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‘’tis not the type of dystopia I had hoped for’…anonymous treeslayer.

That from a person lamenting the lack of legal redress that is now unavailable in communist kanada. It appears no one is allowed to sue for damages when it comes to anything to do with lousy governance. I share his lament.

Although this one could easily be named More On Miles Mathis. My first blog on him HERE.

Along with the lack of ability to now sue for damages in this country, we also have the inability to differentiate hippies from nazis! Any criticism of jewish power, politics, economics, and over-representation in the most important spheres of influence in non-Israel countries makes one a Nazi! Imagine that! Peace-loving hippies who only want truth, beauty, and justice (goodness) are now Nazis according to the ADL and anything else to do with The Jewish Question. Yes, that is the insane clown world we now live in. And this is getting more problematic by the hour. It’s perfectly acceptable to believe men walked with dinosaurs about 6000 years ago (you won’t be incarcerated for believing that) but if one questions the reporting of body counts between 1940 and 1945 one can be put in jail–disgusting. In my research, the Christian body-count far exceeds those of Jews–50 Million Russian Christians alone were murdered by the Jewish Marxists.

Linked HERE a paper wherein Miles goes after *Jan Irvin and a few others. It’s linked here as he covers some ground on gnosticism. I agree that the term was coined in modernity– as he cites. But I was born a true GNOSTIC! From an incredibly early age, I was aware that there was something terribly wrong with this place. Of course, I couldn’t define it but it permeated my decision making. I KNEW school was a scam–the system as it existed when I was in it–my early years were at Stanley Road public! It’s also why I chose to stay out of the academies! I KNEW they were peddling dishonesty–at UBC there is a sign at central that says, The Commons Way, or something or other, but nothing could be further from the truth from this privatized, corporate-for-private-interest-institution. I also KNEW that religion was B.S. from a young age; oh yes, I had read all the major books by my early 20’s and, I even did a short stint in the Vineyard-type churches and KNEW they were a front/project. It did take until my mid-30s to come across definitive gnostic ideas specifically related to the god of the Torah and anti-cosmicism. The singer from the band JARA introduced me to these ideas although I now know he was likely involved in the Kabbalist schools that I’ve come to disagree with.

Here’s the deal with true Christian Gnostics: we don’t hate anyone; what we strongly dislike is anything that resembles a Ponzi Scheme when it comes to economics. So today we have avenues of endless critique when it comes to predatory usurious economics modelled on casinos, cons, and the manipulation of algorithms, and no more so than when it comes to the idea of Tikkun. But all it would take to alleviate our criticism is the implementation of a HEALTHY Jubilee! The last thing we’ll get, of course, and it’s worth asking why that is. Miles is documenting that it’s because an elite peerage has likely gone insane from inbreeding and is raping the reward pool of the commons. I agree for the most part. My only question is, then…is where are the Furies? His spirituality often involves the Muses, but if even a tenth of what he’s documenting is right, then I would say the Furies are asleep at the wheel.

Search out a video on Bitchute wherein Harry Vox is debating a young Nazi on the issue of the J.Q. This has to be theatre or the kid being interviewed is just young and dumb (relatively). But I don’t believe that. Look at what this kid’s Nazi beliefs mirror: the foundational religious tenets of the Torah. He wants the same thing the Orthodox Jews want: a WALLED separation wherein his white supremacy is protected just like the Jewish Supremacy documented in the Torah. I pointed out in my blog on Douglas Reed that the Nazis were doing in Germany exactly the same thing the Jews were doing in Palestine. The point? In Germany, it was the horror of horrors, but in Israel, ‘they’ve done nothing wrong!’…Of course, Miles has his take on this and it cuts through much of the hazy fog. My point when it comes to this kid’s stance is how successful was his normative take on Germany the first time around. A dismal failure by all rational assessments but for some reason he thinks that that is evidence of how great it will be this time around. Really…you have to choke on laughter. Germany’s economics when it comes to usury during the Reich is mired in obfuscation and from my research, it isn’t as neat and tidy as he suggests.

Diversion aside…I’ve come to agree with Miles that the material universe is real and not a dream and that the foundation of physics is well…PHYSICAL! The crowd goes CRAZY! I’ve also had many of the same intuitive senses towards the people he critiques and Irvin was one of many where I got that ‘911 twitch’. Kastrup, too, and I’ve blogged about this quite a lot and I’ve framed it as the CIA Department Of Spiritual Propaganda. I’ve suggested that this was in reaction to the failed projections of Marx– in the sense he predicted the end of spirituality and that we’d all become materialists living in a communist utopia. So, this was the motivation for the new ‘post-secular’ department–IOWs, when that aspect of the Marxist project failed they implemented this new project–something I’ve also dubbed as the endless B.S. of nephilim archon spooks

On the material universe: see THIS blog and THIS blog. The first one is on Samkhya and the second one is on Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality. It could be argued that both seem to fit the Kemetic idea of Pantheism which I believe was also the view of Spinoza and this is consistent IF Judaism was rooted in Kemetism. Samkhya, in the sense that mind is instantiated into the material cosmos: panpsychism–manas and biddhis–the West had Leibniz suggesting the same thing but naming them monads. The religion of the pharaohs was arguably Pantheism (see Gadalla).

And this cosmology is what Miles is suggesting if I’m not missing something–yes, Greek ideas, too. I have no quarrel with it per se. But there are two avenues wherein I argue alternate views: that the material universe is deeply flawed and that it is not the be-all and end-all of existence or cosmology. The second point is sheer speculation as I can’t prove that there is a void that delineates this ‘demiurgic construct’ from a higher reality known as the Pleroma–a type of PANENTHEISM–although my views on this are not mainstream. The first point is easier to parse out but one would have to imagine a better and more advanced reality. From that perspective, this reality is deeply flawed albeit with its own majesties. In my view, this was one of the primary insights of Christian Gnostics along with an intuition that the history documented in the Torah was fabricated. Those two tenets are pure GNOSTICISM! But don’t mind me as I think Clint Eastwood’s, The Gauntlet, is a gnostic fable! Note the EA which is **Enki (Christ) who partners with the whore, played by Sondra Locke, as that is a general view of Mary Magdalene within Christianity, who in this story is (Sophia), and they break through all hell to bust the crime archon lords that sit at the top of the establishment and who rule the corrupted city! Which city? Why Phoenix of course…Does that name ring a bell? And where did the adventure start for the replicant Christ (Samael) and his whored out Sophia (Lilith)? Why the mafia casino of Las Vegas? Got ammo? You bet! Lots and lots of ammo…Nothing to see here folks…

NOTE*: I’ve pointed out that most Christians today conflate the god of the philosophers with the god of revealed religion. I suppose it’s because no one is able to demonstrate supernatural ability so the only tool in their pocket is rhetoric. I have no problem with ‘innocent faith’ and if one wants to believe something it’s fine with me but don’t mix it with bad argumentation. To be fair, it could be some Christians are ‘culture war’ Christians, who are more or less agnostic or atheist but have deep attachments to the idea of the WEST.

NOTE**: mine my writings and look to where I cover TWINS! Yaldabaoth created replicants of the Aeon Christ and Sophia. So The Gauntlet is covering this Kabbalist view of these ‘saviour twins’…

A few finishing thoughts here. I’m not as hostile as Miles is when it comes to Idealism. But I’m a theist so the idea that mind/consciousness is fundamental and primary is coherently consistent– to a point. But what I do detest are spooks who cherry-pick spiritual ideas and promote them because of agendas that are political and economic. I’ve also pointed out that Idealism, if true, doesn’t seem to solve anything! Put the best atheist olympic gymnast in a room with the best non-dual yogi and it will end in a draw as one couldn’t outdo the other in any way that is perceivable or measurable (include quality of life stats). I also pointed this out in my blog on Sam Harris and Rupert Spira. There is no discernible pragmatic lived difference between the atheist Harris and the Spira as God non-dual view. So, again, from a practical and pragmatic point of view, this metaphysical dual ends in a rather meaningless draw. Folks like Morton Tolboll are also pointing out that Idealism is another mirrored philosophy in the sense that it mirrors the reductionism of materialism, and I think I’ve pointed out where he’s correct in that line of thought. I’ve heard Mathis mention ‘the good deed’. To my thinking on spirituality this has to do with The Hall Of Amenti wherein THOTH is the keeper of the Akashic (your deeds) and Osiris/Enki/Christ is the judge. I was a very young kid when I heard Fonzi (Henry Winkler) talk about this ‘feather judgment’ in an interview. Now there’s a Jewish person who knew Judaism is Egyptian spirituality!

I’ll end with this: 

It is clear that the Gnostics appreciated the linguistic reflection of the cosmos into a lower demiurgic realm of false stories and a higher realm of true insight. 

In this study I do not intend to simply posit Egyptian historical antecedence for foundational dualist/emanationist views and leave it at that; rather, I am proposing that a large amount of direct historical connectedness in the lineage of this mode of Egyptian philosophical/theological thought is in fact the case. 

While the physical body belongs to sensible creation, the spiritual elements originate from on high, from the intelligible sphere of cosmic intelligence. When released from the physical, the Ba and Akh (generally, the psyche and pneuma) return to their spiritual originator. A point to be made here is that this special nature of humankind does not come from the demiurge but from the highest theogonic levels of the Creator.39 The special nature of humankind is thus a key element in the rise of later Gnostic sects, for in itself it anticipates the contradiction of higher and lower originations. One has to agree with Iverson in his assessment of this split in terms of its later impact on philosophy: 



Daniel Richard McBride 

A June addition. Two more points on the Mathis inquiry. The truckers convoy in Canada did nothing to alter current fascist trajectories. I said from the beginning that truckers are the backbone of the Globalist Economy. It was all organized via Facebook, too, so that should tell you who organized it. In Canada, the convoy merged perfectly into the Ukraine war and shortly thereafter the doubling of the price of gas. This should tell anyone what this was about especially within the context that the USA convoy did absolutely nothing–expect maybe pissing in the wind.

I agree with Miles that the MIC in modernity has created the police and surveillance state for profit and that they did this through massive fakery making the world seem much worse than it need be. But the key point is that it’s the MILITARY and all its branches that did this so why dies he think THEY are the ones going to offer resistance to these travesties? I’m not getting his reasoning here nor on the truckers.

“I Can’t Afford It!

Well, you can if you work for the big-corpse and their vampire governments. PART-1 HERE. The corporations used the pandemic to prosper and their partners in governance enforced their predatory ethos. The legacy of the Rothschild’s usurious currency were the initial big winners (and predators) while the petroleum legacy of the Rockefeller’s, since the Ukraine war, are the second big winners via price gouging.

And those would properly be termed ‘international-communism’…Zionism is its primary branch.

So I went to a fast food joint for the first time in a while. 2018–8.95…Yesterday, the same mediocre meal: 15.95. Corporate price gouging plain and simple via disaster capitalisms policies. Gas back then? About a buck-ten a litre. Today? About 2 to 2.50-bucks a litre in many places. Corporate price gouging under disaster capitalisms policies. A place to rent that isn’t too dumpy in 2008? About 750.00 a month. Today? About *1800.00 for the same place. Banker price-gouging on this one and it’s these guys who are the root of disaster capitalism’s policies. Contracts signed about 6-months in advance of the pandemic? They should have been declared legally VOID as no one in their right mind would have signed them if they knew government policy would dictate their going out of business. But what do we get from these corrupt fools in this specific regard? These worthless contracts are seen on the same level as the Ten Commandments, which were borrowed from Egyptian Spirituality, by the way…

All ‘market-economies’ did under neoliberalism (the marketplace as god) was line the pockets of the billionaires who continually rape the reward pool of the commons and are well on their way to creating their much preferred new-feudal society. Economics under neoliberalism only serves the top 20% of the social pyramid now. The religious component of this is called The 7-Noahide Laws and make no mistake about it, Roe verses Wade is all about the rabbis and another step closer to their control of the world. I believe half of the states in America have already signed symbolic Noahide Law statues…The rest are yet to come. On the other side of the coin we haven’t seen any communists create viable long-term work-sharing enterprises where the owners are in partnership with the workers and where the owners are actually doing the labor alongside their partner workers while also sharing any revenue gains. Please provide links that show where I’m wrong. But you do get tenured nepotism in the academies for this hypocrisy!

What privatization under neoliberalism did by the late 70’s in the west was to outsource labour and manufacturing to our ‘enemies’ during the 80’s and 90’s. They called it globalism. In general the painting trade was already dismal through that era thanks to high interest rates and when they wiped out the resource and manufacturing economy they replaced it with what became known as the service economy (my trades a part of it). At that point many of those people from manufacturing opened up small trade businesses just to survive but it made an already dismal economy tougher via dumping a ton of competition into the trades market. And what did these same oligarchs do via pandemic economics in 2020? Thy wiped out the service economy! I said in March 2020 the only real jobs left will be tax collectors and tax auditors…And no, you won’t get the truth about the economy from their media. Anyone who has been wiped out knows what the truth is.

But don’t fear as they’ll name their next project the GREAT something or other! Here ya go nitwits: the GREAT post-pandemic depression, starvation, alienation, deprivation, dismally psychologically depressive GREAT GREAT GREAT…Well, our greatest project EVER! You’ll own nothing and be happy! And while I’m on a rant: Christ , **not the fake Jesus one in the Bible, wasn’t a communist! Communism is a materialist philosophy started by Marx in the 19th century. And he wasn’t a capitalist either! Capitalism’s foundation is USURY and it started in England during the industrial revolution–yeah, I know, it’s just a coinky-dinky that the Rothschilds ruled England by that time and the outcome of their rule was Balfour and his Mandates on Palestine– which are now Mandated globally via the pandemic–are you now a ***Palestinian? I certainly AM–I’ve read the Torah. Capitalism is incommensurate with any real spiritual understanding of spiritual truth and spiritual truth is Christ by definition. The opposite of spiritual truth (Christ) is spiritual lies: capitalism and communism: two sides of the same lying evil coinage sent to us by the father of lies–in my view the demiurge–the fake creator god of the Torah. No coincidence that capitalism flourished alongside new materialist philosophies either so read Douglas Reed to get the low-down on that one.

During that era these government (really corporatists who purchased governance) made the west totally dependent on our enemies for gasoline! Who would do this? And WHY? So we now depend on the middle-east and Russia for our gas. In any other time in history these leaders would be tried and prosecuted for treason… but not under mercantile international elitism. Today we reward them for their ‘brilliance’. And if one criticizes their economic crimes one is labelled an ‘anti’…or much worse. I do remember an Alberta premier ranting about this but they shut him up just like they shut Taft down in America mid-century. Although it was likely under Andrew Jackson that any authentic America ended.

Need a doctor? Good luck with that! It’s obvious that a primary goal of these fascist criminals that rule the earth was to wipe out the health-care system as it came to be known since the 1950’s. How is it in your country? I don’t think there is any doubt that one of the goals of privatized neoliberalism is to turn the medical system into for-profit corporatism for the billionaire class. In a sense, one could call their ethos, ‘soft eugenics’…It’s a very subtle way to get to the same endgame–see the movie Elysium…

NOTE*: The idea of a 2000.00 a month UBI is now redundant. One might have a few hundred dollars left over after paying rent-seeking bills (and just a huge thumbs down to the right wing YouGoof agents who critique a UBI without speaking out LOUDLY for a better alternative). Not that these criminal governments were going to do anything that actually helped the masses. You can’t implement a UBI with fractional reserve debt currency money. The inflation in doing so will lead to disaster. Modern Monetary Theory is full of shit in that regard and the raising of interest rates after pandemic spending that really only lined the bankers pockets proves it. You would need a separate coinage/currency/tulip/tally-stick to implement a UBI. IMO., it could be used adjacent to the debt system in a residential/commercially split economic model–the residential UBI economy funded by a truly public bank that only created the UBI at cost of administration. This is a complicated issue and I flesh it out more HERE…Read the link above about Andrew Jackson wherein it covers the ground of a truly public bank and what it would look like. But that wouldn’t be the only method of creating a non-predatory public currency.

NOTE**: There are two primary metaphysical deceptions on earth today. The first being the false Christ who is Yaldabaoth and whose archons created the Torah (and the RCC and Islam) as a control mechanisms–known as the Jewish/Israeli political Messiah. The second one is the replicant of Yaldabaoth’s mother, Sophia, who was turned into the Christian devil by the archons, who know who she is, and hate her with a passion. They created the fake Sophia symbolized in modernity as the Statue Of Liberty in the renewed Babylonian Whore of New York…

It’s said that Yaldabaoth was shown a vision of the pleroma and at that point perceived the flaw in its existence and the flaw of the pleroma (Sophia). It set out to enact its unique version of soteriology. Think of Yaldabaoth as the shadow of Christ and Sophia and go from there. We are seeing the fulfillment of these replicant gods in our time: a false messiah and a false replicant of Sophia: so a replicant syzergy. This will play out as the Israeli political messiah merged with a fake Sophia within the worldwide usury system known as the Whore Of Babylon in normative Christianity. It’s interesting to note that the Christin Satan is borrowed directly from the Fall of Sophia so they demonized Yaldabaoth’s mother. They also made Yaldabaoth (Yahweh) the father of Christ as did the movie the Matrix which inverted the relational order. The Lion and the Serpent of Yaldabaoth symbolizes the shadow syzergy of Christ/Sophia.

NOTE***: Below is a pic of my mornings since Sept. 2020 when my landlord used the pandemic to commit criminal harassment against me (forcing me to move) after 10-years of problem free living in his unit. Okay…it’s not ALL bad out in the woods. Damn chilly at -20 though! I’ll never be able to prove this but Youtube agents crossed the line and have stalked my analog life for some time. Mathis says Youtube is a CIA front so this isn’t as unspeakable as normies would suggest. And, yeah…Trudeau and his henchmen said I could live on 2000.00 a month while they used the pandemic to wipe out the bottom of the economic pyramid while also using the pandemic to line their holding companies assets–that is what governance is now under neoliberalism! Did any of these government agents make it so THEY had to live on 2000.00 a month? And what did that do to people like me? It racked up our personal debt levels substantially! What is the highest legal interest rate in Ca (naan) ada? THIS should tell you everything you need to know about who owns this country and a big part of why the pandemic?

And an add-on for any Christians out there: if you are practicing capitalism and usury you are deceived plain and simple. It was the enemies of Christ that created this world system and capitalism and communism are two sides of the same evil coin–which part of deceived the WHOLE world do you not understand? The failure of christendom to protect its people from evil economics isn’t my concern per se; other than to say that this is exactly what happened. And the technology you use is from the nephilim-archon-spooks and in the end will do the opposite of saving you. And don’t look to the Torah for the truth about the nephilim! And certainly don’t look to Jewish Christians for truth as they are the biggest religious grifters out there turning the Aeon Christ into a carnival barker poop-show! Please show me the links where these Jewish For Jesus Christians SPEAK-OUT LOUDLY AND DEFINITIVELY AGAINST PREDATORY USURIOUS ECONOMICS! Bobby Collier’s GOOD GOD youtube channel is a fantastic archive for who the devil really is.

I guess this begs the question of who it is that is telling the truth? I speak from a Christian Gnostic perspective here that teaches non-violence and that goes towards the Jews, too. That every person on earth should have about 300 S/F of livable land as a birthright whether Jew of Gentile–I call this the residential economy (see the link above), the commercial economy should exist alongside the residential one. That NO ONE is special per se in the eyes of the true source. So having delineated those issues: the children of a raped Eve and the lines of CAIN are predators. The children of Abel/Seth were not predators and sustained their lives pastorally and not via a predator/prey relationships (generally speaking as to the myth). This is the true-marker for who is telling the truth about SPIRIT within the sphere of religiosity. Again, it doesn’t concern me that Christendom, in the 20th century, was taught to normalize predatory economics in their churches and that Christians should prey on each-other under the predatory Cainite Whore Of Babylon system–BUT THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!

This analogy won’t be a perfect fit although I hope it’s close enough and helps enough to understand what is happening on earth today. It is an alternative gnostic metaphysics, but I believe it to be accurate; although the degree of its accuracy is extraordinarily difficult to gauge. The Hylic Materialists who control the earth today call it woo-woo, but we could counter by calling their ideas poo-poo. An interesting question in that specific regard is how can we have the technology we have juxtaposed to extraordinary intentional deception within the inquiry of the nature of reality and metaphysics? I won’t tackle this issue here but put the question out there for the time being for anyone to muse on. See below for a few pennies of mine on this one.

To understand this one has to imagine our sun personified! That in ways unknown to us, from a metaphysical standpoint, the sun is somehow able to focus its energies into a person: this person has been historically known as the demiurge. It truly is the life-giver on our earth. But it does not and never did create spirit; in fact, it was through spirit that the sun came to be. And this is the crux of the issue and the cause of all metaphysical mayhem on this earth. This might not be as bizarre as it sounds. See THIS blog on Samkyha where it goes into detail of how mind is embedded and instantiated within the material demiurgic construct so there is no need for metaphysical magic here. It’s also been my experience in regards to panpsychism–that mind is embedded within this universe and not foreign to it per se…Please people, get to know the distinction between mind and spirit.

The demiurge presents itself as the creator of spirit even though it knows it is not! Through material processes it is the god of life (chai/eros) on this earth and in that regard it does have its own awesomeness but it is not the true god of spirit. There are those who would say it is the final gatekeeper of this construct when it comes to human souls and no one can pass through the mind-matrix until perfected— although this is not my view I concede the possibility. This reincarnation template is somehow intertwined with the Moon and Saturn. So we have this tripartite soul administration construct. This, in my view, could be interpreted as one way to view the metaphysics of ancient Egypt with its 3-primary schools in Heliopolis, Thebes, and Memphis, each having a tripartite structure within emanation cosmology. The link is a later Christian gnostic view of the demiurge. A note on it: it says the rape of Eve brought about the good Yahweh and the not so good Elohim; hidden as Abel and Cain by ole Yaldy. I don’t think so. But it’s a tad redundant as Yahweh as Abel is murdered anyway and Seth and his lineage are the ones who carry the true gnosis and who are at enmity with the lines of Cain.

The Christian Gnostics were influenced by the Egyptian schools and called the demiurge IAO which is a Greek translation of YHWH. *IAO was the personification of the moon in some Egyptian schools and links to Osiris. It is Osiris who oversees the reincarnation template and this links to Thanatos. The Egyptians did not view the demiurge as evil and Egypt is the Greek rendition of PTAH. But I agree with the Christian Gnostics that this demiurge is only the god of the material world and not the root and ground of spirit. My view is that there were early Christians who were going (((WFT))) when it came to what is now known as The Jewish Question. They would have seen that many of those Yahwehites were holding top positions in any country they lived in and, more importantly; it was much more known in those times about what happened in the 18th dynasty and that the Exodus story of Hebrew slavery was simply not true–to the degree that the Rabbis insisted it was true in their writings. It’s curious that no version of god of the Torah (there are many different assertions) listed the exact names or dates of the Pharaohs. Combine that with blatant contradictions between Yahweh and Christ–an eye for an eye compared to turn the other cheek–which argues for the christian gnostic view that the gods are authors of metaphysical mayhem. This is the only TRUE GNOSIS

But things get really obfuscated from there because of the nastiest divorce between royals in history that happened during the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago in Egypt. A Phoenician/Canaanite line married into the Egyptian line and eventually birthed the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten (aCAIN/KENaten). It was Akhenaten’s Aten cult worshippers of the demiurge who created Judaism as we’ve come to know it. Although later family members within the Levite sect, who had their roots in Egypt, altered their Egyptian cosmology to suit their nascent version of Egyptian/Phoenician spirituality–Judaism as we’ve come to know it with its racist supremacy. It’s these people who eventually became Judah albeit with their own ethno addition from its historic roots in Egypt. Of course the Rabbis will counter by saying that their god isn’t the sun. And it might be true that they eventually got there but that wouldn’t alter the initial roots of their religion which is Egyptian. But even there they still borrowed the original monotheism of the spirituality of Kemet. The academies are again misdirecting by wrongfully asserting that the religion of Egypt was polytheist. In another ironic twist it was the Phoenicians and Canaanites who were the real polytheists until they married into the Pharaohs and were taught Kemetism–monotheism.

From Gadalla

But this story gets further complicated and much more difficult to believe because a major part of it involves some kind of interaction between indigenous humans on earth and some type of non-human archon. These are what I’ve come to call nephlim-archon-spooks and make no mistake about it: they are as influential today as they were in antiquity. In my view and research these lines came from the rape of Eve who birthed Cain, who became the Kenites, who became the Canaanites, who became the Edomites, who became the Idmeans, who became the Pharisees, who became the Rabbis and Jews of today. The Ashkenazi line has the KEN/CAIN which in fact leads to NAZI which is totally consistent with the Torahs racial supremacy teachings. But I don’t think this initial Fall Of Eve happened on this density earth; it happened on a higher density but still material earth which caused it to fall further into material existence–this is, of course, speculative, but it is the earth we now live on. It’s consistent to think that our sun also existed on this higher-dimensional but still physical solar system.

This idea of nephilim-archon-spooks was very prevalent during the axial age and many truly did believe that their rulers were of the gods and many of those who believed that believed that these gods were not at all nice or kind to humans. I share this view today with my early christian gnostic ancestors. Of course, there are at least two primary groups who will dispute this although Islam would be a third. I’ll only address Judaism and Christianity. Both are revealed religions via overt supernaturalism which means the gods interacted and demonstrated their reality by performing astonishing acts in public. But there is a HUGE problem here! The revelations all contradict each other and that includes Islam! So the gods are lying about some very substantial issues and to top off that cluster*&%^ they have also, it seems, disappeared! And this disappearance also contradicts their claims that they are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow–and that they deal with humanity via reason! Their disappearance within an open public sphere is also an irrationality by their own standards! To the christian gnostics this one is easy: the gods are liars and masters of deception!

The truth is that there is little to no evidence for the claims of the Torah before the 18th dynasty 33-centuries ago. Oh, yes, the Phoenicians and Canaanites were in Mesopotamia–we wouldn’t dispute that- but there is no evidence for the likes of Abraham, Nimrod, Moses and the rest of these merrymakers who were, in my opinion, invented by the Rabbis during their sojourn in Greece via the coaching of Plato and his crew who simply told them to make poop-up–what Tsarion calls ‘the myth-mongers’…And that appears to be exactly what they did. Now I hear Christians **like Herbert Armstrong arguing back saying that the Babylonian trinity came from Nimrod and Egypt. Well, it certainly had roots in the Egyptian schools and the idea of father, mother, son, aligns far more consistently with lived reality than the Father/Son/Holy Spirit which seems all too unnatural (Gay) by any lived experience. They say the coherent trinity of the Egyptians came from the wife of Nimrod…Semiramis. But there is no evidence for this so they argue from circular fallacy–it’s true because the Bible says it’s true. Christians like Armstrong were Masonic puppets continuing the lie within 33,000 sects they created in modernity all of which promote wrongfully that Yahweh is the Father of Christ–these projects were the continuation of this foundational lie started by the RCC at the time of Constantine who was obviously from these peerage lines. Nothing could be further from the truth for the christian gnostics. But Christians have a bigger problem. They say Jesus is a part of a Trinity and the Son of Yahweh. So why didn’t Jesus just tell Moses that he was one in three? It’s not like Moses wouldn’t have understood the concept of 3-gods as this idea was foundational in all the Egyptian schools so he would have known this without a doubt–it wouldn’t have been difficult to grasp the concept–The Ennead. This trashes the whole Christian narrative in my view and that is beside the likelihood that Moses was actually an Egyptian pharaoh himself and didn’t exist in the way presented in the Torah.

Nope, Roman Christianity is the spirituality of Egypt reinvented by the Rabbis as a means of population control. I have many blogs on this civilizational dialectic and I’ll link two HERE and HERE. Also see the writing of Miles Mathis where he goes into detail of how the Jews WERE the ruling elite: AKA…the elite pharaohs from the semitic branches. Their god is world finance! And they rule the earth today as they have for millennia and the internet was going to blow the lid of of these truths so they had to implement 911 and the plandemic as a way to navigate the shutting down of this knowledge. The bankster’s will use the false teachings of Judaism to implement the final imprisonment of the indigenous populations of the earth. And Christianity and Islam will cheerlead for these crimes against humanity. Pathetic!

For the record: Christ is the spirit of truth. The demiurge as presented by the Pharaoh Phoenicians is the spirit of lies. The whole world today is embedded within a matrix of lies and deception brought about by those bloodlines.

COMPLEXITY! That is the big issue. The more complex things get the more opportunity for non-stop endless bullshit. Two people can agree on simple things like when they are both soaking wet from rain outside. But technology introduced levels of complexity that always should have been juxtaposed with integrity. The worst system in the world to combine technology and integrity is capitalism and this isn’t an argument for communism. The tragedy today is we have the exact opposite of integrity and that won’t be fixed by the Noahide Laws.

NOTE**: It’s this linking of IOA as Moon/Osiris that eventually morphed into IOA/Osiris/Horus which became the template for Yahweh and his son Jesus under Egyptian/Roman Christianity.

NOTE**: Armstrong coughs up the same b.s. in the linked piece stating Moses wrote the Torah. There you go…A Mason through and through repeating the same lies as Constantine. Although he’s one of those copycat christians who think Jesus is Yahweh. Jesus might have had the decency to tell the jews that but I guess 3300 years wasn’t enough time to do so. Oh vey…He was right that the RCC recreated the trinity of Memphis but gets it soooooo wrong as to why.

OIL! Yup…black gold…middle-eastern tea…

First note that the Jews have never left Palestine in totality. Some were always there. Those that left left because they choose to as they liked life better in gentile countries; just like the jews *in New York today choose to live there as they like it more than the desert country of Israel. So, why ’48, then? When they could have gone to live there anytime they chose?

Well, we have to go back to the latter part of the 19th century to unravel the why of it. By this time it became clear that the internal combustion engine was the future and the future was OIL! And **where was that oil? Abundant in very close proximity to lands associated with their religious story telling.

But first consider that oil is a ‘death-energy’ and when paired with a spiritual interpretation of usury– which understands that usurers make fertile what should be sterile–well, then… both are anti-life in the sense that the environmental consequences of making fertile that which should be sterile is front and centre today via a unsustainable and corrupt economic model–and are part of the death-cult ‘corpse-poration’ that now owns the earth and whose miserable economics causes so much pollution and unnecessary suffering.

John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in 1870. Theodore Herzl initiated ***Zionism shortly thereafter and that is no coincidence when compared to the centuries that went by wherein Israel meant next to nothing to them as far as any desire to return. Linked HERE is a paper on whether the Rockefeller’s are jewish but note the beef of the information is towards the end. And another paper linked HERE. The obfuscation along genetic lines is so treacherous within this specific inquiry that I’ve come not to bother with it too much other than to say The Genes Of Isis… What is a fact is that the Rockefeller’s are internationalist partners with the Rothschilds and both are knights of the mercantile corporate elite babylonian money-system that owns the entire earth. It was the money-lending cartels who linked oil with the usury of paper-money creating what is called the petrol-dollar–so, economic incest to boot. And be sure that the huge profits of the big banks and now oil companies since the ‘Ukraine project’ over two years of pandemic is absolutely not a flukey coincidence. Economic rape and pillaging on a grotesque scale. Another paper by Miles HERE where is goes into more detail on these themes.

No one questions the motivations of Lord Balfour or Lloyd George or for that matter Dr. Chaim Weizmann. I guess it’s unthinkable to think that their motivations were an attempt to muscle in on the nascent petroleum industry in the middle-east. All one would have to do is look at the behavioural history of corporations like The British East India Company to see that that is exactly their footprint and mode of operation. If there was a new burgeoning resource to be exploited they were all in like Aces and Eights! See my The Chief CEO Of O(M)NICORP linked below under one-world-money as god-empire which is another way of framing the marketplace as god…

There may be other reasons but they are more esoteric and deal with alternate theories about what is happening on this earth. But first one simple materialist explanation: the elite of the elite who call the civilizational shots have simply gone insane via generational inbreeding–they are now a literal world mafia and have their own narratives as to why. Not my view but it’s possible.

One of the E.T. theories that is interesting is the Atlantean one that links the Jews to a hybrid alien race that was stranded on earth via a cataclysm about 12,000 years ago. Apparently they lost their technology and the whole of modern history since then is the quest to regain technology and the story goes that gold and money were fundamental to this quest. They view the indigenous populations of the earth as inferior and deem them no more than slaves. Not my view but not impossible either. It would explain the Torah though.

And my Christian Gnostic take on this. We are dealing with esoteric occultists who work, in part, via astrotheology. We have or are about to enter the sun sign of Aquarius and that is a big part of why now. Understand that the sun is seen as the demiurge by Christian Gnostics but they see it as a symbol of the ALL. It is not! So now is the time to build the Sun and Moon temple once again (Solomon). See my Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality blog and The Egyptian Foundations Of Gnostic Thought.

Sept. 11, 2001 was a part of this as that date is the first day of the year in the old Egyptian calendar when converted to the Gregorian one. The first month is known as Thoth. Sept. 11, 1941 was the day they started building the Pentagon which is designed from the Pentagram which is the symbol for Venus which represents their Luciferian view of Christ. The fifth star sign is Leo which is another marker for the demiurge (5-star-signs after the astronomical new year in March). It’s no accident that Cleopatra’s needle was moved to St. PTAH (Peter’s) Sq. in Rome. And her name has the lion and demiurge build into it. The other primary Egyptian obelisk sits in Washington D.C. Surprise, surprise. From 1948 to 2001 is 1-degree of precession of the equinox.

Egyptian sun and moon temple:

NOTE*: there might be a political reason that jews decided to stay in gentile countries on masse: so as to have undue influence in host country elections. So this love of the gentile country might not be as innocent as portrayed. Certainly Douglas Reed documents this beyond any reasonable doubt when it comes to the West.

NOTE**: it’s true there is oil all around the world; although that may, in part, explain one aspect of political zionism, which exists in so many foreign countries. There are those who would argue that Islam owns the oil but I would counter by suggesting that at the top of some of those very important oil pyramids are alliances between Zionists and The House Of Saudi-Arabia. If Christianity and Islam are long term civilizational dialectics (I believe they are) then all might not be as it appears in Jewish/Muslim relations. I’m in no way saying there are not antagonisms there; there clearly are, but not so much at the top of the pyramid, if this view is true and, I believe it is to some degree. How religion was used as a cover for these money-masters isn’t over with yet as their religious projects are tied into consent for the one-world-money as god-empire. Any, yes…I’d reject the silly retort of ‘Israel doesn’t have oil’. That is completely missing the mark of what I’m suggesting here.

NOTE***: Zion etymology comes from the Egyptian Zi which means great desert city and On which was Heliopolis. Parking some more thoughts on Rockefeller here. From the Christian Gnostic view both he and his wife have the archon EL in the name signifying Canaanite roots. He has the Egyptian obelisk as his tombstone so these combined point to what I’m saying about the 18th dynasty. His supposed Christianity is of the kind that was completely co-opted by jewish interests by his time and he continued that charade by advocating economic darwinism. What god was good to him wouldn’t be a given from the view of Christian Gnosticism.

On the Nephilim. I consider the Books Of Enoch and such as misdirection fan-fiction. Any Judiac view of the Nephilim that espouses the literal Exodus and Noah myths as told in the Torah are suspect and should not be trusted. The Christian Gnostic view is that the hybrids were the result of the rape of Eve by Yaldabaoth and its archons. And yes, if this happened, it happened on a parallel earth and what happened there created this more dense and corrupted earth. That speculation aside, it was the archon offspring of Eve that went through Cain/Kenite/ Canaanites/Edomites/Idumeans/Pharisees/Rabbis/Jews who ended up as the royal houses that control civilization today and that lineage passed through the 18th dynasty in Egypt 33-centuries ago. A note here, too, that the Anglo-Saxon ‘we are the true Israel Christians’ who worship the evil Yahweh (the political war god of Israel) is more misdirection.

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