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‘it’s not a sign of good spiritual health to be well adjusted to a sick society and or prison construct‘…AMM

In a recent post, I suggested Schopenhauer was a Spook! I’ll unpack why I suggested that here. He lived in a time that was an in-between: an era where technology and the scientific method were challenging the speculative metaphysics of the premodern age. It was also a time in Europe wherein the Money-Lending-Cartels had complete control of society. Previous projects (religion) were being deconstructed (to be reconstructed after Sept. 11, 2001) and the academies, just like today, were under the full control of the Kabal.

So what was Schopenhauer’s take on metaphysics, then? Well, he was riffing off of Plato and Kant and trying to dissect the material/consciousness dichotomy that Descartes espoused. However, he wanted to frame his project within the boundaries of empiricism and reason (rather than dogmatic religiosity). His primary thesis was that what we experience is a mediated representation of things– what he called phenomenon. Basically saying something similar to what’s known as The Myth Of The Given; that is, what we perceive ‘isn’t real’ (or accurately known) in the way our sense data tells us. The foundation or template for our existence he termed Will–that everything strives for existence and survival. He equated his foundational WILL as synonymous with Kant’s ‘thing in itself’, and I’ve consistently said he was wrong about that naming; although right if one is willing to concede that this place is what I call a ‘demiurgic construct’...So this was a dissection of the IDEAL and the REAL (spirituality and materialism) studied and thought about within early modern epistemology.

No other Western philosopher has presented the idea of the demiurge more than Schopenhauer and I use the word demiurge to mean that which created our material existence. Yet he did so without specifically addressing the idea of the demiurge. In fact, he seems to have omitted the idea completely from his oeuvre (I’m not sure about this). Curious, as the idea was in no way unknown, Plato talks about the demiurge, and it was certainly known to the Egyptian schools and understood as Ptah. And certainly, he couldn’t have missed Descartes theorizing on the Evil Demon. We then have this schism portrayed between Schopenhauer and the other German Idealists, but I’m wondering if it was another complex false dichotomy. Students were corralled into choosing between two false cosmologies–both essentially material in nature–one arguing for a *brutal and blind meaninglessness, and one for a progressive teleology aiming for a future utopia (think of Marx’s flipping of Hegel, too)…Neither is true, in my opinion. We see the same thing on YouTube today (more or less) endless and pointless debates between atheism and religion. And more precisely, Integral Theory, juxtaposed to Idealists like Kastrup; although they play for the same team. Did Schopenhauer and Hegel?

Somewhat more curious is his view on the Vedas. But first, it’s worth noting that the Vedas all but omit the idea of the demiurge. I hear the cries screaming I’ve hit a foul. But the statement is much more true than not. The malevolent demiurge is simply not a primary focus in any of the Vedas. I’ve also pointed out the very curious omission of The Jewish Question in the Vedas. At any rate, Schopenhauer had lots of wiggle room in his study of the Vedas and didn’t find anything compelling enough to alter his atheism. I’ll assume he understood the basics of Samkyha and likely assessed this construct, in part, from the ideas within that school. Some of the sects within that teaching were non-theistic so that also aligns with his views. It’s here where his negative view of the cosmos seems to align with his idea of WILL as WILL is instantiated into the cosmos within this school. One might read my, Manas Biddhi and Siddhi blog, where I cover some of this ground. Perhaps Schopenhauer asked the same question I did, ‘Where are the Siddhis?’ But he did agree that what I call ‘the demiurgic mind’ (his will) is a foundational aspect of the material cosmos (Prakriti).

NOTE*: this is what bothers me about Schopenhauer. Certainly from the perspective of the Christian Gnostics, this isn’t the case. The demiurge actually loves us in the same way that an abuser loves his wife. And Chaos isn’t synonymous with blind but it might be if speaking about spirituality. But his reference likely has more to do with a non-theistic chance as a driving force of nature.

Angels As Fireworks. Circa 1991…

I always had this strange feeling when it comes to Fireworks! I’ve come to think of them as symbols for the Archon Angels. It was said that Yaldabaoth— known as the creator/architect/demiurge of the material world—created these beings who rule over this deceptive construct. I also think of fireworks as symbolic of the mechanisms and machinations of The Wizard Of Oz—again, known in this blog as the demiurge—and the Decoded Vlog speaks to me in the same way. 

I put up in December of 2016. I suffered my very first serious injury in my life shortly thereafter and, in brief, it targeted the nerves in my spine around the mouth area. There wasn’t an ‘as obvious’ direct causal link to this 4 AM ‘sleep injury’ as compared to my fractured ankle injury in 2021—again happening under very strange circumstances. IMO., both injuries were, in a sense, metaphysical, but the Archons involved look all too human so there is an intersection between our lived lives and the archons. The targeting of my life by these archons goes at least to the early 80’s…

I’ve just come across the website of one Logan Jayson Piette... I’ve got to invoke a Miles Mathis on this one and say the name looks fake! A real name might look something like Jason Logan (Piette). Note the PI in the name and the TWO T’s….2020: Trump, Trudeau, T. Tam….etc. There are a whole host of guys on YouTube who seem to have gone to the same online persona school. But more important is what he’s saying on his channel. I concede his work is quite detailed and impressive as to his referents and methodology. But I want to point out the apparent start date of his channel which was about 2-years after my website went up—in my view, I’m only stating what appears to be a linear fact here. Pretty well everything he’s saying as to metaphysics was already written about on my website (see below). I’ve already pointed out in another blog the coincidences of the show City Of Angels and how I think I’ve been trolled— documented in my Why The Kenosha Fake? Everything on my site comes from sheer intuitive GNOSIS when it comes to the metaphysics espoused—so no Fireworks on my end! My booze don’t need no buddy (fireworks) and fancy referents when it comes to ‘the spirit of truth’= CHRIST

In my opinion, YouTube is a CIA front. Let me be clear about what I’m saying here. The platform is fantastic for learning real-life skills and if was only that then there wouldn’t be a problem. But the Archons don’t understand boundaries and when it comes to anything to do with politics, economics, religion, and spirituality, YouTube is the home of disinformation and misinformation agents (think agent Smith’s). They are everywhere on the platform and because they are ‘employed’ by the intelligence communities they are able to game the algorithms—which control the narratives. 

I’ve done posts on *Santos Bonacci and Ken Wheeler…I’m not a syncretist although I understand the appeal. The same with Simulation Theory: I get the appeal but I don’t think consciousness is computational. I also think it’s putting the cart before the horse to assert metaphysics definitively before physics. My view is we should try and get a grip on physics first and work from there but even that doesn’t seem possible. I’ve suggested a few ways to get there in my Professional Liars series that suggests removing the scientific inquiry away from corrupt corporate capitalism—it’s the only hope we have as far as I can tell of sorting out what’s true about the material universe. I think this matters and is different than saying ‘I don’t care about the shape of the earth’, although I still maintain my blog focus on the question of: How Shall We Live?

Okay, as sloppy as my initial forays into blogging were, I was still able to explicate some fairly straightforward ideas on spirituality.  Basically, I said that humans are imprisoned within this deceptive construct; that we don’t have free will here; that this place is the property of the Demiurge and the archons; that Christ wasn’t a genetically Jewish carpenter (Docetism); that religion was created by the archons as a means of control; that the archons on earth are solely concerned with money and power; that I didn’t believe any rendition of the Adam and Eve story because to me both archons lied (they didn’t become like gods and they didn’t die); that humanity should focus on The Golden Rule in their economics; that usury is predatory, coercive, and extraordinarily exploitative; that certain bloodline families have always controlled the wealth here (see Miles Mathis). I’ve done blogs on 911 and what I call The Cult Of 33. I also covered ground on THOTH, the Egyptian God, who was the Christ figure and an incarnation of the Archon Mercury (premodern cosmology), born to Cleopatra and Ceasar. And, yes…many of the deaths in that family were faked as a way to obfuscate and obscure the history of these archons bloodlines: what I’ve come to call Nephilim-archon-spooks…Look to the 47th PREZ. today! 

Pretty well all of this is covered on the DECODED channel with some fairly obvious omissions that seem intentional. Yes, I could be wrong about this. To my thinking, there is NO WAY this guy doesn’t know about **Christian Gnostic cosmology and the various ideas about Sophia and her place in the Pleroma and her knowledge of the beings that preceded her: the Father and Mother who birthed Christ: the Spirit Of Truth. Yet he places Christ within the demiurgic construct and asserts a co-equal as Lucifer. I’ve been clear that in my view this particular idea is really Yaldabaoth who is a replicant of Christ and Sophia whom he calls Lucifer. Did he not notice that the REAL Christ and Sophia are not of this place and preceded it? If so, why suggest that Jesus and Lucifer are the ‘real thing’ when they are the ’simulations’. I’ve pointed out in many blogs the continued inversion of this cosmic relationship within Intelligence Inc. who are always keen to flip reality upside-down—see the movie, The Matrix, where they also invert the relationship. I’ll say it again: his Jesus and Lucifer as Yaldabaoth is the DEMIURGE and not the true Christ or Sophia. The best you can get here is modern psychologism that reduces the simulations to shadow psychology—The Jungians. Not my view. 

Okay…So where’s the beef? I’m into my 63rd year soon and I have above average intelligence but not near Mensa; I also have the ability to use imagination quite well, but in a 1000 years I doubt I could come up with this guys methodology on my own and that includes my rather good intuitive spiritual gnosis. I also don’t think this guy is that old. So how did he do this? Is he saying he did this on his own? I’d be skeptical of that. I only put this out there as a muse and don’t mean to be meanly offensive. But wouldn’t a team of family occultists be a better and more plausible explanation for this? Perhaps a Peerage Line of occultists that goes back to antiquity? I do agree that humans would be hard-pressed to connect all these dots but could the big-computers out of Langley come up with these connections? That’s guess number two!–Intelligence Inc. I’ll skip the alien thing as it ain’t my gig. So that leaves what I call nephilim-archon-spooks–which in a way links to door number 1. I’ve said in previous blogs that these metaphysical wardens who appear, human, KNOW EVERYTHING about this construct. Isn’t this the simplest explanation? What’s your take on this?

CYPHER was one of the more interesting characters in The Matrix, as was The Last Exile (definitely me symbolically speaking), and Cypher is synonymous with Ialdabaoth’s Archon Sabaoth: who was said to have converted when Sophia revealed The Truth to him. He’s now said to exist on ‘The Eighth’ (premodern cosmology) with Zoe, I believe. Of course, Cypher taught that one should live in ‘harmony’ with The Matrix but I have NO CHOICE but to tell him he’s wrong and that that is the last thing humans should do!

Some possibilities along these lines within the context that this isn’t some type of mental illness (not my view). If there is a truly GOOD GOD, and if there is some kind of truth to the Watcher/Nephilim story, then perhaps this place IS a teaching ground for the hybrid souls. We have to learn to be good and this is the place created to do that. Note, then, that this place, under this view, is not the original creation, but some temporary school construct. To me, this is an alternate orthodox theory. BUT…in my view, the last place one should look for goodness training is in the ‘Cap/Com’ Psy-op…

An advanced alien E.T. is using advanced tech to farm us.

Various Gnostic schools but they have to give an account of Yaldabaoth’s seemingly malicious behavior.

Simulation: this tells us nothing about who created the SIM.

The performative contradiction along this line of inquiry is suggesting whatever DECODE one does is of their own free will. I don’t see how that is possible under this metaphysics. And what’s the difference between these lines of behavioral suggestion and the Mitzvah’s? Or, a lifetime of Monk injunctions which very view can cope with? Are not ALL these actions attempts to adjust to life as a prisoner? Wouldn’t it be better to get out of the prison?

NOTE*: The name of one of the blogs is called The Two Monsters. The name isn’t referring to these two guys.

NOTE**: It wasn’t only the Christian Gnostics who considered the Jewish Jesus figure an imposter: it was the Mandeans, the Marcionites (Yahweh is the imposter), and arguably, even the Essenes, and even Judaism has this idea of two Messiah’s: one leading people astray. The point, again: is why does he only ‘credit’  replicant false gods as the only ‘real’ rulers?

A diversion at the end here on Conspiracy Lane…I’ve been saying for some time that one should have a side dish of Miles Mathis along with the truth of The Gnostic Christ (not the fake Jewish Jesus one)…So I just read his blog on Thomas More. I did read Utopia when I was a kid. So they point out in his bio that he went to Oxford (spook school) at 14 for 2- years and then went to law school for 2 years and shortly thereafter became a judge at 18! Who writes this B.S.? Who DO YOU KNOW that got a full adult education in 2 years and was able to be appointed judge at 18 with only 2-years of law school? Easy answer: NO ONE! So how about this: Ole Henry was a flamer and took the young lad as his lover: this all has to be kept secret of course. So Henry green lights Thomas who gets to bypass all legitimate protocols. Of course, they have to turn Henry into a raging womanizer and make Thomas his enemy to keep appearances up. And…yes, one can still fulfill their genetic duties as royalty when one is gay.

2024 UPDATE:

I wanted to post a clip of CJB describing what I’m saying here about Yaldabaoth and the archons and he goes into Kabbalist detail about who they are–and Piette parrots this understanding. But notice he prefaces by dismissing the truth of the Christian Gnostics and then taking as fact the Kabbalah that he explicates wherein the serpent was Samael/Lilith who impregnated Eve and would also impregnate Mary to bring in the deceitful suffering Messiah Ben Josepth who will betray the Gentiles just as Josepth betrayed the Egyptians. Of course, to us Christian Gnostics this is all fiction. Atwill is also misdirecting but nowhere near as much as he only omits that it was HEBREW- Roman Royals who wrote these fictions. His overview is at about 2 minutes.

Another way to think about what I’m saying here is to think about The Truman Show movie. Piette and CBJ both advocate for the narratives in that movie. Where I differ is that the Christof character played by Harris is in fact Yaldabaoth as replicant who is not the true Christ. The True Christ and Sophia remain hidden in my view. Yaldabaoth as Christof could be thought of today as DEEP FAKES…IOW’s really Anti-Christ (against truth and wisdom) and primarily concerned with early power and politics (control of populations).

In some way, you could label me a Neo-Marcionite and I wouldn’t be too upset about it.

I’ll start this one off with something I don’t think Marcion addressed: Physics. If we look at modern physics today, and the people who promote data from their studies in this arena, we would have to conclude: Heliocentrism and the likelihood that we exist via a cosmic fluke–this is the overwhelming consensus over at least 100 years of scientific inquiry. So there is an immediate disconnect with the claims of the Torah.

My studies as a layperson suggest that the overwhelming consensus on the Torah’s cosmology is that it presents some type of stationary-flat-earth model. So there are serious conflicting claims even within the parameters of something we have reasonable access to. If we can’t even agree on things we can see then how much more problematic is the arena of supernaturalism?

Marcion wasn’t a homeless gypsy. Any epistles written in that era were written by societal elites and Marcion was no exception. This means he likely would have had access to most of the cosmological claims of that era from the Greek and Egyptian Schools and likely even from the Vedas. It’s odd to me that he didn’t address this issue so I will. We can assume he rejected Democritus and ‘the atoms in the void’ materialism. It’s also likely he would have sided with Plato over Aristotle. But did he know about Samkhya and the ‘eternal existence’ theory of the universe? Or, did he think there was a beginning? This was likely his view but it’s also likely he viewed TWO ideas within this inquiry: the beginning of the ‘demiurgic construct’ as described in Genesis, and whatever existence his version of Christ’s Father has which precedes the creation account in Genesis. See The Apocryphon Of John.

And…NO! None of these quarrels have been resolved! See the science site of Miles Mathis for another wrench in the wheel! As a Neo-Marcionite I’m adding cosmology to the list of incongruities that is the bloody mess of the abrahamic traditions. But to be fair they haven’t fared much better than the East with the Vedas. Some of the earliest schools were materialist and atheistic and rivaled Hume’s skepticism. It seems no one on earth has been able to solve any of these quarrels and to my thinking that screams ‘Deceptive Demiurge’ although I concede the possibility of fluke random materialism–it’s simply not my view. I think the Demiurge IS the material universe and that its mind is instantiated within it via what we call Panpsychism. And when someone has a psychedelic experience this is what they are accessing: another realm of the demiurgic mind. But this is not the Mind Of Christ that preceded this existence.

I guess what I’m suggesting, to the degree that Marcion wasn’t another intelligence spook of the money masters, is that it’s consistent that physics would be in dispute and not made overwhelmingly clear and concise by a not-so-good demiurge. And then there is the Historicity problem.

No clear and obvious physical evidence for most of the major characters in the Bible and that’s besides the issue of the extraordinarily questionable moral character of most of these actors. If Solomon was WISE he only would have had one wife! But what’s another quibble, eh? And, with all my studies, one of the only ideas that fits the timeline of Jesus is the Docetist view–that he only appeared human. In my view, there was a cosmic drama played out in that era between Christ and Yaldabaoth. Books like The Book Of Judas, allude to it. But the story as it’s written in the Gospels is largely the fiction of elite Hebrew/Roman families like The Flavians who had every reason to twist those events into the story that fit their agenda: make Jesus Jewish and the Son of an (Evil) Yahweh, and make it so everyone has to submit to their politics under the threat of eternal punishment. History proves it was a pretty effective gambit.

I’m totally okay with the idea that reason and logic have epistemological limitations and I’m totally okay with a sincere simple faith in God. But that simple faith can’t include the blatant irrationalisms that exist in some of the Abrahamic traditions. Yahweh’s personal murder count is in the neighborhood of about 2.5-million! Eternal damnation for one finite life mistake is entirely insane! Good parents don’t choose favorites among their siblings as a means of teaching life lessons–only a lousy parent would do such a thing.

The above are some of my additions to Marcion’s stream of spirituality. HERE is a link to his direct writings and HERE and HERE are some previous thoughts on Marcionism.

Oh, yes…I’m forcing myself to read, The Protocols Of The Dumb Elders Of Zion. I wonder what Marcion would have thought about it? The mainstream says it’s fiction, of course, but it’s very strange fiction, indeed, when fiction comes true. On Conspiracy Lane I often quip that Judaism isn’t a conspiracy. Please note, also, that it’s these apparent ‘good guys’ who did (and will do?) all the murdering of the Marcionites and Gnostics.

The most the philosophical arguments could prove, Pascal suggests, is the “god of the philosophers” – not the “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

I’m writing this one again without referencing the previous blog on this theme; I’m doing this to test my thinking along this line of inquiry. Is it just me? Or are the moneylending scriptwriters of the Abrahamic religions simply poor scriptwriters? Couldn’t their writing teams at least come up with coherent themes?

The first thing one needs to understand is these texts were not written by poor illiterate goat-herder’s whom also don’t become Pharaoh Kings (sorry Hyksos scriptwriters). They were written, by all rational accounts, by teams of Elite propagandists. So the New Testament epistles were written by societal elites who used the books as a type of social engineering–as was Islam. The same is true with the Torah; although anything to do with Judaism will be layered deep in *obsfucation, so it won’t be possible to solve via investigation. But there are hints: like when Alexander got to Jerusalem and decided that his rape and pillaging need not happen there as it was obvious that these people were chosen by the Gods! The things they expect us to believe! Isn’t it more likely that Alexander just came across more relatives? And they play this gambit over and over through the centuries saying it was just obvious that these Jewish peasants were always going to be the advisors to whatever new despot ‘ruled over them’. Notice how has become a top advisor to the world elites!LOL. The point? Peasants don’t council Despots or any other ruler–ever! So the story of Joseph is nonsense! Douglas Reed covers this in his incredible, The Controversy Of Zion. Zion being the name of the Egyptian town called On: known as Heliopolis and means ‘The Great City Of The Desert’…Of course, this is mostly ridiculous and look to the writings of one Miles Mathis for a coherent account of these people that doesn’t turn your brain to Swiss Cheese.

See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog, also…

Okay, to the point. This is basically a critique of the Christian End Time narrative. They say the Devil is the arch-enemy of God. The first point is that this IS NOT the view of Satan in the Torah, or Judaism, so how can these two religions point to the same God? They can’t! The scriptwriters only did what they could to make the square a circle, but it can’t be done. Either Satan is the enemy of the god of the Torah or he’s a servant. You can’t have it both ways. If he’s an enemy of the God of the Torah then he cannot logically promote the Torah or anything to do with it. The Christian Satan would do everything possible to obstruct the God of the Torah if it is what they say it is! But what is this Satan going to do according to Christians? What is this great evil? It’s going to get the whole earth to worship the God Of The Torah! Presumably via the implementation of worldwide Noahide Laws. Is it just me as I’m not seeing a problem here? What kind of Devil is this that wants everyone to worship its arch-enemy/nemesis?

Well, to answer that question we have to go to the early history of Christianity. Although even in the alternate official narratives it’s not common to see an outright skepticism and renunciation of the historicity and foundational premises of Judaism. But I believe it was far more prevalent than we are being told by deceptive academies. The Egyptians certainly would have known that Judaism was false. They would have also easily seen their religion ‘hidden’ within the Torah (see my linked blog above). What is a fact is that the earliest compilation of the New Testament was put together by,** Marcion, and he rightly rejected the God of the Torah as the Father Christ spoke about. Although I don’t think he directly rejected the historicity of the O.T., which likely means he was a SPOOK! Of course, there were many Christian Gnostic sects and, as a Christian Gnostic myself, I simply can’t believe that they would have believed the primary stories of the Torah especially the ones directly related to Egypt.

Christians will say, ‘no, Andrew, the devil will persecute the church!’ Okay, but by your own theories it’s going to use Judaism to do so and I’d suggest that should be the first clue as to who and what the devil is. Maybe a little less theological contortionism is in order? It’s not like there are no competing theories that are substantially more coherent (ahem)…Or, was that an Egyptian AMEN? But even if I concede the point, it makes the whole religion drama about the difference between 3 and 1 and, at that point, I’d suggest the Gods are woefully inept in their communication to humans over basic metaphysical realities (whatever they are). I’ve said many times that Moses, if he existed, would have easily understood the concept of 3 (Trinity) as this was a foundational premise within Egyptian theology. I think Moses might also have understood the difference between Flat or Round, but it appears the God/s were not concerned about human quarrels over physics.

NOTE*: The Khazarian mafia trope written by the CIA’s, A. Koestler, is just another version of this nonsense. It’s just used as a cover story to protect the irrationality and incoherence of the foundational doctrines of the Torah. “it’s not the Torah that is the problem; it’s these fake Hebrews!”

NOTE**: I agree that the Marcionite church is not Gnostic. But they do share the Gnostic view of the Torah God being malevolent. I agree with their mission statement not to take the vaccine as it is the work of evil archons who obviously appear human. Only God knows exactly what they are…My standard for assessing who might be authentic Christian Spiritualists is the degree to which they practice usurious and predatory economics, and BIG ‘C’ capitalism–The Whore Of Babylon and its economic religion of the worship of MONEY. And no, Marxism is also a flagrant violation of ANYTHING to do with authentic Christian Spirituality.

I’m going to tag this A.C.T.S. website at the end of this post. I just surfed upon it and may do a separate blog on it in the future. My first thought? Severe cognitive dissonance but they are not that stupid so they must be moneylending spooks! Do they really think the church in the Book Of Acts would subscribe to Facebook? Delusional! And we get all the usual ‘Judeafication’ of the Christ figure. I’m writing a song right now with the first line being, ‘the old gods are back on earth again’.…And this certainly appears to be the case. Now who is more coherent between the two, IMO.? The Marcionite one by far. I’d bet (although I never do) that the A.C.T.S church members have all taken the Jibby Jab like the good little slaves that they are. On their Theology: they say Jesus Is Yahweh personified and is no part of a Trinity. If this were true it would make even less sense that the Jews rejected him. If it were true Jesus should have easily conveyed that to the Pharisees–drama over. I also don’t see how Satan remains the same in this view. It seems to me that Satan, under this view, becomes the left hand of god–known as Samael in many Judaic schools. So this type of Christianity is none other than Judaism. Why call it Christianity at all then? It would be better framed as New-Judaism. It would be a good idea, too, to mention to the other Hebrews that we are not second class humans to be preyed upon by the moneylenders. Far too much to ask though, eh? Who needs to quibble over such pettiness when one is Chosen?

How does A.C.T.S church not see that the God of the Torah is a monster? See THIS link for a proper assessment of this God although Richard Dawkins has also described it correctly. See my Of Hippies And Nazis blog where I show that genetic theories are ‘mirrored reductionism’…So the Nazi’s, are in fact, no different than the Torah Jews in their ideology and, both miss the point about THIS universe, and its corrupt fallen nature. So both groups are in denial and will never assess reality correctly. Of course Dawkins is in denial in a different way and promotes this ‘material hell’ as the only reality.

There are about 33,000 schisms within Christendom today and add the schisms within Judaism and Islam and we then have an almost endless amount of metaphysical assertions about God. But NO human could prove who or WHAT God is and it’s entirely missing the point, as well as disingenuous, to argue metaphysics from the point of view of any religious book. So the A.C.T.S. church claim about its view of the Trinity is not a coherent argument. The only being that could solve the mystery of its essence (what it is) is God/s and it/they are obviously in no hurry to do so. This in itself is an solid argument for a dishonest god as a GOOD GOD shouldn’t hesitate to hide its nature from humanity. Moreover, we know, from basic decency and common sense, that a GOOD father doesn’t scapegoat its children, nor choose favourites, so on that FACT alone we can reject the A.C.T.S. church. And then there is the issue of destruction. Yahweh said he wouldn’t destroy the earth again at the time of Noah; while also showing little concern for the issue of what happens after humans die, but we find in the N.T. a flip-flop on these issues: in Revelations it’s clear that God decides he must destroy the earth again–along with now punishing forever anyone who doesn’t abide by its irrational dictates.

In my view, the return of religion since 911 is no random accident. It was the MoneyPower who created all these religions and they will have no problem reusing old tropes–and for the same reasons–control of populations.

Let’s start with a rendering:

It might be just me but I’d say there was some shenanigans with Canaanite woman at some point in this lineage. Check out a pic of Medici and see if he looks Italian. I gotta go with Mathis on this one and say they both look semitic!

So this blog is going to work from the premise that there was/is a hidden Royal Dragon Bloodline upon the earth that descends from the Archons that raped Eve. This line developed through Cain and the Kenite’s and eventually through the Canaanite lines; which eventually merged with Pharaonic Dynasties, and eventually through the Caesars, and on through the Knights Templar and the Merovingian Kings who became the rulers of Europe and the West.

I’ll link THIS historic genealogy as a reference but couldn’t vouch for the accuracy in it. For our purposes I’ll link the part on Constantine who they say was born in 265.

There are many theories along this line of inquiry and I don’t claim to know for certain which one will eventually prove accurate. I’ve argued quite reasonably that Judaism is premised on the religion of Egypt called KMT or Kemetism. This tradition eventually became known as Hermeticism in the west which is no different than Kabbalism. See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog. I’ve also argued beyond reasonable doubt that Christian Gnosticism had its roots in Egypt. See THIS blog.

The truth about this line of inquiry depends on metaphysics and what is true about that but it can be deconstructed into two primary streams of assertion: Alien E.T. or Angelic intervention. The Alien became prominent in modernity with people like Zecharia Sitchen and his theories on the Anu taken from the Sumerians. This goes to the half-brothers Enki (known as Christ/EA in this theory) and Enlil known as Yahweh in this theory. Hollywood is all over this one which is why I reject it. See movies like Stargate, with Kurt Russell, and see Miles Mathis on who Kurt Russell is. So if they’re promoting it, and they are big-time, then it’s metaphysical disinformation projects. And just for fun: who is KA te Hudson and who did she marry? Why Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes. All in the families, eh? *She Talks With Angels, indeed!

So I sit in the Angelic camp. But with a HUGE caveat. That the worlds religions are disinformation projects by what I’ve come to call nephilim archon spooks. I mean by this ‘fallen, ruling, agents of the money-master empires’. These are the descendants of a raped Eve and one can look to M. Tsarion’s, Female Illuminati, series for their lineage upon the earth. A primary point to make here is that these Hebrew lines are Royalty and always have been. They are not the victims: it’s they who’ve ‘directed the flow of civilization’. I should note, at this point, that I side with those who suggest the stories surrounding Adam and Eve happened on a ‘higher-dimensional earth’ and not on this more ‘fallen-density earth’ on any recent timeline here. Wes Penre is a good resource in that regard.

So Constantine was from the families: think of Michael Corleone with a Yarmulke! Was he a direct descendent of the Flavian’s who I believe played a huge part in setting up the civilizational dialectic called Christianity? I think it’s quite likely but we won’t be able to discern the truth of this as its mired in obfuscation. Islam would be another branch of this dialectic and today Israel is engineering the war of Gog and Magog: the clash of civilizations between Christianity (the West) and Islam. Adam Green has this much right. His video on 911 is worth watching as is Mark Passio’s linked HERE.

The truth about Christianity and Constantine? NO ONE can prove what’s true about metaphysics. So the idea that his councils solved the Arian dispute about the nature of Christ is ridiculous. How did they do this? Well, just like today, they used circular reasoning, ‘it’s true because the Bible says it’s true!’ They deny, basically, that their interpretation is in fact a human hermenuetic. Constantine isn’t much different than George Bush or Tony Blair today and if you believe these guys when it comes to metaphysics you’re a fool! It could be that Christ is consubstantial with the Father but it’s equally plausible that Christ is the result of the union of the Father and Mother known as Barbelo to the Christian Gnostics. At least this is a coherent Trinity from the perspective of lived experience compared to Constantine’s Trinity, which seems a tad GAY (all male), which begs the question of whether Constantine was GAY? What say you Miles? The point is that there is no human on earth that could prove such issues. It would be up God/s to openly and publicly reveal what the truth is on these issues and they are no hurry to resolve the debates.

Moreover, I’ve argued many times that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are revealed religions via SUPERNATURAL intervention and that that is a HUGE problem as they all contradict each-other. So the God/s are not being forthright with humanity. If the Christian version of Jesus is true then he could have simply answered Moses by saying he’s Jesus and part of a Trinity. Please, no letter ‘J’ quarrels here, as I’m just making a point. Jesus might have also, at the same time, told Moses that the earth is FLAT (or round) as he would have known what contention this would be about 3300-centuries later saving Professor Dave on BOOtube tons of wasted energy; but no…this chaos in physics was of no concern to the God/s when it comes to solving human quarrels; in fact, it’s almost like they want these quarrels! And at that point, you’ve just arrived on Conspiracy Lane and the home of the Christian Gnostics–the hippies of Christendom.

So who thinks that the Jesus who told Peter to put away his sword is the same one who told Constantine to pick it up and conquer? Really…I’m sure Constantine had the vision but which God gave it to him is certainly disputable.

NOTE*: there are varying theories on angels. I’ll cover a few here. At one point Judaism had a monotheism that asserted that angels do not have freewill (there might still be a few of these Hebrews around). But it soon became problematic as there isn’t much of a way to absolve god from being a Sociopath if this were true. Read the wager in the Book Of Job. It’s disgusting by any rational standard. So eventually they created an alternate view: angels rebelled against God! But why would anyone or anything rebel against something that is truly GOOD and all-powerful? I’m a natural rebel and even I wouldn’t rebel against truly good parents! And if god is all powerful then the idea of rebellion is incoherent. Which brings us to a third option: the god of THIS world (the demiurge) created these archon beings who have been misnamed as the fallen angels. This is my view.

This enlightenment requires nothing but freedom–and the most innocent of all that may be called “freedom”: freedom to make public use of one’s reason in all matters. Kant…

I guess this one was inevitable. Start HERE with some background on Samkhya and Christian Gnosticism. And on Hinduism.

This is a tough one and it intersects with ideas like Kant’s Noumena or ‘the thing in itself,’ but more so; it’s about the Christian Gnostic view of deception on the metaphysical planes, which means it’s here, too, deception that is.

I’ll cover the claims of ‘spiritual science’ which is sheer New Age baloney and a deceptive contradiction in language.

Firstly, in the Samkhya blog, I was quite sympathetic to the placement of ‘lower mind’ within the material side of the metaphysical dichotomy. I’ve come to call this the ‘demiurgic mind’, and, in my view, it functions in experience via what we call panpsychism. So all things have some sort of proto-sentience and some functional agency. Yes, I’m aware of the combination problem, Mr. Chalmers. I think it was Aurobindo who framed this idea as Involution–the process of spiritual emanation as it manifests downward in material densities. To the Christian Gnostics, Yaldabaoth’s (Demiurge) MIND, was instantiated into material existence and it functions via chaos among other avenues via Archons. I should note that in our cosmology there is an ‘in-between’ plane known as the Kenoma and it’s a chasm that exists between this ‘demiurgic construct’ and what we call the Pleroma. There is disagreement on this issue of course. However, in my view, this is where the ‘a priori’ has its roots and it precedes this demiurgic construct.

I don’t want to get into the aspect of Idealism (everything is mind) but a part of this dissection involves B. Kastrup’s claim that WILL is the ‘thing in itself’. I’ve always said he’s wrong about this, as was Schopenhauer, as it should be obvious that will is clearly an aspect of the phenomenal world. And it’s here we get into the Vedic Purusha. But first this:

To call a philosophy “Idealist”, in the proper understanding of the term, would only be to identify it as attempting to make this distinction between the ideal and the real, and thus attempting to condition all philosophy with epistemology by qualifying knowledge as phenomenological in its basis. Taken from this fantastic paper. To be fair to Schopenhauer, this essay argues that he wasn’t an idealist in the strict sense of the word but rather ‘buffered’ idealism with an empiricist ‘sufficient reason’…

But first it’s necessary to talk about metaphysical claims. If you’ve read my writings you’d know that I’m a critic of modernity and its wrongful fetishization of evolution (a solely biological function involving natural selection) and how this idea has been misused in almost every-way imaginable and no more so than what is called the ‘myth of progress’ (Hegel/Marx/Wilber). I sit in the ‘cyclic camp’ when it comes to time trajectories. The point is that I’m sympathetic to pre-modern modes so to speak. And those stories are filled with what can only be described as supernaturalism. Hmmmm…Houston, we have a problem, Eh?

This is really tricky as I hold idiosyncratic views on the Aeons and the Pleroma and I don’t believe we have direct access to ‘them/it’. There could be many reasons for this but one I find compelling is that they DESPISE this place and have nothing or little to do with it–because they are truly good they allow this place to exist along with its rightful owners (demiurgic archons). Good parents don’t murder their psychopathic children: they fence them in, and this is our metaphysical condition and circumstance. The only exception is the Living Aeon Christ who will make itself known to you if you are ‘worthy’. And believe me, if you practice capitalism and communism and all the coercion, exploitation, and duplicity involved in these systems then you simply don’t qualify for a visit. It’s beyond me how Christians, specifically, think they can break The Golden Rule and practice predatory usurious economics and exploit their fellow Christian for profit and think it’s pure and holy to do is. Sheer DELUSON! And Christians like Chris Hedges are equally delusional when they partner with Marxism. But Hedges, Tiabbi, Martin, sold any remaining parts of their soul on Sept. 12, 2001. And it’s not like they don’t have access to Mark Passio’s correct video on 911, or, the detailed amazing writings of Douglas Reed. So they are without excuse and have partnered with the moneylending cartels who’ve funded Marxist ideology.

So, then…humanity does not have direct access to ‘the thing in itself’…But it is immersed thoroughly within the material demiurgic mind. So what about all the supernatural claims of the Vedas? And the Purusha side of the metaphysical schism? In this blog, I’ll only address the idea of Siddhis, or what is commonly called supernaturalism. I’ve read a ton of the Vedas in my 62-years; although I admit I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I’ve read enough and seen enough of Vedic religion to know they are RIPE with claims of supernaturalism. I’ve even heard many a Rishi claim Jesus was just a third rate parlour magician! So I think my inquiry has warrant. So where are the Siddhis? There *aren’t any as far as any open and public scientific demonstration that addresses the issue in an open and honest way and not within the stupidity and treachery of ‘spiritual science’. What we do have is non-stop quackery and pseudo-science of every imaginable type. And, yes…The Chrism Theory should be the most easily verifiable from the scientific method as it clearly interfaces with the human body. But where are these peer-reviewed studies? No where to be found. No one understands the Cosmos or human anatomy more than the WARDENS that own this place and that gives them unlimited licence to bullshit when it comes to metaphysics. You want out of this place? Stop practicing economic crime which is fully instantiated into the capitalism/communist PSY-OP! This is what the legacy of the Vedas is today: shilling for capitalism.

And, sorry, ladies…as lovely as it is, flashing your enchanting butts and breasts on YouTube in every imaginable yoga contortion for money is not evidence of Siddhis (or metaphysical truth, or enlightenment ). And channels like Spirit Science are nothing but stupidity for money. But those are rather harmless spiritual delusions. The claims and framing of gurus like E.Tolle are much more serious with the potential for massive carnage. He’s not alone, though, as **Mark Passio is another that is suggesting the same thing. They are saying that YOU are unconscious (biddhis) and that if you don’t wake up to their definition you will suffer grievous consequences from their ***Kabbalah–this is spiritual gaslighting! And they assert this dichotomy with absolutely no public demonstration of what a real supernatural Siddhi (Purusha) would look like. This is exceedingly dangerous as they get to play societal judge and jury based on what? Invisibility that won’t demonstrate anything. And they are by no means alone! Many Rabbis claim that the supernatural Messiah of their Torah will now only show up via manipulation of politics and economics (Jewish Power And Politics) via thoroughly natural occurrences. Incredibly dangerous and, in my opinion, extraordinarily duplicitous. But Christian Gnostics would expect this type of gambit.

It would be remiss of me not to cover the Living Aeon Christ in this blog. This is The Spirit Of Truth! It confronted the archons of the demiurge 2000-years ago but the stories about what happed in that time are largely false. Let me assure you: the father Christ talked about is not the Israeli War God Yahweh. It’s the Archons who control that tradition who are incredibly busy lying about evolution, and, are actually ushering in what would best be coined DE-evolution as they want to imprison humanity within a demiurgic A.I. interface. This is spiritual sickness! And they are the ones responsible for the spiritual crimes of the Capitalist/Communist psy-op upon the earth. There is some truth to the nephilim stories when it comes to technology and corruption though. But this happened via the rape of Eve, by the Archons, and not as written in disinformation books like Enoch.

Some thoughts on Ole Schopie the Grouch…It’s difficult to believe he didn’t have access to the ideas of the Christian Gnostics. There are very few that describe the ‘demiurgic construct’ better than he did. So why did he focus on The Vedas instead? He’s presented as an atheist. Some of his major work was published in 1818! It begs the question of whether he was a Spook? It’s difficult to believe that neither Schopenhauer nor Hegel could see Napoleon (note the LEO/demiurge) for what he was: an agent of the BANKSTERS! As incredulous is the idea that Plato couldn’t think of a way to order society that wasn’t Fascist! At what point do reasonable people conclude that these guys were nephilim-archon-spooks?

Chapter SIX at Stanford covers what I’m saying linked HERE. The blind impersonal WILL is the foundation of what I call the ‘demiurgic construct’…Again, it is not the thing in itself.

NOTE*: the only scientific evidence I’ve come across are meditation/brain wave studies done on a limited number of monks. In my view, this is only evidence for the panpsychism of the demiurgic mind. There would have to be demonstrable experiments done on the claims of Siddhis to convince me otherwise. I’d also suggest that it’s a pathetic response from the Vedic schools when juxtaposed to their claims.

NOTE**: Passio is one of the best teachers on all the different schools of anarchy and one can learn much from him in that regard. He is also clear on the Categorical Imperative and understands the travesties and treacheries of moral relativism and utilitarian/consequentialist philosophies. But his teaching on spirituality? Look for the poison in the apple folks!

NOTE***: Kabbalah is Jewish money magic learned in the Babylonian era. I’ll only address their false Messiah (Samael) and The Whore Of Babylon in Christianity: Lilith. It’s these two beings, energies, archetypes, that are fuelling world events today. Samael is Yaldaboath’s Lord Of Death and can mimic the Living Aeon Christ in ways that are uncanny, and Lilith is the replicant of Yaldabaoth’s mother Sophia. It’s she through her Illunimati bloodlines that control the flow of the money empires upon the earth.

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