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Okay…the newest Gnostic themed song written from the Van In The Woods! 

I concede this one is likely more for the odd syncretist’s who are out and about within this demiurgic construct. Now I’m not a syncretist but I can write about it gosh darn it! 

This is the first take and yes…all these tunes are rough demos. This one really needs that Island bass and drums. The solo is a one-off. 

So get out your pipes and earbuds and listen to the sounds of premodern metaphysics! Those are not swear words by the way.  Who else is thinking that modernity is now a complete and utter farce and shit-show? Not that I’d argue for a toxic theocracy. The last thing Christian Gnostics would want as it would mean certain death for us….

The old gods are on the earth again

The old gods are walking on solid ground 

The old gods are breathing air again

The old gods the lineage of Cain

The Sun Is the Demiurge; Venus is Lucifer have you not heard

The Moon shines Osiris’ light;  and Mars brings war to the darkest night 

And we’ll spread our angel wings

Get us back to what real love means

When we cross the line 

The ecliptic one more time 

We’ll drink  spirits wine 

It’s are turn to shine…shine…shine on 

Jupiter soon to have its way

Saturns tears will all be wiped away. 

I’ll take another shot at this in a bit and try to get the transitions to feel like they should. From the solo on the sections are closer to what I’d like. Got to manage that demon tinnitus ya know! 

His first work linked HERE…

I’ve recently surfed upon this work. Interesting and erudite, indeed, but I’d hesitate to call it GNOSIS per se. I think a closer naming would be *Christian Mysticism so I wonder why he chose this title. There is NO chance he couldn’t have known this was mysticism. At the very end he does mention true Gnosis but brushes it aside. I’m once again finding the framing of ‘spiritual science’ annoying and anyone familiar with my blog knows I constantly rail against this framing. Call it what it is: premodern speculative metaphysics! There…problem solved! I recently did a blog called, Manas, Biddhis, and Siddhis, and it’s linked, as it relates. In it I asked, ‘where are the siddhis?’ It’s an interesting question within the context of the claim in his book which asserts the human body can transform itself into a light body–commonly referenced as a Rainbow-Body in Buddhism. Ahem…It’s not the first time I’ve covered this ground. I call them nephilim-archon-spooks and they all seem to have the same personality: about equivalent to 20-grit sandpaper—‘you know folks’….They love the word ‘folks’ for some reason. The point is why should anyone think these actors are literally light beings– supposedly enlightened– when it seems more likely that they are spooks?

Okay, I’m really enjoying the read and find the time spent doing so worth it. His metaphysics is an esoteric branch within Eastern Orthodoxy and the first critique is that there is no critical skepticism of the history of the Torah; or a rational analysis of its foundational premises. So it follows there is no critical skepticism of the historicity of the Jesus story. He takes it all verbatim. You see, in doing so, the work becomes the opposite of GNOSIS! He does say that the metaphysics predates Jesus and I’ve no quarrel with that as it sounds remarkably similar to the Vedas! And to Egyptian spirituality known as Kemetism–passed on in the west as Hermeticism. He lists three primary qualities of humans and this is a direct borrowing of the 3-Gunas: Tamas, Rajas, and Sattvic. And, yes…the reincarnation template! Very good…

I can guarantee you that if Boris was alive today he would sound exactly like Tom Campbell of the MBT theory of everything: Simulation Theory. In the book he references the FILM analogy and that is consistent with his era and it’s a good analogy and one I don’t disagree with. But he’d likely upgrade to computer sim if he were writing it today. And that is problematic. See my blog on Angels and Fireworks wherein the Decoded Youtube channel covers ground of the movie Groundhog Day. This is what Boris is suggesting the template is for our existence. I tend to agree with him on this.

Like the Jains he espouses spiritual evolution as it pertains to consciousness. Wilber’s, The Religion Of Tomorrow, covers the same ideas. They both look to an era wherein spiritual adepts will run society in a ‘natural progression’ of social evolution; this will happen, according to them, in the same way the technocrats took over from church dogmatists. Be warned folks, there is a very dark mirror to this idea and it’s called Kabbalah/Judaism. My problem with this line of thinking is analogous to trying a murder case in court based on the crime happening in a past life! This is not a very good idea unless those claiming ‘privileged access’ could publicly demonstrate EXTRA-ordinary abilities. But all we ever get is rhetoric and ever more fanciful video tech from the CIA’s Department Of Spiritual Propaganda. We also get the extraordinarily toxic Israeli Messiah and the Seven Laws Of Noah based on a ghost. Again, talking spiritual lingo (and not publicly demonstrating supernatural ability) and wanted it politicized is a potent toxic cocktail. And then there is the not so tiny issue of assuming consciousness evolves. How does one test or falsify such a claim?

On the universe. I agree with the idea that the universe is a sentient being. But I call it the ‘Demiurgic Construct’. Man, it’s hard to believe this guy didn’t have access to Marcion and other sects that were critical of the Torah. He says he doesn’t see how a perfectly good god could allow this kind of flawed universe but he doesn’t understand the unique qualities that Sophia had/held that were specific to knowledge via gaining experience. This unique characteristic made it so she could commit error: the other Aeons had no such ability. But Orthodoxy consistently dismisses any notions that don’t align with their/its presuppositions. At any rate, yes…causation: the laws of karma and reaping what one sows. Or, the Principle Of Sufficient Reason–Necessity. But is this the template for LOOSH (energy) harvesting for the gods? This seems just as likely from everything I’ve experienced this time around.

This is just one of 100’s of spiritual books that assert all kinds of ‘premodern-science’ within its pages. The Urantia book being another whopper in that regard. One has to wonder if Boris was working from the same scriptwriters that the Urantia book writers were working from (the cult of 33) his was just the sect in the east. …When you’ve read as many of them as I have you begin to see a pattern and it looks awfully close to B.S. And I even say that about our modern academies. Complexity minus Integrity opens the door for endless abuse when it comes to physics. Not to mention our Mensa friends whom have all kinds of trajectories down these ‘imaginary avenues’. True, though: one of these ‘cranks’ could turn out to be correct. By the way, Boris, like many of the spooks in the west, was military–so an agent of the money-lending cartels.

His chapter on the ‘short-cut’ is quite interesting and very much worth reading. He’s saying that certain men and women are destined to find each other and that when they do they can work together to bypass many of the traps and entanglements humans find themselves in. I certainly like the idea. But one has to wonder if Solomon found his true partner within his court of 700-wives and many more concubines. He was supposed to be the wisest man that lived so you’d think he might have been able to ‘radar love’ his ONE AND ONLY….No such luck which begs the question of how the rest of us poor schleps could ever find THE ONE…Well, at least in Hollywood they find each other, right? Neo and Trinity…

Could he be right in his metaphysics? I don’t see how. Although there are aspects of his theories I tend to agree with…But, his foundation is Judaism and, it’s been shown to be false, which doesn’t mean we won’t have to suffer through a worldwide delusion premised on its incredibly stubborn insistence of not letting very bad ideas R.I.P. The ongoing circus surrounding Trump is going to make Zabbatai Zevi look like a third-rate-carnival-barker: fasten your seatbelts, folks, indeed…

NOTE*: he mentions Kabbalah in the book and it wouldn’t be too far off to call his metaphysics Christian Kabbalah. Two points here: our Hebrew friends had full control of Russia by this time so to my thinking he was just another project…Just as likely from my research. The key delineation between mysticism and gnosis is the idea of the demiurge as being the creator of the material world and not the creator of the spiritual worlds: this is true GNOSIS. Mysticism teaches you to become one with material existence but true Gnostics say to avoid that at all possible costs. The god of the material word is a liar and has humans trapped in a reincarnation loop all based on deception. Moreover, when Boris doesn’t distinguish between a Jewish Jesus and the Living Aeon Christ (who wasn’t jewish (see Docetism) he submits himself to Samael’s death cult: ask the Rabbis if this is true and they’ll tell you this Jewish Christian Jesus is a false saviour leading the gentiles to perdition. Adam Green mentions this all the time and it’s something he’s right about. It is a complicated metaphysical issue when it comes to who was hung on a cross. Obviously, as a gnostic, I reject the Orthodox take on this as their version is a creation of the Rabbis.

‘The Devil’s Joy Always Brings Mayhem’ AMM

So here is an updated version of this demo done in the van. It’s getting there. Maybe dubbed CRAFTSMAN GNOSTIC RIFF- ROCK! Beato was talking about Tinnitus (the demon) and I’d figured he needs aschoolin’  on the father of devils:-P There ya go buddy! No chance of a free mixmaster on this one, eh? Like do yo thang with it! My Tinnitus makes it so I no longer want to fcuk around with these demos more than necessary and recording in the van? Ahem…B.S. I do miss my studio. And I can no longer afford my previous mixmaster. The pics are from this years adventures out in the woods! Living by a river tames the Tinnitus! Get your Walden on! There may be something to salvage past the train wreck of the CAP/COM Psy-op! 

Bonus points for the rain on the van sound effects…

50 cents to you if you can spot the playing glitch on the main guitar track (not the noise)…

Gratuitous generic nylon string solo in this one…No whaling electric harmony solos (YET)…

Didn’t I always tell you

Didn’t I always say

Didn’t I always warn you

Things would always end this way

Two plus two it equals three 

In my tragedies 

This is my hell; it’s where I fell 

Why can’t you tell?

Follow me down thru the light that shines 

Follow  me thru the tunnel that blinds 

Follow me thru the light that shines 

Flow me thru the ties that bind

Until the end of time

Would you have listened if I’d have been more kind?

Would you have changed the path to a life divine? 

Or did this inversion warp you beyond repair?

Did anomie seek you in your despair?

Two plus two it equals three

In my tragedies 

This is my hell; it’s where I fell 

Why can’t you tell?

Follow me down thru the light that shines 

Follow  me thru the tunnel that blinds 

Follow me thru the light that shines 

Flow me thru the ties that bind

Until the end of time

Two plus two it equals 3 goodbye electricity

Two plus two it equals 3 hello to insanity

This seems apt: 

The incomplete ‘I’ of the Personality, unfinished and powerless, wanders in life with no faith and no true affection. It goes from error to error, from weakness to weakness, and from lie to lie. A prisoner — perhaps voluntarily, but nevertheless a prisoner—man does not do what he wants to do in life, but does what he hates,6 blindly obeying a diabolical mechanicalness which, under its three aspects: fear, hunger and sexuality,7 rules his life. 

Boris Mouravieff 

On Tinnitus:

It is inconceivable how any rational person, aside from blind traditionalism, can associate the Hebrew concept of deity with the teachings of Christ. Let that sink in deep. The gap between Judaism and Christianity is profound. EJC…

In this one I’ll deconstruct the writings of one Elon Jacob Conner.

This critique is framed within my Christian Gnostic leanings. All the spiritual metaphysics espoused on my end are speculative (as ALL should be) and framed within the boundaries of reason and logic; while acknowledging the limitations of both faculties. However, we do live on Conspiracy Lane on this website!

In my view, Elon is another project notwithstanding some of his correct spiritual assumptions. What’s in a name, eh? I’ve mentioned many times the EL ohim Archon marker and we have the J.C. to boot! Sheer Spookism!

Everything is context and this book was written at a time when ‘the race card’ was being used extensively by the archons. No more so than in Germany and his Epistle reflects some of these very bad ideas and ones that are instantiated within Judaism–many times I’ve shown that Germany’s genetic gambit was a mirroring of the Torah’s racism with Nazism also possibly meaning National Zionism: Jews were doing in Palestine what the Germans were doing In Germany, and the narratives surrounding these events is that in one case it was very, very bad, and in the other case…well, “we’ve done nothing wrong”…My point is that spirituality has nothing whatsoever to do with race and when anyone plays that card you know they are Spooky Archons–no more so than the archons who created Judaism’s bigoted racist ideology; while Aryan philosophies are largely a toxic mirroring of Jewish identity politics. See THIS link for a description of this ‘spiritual fascism’. So all the Gentiles will have to submit to Hebrew delusion via the Seven Noahide Laws…Refusal=Death. The stupidity of Christians embracing this is unconscionable!

He asserts that the Canaanites were *White Aryans and this makes little sense. It’s true that there is a history of the Aryan race in the middle-east but where he gets this idea from is unknown to me. The Canaanites were a Semitic people from the research I’ve done. As speculation, I also think they were, from a Christian Gnostic perspective, descendants of Cain, who was a child of the Archons that raped Eve on a higher dimensional earth. You’d have to study the cultural writings of Miles Mathis to understand why I think this. They are not the historic victims that they tell us they are, but rather elite spook families that control the flow of civilization (the latter is the context for the Miles reference; not the speculative metaphysics). If I’m close on the metaphysics then in my view it could possibly make this place a school for these corrupted offspring of the archons. If that’s true then look to any spirituality that is not bigoted and that rejects the worst aspects of the CAP/COM Psy-op. The Essenes for Jews; Therapeutae for Gentiles, Small Christian Communities; although in my view there isn’t a need for strict asceticism, but rather a practice of SMALL ‘C’ Economics, etc…This could solve the ‘How Should We Live?’ conflicts while minimizing toxic creeds within these religions. Because I reject communism ideology I think it’s best to guarantee small pieces of livable land as Private Property as a birthright to all at this time. But the materialists don’t think there is enough land on earth to accommodate homes for everyone! And Theists must view God as woefully inept in that regard–he didn’t create enough earth, I guess…But for Heaven’s Sake don’t put the crack dealers in charge of ending crack addiction (the death cult of MORTgages). Homes are a most basic human need and should not be subject to predatorial administrators (the banksters).

Another aspect is that Elon takes the N.T. as historical when it is the **fictional work of the EL ohim Archons (as is the Torah). So that’s another huge red flag when it comes to dissecting what is true in metaphysics especially when assessing specific presuppositions. To the Christian Gnostics, there is ample reason to be skeptical of the historical claims of the world religions, especially the Abrahamic ones. So he doesn’t question the historicity of David and Solomon, who, in my view, were Egyptian Pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty. It’s these ‘nephilim-archon-spook’ bloodlines that wrote both the Torah and the N.T., in my opinion. Nonetheless, he did understand that Judaism, as it has come to be known, happened, not coincidentally, shortly after the Armana period. Ummm, okay…very good: he does cover the ground of O.T. historicity and is rightfully skeptical. He’d like my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality, blog. I should add, also, that some of the injunctions of the Talmud are as inane as some of the laws in the Vedic Book Of Manu–a point very much worth not dismissing when it comes to religion–and another check for the Christian Gnostics who claim most religions are the endless B.S. of the archons.

On the ‘good’ side: he’s a Christian who truly understands who and what the devil is within the Abrahamic tradition. He gets most of the theology correct and much of it lines up with my views as a Christian Gnostic. I’ve said many times that the church, especially in America, has been thoroughly co-opted by what he calls the New Ebonites…Whenever the Jewish people claim Jesus as their own it always follows that God becomes the Head Of The Money Lending Cartels. This supposed Jewish Jesus might have had the decency to show up in a 3-piece suit 2000 years ago and befriend the money masters of the temple! And by the way, and I’m not making this up, many Rabbis say that the first thing this Yahweh asks a Jewish person when they die is ‘How did you do with money?’ This is not the JESUS as presented in the N.T. which, again, is largely the work of EL ite families. But some spiritual truth did get in there.

But his politics are suspect from a Christian Gnostic point of view. I mean, I get it, what it would take to make a functional healthy republic–he’s not wrong about that. I get his view of history when it comes to Nationalism, but he doesn’t seem to understand who it was that created modern capitalism in the first place, nor grasp who it was that created America, and why, and that it was designed to fail all along–just another step in the International Program. In my view, Nationalism is a Jewish machination and Christ wasn’t interested in such a thing. We have the usual flip of reality along these lines wherein Christians should have been ‘living like Jews’ rather than Nation Building, but in reality, it was Jewish interests that were nation-building because the CEO of Israeli commerce wants to rule them all while the Christians should have lived a healthier rendition of the diaspora in small sustainable communities (think Amish)–do you see the flip?

The situation on this earth leaves ‘average’ Jewish people in a nasty Catch-22 situation. They don’t seem to be able to hold two views at once or in one mind: that the Devil Is Yahweh and that the Devil is Real. Many of their atheists understand the first part but are ‘programmed’ not to accept the latter. Many say the Devil is real but that it serves a Good Yahweh… Evidence of my point. The Essenes still offer a solution for them to some degree in the sense that they can renounce this life and live simply (even alongside Gentiles); or, they have avenues within reformed Judaism that explicitly reject the many toxic premises within Orthodoxy. And this, especially, would mean explicit condemnation of predatory usurious economics in gentile countries that don’t want it (is that all of them?) But doing what they are doing now: trolling civilization is their absolute worst move, in my opinion. And Jewish Atheists are far from innocent in that regard–estimates of up to 50 million Russian Christians were slaughtered by Jewish Atheists last century. They are the Trojan Horse for the moneylending cartels juxtaposed to an Ebionite Christianity that has inverted spiritual truth and therefore offers no resistance to spiritual wrongdoing. This will not end well for anyone.

I have many blogs on this theme: just search my site for Jesus Was NOT Jewish.

NOTE*: to my knowledge, the Aryans in the Middle East are those who created the religion of Zoroastrianism, at least 1500 years before Christ. They likely migrated there from the Steppes…

NOTE**: I’ve no doubt that something very strange happened on this earth between 47 BC and 33 AD. But in my view, what is in the N.T. is very much the work of the elite families involved in whatever happened at that time. That era was filled with itinerant spiritual teachers and many would fit the Jesus persona. I’m a Christian Gnostic and believe there was some sort of cosmic drama played out between Yaldabaoth (the demiurge) and the Living Aeon Christ who wasn’t genetically Jewish although he may have appeared that way. The cosmic irony of the Rabbis sentencing Yaldabaoth to die on the cross is too strong to dismiss–see the Gnostic Gospel Of Peter. That these same Rabbis made their dead god the focus of worship in their creation of the Catholic Church is exceedingly consistent with the Christian Gnostic view; along with turning Yaldabaoth’s mother, Sophia, into the Christian devil is also too consistent to ignore. And a point to those who insist Jesus was Jewish and at the same time say he didn’t exist: incoherent contradiction which is simply muddying the polluted waters along this line of inquiry. One also has to actually assess the specific claims of those who say he wasn’t Jewish rather than omit the huge bodies of evidence that suggest he wasn’t.

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