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It is clear that the Gnostics appreciated the linguistic reflection of the cosmos into a lower demiurgic realm of false stories and a higher realm of true insight. 

In this study I do not intend to simply posit Egyptian historical antecedence for foundational dualist/emanationist views and leave it at that; rather, I am proposing that a large amount of direct historical connectedness in the lineage of this mode of Egyptian philosophical/theological thought is in fact the case. 

The larger issue is that the Gnostics, indeed all the dualistic groups in Egypt at this time, manifest a profound dualist “world-view” metamorphosis which had occurred within the Egyptian psyche, not just the Greek-Hellenistic. This fact is central. A hermeneutic which insists upon viewing this development as a rogue species of Greek thought, a parasitical syncretism, or an eccentric Christian mutation or influence, is a hermeneutic without socio-historical foundations.

While the physical body belongs to sensible creation, the spiritual elements originate from on high, from the intelligible sphere of cosmic intelligence. When released from the physical, the Ba and Akh (generally, the psyche and pneuma) return to their spiritual originator. A point to be made here is that this special nature of humankind does not come from the demiurge, but from the highest theogonic levels of the Creator. The special nature of humankind is thus a key element in the rise of later Gnostic sects, for in itself it anticipates the contradiction of higher and lower originations. One has to agree with Iverson in his assessment of this split in terms of its later impact upon philosophy: 



Daniel Richard McBride 

Those are a few pertinent quotes from his paper attached HERE. 

I don’t know who this guy is but he nails it! By far the best treatise on Gnosticism that I’ve come across. Gnosticism’s roots go back as far as early Egypt and perhaps earlier although the latter portion is speculative; the former fact. 

I can’t find anything on this guy and that has happened once before with David Astle’s the Babylonian Woe, which I also highly recommend. These guys are ghosts, or so it appears. But their works are Stellar! 

It’s clear the academies are promoting false historical narratives to protect vested interests hidden or otherwise. 

It’s clear Christianity was created as a proxy for these hybrid pharaonic bloodlines and that the *sacking of knowledge in and of Egypt was intentional; meant to obscure the truth about Egypt, which has been thoroughly black-washed by the powers that be. The continued obfuscation with Constantine’s church changed the Republic into feudal serfdom and ushered in an intentional dark age of disinformation. Sound familiar? Think of the internet as Alexandria and observe the same ‘burning’ of knowledge that is underway but in a techno-dystopian disaster. Moreover, it’s easy to see how Islam was used in the same manner and how it was used to control the narrative of northern Africa and the Middle East—planned for long-term control of the narrative.  No coincidence that both religions protect the character of the Old Testament god. 

If one isn’t convinced that Gnosticism wasn’t rooted in Egypt and far predates Christianity after reading this then one is so biased that they are beyond any hope of attaining truth and more accurately likely hold a deep disdain for TRUTH. Of course, a different issue is what is true about existence, and that topic is far from settled. 

Another separate issue within these inquiries is the nature of those early pharaohs and the Egyptian civilization itself. I haven’t made up my mind about that. On one hand, I see that it would be nearly impossible to build and sustain that civilization for as long as they did if it was sickeningly internally corrupt—lacking truth and justice (MAAT)—like today’s rulers, but I’m not convinced that the rulers in those times were of the Aeons. I’d seek out Wes Penre’s works and see if there are any clues as to the intention of the rulers in his writings.  That the rulers held dualist emanationism as their core metaphysics speaks loudly to me as a Christian Gnostic—so, something I agree with. But even the Demiurge knows the fact of this. In my case, I don’t have enough info on Egypt’s golden age to gauge what the intention was of the rulers and who, exactly, these pharaohs were.

Of course, we have a new psy-op in recent internet times where the typewriters in Tel Aviv are spewing the endless b.s. that Egypt was fake and didn’t exist! So extraordinarily predictable and the inversion of the truth: it’s Israel that didn’t exist in the way that’s asserted in the Torah–at least from all the research I’ve done.

I’ve been watching HBO’s Rome again and the propaganda and black-washing of Egypt is obvious. The focus, it seems to me, was to black-wash Cleopatra and throw shade over who Caesarian was—they make her out to be a cheap whore in the scene with Titus Pollo which is obviously inserted to add to the confusion about who that child was—born of Isis, by the God King—Caesar. In my opinion, a hybrid bloodline of Semitic and Egyptian origin—or, what I call nephilim archon spooks. Again, it’s extraordinarily difficult to tell who the black and white hats are in this arena of inquiry, especially in light of the idea of a false replicant Christ who can mimic the true one in ways that are uncanny— yet false. 

Another quote from the referenced thesis:

The emanationist view in turn finds its expression between two poles – the dualist and the monist. This division, of course, is not always a neat one as I shall demonstrate. However, we may note at the outset that the monist idealism of Stoicism places it far to the right of this spectrum, whereas the radically dualist Manichaean system is about as far “left” as one can go – off the scale in fact. Egyptian Gnostic thought, representing various shades of mitigated dualisms is more towards the centre between the two extremes; Hermeticism and the Chaldean system, along with the thought of Philo of Alexandria and the Platonists, Speusippus, Xenocrates, Harpocration, Atticus, Plutarch, Ammonius, and Numenius for that matter, are all left of centre – that is, distinctly dualistic – whereas other modes verge to the right, never more strongly than when Neoplatonism finally attempted to define itself as being anti-Gnostic under Plotinus.

Yeah, I’ve even gone as far as saying that Plotinus was Jewish–that would make simple sense of his stance. And, yes…Wilber’s Integral Plotinus-ism is far right, too, IMO.

Another great quote:

I define emanationism as follows. It is essentially based upon one insight:

Although there is a complete Monad, Source, Parent, Primal Waters, or One at the centre of all reality, and although it is inexpressibly perfect in every sense, still there arose the need for differentiation. This streaming forth, “extension”, hypostasising, procreation, or emanation through the sheer power of Thought, Word, Generation, or Intellect, in the Source, resulted in the appearance of various lesser entities, natures, or levels of metaphysical reality culminating in the natural world. These are referred to as specific natures in the more philosophical systems (e.g. nous, logos, dynamis etc.) and their numbers are limited by the ancient Egyptian emphasis upon ogdoads and enneads, and later Pythagorean number-systems as a rule; as more personalised entities they appear in the so-called “mythological” systems (e.g. Atum, Ma’at, Isis, Sophia, Barbelo, Seth, Anthropos etc.) wherein the “aeons” or “syzygies” are more numerous, their dramatis persona taking on a sexualised role. The emphasis then is upon the need for theogonic process, for differentiation arising out of the Undifferentiated. This need, put simply, is one of distancing. The idealism of the Perfect One is perceived to be at a certain remove from this world which in some sense must be lower or inferior than the perfect State of Being represented in the Primal Source. 

An earlier blog on Christian Gnosticism and Egypt. And HERE

NOTE*: I suspect that relations between Egyptian royals and the Hebrew descendants of Akhenaten were not at all cordial; especially by the time the Torah was put together. The Egyptian royals and priests would have known that Ole Akhen’s descendants ‘borrowed’ the 18th dynasty and turned it into their own–cultural theft. If this is true then we are not getting the true story of Egypt from at least 500 B.C.E. on and especially not getting life in Alexandria correct which would have been much more hostile than what we are told. Again, the sacking of Alexandria and Egypt starts to make sense of this (if this is true) and that the Roman church was used as proxies for this war between Egyptian and Hebrew royal bloodlines. And this quote from the Babylonian Woe which points to an ‘outside’ Kabal interfering in Egypt in those times:
From chapter 7:
“Through “liberalism,” and so-called “progressive teachings” . . . (the) international money creative force seems to have brought the host land of Egypt to where it was at the time of Akhenaton (1375 to 1358 B.C.), and the Tel Amarna letters which tell of self-destruction and decay, the rejection of old values and beliefs, and the indifference of the a Egyptian rulers to their trust, and to the crumbling of Empire. The degeneracy and complacence of the age was revealed by the fruitless outcry out of Asia from the vassals of the Pharaoh; being particularly exemplified by the despairing pleas of king Abdikhiba of the most ancient city of Jerusalem for assistance against the pressure of the armed assaults of the Habiru.”

Je RUS USA lem…

Well, it’s all the same archon team; just different fronts. When the archons split the Christian church around 1100 C.E. with more speculative metaphysical b.s. they created the beginning of the ‘WEST’ along with what is now labelled the Eurasian block–see, A. Dugin. A primary beginning there in modernity was St. PTAH sburg (think steinburg). And this was another move of the Bishop on the archon controlled chessboard of what I call the fake religion of Egypt (Judaism) that was instantiated at St. PTAH’s (burg) Sq. in Rome. Are you beginning to see who created these sects and why? An interesting note is how many common serfs died building this city when Caesar Peter (Ptah) decided he needed the port city for his imperial ambitions–nothing new there.

So Eastern Orthodoxy is just the fake religion of Egypt (Judaism) dressed in the drag of the Osiris cult that they created at the time of Constantine. One branch controlled the east and another controlled the west (and north). Although CHI ( Greek X Christ) said NA (adverb NO) to the Living Aeon Christ–get it? I’ve suggested in other blogs that *China (no christ) was one of the primary residences of the archons throughout the millennia–so, a primary home of the minions of the demiurge–the land of NOD? But that’s another blog. Think about the Mongol invasion of Russia through that lens and use the same lens to view China/Russian relations today–see this article on the bloody murderous reign of the Mongols on Russian Christians. This doesn’t mean Christianity is true but rather Yaldabaoth hates the Living Aeon Christ–the spirit of TRUTH. If China and Russia cooperate it’s likely because of shared metaphysics. Nothing is a given here but the No Christ aspect of Chinese HIStory (demiurge) might explain, at least in part, the success of materialist ideology of Maoism in that country–and the CCCP. Of course, you can look to E.Michael Jones’ book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit where he gets things pretty much right except for the WHY of the issue–it’s because Yahweh IS NOT the father of Christ–and Judaism is the spirituality of the land of Egypt (Kemetism). This fake Egyptian religion and the fusion of Egypt and Canaan likely started with Abraham and his wife Sarai whose child was from her pharaonic husband. This story is documented in Genesis but took place in the 18th dynasty.

The earliest attestation of Jerusalem is RUSSLM. We know J is a recent addition. So we see what could be the beginnings of the Russian people. This bloodline migrated to the north and were the Vikings. It’s obvious hackedemia won’t touch the Phoenician migrations out of the Middle East during multiple upheavals in those lands. HERE is a link that shows Germanic languages were closely linked with Hebrew and its sister language Phoenician. We also have the Ashkenazi line that settled in places like Ukraine. Again, Russlm existed in Canaan– known as KENan–from the line of Cain/Ken. We’ve talked about this in Why The Kenosha Fake? The story of David and his warrior kingdom cannot be found in the historical record nor can the Grand Solomon Kingdom be found. It should be noted that Kenan, at the time, was an Egyptian province or territory. The warrior King David and his activities have been found in the 18th dynasty via Tuthomosis 111, and Solomon via Amenhotep 111. See HERE and HERE.

The fall of Egypt is being mirrored today by the fall of New Egypt (T)A MERI KA. Ta Meri means beloved land of Egypt and KA means spirit. But before we get to the demise of New Egypt today let’s consider the demise 3000-years prior. No civilization can last as *long as Egypt did (its golden age) if there is internal corruption and chaos. So there must have been a high dose of truth and justice (MAAT) during those earlier millennia. Were the pharaonic lines corrupted? I would argue yes! And that corruption started with Sarai but I won’t argue the point here. Although the major schism was with Moses (Akhenaten) who pissed off just about everyone. But, yes…he did leave Egypt and took residence in Sinai. I will note the demise of Egypt started with mass homelessness and unbounded immigration (see A MERI KA today). Wealth inequality became extreme during Egypt’s decline and we see that in A MERI KA today. Civil wars cost Egypt dearly and we see the same divisions in A MERI KA today. Climate change played a pivotal role during the decline and led to mass starvation (weather manipulation tech. today). But, in my opinion, political corruption was the core issue as it is in A MERI KA and Russia today–the top of the pyramid in both countries are Semitic. Nothing to see here according to the academies as everything is a coinky-dinky! To be Jewish and anti-christ is perfectly acceptable today; but to be Christian and anti-jewish is the crime of all crimes. Even though the bodycount in the 20th century has a least 100-million dead christians fighting each other as a pretext and avenue (and proxy) for Israeli power and politics; while the 6-million is the never-ending cry of victimhood, and has immunized them from criticism.

As you can see (haha) it’s almost impossible to talk about Russia without talking about its civilizational controlled opposition–USA…I’ll give the Rabbis that they are more fun than a barrel full of talking monkeys! They can cough up commentary on the Torah for a billion years and it won’t change the fact that the initial books are societal manipulation–so nothing truly GOOD can come from this–as time will eventually tell.

Putin and Dugin may end up serving the issue of climate change which the globalists ignore and we can tell they ignore it as their solutions are insane and criminal, so any rational assessment on this issue on their camp points to duplicity and treachery. We know the climate showed a brief recovery during the original lockdown so ending global trade to a large degree would help. So back to nations taking care of their own and providing for their people, as best as possible, through the talents and resources of the nation. Personally I would give up bananas and oranges if it lessoned atmospheric pollution and pollution of all types. Of course, the problem along this line is the Hunger Games scenario wherein the elite of each nation get the cream and everyone else eats dust–obviously not acceptable–new-feudalism, that is.

Oh, I have to mention the timing again of the new ‘surge’ in China timed right when the west is starting to open up. We saw the same manipulation in Alberta in the heat of summer during the election in Canada–the timing of that outbreak was simply too conspicuous–this is a virus with incredible political smarts. As a musician it’s always about timing. And you normies think WW1 and the timing of the Spanish Flu was just coinky-dinky…Ya, right. I said in March 2020 that they will never let this go. No way they should be relaxing international travel if this surge was true. Open up the nations internally but keep a tight lid on international travel for the moment.

Ukraine HERE.

NOTE*: yes, Christianity did make some headway in China but for the most part did not.

You could find this video of Dostoyevsky’s take on the J.Q. interesting.

And these quotes from The Controversy of Zion, by Douglas Reed:

It is chiefly of academic interest to the rest of mankind (though it has to be recorded) because history shows that whenever the dispute for and against “seeking the peace of the city” has reached a climax, the party of segregation and destruction has always prevailed, and the Judaist ranks have closed behind it. The present century has given the latest example to this. At its start the established Jewish communities of Germany, England and America (who may be compared with the Sadducees) were implacably hostile to the Zionists from Russia (the Pharisees), but within fifty years the extreme party had made itself the exclusive spokesman of “the Jews” with the Western governments, and had succeeded in beating down nearly all opposition among the Jewish communities of the

In the event this only became clear when the revolution of 1917 produced an almost all-Jewish government in Russia; and by that time power over governments in the West was so great that the nature of this new regime was little discussed, a virtual law of heresy having come into force there. Had the visible institution continued, the masses of the West would in time have become aware that the Talmudic government of Jewry, though it led the clamour for “emancipation”, was also organizing a revolution to destroy all that the peoples might gain from this

it has existed from the time that Judaism came into contact with other peoples in something more than neighbourly hostility”. (By this definition resistance in war is “antisemitism”, and the “neighbours” in the tribal warfare of antique times, to which he refers, were themselves Semites. However, the words “contact exceeding neighbourly hostility” offer a good example of Zionist pilpulism.

I’d suggest that the split of the ‘Egyptian’(Christianity) church in 1100 was recreated in modernity via communism and zionism. So the same civilizational tactics used over and over again by the Egyptian Levite Rabbis. Zionism controls the West (RCC in 1100) and communism controls the east (Orthodoxy in 1100). I’ll be doing a separate blog on Reed’s book soon and I’ll link it HERE when it’s done.

More from Reed: It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the nineteenth century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire. There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others”.

This is the last candid statement (discoverable by me) from a leading public man on this question. After it the ban on public discussion came down and the great silence ensued, which continues to this day. In 1953 Mr. Churchill refused permission (requisite under English law) for a photostat to be made of this article (Illustrated Sunday Herald, February 8, 1920), without saying why.

Why stop now?

These records show that the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party, which wielded the supreme power, contained 3 Russians(including Lenin) and 9 Jews. The next body in importance, the Central Committee of the Executive Commission (or secret police) comprized 42 Jews and 19 Russians, Letts, Georgians and others. The Council of People’s Commissars consisted of 17 Jews and five others. The Moscow Che-ka (secret police) was formed of 23 Jews and 13 others. Among the names of 556 high officials of the Bolshevik state officially published in 1918-1919, were 458 Jews and 108 others. Among the central committees of small, supposedly “Socialist” or other non-Communist parties (during that early period the semblance of “opposition” was permitted, to beguile the masses, accustomed under the Czar to opposition parties) were 55 Jews and 6 others. All the names are given in the original documents reproduced by Mr. Wilton. (In parentheses, the composition of the two short-lived Bolshevik governments outside Russia in 1918-1919, namely those of Hungary and Bavaria, was similar).

Apparently all these facts were silenced in the western press at the time and the facts labelled ‘anti-semitic’…

I do wonder what Reed would make of Miles Mathis’s paper on the Tzar that shows it as a hoax. And for that matter this blog of mine that suggests Russia itself was a creation of the tribe controlled for a long time by their Orthodox branch. So Reed’s idea that it was hijacked by the commies doesn’t add up other than as another step in the project that started 33 centuries ago.

My ongoing blog on Reed HERE

‘It’s the beginning of history again; but this time, it’s the end time of HIS-story (demiurge)’…AMM

My sister asked me for this one. But first an anecdote. We lived in Mississauga when I was around 10. One morning I was out doing my usual exploring/investigations and I came across a young woman who was very sick and hungover. She was sitting in the back of a Ukrainian church of some sort. Being the fine young lad that I was I offered to take her home and mix up a hangover tonic for her. Don’t ask me how I knew how to do this. But I did it: I brought a very sick young woman home and mixed up a concoction for her. All was well that ended well. She left feeling better and thanked me so very much. Sorry…no sordid additions with this one.

This blog, like Ukraine, will likely be a bit fractured. We see the usual suspects raking in the dough and lining their pockets. Petroleum, the legacy of the RockefELler’s (archons), are the big winners here; as are their associates in the arms dealer industries–the MIC. We saw the banksters raking in the KA$H via the predatory economics of usury during the pandemic–the more money printed the richer THEY get! THIS video gets into the hypocrisy of the West.

Putin is likely Jewish and at the very least has strong leanings towards Judaism. His country is run by rich Jewish oligarchs–one of them even owns the Chelsea football club! They don’t think much of Christians. Nor Muslims for that matter. In fact, for the past few centuries, the Talmudists have been doing everything possible to deconstruct former projects used as civilizational dialectics–look to their projects starting on Sept.11, 2001. Yup, wealthy Jewish bloodlines created Christianity and Islam as control narratives that would span/spam millennia. See *Adam Green’s video where he gets this right. And BTW: Sept. 11th is the first day of the new year in the Egyptian calendar and this first month is named Thoth! But by the 1400’s Christianity had served its purpose and the deconstruction and culture war against it began in earnest with the rise of Kabbalah and eventually the Jesuits and Freemasons–all heavily involved in central banking. The combined assault split Christianity into around 33,000 schisms today–all Yahweh-friendly. Think of this as those who create castles made of sand and then destroy them. Yes, the archons behave like children and the clown world we live in is proof enough!

The 20th century was in large part a project to finish the shredding of Christian culture and this shredding ended up putting Israel back on the map along with putting Israeli power and politics everywhere that mattered–and it mattered to them everywhere. Christian nation after Christian nation fell to their projects and this was framed as progress and enlightenment. Christians were encouraged into arguing over every metaphysical speculation possible; while the tanks of central banking usury drove right up the middle of their cities and towns. There’s nothing the usurers love more than speculation!

Here’s the deal though: if you tell the truth on these matters you’re labeled an anti-Semitic Nazi. Now think about that…really think! While they actively destroy your religion and culture via every tactic imaginable they then declare it hateful that you raise legitimate objections to this destruction of your culture and lives. But please people, like all religions, Christianity and Islam are false; as is Judaism! They are tools and means to an end. Think of civilization as a deck of cards that the archons have and use: one card is religion and they construct and deconstruct to suit any agenda at a given time. In Ukraine, recently, it’s the construction of Christian Nazis. This juxtaposed with pulling out the Cold War card again–as if communism wasn’t a creation of these governor industrialists (mercantile elites today).

Ukraine is simply an ongoing project to destabilize and decimate anything that still resembles christian culture. For the most part, every major player involved is backed by Wag The Dog-type associates. The current jewish prez of Ukraine? Installed by a Zionist Obama. The video of him playing ‘penis piano’ goes to the absurdity of these agents/agencies. An actor, too, just like the Zionist Trudeau, and the Zionist Trump. So this is all scripted jewish theatre with an end game of the long-awaited worldwide hegemony of a political Israel. But that could be smoke and mirrors, too. See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog linked below. It’s interesting, also, that any Christian community that has any kind of voice leans towards fascism–see the American Christian Zionists and the fascist Christians in Ukraine–you do know who funds this type of Christianity, right? And why they do it?

I argue that Judaism’s foundations are all premised on the religion of the pharaohs: Kemetism. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were all social engineering constructions of archon bloodlines that went through the Pharaohs *David and Solomon and eventually morphed into Cleopatra’s lineage which ended up as the kings and queens of Europe and are now the political and economic elites that run the world. If this is true then these religions were simply social control contracts and hiding places for royal lineage that controlled finance–their primary concern above all else.

It’s worth asking who these Jews are today and what their connection is to the past. The AshKENazi are the main players today. Very often with light skin, blue eyes, and reddish hair–think of the British princes today–and pretty well every pundit on Youtube:-P There was a lineage of pharaohs in Egypt that had these qualities. Look to the Khazarian narrative for clues along this line as this tribe ended up in eastern Europe (Ukraine) and Russia and places like Germany, and eventually England. And, BTW, when Boris Johnson called off the pandemic policies I KNEW it was a signal towards upping the ante! The official story promoted by A. Koestler seems fishy to me so I’d look to that as muddying the waters. Of course, they run America, too.

And in the insane clown world of jewish power and politics, we see the little Stasi Crystia Freeland (who used every illegal authoritarian tactic on average working people in Canada who are sick and tired of unelected medical fascism) attend a protest in support of the christian fascists that the western oligarchs (jewish) created in Ukraine. The only christianity they fund is the kind that flips the message of the Aeon Christ and they’ve been doing that since the 12th century–well, in fact since Constantine. In the end, Ukraine and the destruction of another christian culture is simply the price to pay for the needed media diversion and control of the narrative that the oligarchs were starting to lose control of. E Micheal Jones talks about the coincidental connection (haha) between Freeland and Ukraine.

In the end, humanity is being played, because Judaism is false, and is really about the pharaoh king messiah Thoth, who is acting out his role within the demiurgic construct. Christianity is false, as is Islam, so this is all manipulation. The truth is this is once again about the ‘money magic’ of the kings of KA$H and everyone gets played. See my Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality blog and examine all the links. One link details how non-jewish people should treat jews: kindly and not with violence. You know, I’ve met a lot of people in my life and not ONE of them wanted to murder Jewish people; I’ve also met many #Jewish people and they also don’t want to murder anyone. But the point of that blog is to show the falseness of the Abrahamic religions and WHY some in the tribe do what they do: because of the war between Yahweh and the Living Aeon Christ–not the FAKE dead one they hung on a cross.

It’s clear the zionist west did everything possible to create this situation by poking the Russian bear. But that doesn’t mean that Putin isn’t controlled by the same moneylending mafias. Again, watch the many Adam Green videos where he gets this right, in my opinion. And please send me the links where these Jewish (backed) oligarchs actually fight in their wars rather than sending blind christian sheep to do their bidding and dying for them…

I don’t like to do this but I kind of have to. The trucker protest in Canaan (ada) ended up in Martial Law (basically). And this led and was scripted right into the Khazarian/Ukraine/Russia war. The American version will end with America declaring outright war on Russia–so, WW3. This is because the convoy, when in Washington, D.C., will be the place of a false flag attack. I’ll give y’all a hint: the white race and its cultures have been a target for some time now. So think WHITE…And, yes…the common white folk in Russia have just had their lives turned into hell. Not so much for the oligarchs. Of course, I could be wrong about this. The second scenario is that the banking cartels are simply doing their capitalist usury numbers game and in that game, Russia, China, and India are the future of profit. It’s demographic and based on numbers–there is no moral consideration here. But either way, the game is over for the West as it had the life sucked out of it by vampirism of every sort–now nations of media-controlled walking dead. Which scenario plays out will depend on which camp has the most power: the religious camp whose prophets foretold the end time war; or, the materialist/ capitalist/ marxist type camp whose religion is money.

The rationalizations are of interest here. In the one camp things are justified as the Torah is the final authority (laughable) and how does it get to be the final authority? Because they declare it so! No circular reasoning here, or bias…And in the other camp, it’s based on evolutionary thought projected into economics: social and economic Darwinism. Mixed in with a high dose of neuroticism about the past while ignoring (dismissing) the present status of power and politics. There are many who are questioning whether any of this is negotiable but it appears not to be so. Even in my own writings, I’ve suggested a withdrawal of bad economic behavior when it comes to the FOUR basic needs of humans: homes, food, education, and healthcare. Of course, it’s fallen on deaf ears. Tied into the latter cult is climate change hysteria. The pollution itself has been generated by THEIR economic systems but the solution in the latter cult is a Hunger Games scenario. So the West will see a repeat of the 20th-century gambits implemented by the latter cult: depression, the wiping out of the middle of the social pyramid, supply chain disruptions, power grid failures, etc. And that could lead to the ‘inevitability’ of the former cult later this century.

And, of course, this: Kenneth Copeland and Hagin are panhandling for Jews in Ukraine to get back to Israel. And where have we seen this before? Oh, that’s right…Germany in the 30’s. So while **Christians are encouraged to murder Christians (blind dumb sheep) they are also encouraged to pay for Jews to go back to Israel! And by the way: KEN is CAIN! When you see the name Ken within the context of ANYTHING to do with spirituality you know it’s in some way false! The original Cainite gnostics flipped everything–so masters of inversion of truth. I would say Kabala is of Cain, too…Now you know what Rabbi McCartney’s song Get Back was about and why the archons have pushed it again during the scamdemic…Apparently his ‘sir-ness’ changed the name of his tour to GOT BACK. And, yes…that name change was shortly after this blog. Oh vey…

I’ll finish here by commenting on Miles Mathis’ excellent paper on Rome. I agree that Rome was founded by this hybrid Egyptian/Phoenician bloodline/s. We see the fusion of Jupiter and Saturn here, too-Rome and Phoenicia. Agree that CeaZAR (KhaZAR/TZAR) was a ‘flamer’ to some degree, but I’d say bisexual. I agree they likely faked his death. But I disagree strongly with his take on Cleopatra (daughter of PTAH/demiurge). I suggest her son Caesarian was the reincarnation of THOTH and that his death was faked by OCTavian (CHAI for the 18th dynasty). That Cleopatra’s death was faked so that this bloodline could go into hiding. It was this bloodline, with the help of the Flavians, that reinvented Memphis religion in the form of the Roman Catholic Church–so this fake demiurgic ***Christ. Today these folks control the academies and have continued the lies of the fake history they promoted and hid. Then along came the internet…One thing is for sure: the oligarchs in Russia and China are not STUPID and will not suffer here, nor will the Western elites. BUT YOU WILL! And like the scamdemic this conflict will pick YOUR pocket!

I’ll leave you with this quote on the clash of empires by Roger Turner, in his, A God In The Moon –Your Guide To The World Of The Trinity Matrix.

Maintaining an empire in this world requires a persistent and oppressive struggle to control the members of the collective and constantly guard against threats real or imagined.

NOTE*: Mr. Green seems to want it both ways or he’s simply deeply confused. On one hand, he says it’s his strong belief that the Jesus of the N.T. is fiction and on the other hand he gets deeply offended when some of us say Jesus isn’t Jewish. Which one is it, sir? If he’s a fiction (the N.T. Jesus is) then he wasn’t bloody Jewish as he didn’t exist. The best I’d concede is that the 18th dynasty hybrid Jewish bloodline did create a Jesus–in my view that was Caesarian…the reincarnation of Thoth. Yes, the fake Jesus the corrupt academy’s push is in the direction of Thoth as he for whatever reason wanted to keep his identity hidden.

NOTE*: there is little historical evidence for any of the main stories in the Torah. This includes King David and the fantasy empire of a Jewish Solomon. They never existed as written but they can be found HERE. Heads of the 18th dynasty! CHAI! Aces and Eights…

NOTE**: hundreds of millions of christians murdered each other during 2 world wars so that Israel could end up at the top of the civilizational pyramid. But you never hear about this slaughter demanded by the gods of blood…The body count of the 20th century has anti-christ with about 100 million and anti-semite around 6 million. A tad bit of distortion in the reporting I’d say. Read Douglas Reed, The Controversy Of Zion

NOTE#: at a minimum humanity is dealing with at least one HIVE mind (possibly more) manifested via some type of egregore–collective energies. Some call this SHADOW within the field of psychology but my Gnostic sense is that it’s more than psychological. At that point, we might want to check out the writings of Wes Penre! It’s interesting that the binary star Alpha Draconis (BI den) (Tru deau (2))was the POLE STAR when the 3 great pyramids were being built. It sits in the constellation of Draco the dragon. Gotta love the demiurgic template! And no, there is no chance the workers in Egypt quarried 6 stones per hour (or whatever it was) in the 3-years hackedemia says they were built. The fall of Egypt was also the fall of MAAT (truth and justice) if we take that the golden age there was benevolent. The point is that we should expect a return of MAAT–soteriologically speaking. Oh, yes…the name of Polaris originally: Phoenicia! Really, you can’t write this in fiction.

NOTE***: I’ve always conceded the sheer ‘awesomeness’ of the demiurgic construct. It would be foolish not to. But this is distinct from what is true and not true when it comes to who Christ is and who the mirrored false Christ is.

March 26, 2022: Here is an article on the truckers convoy in ‘New Egypt’ that ended up as another Facebook group pissing in the wind–IOW’s more trolling of civilization by the banksters. In earlier blogs, I’ve suggested that the international money-lending cartels will do nothing that would interfere with trillions of dollars worth of interest payments going into their coffers decade after decade and that they’ve achieved at least a 3500-year goal of controlling the whole earth. So everything is theatre now. And just a note on their Orwellian use of the word democracy: it means that NO ONE can interfere with their international corporate oligarchy and worldwide plutocracy–that is what they mean by the word ‘democracy’.

2023: the Ash CAIN Nazi want to go home to Ukraine…It all makes sense now…Always have a Plan B scenario! Just in case WW3 backfires on Plan A. As soon as the media story about Trudeau and India came out I knew this was in the cards. Political EL ites self-fulfilling the scripts of the religions of the money-lending cartels–nation shall rise against nation–they love that one!

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