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A Ponzi scheme is when a corrupt person (or entity) enters into an agreement with a ‘mark’ wherein the mark pays out their own money to the person/s running the Ponzi scheme in exchange for promises of unusually high short-term returns on investment. The primary front of this scheme is one of legitimacy when in fact it’s fraudulent. To pay the first person their dividends the first person is usually asked to provide as many newcomers to the scheme as possible and of course, the scheme is shaped like a pyramid. It’s all compartmentalized so no one is in association with anyone other than the people or person who referred them into the scheme. At some point down the road, the pyramid collapses when there are no new additions to the pyramid…HERE is a link to a guy in the woods referencing these ideas…He’s got most of it right but he doesn’t mention the consequences of the environmental impact on our civilization.

Our currency is a Ponzi Scheme as the only way to pay the interest on the first dollar borrowed is to borrow another dollar into infinity. No problem if one has access to infinite resources. He also doesn’t mention that those closest to the top of the pyramid reap most of the rewards first when assets haven’t been degraded by the inflation caused by printing too much money in too short a time. And, of course, the people running the scheme haven’t created anything that resembles healthy values, and it’s arguable if what they are doing should be defined as work–I personally don’t view crime as work. A previous blog on these issues HERE…Hypothetically, if certain persons from a genetic group of people created this scheme it would in theory be a huge advantage for this in-group ethnicity. There are cultural critics who suggest there is one group of people who are over-represented in all the most important aspects of civilization and if what I’m saying about the creation of money is true (it is) then the mystery of how they came to ‘own everything’ becomes clear.

HERE is another link wherein Godfrey Bloom is getting it right in the European Parliament and, of course, he is heavily silenced for the most part. But he correctly states the problems with fractional reserve lending which is lending with no assets or collateral to back up the creation of money. So, again…money from nothing in Ponzi Scheme style. He explains the incest which exists between the central banks and politicians who have been bought out by the mafia moneylending cartels. I’d only add that it is a Trifecta once one adds in the global corporatocracy and Miles Mathis covers this aspect of the Unholy Trinity HERE… I’d also say there is a fourth branch and that is Hackedemia who has done next to nothing (silence) when it comes to the corrupt and criminal aspects of money and how it is created. Too busy endlessly dissecting Marxist ideology, I guess, which is just a useful diversion from what is really going on. Marx has never been a threat to the moneylending cartels and their central banks and there is a very good reason why that is so…Controlled Opposition. Although I have said in other blogs that Hackedemia is under the umbrella of The Corporation–which is, of course, SOCIOPATHIC…

This blog and all others I write on this theme are only directed toward Christendom. That is who I’m addressing. The fact that these financial crimes have happened in all Christian Nations (and all others) logically means that Christianity on masse has been thoroughly compromised and bought out. This should never have been allowed to happen but it’s a fact that it has and it’s no stretch of the truth to say who did this: the enemies of Christ. If one has their spiritual eyes intact it isn’t at all hard to figure out who did this. The Christianity that exists today in the West is now a FAKE grifting Christianity and is an inversion of everything Christ taught about how to live on the Devil’s Earth…Not that Christians have ever quite figured out who and what the devil is, but that’s another blog.

The only response to the economics of Covid-19 was to make the money presses go brrrrrr…These central bankers KNEW exactly the consequences of printing all this money in so short a time. And, yes, again, all their associates DID BENEFIT in the short term as outlined above, but we now face the inevitable hangover that will be projected onto the gentile nations. I ask you this? If one KNOWS 100% in advance what will be the outcome of specific monetary policies and their negative effects on billions of people should these people be held CRIMINALlY RESPONSIBLE? I had done a series back in the spring of 2020 wherein I put out an array of ideas as to how to deal with the economics of Covid and, of course, it was met with silence and dismissal. A line was also crossed in my personal life, distinct from by blogging on social media, wherein my life was destroyed even further by this Kabal. So there was no attempt to engage my very GOOD IDEAS but rather agents were sent to continue the war waged against me since I put up this website.

A final note: this website contains numerous blogs on non-violent solutions to many of the world’s cons and schemes and all of it is ridiculed and dismissed. So, the inevitable will be the result: WW3 as it’s not possible to commit these kinds of spiritual crimes against humanity without consequence.

Targeted Homelessness For Speaking Out…

Yuppers, this was my musical life over the last 12 hours. Written, recorded, and mixed. It’s rough, sure…And there was a recording error (what else is new?) But WTF! Life goes on even with the flaws.

In the demiurgic matrix no good deed goes unpunished.

This has been my mornings since I had the audacity to say words with the letter J in them…

It might be time to get some goats buddy:

I cough this one up for Kanye:

Dec. 2022 update:

My take on the Kanye Psy-op: his role on the Alex Jones show was to see how many times he could say Yahweh! As if repeating the same lie for about 1700-years somehow makes it more true. So that’s the why of Kanye in a nutshell.

His version of Christianity is nothing but a manufacturing of consent to be slaves to Judaism’s god. To pretend there was no quarrel between the demiurgic owned earth and the Christ of the Pleroma who wasn’t a jewish carpenter. That story is the fiction of the archons and it’s in place to manufacture slavery.



This was done via my mind tonight with no resource other than thought.

HERE is the link to the essay I’m commenting on.

I haven’t read any of the books he linked to on his site but in a way I probably don’t need to.

See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality, blog.

I agree, of course, with this:

In studying the sacred books of the Jews, the Talmud and the Kabbalah, and also those of Freemasonry for more than a quarter of a century, there is one conclusion I have come to—that the God of the Jews and the God of the Masons is the same God. And his name is YALDABAOTH…You see, in his quote the word used is Satan, but anyone familiar with my site knows that Satan is Yaldabaoth the demiurge to the Christian Gnostics. So he’s more or less correct but what he’s wrong about is extremely important.

First, let me say that the only reason Texe Marrs was/is allowed the voice that he has in America (and not entirely silenced or worse) is because he’s committing the Ebionite heresy which posits that Jesus was a Jew teaching Judaism (Christianized Judaism). My blog on Elon J. Connor linked above covers this ground. The Freemasons in modernity splintered Christianity into about 33,000 sects and all of them commit the Ebionite heresy for a reason: to protect the initial lies started by Constantine and the Roman Church that Jesus was a poor jewish carpenter. This is something the Living Aeon Christ was surely amused by, but maybe to the point of vomiting…One would have to read the Gospel Of Judas and the gnostic gospel of Peter to understand why I say that: Christ laughed at the 12 when they suggested he was the Son Of Yahweh (an archon of the demiurge).

What’s amusing to me is that even Elon J. Connor figured out Marcionism but somehow Texe Marrs isn’t able to and I’m suggesting that omission is intentional. One can’t build a religion (Christianity) on the foundation of lies that is Judaism. There is certainly enough data available now to be very very skeptical of the claims of the Torah! But for Christians, their faith fails as believed if the Torah is false so they hang on to this sinking ship which is extremely well funded by Zionism. But it’s not like there are no other options available for who Christ was: indeed there are, so it’s a conscious choice to believe the fallacies of Ebionite and now Zionist Christianity. And yes, propaganda by the likes of Bart Ehrman is simply more attempts to muddy these waters: the Islamic Jesus fails just like the Christian one because Islam places its faith in the historicity of Judaism which is clearly false. So the civilizational PSY-OP of the archons pertains to anything to do with Islam as well as Christianity and of course the deceptive foundation of Judaism.

I think Marrs’ embracing of the Torah’s history makes him biased against Egypt and he’s not alone in that as Hollywood is the biggest perpetrator in that regard. Nevertheless, I don’t think it’s accurate or fair to judge Egyptian spirituality via Judaism which borrowed many foundational tenets found in Kemetism. Now, having said that I remain agnostic on the spirituality of Egypt, even though I agree that Gnosticism proper is rooted in Egyptian spirituality. That these schools were the foundation for Kabbalah and Hermeticism. I’ve suggested the antimony of the Christian Gnostics towards the demiurge was rooted in a disdain for the lies of the rabbis especially when it came to historical truth. This is one reason why PTAH (the demiurge) became associated with evil by Christian Gnostics and PTAH became associated with IAO (later YAH). Nonetheless, I do lean towards a negative view of Egyptian Elites when it comes to Thoth and Osiris–this has to do with the manipulation involved in the reincarnation template. But I always concede my dualism could be mistaken and that the demiurge could be as originally understood by the Egyptians. It’s just that I agree with Marrs on this one point that the anti-christ figure will be the continued incarnations of THOTH as the world Pharaoh Messiah–in my view, this was also Ceasarion who was the character Jesus was patterned on. I should point out again that Solomon’s Temple is near an exact replica of the Egyptian temple and again, there is no trace of a Hebrew David of Grand Solomon kingdom but these characters do link historically to 18th Dynasty Pharaohs with Yuya (and Aye) being the templates for a Hebrew Joseph.

Egyptian/Solomon (sun and moon temple).

Okay, so what? Well…my best guess is that this demiurge or grand architect will personify as THOTH again who will be the Pharaoh ‘Judaic Messiah’. Yes, the temple will be rebuilt but I suspect there will be a peace treaty signed via ecumenicalism as these religions were never meant to ‘go to waste’ although they were ALL projects. But these events will usher in the primary religion which is money (KA$H) in some kind of new financial order. See this video @ the 45-minute mark which details (T) A MERI KA ’s role in all of this: A MERI KA means the ‘beloved land of Egypt’s spirit’ and was a project of Freemasonry. Of course, the materialists involved in all of this want to also add in the TECHNOCRACY and this aligns precisely with the aims and desires of the god of the material world.

He was if we understand RA to be the Egyptian Ra.

Well, he couldn’t and wouldn’t have altered the foundational tenets of Judaism (see below). Simply not possible! In Judaism, God has no Son, but rather became interested in earthly politics and power for his chosenites and the resolution of that earthly aim is the Judiac Messiah–something Christ was not at all interested in. So, what is going on here?

Firstly, it’s very much worth noting that a Jewish Jesus is incredibly important to all Jews (or almost all). It’s their Ace in the cosmic deck even if they espouse atheism–see THIS video as an example–all the official lies are fused within this short video; in fact, they make a point of pointing them out, so not subtle at all. Apparently, according to some of the most vocal proponents of this view, Jesus Was Jewish and didn’t exist! YES, they very often hold these views simultaneously and that shows how important this trope is to them. I’ll attempt to unpack this…

See my Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality blog as it’s a good place to start here. I should mention that yes, religions like Zoroastrianism also contributed to Judaism, so it’s not a cut-and-dried phenomenon. Certainly, there was borrowing from the Sumerians as the flood story was taken from the Epic Of Gilgamesh. Judaism has its roots in astrotheology with the Egyptian moon god IAO eventually morphing into YAH. Like Islam, Judaism at its roots, is a lunar religious phenomenon.

*Thoth was known as the god of wisdom in Egypt and was also associated with the moon along with Osiris. It’s my view that Cleopatra’s son Caesarion (born of the virgin queen) was the reincarnation of Thoth (archetype?) and he became the Jesus character in the gospels. Born in 47 BC (47 is Yahweh) to the God King Caesar and died at 80 (Chai) in 33 AD. I say this as there is little historical evidence for the Jesus character as presented in the gospels but there is this story that has all the fingerprints of the why of the Jesus story: Elite Hebrew Pharaonic bloodlines. These, in my view, are archontic bloodlines that have their roots through the lineage of Cain who was the son of a raped Eve. In my view, this happened on a higher dimensional earth and we live on a lower fallen dimensional earth brought about by the naturally bad behavior of the archons.

So what would it mean if Caesarion was Thoth as Jesus? Firstly it would mean that Jesus WAS of royal descent and was Hebrew/Egyptian/Roman along with linking him to the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago. This is the only version of Jesus being a Jew that I’ve come across that makes any historical sense as there is NO evidence for the lineage of a Hebrew King David although there is evidence that David and Solomon were Egyptian pharaohs of the 18th dynasty. So this view, if true, annihilates the poor Jewish carpenter theory– which is ridiculous even as it stands– as kings have never been and will never be poor carpenters: kings hire carpenters! We should note the word carpenter was derived from the word TEKTON which doesn’t mean carpenter but ARCHITECT! But that would have been too obvious a reference to the ARCHITECT Ptah in Egypt so they had to alter the meaning.

There is no direct evidence that Octavian killed Caesarion and if we read Miles Mathis we know the OCT is a red flag and is a marker for fakery. How easy is it to obscure any truth surrounding Caesarion 2000 years later? Nothing could be easier–think about JFK and 911: events that happened in our lifetime with cameras and video and these events today are immersed in treachery and controversy. In my view, the same families are involved in all of these shenanigans.

Caesar’s death could arguably, under these musings, be a reenactment of the death of Osiris who was chopped to pieces by Set–in other words–myth ACTED OUT. This link shows the myth and shows the link between Osiris, the Moon, and IOA or Yah (Yahweh). To my knowledge, it is a fact that no burial tombs exist for Cleopatra, Caesarion, nor Caesar–who they say was cremated. Maybe…but maybe not! Perhaps this family ended up in Gaul/France as Caesar spent a lot of time there and would have noted especially pristine places. And we all know the stories of Mary Magdalene (Selene was Caesarion’s sister [half and perhaps wife]) moving to France where the lore takes us to the Merovingian Kings and The Knights Templars…And to the Windsors and Donald Trump today whose gematria is 47.

So Thoth as a Hebrew Jesus would have understood that Judaism, as it was **commonly known, was a creation of his bloodlines and was intentionally false to obscure true history. Over the next few centuries these Royals had every reason to rework Judaism into a new version that became ‘politically friendly’ to their elite rule–adapt and survive and conquer–see the theories of one Richard Carrier— who is, of course, far above the ‘lowest of the low’ (here), when it comes to speculative metaphysics and alternate views on HIS story (the demiurge). Of course, not every person of Jewish descent was in on the deceptions which created a perfect hiding place from criticism for the royal elites: the eternal victim trope.

There is a fair bit of evidence that this Thoth/Jesus did go to the Far East and was known as St. Isha. On his journeys, he would have been reminded of what the archons did there via the Constantine of their era known as Ashoka. He took the myth of the Buddha and, just as Constantine would later do, politicized it for societal control. So this Thoth/Jesus character would have been initiated into the top tiers of Oriental culture and it’s no accident that the Thoth/Jesus figure primary doctrines reflect Buddhism: and his family through the centuries practiced the same means of control via Constantine.

So what am I suggesting here? Well…the EL ites write and control HIS story–the story of the ‘god of this material world’; that this god is a ‘natural born liar’; that this god and the archons own and control this template (whatever it is); that this god owns and controls the reincarnation template; that we are being lied to on multiple fronts when it comes to the nature of reality; that the Jewish people are caught in a hive-mind egrigore when it comes to behavior which places them in a very nasty Catch-22 situation (that they haven’t handled at all well); that these pharaonic EL ites control and engineer civilization (nothing happens by chance in this particular domain).

A final muse on something I’ve yet to put into writing: the idea of Christ as Sophia. If this is true (I think it is) then this in itself is enough evidence to destroy the Jesus as a Jew trope as the Old Testament is fully loaded with what I would call the opposite of wisdom– along with foundational irrationalisms as primary tenets of their belief. And today these irrationalisms couldn’t be more in our faces when it comes to the ‘un-wisdom’ of world economics! Committing economic fraud via printing money from nothing at interest is the exact opposite of saving anything! It’s also a spiritual crime from the perspective of Christian Gnosis–therefore unwise and therefore not of Christ/Sophia although consistent with their fakes that Yaldabaoth created--Samael and Lilith as an earthly replacement for the Pleromic Christ and Sophia.

NOTE*: Thoth became associated with the Greek Hermes and the planet Mercury (premodern metaphysics) and was known as Hermes Trismegistus within spiritual lore. Some link him to Atlantis and some link him to Enoch. But most importantly, this blog links us to the roots of Jewish Kabbalah, which runs the world today. In my view, THOTH is an incarnation of the demiurge and is an entity from the lower astral plane in premodern metaphysics: a place of inversion and the home of the egregore and hive mind that is now the Jewish people. It is also called the Akashic or the Bardos. Everything that comes from there is a form of inversion (Kabbalah) and trickery and deception (THOTH). From where I sit this is the false Christ and Sophia created by Yaldabaoth and that is what we are dealing with on earth today. But if one attempts to explore this idea as real today one is blocked by Jewish interests. In other words, inquiry into the nature of reality is being intentionally obfuscated by the tribe and its hive mind association with its energetic egregore: working of the archons and the Demiurge. But be 100% sure that all strains of Judaism and Kabbalah are given unlimited funding and exposure/freedom to say anything they want about anyone or anything and nearly all of it is terrible for Gentile people and nations.

NOTE**: It’s entirely possible that the Egyptian city of Mallevi was where the priests came from that created Judaism after the 18th dynasty: the tribe of Levi who created many of the toxic irrationalisms found in Judaism. These Hebrew/Egyptian priests would have left Egypt with Akhenaten (Moses) and created Judaism as it came to be known.


Here are some of the differences between Judaism, which as stated above, had its roots in the marriages between Egyptian and Hebrew Royals, and Christianity, which was the creation of Egyptian/Hebrew/Roman royals.

-the idea of original sin was never an aspect of Judaism and is an idea the post dates the gospel narrative by centuries. IOW’s Jesus as a Rabbi would not have taught or believed in original sin.

-the idea that angels have free will has never been taught within Orthodox Judaism and isn’t to this day. So Jesus as a Rabbi would not have taught the Christian version of Satan.

-there is no Trinity of the Godhead in Judaism and Jesus as a Rabbi would not have taught this.

-eternal punishment was never a tenet of Judaism and Jesus as a Rabbi would not have taught this doctrine on hell.

So just as Judaism was an ad hoc creation of royal houses syncretizing the spirituality of the Canaanites Hebrews and Egyptian Royals; Christianity was the result of the royal houses that merged three spiritual traditions: Egyptian, Hebrew, and Roman. In both cases, EL Ite writing teams created the narratives. And yes, throughout history there was borrowing from Zoroastrianism and Sumerian spiritual ideas–again, likely ideas syncretized by royal marriages within these traditions.

It’s important to note that the Hebrew/Roman royals would have understood that it was their cousins who created the false narratives of Judaism; they would have known the temple was Egyptian, and just like today, the warring Hebrew factions can be quite nasty to each other: in the case of 70 AD the royal sect demolished what they knew was a false religion being practiced in the temple. This hostility still exists today between the atheist WEF royals and the Orthodox Noahide Third Temple gang.

Now which Hebrew/Roman royal was the inspiration for the Jesus narrative is next to impossible to confirm. There are different researchers with differing views but absolutely NO ONE takes the Ceasarion theory seriously which is exactly why I think it’s true…

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