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I’ve decided to keep a blog which I’ll update as time goes by that coughs up the best resources for the argument that the god of the Torah is malevolent and not the father the Aeon Christ spoke of.

HERE is a blog on Elon J. Connor and his book Christ Was Not a Jew. For some reason he didn’t mention Marcion in his book and it’s a rather strange omission as it was Marcion who put the first Bible together. Marcion had one of the largest churches in that era and wrote a book called The Antithesis which clearly delineates the major differences between what Christ taught and what Judaism teaches. HERE is the link to Marcion Christians.

Bobby Coliier over at Youtube has a channel called GOOD GOD and no one has been more detailed in their deconstruction and assessment of Yahweh than Bobby.

It’s worth adding the Friendly Atheist here, too, as he does a detailed bodycount of the murders in the Torah (and some N.T. murders, too). Estimated personal murder count by god: about 25-million. Satan 10…

I’m a Christian Gnostic so I’ll add THIS link which has links to The Reality Of The Rulers and The Secret Book Of John. This is only specific to the theme of this blog which is the nature of Yahweh. My site has a vast array of blogging on the many schools and ideas within the Gnostic tradition.

My Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog is worth studying as it offers sufficient evidence that Judaism, as it came to be known, after the 18th dynasty, is the reinvented spirituality of Egypt known as Kemetism. A spiritual system from pre-modernity that eventually morphed into Kabbalah (and western Hermetism). See THIS post, also…

Some musing here on the roots of Christian Gnosticism. If Judaism is the result of the nastiest divorce in history between Egyptian Royals and Semitic Royals in the 18th dynasty it would offer a coherent explanation for what came to be the assertions of Christian Gnosis. Although PTAH the demiurge was acknowledged as the creative force behind the material world in Kemetism– it wasn’t looked upon as evil. But somehow the Christian Gnostics took it there. I’m suggesting an alternate reason why and that has to do with the historic claims of Judaism which are surely false and the Christians in Alexandria KNEW IT! They also knew why Alexandria was named the way it was: super gay! So there was this fake history purported by ruling homosexuals! Not much has changed, eh? There isn’t much of a chance in my view that Alexandria is being portrayed accurately or honestly by hackedemia. And that deception is to protect the lies of the Semitic Ruling Elite bloodlines. Little has changed when it comes to any digital renewal of Alexandria today. Alexandria, named after the gay Alexander, was implementing the multicultural money-lending agenda in his time and this project is still at the forefront of civilization today.

Another aspect of the why has to do with the metaphysics of premodern astro-theology. There were all kinds of rituals and passwords needed to bypass the ruling archons of the planets, moon, and sun. These archons were understood to be somewhat malevolent and this likely influenced the Christian Gnostics and especially those who were advanced teachers in premodern metaphysics; hence the tiresome claims that the Gnostics were elitist. Certainly all the scribes and scholars were of an elite class and that goes for those who wrote the gospels of the New Testament: elite scholars through and through. So the claims from the orthodox that the gnostics were elitist is disingenuous and irrelevant. At any rate, at the time, there was a confluence of knowledge of premodern metaphysics; specifically regarding the not so nice gatekeepers of the astral planes, especially Saturn, which was adopted by Judaism via the Sabbath; along with the knowledge that the Hebrews were the Royals, that the Torah’s story about their role in Egypt was false. Today this is being played out in the ‘escape the reincarnation matrix’ within spiritual inquiry along with the fact that the Hebrews pretty well own ‘everything’...And when one owns all the power-structures throughout the world then it’s laughable to call oneself a victim.

This is a short list so much more to come…