was deceived by the time of Constantine, and that deception has fractured into about 33, 000 schisms thanks to the Freemason’s manipulation of the church in modernity. The only churches that would have escaped this net or trap are those that stayed true to a simple agrarian lifestyle and whose leaders did not seek power and politics per se. They are few and far between. In modern lingo these are churches and communities that stayed small–so *SMALL C CAPITALISM. Capitalism is described here as the exchange of goods and services on a simple agrarian scale. Crony capitalism, corporate capitalism, the con of Wall St. capitalism, conscious capitalism, stake-holder capitalism, and state-run capitalism of Marx and Engels: none of these are consistent with a Christ-centred living within this demiurgic construct. I’d even suggest that the lone-wolf capitalism of Youtube channels is another branch of predatory capitalism created by the archons because it works in their favour. With no community, there is no church and scaled alternative to the power and politics of money-lending capitalism that rules the world today. So, you can see Youtube channels along that line are manipulation–and an incredibly easy way to fund via control of the algorithms–a double-edged sword as they also use tech manipulation to cancel voices like mine. So the truth gets buried yet again.

What we are seeing right now is a distorted and obscure interpretation of the Book Of Acts church via the World Economic Forum. They see Christ as a financial power broker who controlled the money in his church. So the Apostles owned everything and everyone else was happy, hence, ‘you will own nothing and be happy’. Needless to say, this is no church any true Christian would want to be a part of, especially when factoring in that the system is the technological beast described by the archons of the demiurge in their book. See my blog on Paul Kingsnorth for a delineation of the five types of Christians today. Only mature Christians who understand the pathologies of a political Israel have a clue, people like E Michael Jones, and ‘enlightened’ Christian Gnostics like myself, the other members of the church are all in various degrees of being compromised and imprisoned to the beast system and this includes the cultural christianity of Jordan Peterson. I classify Paul Kingsworth as a baby Christian as he is shy to denounce political Israel and all its manipulations and machinations–but Paul intuitively understands the necessity of small c capitalism for Christians. He simply doesn’t see WHY IT FAILED–at least not yet.

NOTE:* in my view Private Property Rights are the only way to go in today’s world. See Distributist ideas about property. But homes should have always remained homes and not asset ventures via speculation which line the pockets of the moneylending cartels.

Part 3 in a long drawn out series. Part 1 HERE. Part 2 HERE…

Linked HERE an article by Ralph Nadar.

I’m not sure why I’m bothering with this as the ideas in this series have suffered an irreparable blow especially under the Pandemic As Economic Rape.

What Paul Kingsnorth calls ‘the machine’– a nexus of international finance, governance, corporations and big-tech have won and will soon imprison most if not all of humanity. Blind materialists see this as some great victory for humanity but my view is its the most egregious tragedy in the known universe.

Before I get into it I’d like to cough up my definition of Marxism: tenured professors endlessly talking about the working class. What they’ve never understood is the universal difference between earning a living via your physical labor and earning a living via mental abstraction. I can 100% guarantee you that they are not the same thing!

That aside, I’d like to address the notion of decentalization that he covers in the article. This is exactly what I’ve said in my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons and my What Does A Healthy Spiritual Economics Look Like? The problem is, though, is that you can’t implement only one aspect (even if we could) of needed solutions. I’ve consistently said that *Private Property Rights for all is only one part of sane economics.A not-for-profit public bank should distribute the loans with the lowest interest rates possible (enough to cover admin. costs) –this bank for homes and food production. A new education system is needed which focuses on learning real life skilled self-sufficiency through grades 1-12…People need to learn how to grow their own food again within small localized ecologically minded communities. How to build their own small homes. Each community could have differing beliefs and values which would offer up choice and options for the diverse amount of personalities that exist. A decentralized non-debt currency would have to be the foundation for these communities.

I’m happy to see that someone else understands what economic fascism is as I’m the only person I’ve come across that uses this wording and I think it’s appropriate–especially with what we’ve seen with pandemic economics. These huge international entities like Osiris’s Dick (Amazon) have used the pandemic to line their pockets. And I’ll add that this was planned and orchestrated. My little proprietorship? GONE! As are millions of others. With the most sickening aspect of this being the governments complicity in the destruction of the bottom of the social pyramid. Again, all planned. That governments have declared themselves immune from legal redress is disgusting as it is with corporations who have made billions on vaccines–they should both be suable for damages where and when it can be proved that damages occurred. To not allow it is the worst type of economic tyranny–and make no mistake about it– WW3 is an economic war of governments against their citizens as well as an info war. At this point the government of Canada insists that they’ve caused no financial damage to anyone at the bottom of the pyramid–the typical I DINDU NUFFIN…

At any rate, to the extant that the Trucker Convoy isn’t theatre between the Marxists and the Kabbalist’s (prolly is, IMO.) we do see the hostile antagonisms between Trudeau’s big state control of the economy and the more decentralized mores of many within the convoy movement. It’s certainly a viable assessment of Trudeau’s over-reaction as his backers see the threat that decentralization of currency and the economy represents–to the extent that it’s real and not theatre. What makes me think it’s theatre is that both Trudeau and Trump (T20T20 the fake representative of the working class/laughable) are actors and it looks to me that they are reading from scripts.

NOTE:* I get the complexities involved in divvying up available land. There is only so much of it that is suitable for what humans need to create societies. But the solution the technocrats are coughing up? Sickening unless it can be backed by supernatural public displays. If God wants to own everything and make it so I’ll be happy owning nothing then he has to do that via open and honest demonstration, in my opinion. Certainly not via occultism fused with technology. I reject any other version of this narrative which is obviously based on a very specific and obscure interpretation of the economics presented in The Book Of Acts…Yes, this is what Klaus Schwab believes! See my what should a healthy spiritual economy look like for a Christian view of economics–linked above.BTW.: Klaus has its root etymology in EDOM…

Another demo and update of another involuntary van-life song. Use ear buds… It’s limited when it comes to how much time I want to spend on these when factoring in my tinnitus. Before the pandemic I would send these demos to my mixmaster to finish but corrupt governance has bankrupted me while they used the pandemic to line their own pockets…

In a demiurgic construct nothing would make sense, right? There would be nothing but metaphysical confusion, argument, and violence.

Didn’t I always tell you

Didn’t I always say

Didn’t I always warn you

Things would always end this way

Two plus two it equals three In my tragedies…

This is my hell This is my hell

Why can’t you tell This is my hell It’s where I fell

You’ll live the drama of my miseries

Would you have listened if I’d have been more kind

Would you have changed the path to a life divine

Or did this inversion warp you beyond repair

Did anomie seek you in your despair

Two plus two it equals three In my tragedies

This is my hell This is my hell

Why can’t you tell This is my hell It’s where I fell

2 plus 2 = 3 goodby electricity 2 plus 2= 3 hello to insanity

BTW: governments are illegitimate when then pass laws that bankrupt people and then make themselves immune from being sued for legitimate business losses that they’ve inflicted on citizens. Corporations are also illegitimate when they declare themselves immune from damages to their products. In both cases it is morally disgusting that both governments and corporations used the pandemic to line their pockets. Reprehensible behaviour by any rational standard! Both instances are evil by any rational standard not poisoned by demented rationalizations and pathetic utilitarian moral theory.

This song is a Valentinian view of the Demiurge, I think. Linked HERE The Tripartite Tractate.

In my view, from what we know today, his view of the Torah is faulty as not much of it is history. Marcion was closer, in my opinion, but the Sethian’s were closer still, and today’s happenings align much more with the Sethite view. I’ll be doing an upcoming blog on Wes Penre. He covers the primary objection about Sophia (wisdom) creating error, but this is a view held with not enough knowledge of who Sophia was, and what her role and capabilities were: she had special attributes which are consistent with her making error via trial and error.

In my view, it’s almost certain that Valentinus was teaching Kemetism (the spirituality of Egypt) as he was educated in Alexandria. So he was taught the positive view of the demiurge that the Egyptians held. But if the pharaohs WERE the archons in human form (the archon Thoth) then that is exactly what they would say…A 2+2=4 for y’all: if Judaism’s history is false (it is); and the RCC committed murder of those critical of Yahweh when Constantine took over (they did) and today are gang of child molesters…then you tell me who is telling the truth? Factor in that the first Noahide Law forbids criticism of Yahweh.

Keith Woods interviews Langan in the video below. GOOD INTERVIEW….

I first heard about Langan on the Integral Post-metaphysical website forum where I was essentially an annoying gadfly. That was around 2008.

I think he’s more or less correct which is Good News when compared to materialist ideologies. He’s seems to be in the same camp as Tom Campbell and the My Big Toe theory of everything. Likely on scope with Bernardo Kastrup, too.

But are all these guys out of Langley? What say you Miles Mathis? Care to weigh in? I’ve been saying for a long time that Langley (CIA., etc.) has long had a department that I call the Department of Spiritual Propaganda. Probably their busiest department today.

Here were my comments on the video:

A few questions for Mr.Langan. 1) How can he KNOW that what he is describing is the ‘full expression’ of reality and not the ‘confines’ of a demiurgic construct? In other words, how can he know the Pleroma doesn’t exist? 2) It’s clear now to anyone with an ounce of ‘spiritual insight’ that the religion of the pharaohs (god-kings) is being acted out on earth today via people like Klaus Schwab. That they want a ‘singularity’ and total control over all life on this earth via a bureaucratic corporate technocracy. Is this a healthy view under his cosmology? See my blog, Judaism is Egyptian Spiritually, where I cover some of this ground. I suggest that this particular ‘cult’ is actually running interference for a worldwide god-king: the Israeli Messiah…

HAHA…I typed these questions prior to listening! So, I guess, the technocracy as ‘running interference’ for the IS RA li Messiah (the Egyptian God-King)…So glad to hear him say what I’ve been saying: that their singularity is delusion…

I’ll preface this one by saying that historically the gnostics are the true representatives of Christ when it comes to behaviour. *We always practice non-violence towards our spiritual enemies (and die because of it), and we always promote a Golden Rule ethic when it comes to living in the small communities we’ve historically lived in. No one should harm the children of the demiurge who are caught in a nasty metaphysical CATCH-22. I can’t see that they’ve handled this in any way that could be described as healthy. In The Jewish Question, Marx promoted the dismantling of Christianity and Islam while promoting every avenue of materialism and atheism. This was all covert manipulation similar to earlier iterations and infiltrations by The Jesuits, Freemasons, Sabbateans, etc. Nevertheless, it’s clear today that the tribe own pretty well everything and are the perpetrators of civilizational mischief–commonly known as project chaos! The past is not relevant in this context–there is an old street saying, ‘what have you done for me lately’...which means it’s NOW that is significant. Calling the criminal act Ponzi Scheme fiat currency Tikkun is deeply delusional. And see this blog where I prove Judaism is for the most part Egyptian spirituality. Sometimes I mention Ken Wilber and I agree with him when he points out that the highest spiritually inclined people have deep empathy for suffering. In my case I even have it for the Demiurge who came into existence via kosmic error. Whether it can be redeemed is something I don’t know but my sense is that it can not. But It’s something I’d really like to be wrong about. And BTW., in other blogs, I’ve suggested that ALL people should be allotted small pieces of private property as a birthright and this includes tribe members. How incredible EVIL I am:-P

I’ll start this one off by saying Elon Musk’s comment on Trudeau acting like Hitler is misdirection. Trudeau acts out of the Stalinist/Mao camp. He openly admits this when cooing over China’s green policies. So government wanting complete control of ownership and the means of production. This is what Trudeau aims for and the rationalization is hysteria surrounding air pollution! So, Climate Change–notice the 2 C’s (33). But getting total control over capitalism and turning it into international communism is a grinding process. First they needed to get Christian’s to destroy themselves and their countries in two world wars and an aspect of that was wiping out ethnic nationalism and replacing it with multiculturalism– which they were remarkable successful in doing–especially in the west. Of course, there is one country allowed to embrace ethnic-nationalism: Israel. But damn it! Only we can have it and you will not! PERIOD! Not a topic of discussion; and in fact, we’ll imprison you if you mention this hypocrisy! I get that some say Christian Zionist’s in America are fascist but then look to who owns and funds them for why that is–they are also Tare Christians.

The World Economic Forum (the centre of demiurgic economics) used the pandemic to wipe out the economic lives of probably a billion people on a worldwide scale. We won’t get an honest assessment of this planned carnage as the people who wrought this destruction own all the media narratives. You have to laugh at the actors these globalists use Chrystia Freeland! So the words Christ and Freeland used to usher in Marxist Totalitarianism! Only people will spiritual eyes will get this flip and know that it’s scripted and not random. I can imagine Justin jumping up and down in glee when asking his masters if they could write Marshall Law into his script just like was done with Pierre! And, of course, the moneylenders were most happy to oblige:-P BTW: there are many branches of the WEF. The Leap Manifesto of academic elites; Jeremy Rifkin’s Fourth Industrial Revolution; anything to do with the word Smart–handing control over to computer technology–as if that can’t be abused; the fetishization of technology itself; likely Wilber’s Religion Of Tomorrow.

The Central Banking Cartels are the power behind these oligarchic families and my view is they held our grievances on economics in contempt since the crimes of 2008 and made us pay for criticizing them! But they ain’t done yet folks! The next move is to wipe out the criminally (literally) over-inflated real-estate market of the middle class. There won’t be much left after they accomplish this. This hyper-inflation in real-estate leading up to pandemic economics was used to manufacture coercive consent for materialist virus tyranny–no one whose houses made them relatively rich where going to speak out against the government. But the archons have achieved their virus goal so you are now disposable! As they jack up interest rates over the coming years we’ll see massive foreclosures and bankruptcies. And these mafia families will do what they’ve always done: swoop in and buy these assets at pennies on the dollar. And when they accomplish this they’ll be able to implement the final stages of Marxist Environmental Totalitarianism. They’ve hinted at this by saying ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy’…And that they need to ‘build back better’… Which means they need to correct the mistake they made of letting us own anything! This is the secular part of the NWO. This is candy compared for the real agenda hidden behind this: the coming Israeli Messiah! So you can see the techno singularity aspect of the end times is a kind of ‘running interference’ for the true ‘spiritual meat’ of these events.

But who created all these problems in the first place? THEY DID! It was their greed and arrogance that created the usurious economics of capitalism which has led to all kinds of environmental crisis’s. It was the bankers greed within the arena of homes that turned homes in speculative asset ventures wherein a home is now a luxury item–and many homes sitting empty and owned by non-residents. I write this homeless in Canaan (ada) as the country has flipped to unaffordable in the past 12-years (since the unpunished economic crimes of 2008). And like all Marxist countries they’ve now imprisoned us and won’t allow us to leave the country freely. This is what they do! There is nothing new here as all the same tactics were used in a once Christian Russia! Different methods were used in the non-Abrahamic China but they were behind that revolution, too. E. Michael Jones is right about their spirit but although he is a mature Christian, he is not a fully Enlightened Christian –those were all murdered in the 3rd and 4th centuries…The Marcionite’s had it right as did the Sethian Gnostics who knew Yahweh is a fraud–a murderous one at that…A liar from his genesis…a devil who deceived the WHOLE world…Although the Sethian’s said there would be 120 people from their lineage on earth in the end times–this goes to the scale of the deception.

Adam Green is covering what I’ve been saying. That leftism (traditionally liberal) was hi-jacked by Marxist ideology. Yes, in the economic sphere liberalism morphed into economic fascism under neoliberalism–but this was just a means to an end which is Marxist Environmental Totalitarianism–one might understand why I think utilitarian moral philosophies are SHITE! In the video he shows a true and hilarious political compass graph of the Authoritarian Left: a small corner up in the left show this group and everyone else is a NAZI! Miles Mathis is saying the same thing. Marxism was the primary driver of faulty materialist ideologies: see people like **Ken Wilber; Bernado Kastrup, Jay Dyer, Tom Campbell, and many others in that regard–materialism is an incoherent ideology! The atheists who promote materialism in the public sphere most often have allegiance to a certain tribe: Sam Harris, Steven Pinker, Christopher Hitchens (watch the video) etc…It’s why none of them would sign my Atheist Pledge and reject a Hebrew Messiah who will teach the Seven Laws Of Noah as fact. IMO., their atheism will vanish at that point so it’s disingenuous now!

A final thought here: folks like Keith Woods have asked if it’s possible to negotiate with the International Environmental Marxist Technocracy and the simple answer to that is NO! There was never any negotiation here. But I get it: My Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons was an attempt at the same thing, It fell on deaf ears. Sophia described Yaldabaoth as a blind fool and little has changed. In my work I suggested that the casino owners compromise and give up their predatory behaviour in four areas: homes, food, education, and health-care. In other words, create a basic needs economy juxtaposed to the grift casino economy. Perhaps a city/county divide. Let the casino grifters have the cities and give the country back to those who don’t want to live under predatory rule and usurious and grift economics. I also described it as a residential/commercial divide with the basic needs economy the residential one. Of course all we’ll get is the continued synthesis of the Marxist Hegelian Dialectic psy-op of capitalism and communism–two side of the same toxic manipulation of humanity. And, no…they will NEVER be able to murder the spirit of truth (Christ) nor will their fantasies of imprisoning the spirit of truth within the techno sphere ever happen–sheer delusion!

NOTE*: some say the Knights Templar were Christian Gnostics and that they used violence. To me, this is a marker that they were indeed gnostics, but of the Kabbalist persuasion, and yes, there are Christian (C)abalists, but they are not Christian Gnostics! See many of my writings and vlogs about why they are fundamentally different views.

NOTE**: I get that these guys all subscribe to various non-dual schools of spirituality. I don’t! Although I don’t reject outright a more ‘lenient view of the demiurge and its construct’…They also view the ontology of evil as strictly phenomenological…I don’t.

Well, not in totality, as the Hebrews made lots of additions and molded it to their proclivities. But what I’m saying here is inarguable, in my opinion. I’ve covered many times the name IS RA El itself. Egyptian goddess and god (as well as Canaanite EL). So we have the fusion of Egyptian and Phoenician through the marriage of royal houses. …RA bbi is clearly a reference to (Amen) Ra/RE–SOLAR cultism. KA is Egyptian for life force or spirit; Ba is Egyptian for soul–so the root of Kabala. AL means Lord (ALLA) so Kabbalah can be said to mean Lord of SOUL and SPIRIT–ALL is ATUM! DECODE YOUR REALITY covers this ground on the meaning of KA and Ba (Egyptian in origin).

Moses means ‘son of’ in Egyptian; it is not meant to be the personal noun of a person per se. So we know Moses the person is a myth based in Egyptian spirituality along with other syncretisms like Sargon Of Akkad, or Akhenaten–who many, including Freud, said was Moses. My belief is it was Akhenaten’s cult which eventually morphed into what is now Judaism. This is one of the reasons the number 18 is so important to them as it was the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago…So the Freemasons ran with this but Freemasonry is Kabala for the Gentiles–but as you see it’s all Egyptian at its roots. Whether this links to Atlantis is not a part of this blog. We see Moses’ 10 commandments are directly taken from Egyptian moral codes. On that link: I don’t get caught up in skin color in these investigations. Add Hammurabi (rabbi) the lawgiver to the syncretism involved in the Moses myth.

#Yah (IAO) was one of the moon gods in Egypt and is likely one of the roots of the Judaic lunar time system (calendar) as well as the first known use of YAH. This is why 30 is important (30 pieces of silver, etc.) 30 is also Saturn’s (sabbath) transit. Egyptian spirituality asserts a positive god with no evil adversary–a god who is the origin of both good and evil. This is precisely the foundation of Judaism. In Judaism, the absolute name (YHWH) is not to be spoken and that is the same in Kemetism. Set/h is the adversary entity in Egyptian religion and performs a counter-balancing act within creation. This is not dissimilar to how Judaism views Satan although there are subtle differences here. In both religions, evil is ‘god’s will’. Yahweh is said to be totally transcendent as was the Egyptian idea of Neter. So both religions have a supreme transcendent deity at the pinnacle of their systems. Egyptian cosmology starts with the VOID which they called NUN’and a void was on the face of the deep’. The 7-days have their root in the idea of MAAT–which is basically the idea of universal truth and justice.

Above From Moustafa Gadalla

The functions and attributes are used in the same way in Judaism. El Shaddai, etc., etc., etc. These are attributes of god.

One of the names for Egypt was Ta MERI. Meri means beloved. Again, Ka means spirit. So (T) A MERI KA means Egypt’s spirit or beloved land of Egypt’s spirit. The country beside Egypt in antiquity was Canaan; today we have Canaan (ada). Miss ISIS is the Mississippi which is also the Nile. Both had wars between the North and the South. It’s clear who is responsible for colonizing the Americas and naming them. All the power brokers in this colonization were Freemasons. This is why the pyramid and the Eye of Re (Rebbe) are on the dollar bill and why Egyptian iconography litters the West’s architecture. The idea of Messiah is taken from the Pharaoh who was the only direct link to the gods. I suspect we shall see a New Pharaoh soon in A MERI Ka and will be the 47th president. Look at who was born in 47 B.C. for the concatenation of that bloodline. So Judaism’s political Messiah idea is directly taken from the god-king Pharaoh. The word Messiah is likely taken from the crocodile oil used in the ritual anointing of kings called Messeh. It’s also the Egyptian Mesheh–to anoint a king.

A primary difference between Judaism and Kemetism is the idea of Tikkun. Saving the world. This is strictly Judaic as Kemetism held no such notion. The cosmology of Egypt predicted eternal recurrences of creation and destruction. Many of you know that I’m not fond of the idea of Tikkun at all. I think it’s a grievous spiritual error and the consequences will not be good for anyone. Mind your own business and practice the Golden Rule in economics would achieve far better ends, in my opinion.

It seems Judaism did resist what Christianity did not: the Monad-Dyad-Triad hierarchy of Egyptian theogony. But this reluctance is within orthodoxy as Kabala does have its version of this original triad template. Having said that, SHE kinah is equivalent to Barbelo, and all the names of god–EL shaddai, etc, etc…could very well be the archons–at least from the C.G. view.

Egypt had exoteric and esoteric compartments within their religion and we see this in Orthodox Judaism aligned with esoteric Kabbalah.

I should note that the religion of Kemet did not view the demiurge *(PTAH) as malevolent. Nor did they view the body and its pleasures as evil. Again, this is more or less consistent with Judaism.

If Christianity was the invention of Jewish and Roman elites (see America today and the video linked below), and this is my view, and they’re bloodline descendants of the pharaohs, then this blog elucidates why Constantine’s church ended up looking so much like Egyptian religion with Osiris/Isis/Horus. See my take on THOTH HERE…It’s why the obelisk sits in St. Peters (Ptah) square. And London, and Washington. On the bloodlines: if the Phoenicians mixed with the Pharaohs then one of their lines eventually merged with the Greeks and eventually Cleopatra. One of the lines was also the light-skinned and red-haired and eventually became known as the Ashkenazi. It’s interesting to note that one meaning for ISRAEL is ‘God Rules’ which is one of the names of pharaoh. And that the name ISRAEL–the blending of Egyptian and Canaanite gods first came to be via the unholy marriage between Sarai and the pharaoh *Twthomosis 111…

A note on Kemetism. Suppose I Steel Man these spiritual codes and accept that for some reason the common person could become a ‘god-king’ on earth. My question then is where are these god-kings who teach MAAT (truth and justice)? In light of the fact that FIAT CURRENCY is a worldwide criminal ponzi scheme I would think there is a glaring SILENCE from the god-kings. Here is a list of the consequences of this currency:

-it has robbed the common people who end up paying the taxes on the bonds and the only way to pay the taxes on the bonds is to keep printing more funny money. ‘

-it has made the people who created this crime rich on an unimaginable scale and with the richness came enormous cultural power.

-it has caused massive inflation since 1913 which is another form of theft on the commons.

-the creation of the Federal Reserve was directly linked to the Taxation of Income. A banality under capitalism. But at this point the quibble is meaningless.

-it has created an economy of infinite growth on an earth with finite resources. So it’s directly responsible for many of civilization’s pollution problems.

-it is unmerited wealth via a criminal act. In my opinion, it is also a ‘spiritual crime’.

-this scheme is also the foundation of Marxism. Central banks are fundamental to Marxist ideology.

-by the nature of how this currency is distributed it has given the commercial banks privileged access to assets first. This allows them to buy assets like real estate first and before they become inflated.

-through imperialism, it disrupted every culture on earth and colonized long-standing and environmentally sane societies. The central banks and their partners also captured every nation on earth and have made a mockery of representative government.

-in my opinion, the agents involved in this scam were also the promoters of material ideology (HYLICS) which is a disaster for the earth and is creating what Paul Kingsnorth calls the machine.

-the solution today, via a flu virus, is to correct the woes of usurious economics by implementing digital fascism with digital funny money. Always doubling down on bad hands!

That aside, Kemetism also closely resembles the religion of the Brahmins and it may as well be classified as the same religion. Brahma is the craftsman of the material world but not the source of spirit. Fasting, meditation, invoking rituals, initiates in caves, etc., etc., etc. It’s interesting that Egypt, where the Nile pours into the Mediterranean, looks like a LOTUS. See my Abraham is Brahma post HERE…Neither tradition is able to cough up a demonstration of any supernatural ability today in controlled settings. So I’ll stick with Christian Gnosticism and say these religions of the ruling archons (Pharaoh Kings ) are bullshit!

A bit more on Freemasonry: Hiram Abiff and the narratives around Solomon (Sun and Moon) seem to me to be later iterations of Thoth— known as Hermes Trismegistus by the Greeks. Ralph Ellis elucidates the lack of any historical evidence for a Judean Solomon (or his grand empire) but rather finds correlates within the lineages of the Pharaohs.

And this: the Egyptian word ‘NU’ was used as NOUS as in to perceive. The Shabaka Stone and the Egyptian ideas contained in its writings were the foundation for Greek philosophy (Logos) as well as the foundation of Christian theology–or, at minimum, contained the roots of Christian theology.

This VIDEO covers the ground of everything I’m saying here. That America and Canada were founded on Egyptian (and Phoenician) ideology. They were designed to fail so the ‘order’ could implement the ultimate agenda: total control of the WHOLE world. Try and ignore the presentation and focus on what is being said.

This VIDEO suggests that Egypt was multicultural–that’s my take, too. Sound familiar? And their implementation of MAAT (law) ended up being exceedingly bureaucratic! Sound familiar?

The Sefirot in Kabbalah’s Tree Of Life is taken from the long pre-existing metaphysics of Egypt: 10-spheres of existence: the Decad, Ennead, Ogdoad, followed by the other seven. I have many blogs that go into delineations of why Kabala’s YHWH is not the father of the Aeon Christ but the demiurge. That YESH (as distinct from Ayin) is the demiurge personified (this universe), but this is the replicant Christ created by Yaldabaoth–known as THOTH in this essay. There are a few Jewish Kabbalists who are Christian (Cabala) as they associate YESH with their Yeshua (Jewish Jesus). But Yaldabaoth has blinded them to the truth of who the real Christ is…

ZI ON comes from the Egyptian city of On…Heliopolis. Zi means desert city and is Egyptian etymology.

Women were equals in Kemet with the eldest daughter’s marriage creating the new god-king (pharaoh). We see in A MERI Ka two women of Phoenician persuasion standing behind the president when he gives speeches. How Egyptian is that!

THIS Yahweh Loves YOU? blog goes well with this as does A Jewish Jesus? blog…HERE and HERE

NOTE*: The Egyptians to some degree didn’t view Ptah (demiurge) as the origin of the divine spark–that came from the source and this is the ROOT of all further iterations of gnostic thought. See the 2nd chapter HERE. As mentioned above: the same can be argued for Brahma who is not the source of spirit but an architect.

NOTE*: there are different theories about who David and Solomon were. Some say Hyksos and others like Mustafa Gadalla say otherwise. But what is certain, is just like 911, the academies, controlled by the tribe, run interference and obfuscation to keep the official narratives intact. What else is hackedemia lying about? Certainly the age of the Sphinx and the pyramids. Certainly, no one runs interference for economic usury (The FED) more than the academies. My view is that the Hyksos is misdirection–shepherds are not warrior kings. I don’t think much of the Khazarian theory either–more misdirection.

four generations

NOTE#: it’s likely Yah got its moon associations from Osiris. We see a fusion in Judaism between their version of Yahweh and the Messiah. This is Osiris/Thoth who ‘control’ the moon matrix reincarnation template. Osiris was known as the Good Shepard…Sound familiar?

Some more musing: this idea that the religion of Judaism is monotheism while the religion of Egypt is polytheism is a blatant distortion. Judaism started out polytheistic and eventually morphed into strict monotheism. But both, in fact, are monotheist, with many aspects, functions, and attributes of one ineffable god. But if they are the same religion then that shouldn’t surprise us.

The temple of Egypt beside Solomon’s temple. Do they look the same? There is only one correct answer to that.

November 2022: the video below called Ring Of Power gets to the meat of almost everything I’m saying here. It’s poorly done and the narrator is at times annoying but the content is pretty well everything that this website and author have concluded during about 50 years of research.

It’s my view that this Egyptian Jesus is not a friend of humanity but a royal archon and offspring of Yaldabaoth’s archons. I’ve suggested elsewhere that The Living Aeon Christ also made an appearance in that time and that some kind of cosmic drama was played out in that era.

And last but not least:

This is a note (ah) from chapter 8 of the Domain of Man site: 

 In Ancient Egypt, commoners were variously called the “cattle of Re,” “noble herd” or “flock of the god.” See “Tales of the Magicians” in Joseph Kaster, The Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, p 264.  As in the Tale of Etana, a loophole in the law of Thoth was found by declaring men to be animals!

Another example of why Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality (borrowed from the Egyptians). It’s no accident that Judaism views the Gentiles (commoners) in the exact same way. 

2023 Update:

The idea of the matrilineal line when it comes to royals found in Judaism was also taken from the Egyptians.

A correction on a point above. From my research, Judaism started out as polytheism, then morphed into henotheism where YHWH was the supreme god among many. The first commandment testifies to this fact as they were to have no other gods other than YHWH. And then by the C.E., it morphed into monotheism.

A point on Gadalla. If it’s true that Judaism black-washed Egypt then it’s also true that Gadalla white-washes Egypt. I’ll still give him up to the 18th dynasty on that point but after that, it was all about stealth Hebrew lines who wanted what we would call today a fusion of multicultural elite corporatism otherwise known as Hebrew Fascism. America today represents that achieved goal. But I don’t think it ends there. The demographics of money combined with the false implementation of Edom, Rome, and America within Judiac ideology (delusion) means the Hebrews will pretty well abandon the West and set up shop fully within the Russian, Chinese, and Indian, axis. That is where the money will be this century and America has served its purpose and is in the process of being destroyed (as is the West) on all levels and no one seems able to stop it.

Oh, BTW, it’s on the reincarnation loop that I part ways with Gadalla’s pantheism. If reincarnation is true, I believe it is, then there must be something judging the process, no?

HERE is a link to a fantastic 3-part series called, The Vaccine Moment.The essay isn’t hard to find with a quick search. Paul was deeply involved in the ecology movement but left because he knew, as I did, that it was hijacked by neoliberalism; although I wasn’t involved in it in any professional sense. He calls this template ‘the machine’: a nexus of corporatism, big finance, big technology, and big intrusive governance. I’ve also said in my writings that this is the exact wrong move and way to deal with all the earth’s pollution problems. Not to mention it puts all the power and decision making into the hands of sociopaths. See my Four Pillars Of A New Earth Earth Commons for my suggestions towards solutions, which are far better, in my opinion. But I’ve always said we will get techno-fascism as a solution instead. These people are relentless in their pathology.

At any rate, this blog isn’t about the machine but rather about Christianity. I’m going to delineate FIVE different groups within Christendom. The first are ‘Baby Christians’. Those who experience the spirit of truth. These Christians fetishize most anything to do with Israel and likely have little understanding of political Israel. The second are ‘Mature Christians’. These folks understand many of the problems surrounding political Israel and the churches understand that political Israel is anathema to the spirit truth of Christ. Then there are what might be termed ‘Enlightened Christians’ who understand correctly that Yahweh is the political war god of Israel and not the father Christ spoke of–generally called Gnostics and the Sethian line of gnostics were the keepers of true spiritual gnosis. Then there are the ‘Tare Christians’. These are the bloodline descendants of Cain/Canaan/Phoenicia who I call Nephilim Archon Spooks and they know the truth but do everything possible to deflect from it via disinformation, misdirection, or obfuscation. Then there are ‘Cultural Christians’ who have never experienced any kind of spiritual gnosis but like the social and community aspects of the gatherings. Included in this group are those who argue about the ‘West’ within the culture wars–Jordan Peterson.

I think one of the things that bothers me about Paul’s assessment is that it seems to omit any writings on the coming Israeli Messiah. Please link any work by Paul that addresses this issue as I don’t want to misrepresent what he believes. So in a sense, from this perspective, his writings have an element of misdirection about them. Obviously this wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t identify as Christian. But the Technium narrative is also a type of misdirection from the Christian view because it omits political Israel and its coming Messiah. So it acts as a kind of cover for this coming world order centred in Jerusalem. In my view, the Singularity and merging consciousness with machines is pure fiction, but it’s a brilliant way to control the narrative; especially acting as a shelter for darker currents to do with the end times. Obviously these shenanigans have to do with the mark of the beast and I’m sure Paul knows this but there is much more to this story than some of the fictions surrounding this particular aspect of it.

I’ll close this one out with links to a few recent blogs which parallel these issues. One HERE….And HERE.

The first one covers original gnosticism and the second one covers problems with the anti-christ narrative.

And THIS one on why Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality...

An interesting resonance is also obtained in Xenocrates’ maxim “that true sophia is a form of knowledge not attainable by humans”. Xenocrates.

The quote above shows that there was gnostic thinking within greek culture. So once again the academies are distorting the truth. It also refutes Kastrup’s view that humans have direct access to the ‘thing in itself’. We don’t. What Kastrup is describing is the ‘demiurgic mind matrix’…IMO.

HERE is a paper which I believe proves beyond ALL reasonable doubt that Gnosticism has its roots in Egypt and was not a zit on the face of 3rd century Roman sun worship cult called Christianity.

HERE is the home page.

I’d like to first say that this isn’t a personal attack on Daniel. In many ways I appreciate his site. Please note that I am not a scholar mainly because I intuited ‘spiritual gnosis’ from a very young age and hence saw the education system for what it is: HYLIC controlled propaganda! And that is my primary criticism of his site. I mean, I get the appeal to authority and all, but it isn’t without its problems with the appeal to authority fallacy being the least of them. Obviously having materialist and atheist (HYLIC) minded people telling gnostics what gnosticism is…well, it’s absurd!

I cover some of the ground on the meaning of HYLIC HERE and HERE and HERE. There are different views on where this cosmology originated but I’ve consistently said it’s the foundational philosophy of the material demiurge–logically coherent, no? But there are other speculations within the gnostic tradition that attempt to address this issue. One of them deals with the creation myths. It was said that Yaldabaoth raped Eve and that she bore the twins Cain and Abel who had the same corrupt disposition as their father–the offspring of Cain and Abel became the HYLICS via the Canaanite bloodlines. It was only via Adam and Eve’s son Seth that true spiritual gnosis was preserved. This story is the root of the wheat and the tares narrative in the N.T. So the children of Cain and Abel became the primary promoters of materialism and spiritual obsfucation. Although I’d point out that Bible itself is the work of the archons and their Nephilim/Archon/Spook offspring. The point is that it’s no easy task to tell what is true and not true within that book. But the demiurge uses it to control civilization. QUIZ: how can the Bible be true and not true at the same time? When it’s written by a deceptive archons!

The second issue is the issue of religion and what religion a corrupt demiurge would create on earth. In this blog, I’ll only address Judaism within the context of Daniel’s website. He wrongfully asserts the usual lie of the archons that Jesus Was Jewish. There are so many problems with this and I cover some of it HERE. But another problem is the issue of the Jewish people claiming copyright to the Aeon Christ and this is especially prevalent in today’s world, and to the Gnostics a particularly vile aspect of it is the commercialization that is ubiquitous in most every strain of the Jesus is Jewish sects–American Christian Zionism the most grotesque. This is, of course, absurd and disturbing, but also consistent with the religion of the demiurge–which today is the worldwide religion of money. The Jesus was Jewish trope is always the ace up the sleeve of almost everyone in that tribe no matter what they believe. In Daniel’s case, it involves a sect of Judaism popular at the time called Apocalypticism. But many Rabbi’s even today reject this dualist interpretation of the Torah especially in regards to Satan whom they see as a servant. They correctly understand that this was Zoroastrianism injected into the Hebrew tradition. But it gets worse: the Jewish Jesus who died on a cross motif involves issues that Gnostics reject such as original sin–there is no need for Jesus to do what is said he did or for the reasons orthodoxy suggest. Original sin and the cruxifixction are the foundation of the Jewish Jesus narrative but this isn’t a gnostic view and never was. Please try and understand the mindset of the Aeon Christ and how it views the material universe: taking human form here is simply something it would not do! It would not take the body of something the flawed and vile demiurge created–humans. The Docetic storyline of Christ is much more accurate, in my opinion, as were the Marcionite’s who clearly understood the problems associated with the Torah’s claim to Jesus, which is dubious at best–just ask Rabbi Tobias Singer!

Another area I’d like to dispute is the gnostic questions surrounding the issue of ‘how shall we live?’. Now I agree that one of the primary areas of concern is spiritual gnosis but to say gnostics don’t care about societal conditions is simply wrong. It was much easier in those times for gnostics to remove themselves from centres of power and find refuge in small communities far outside of the cities. This would be known as political anarchism today or Christian Anarchism which is something I agree with (as understood within political science).But if you consider the communities that did arise with the gnostics you see that they did CARE about the question of how they should live. The Cather’s in France are another example of this. In my view, as a gnostic, the issue comes down to simplified living as much as that is possible in any given era. A Tolkien equivalent would be the Shire. But perhaps without the naive ignorance of the brutality of the natural world: so a type of natural realism when it comes to the meat-grinding death machine that is life on this earth, but perhaps balanced with the view that the earth is not entirely malevolent. In my view, there would be room for some enjoyment for gnostics in their lived life on earth (I side with the Valentinian’s on this one). Having said that, it’s my view that breaking bad with the Golden Rule is the core issue surrounding the intersection of economic life here on earth for humans and metaphysics. So any true gnostic would understand this and would do everything possible not to break this rule which means modern capitalism would be anathema to the Christian Gnostics!

On the origins of Christian Gnostics. I lean towards predating Christianity although I think Daniel’s view is sound, too. From my research there is no prior spiritual tradition that hold the specific views held by Christian Gnostics. But Gnosticism, in general, predates Christianity most certainly, in my view. The idea of a demiurge existed with *Ptah in Egypt and less so with Brahma in the Vedas, and certainly in Greece (Plato). But these traditions are heavily immanence oriented and aren’t hostile to this cosmos. Certainly elements of gnosticism can be found in Zoroastrianism; most certainly ideas pointing towards duality. My own view is that Jewish gnosticism had it roots in Egypt (linked HERE too) and certainly Babylon wherein they also borrowed from Persian gnosticism. But again, the one element that is unique to Christian Gnosticism is the anticosmicism we hold.

Why the materialism of the hylic’s is wrong. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of Jay Dyer although it’s likely that is because of the persona he projects. But it’s worth linking to him here as he has a solid understanding of the problems associated with materialism. He lists six and I’m certainly no expert but I have a layman’s understanding of these quarrels.

Myth of the given. (Is what we perceive through our senses a sufficient description of reality).

Problems of the external world. (realism/indirect realism/idealism).

Induction. (repeated experience isn’t necessarily a reliable means of predicting the future).

Status of immaterial objects. (I know that I exist with no necessary reference to physicality).

Properly basic beliefs. (the general idea of a creator being is not inherently irrational and does not need an argument to back it).

Underdetermination of data. (not enough info).

Now I list these here because there are elements in each that argue against material cosmology from the arena of epistemology. But this blog is not the place for these explorations. Watch the video and do some research! I think Bernado Kastrup is another who is detailing the issues with materialism. HERE is a link with him in convo with Tom Campbell.

NOTE*: I think the clincher here is that the Egyptians (to some degree) didn’t see Ptah (demiurge) as that which was responsible for the divine spark–that came from higher up–and this is the ROOT of later gnostic iterations.

HERE is a link exploring the idea of Anti-Christ.

I understand that there is no single interpretation of this idea so I will only focus on one here: the idea that Satan will appear as the world saviour (Messiah) and will bring peace to the world via the Seven Noahide Laws enacted by a new worldwide Sanhedrin Council. Some of you might see an immediate problem here: the worst evil that Satan can do is to get the world to worship his arch-enemy Yahweh…

In my view, this is exactly what will happen and, in my opinion, it cannot be prevented as the meme has now taken on a life of its own with the momentum of about 3500-years and might be termed an Egregore...

But what is this Christian idea of the devil going to do under this view? Well, it appears he is going to get the WHOLE world to accept Yahweh as God! In most every single Christian denomination throughout history there is the assertion that Yahweh is the father of Jesus. SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE? So this archly evil devil is going to get Christians to worship the God that they’ve always declared to be the father of Christ… It might be just me but I’m not getting the problem! This is the best evil available to Satan? To get Christians to worship who they’ve always declared the father? How is anyone supposed to make sense of this?

The Christian Gnostic view on this issue simplifies the issue and is much a more parsimonious explanation for these upcoming events. Unlike Orthodox views of the devil in Christianity; the Christian Gnostics asserted that Yahweh was/is the devil! We have immediate coherency here without any cognitive dissonance. So a false Christ (Yahweh personified) will deceive the WHOLE world! At least this is logically consistent with no need for contortionism.

Of course, there is the small problem that Yahweh and the Hebrews will not accept a Trinitarian idea: Christ, The Father, and the Holy Spirit. So under this view Yahweh (the father of Christ) is going to do away (murder) with Christians. But how can he be the *father of Christ if he does such a thing? It would seem to me that this Messiah is going to have to compromise Hebrew ideas of monotheism during these events and allow the Trinity to pass the Sanhedrin council. But I can’t see this as likely so we have some major incongruence here.

I guess Christianity could counter by saying that it’s their version of the devil, and not Yahweh, who will be the Messiah. But even so, I don’t really get why Yahweh, the father of Christ in Christianity, wills this drama against his own chosen people (regardless of Christian views on the issue). At this point I’d suggest Yahweh is negligent in not honestly declaring his nature to humanity right from the beginning. Why deceive his children (especially the Hebrews) into believing he’s one thing rather than 3 (consubstantial)? I would think that GOOD fathers have an immediate interest in communicating clearly to lesser beings exactly who and what they are! This has obviously been too much to ask for and, I’d suggest, at that point, that it deserves a check mark under Christian Gnosticism–only an ill-intentioned god would create such subterfuge and confusion.

Then there is the issue of the devil itself. When did it turn from being a servant of Yahweh to being Yahweh’s arch-enemy? I’d suggest it HAS to be after the story of Job. And if that’s true then it wasn’t this particular Satan in the Garden of Eden. It makes more sense to me that both these Satan’s in the Torah are acting on the command of Yahweh. So the Christian Satan came into existence some time after the book of Job which has problems, too, as its said that Satan was a liar from the beginning, which is a contradiction wherein Christianity is contradicting itself on the issue of Satan. Once again, under the Christian Gnostic view, this issue becomes much clearer and simpler: it’s all the machinations of the demiurge! No need for contortionism!

NOTE*: the only solution, it seems to me, is to rapture the Christians prior to this tribulation. But again, was there no easier way to impart the notion of the Trinity to the Hebrews than this cosmic drama? IOW’s this was the only tactic God had in its toolbox to deal with the Hebrews. It may just be me but I think I could explain the difference between 3 and 1 to a child in about 2 or 3 minutes–so God seems inept from my view. I’m also suggesting that the primary conflict in this cosmic drama is the issue of 3 and 1. Please note that both religions view Yahweh as God the Father.

Add on:

This taken from Sophiatopia and it explains the occultists behind the one world religion (NWO) to come:
Templars made links with troubadours, alchemists, qabalists and Muslims, in particular certain Muslim brotherhoods (the flowering of Sufism, the mysticism of Islam, was conterminous with the rise of the Knights Templar). It was one of the tasks of St. Bernard and his Templars, to bring Judaism, Christianity and Islam together, and in this intention they saw the work of the Paraclete. They also worked to allow the latter to manifest in this world again and strove for the “Return of the Christ in Solar Glory”. This was accepted by both Judaism (the coming of the Messiah), Christianity (the “Parousia”) and Islam (prophet Jesus, the “Word” of Allah, returning to judge the world). Templars are called to sacrifice the selfish aspect of their natures, so the spirit of Christ may manifest in them in victu.

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