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‘Thus quote the raven KooaKoo’…

This is a remixed demo of another Involuntary Van-Life song written in the fall of 2020. A Raven woke me up in the mornings with this melody lyric. It turned into this song. At the end of the video is my new Iron Throne! The first one I made now holds the 5-gallon water jug and the medical chairs I used in the worst part of my injuries are thrashed! So I found an old iron corpse out in the boneyard where I’m staying and it’s fit for life now. The wood is from pallets I took apart.

new iron throne

This one is directed at all the New Testament apologists out there. It appears today that their primary area of argumentation is philosophy and most often from the Greek schools. I hear these debates all the time and inevitably the Christian apologist’s opening statement has absolutely nothing to do with the supernaturalism of the revealed religion of Christianity: they start off the debates by arguing Greek philosophy!

I’ve pointed out many times now that they don’t seem to know the difference between the God Of The Philosophers and the revealed religions of ‘Abrahamism’. I’ll leave it out but mention another category: the religions of the Orient.

Also, this post isn’t about how the Greeks influenced the formation of Christianity which I concede was substantial. This is more a materialist and evolutionary assessment of religion which I don’t entirely reject but it’s not who I am nor is it the point of the blog–although we will visit Conspiracy Lane below…

The first point I’d make is that if any sect of Orthodox Christianity (meaning here ALL mainstream versions) is correct then any debate should be entirely unnecessary. Either god is immensely personal and intimate with humans in an open supernatural way or god is aloof, distant, and withdrawn–Divine Hiddenness. The latter is incommensurate with the former and I’ve never quite understood the paradox argument on this specific topic.

Let’s start off with the idea of LOGOS. This is Greek for speak/reason/logic/order/law as opposed to chaos, etc. But ISAIAH 45 teaches that god created both order and chaos; good and evil. So Judaism refutes the idea that the jewish jesus was solely the author of reason and goodness and is quite clear that god also authors are both illogical and evil. I can stand behind this view of god to a degree as it doesn’t attempt to blame everything on an arch-enemy of god. In other words, it’s an attempt at theological coherency. Of course, the problem arises time and time again in the Torah where god acts against his own declared statutes making YHWH the most hypocritical god within the pantheon of any and all gods. YHWH’s personal murder count is in the range of 25 million while Satan has devoured about half-a-dozen humans via murder. This makes sense when one understands that Yahweh is the ‘archon war god of Israel’. See Bobby Collier’s GOOD GOD channel where he proves this beyond all reasonable doubt.

There is also the not-so-irrelevant fact that the Torah shifts from Polytheism to Henotheism to Monotheism. Today it’s the staunch monotheist Jews who are the most ardent enemies of the *Trinity view of YWWH although in some respect they have a point. I’ve often argued that god couldn’t have turned itself into a Trinity at the baptism of Jesus and the idea of the Hebrew messiah couldn’t have altered the metaphysics of god–the Messiah couldn’t have turned into god’s son metaphysically speaking. Don’t forget, though, that once again, like most things Torah, the Hebrew Messiah idea is a direct borrowing of the Egyptian- God-King- Pharaoh. This is the only place where the Trinity concept works when factoring in the context that the Egyptian Trinity(s) WERE the template for Rome’s renewed version of Egyptian spirituality–this was done by the bloodline families mentioned in this blog.

Another not irrelevant point is that for the most part, Plato was an Idealist and taught that everything is mind. This is not the teaching of metaphysics within the Torah or Christianity. Interestingly enough, it is the foundation of the spirituality of Egypt, where the Torah gets (borrowed/stole) most of its foundational ideas within its spiritual oeuvre. So if these Christians want to argue that Christianity is Platonism then they also have to embrace Idealism and at that point, they may want to look into the lost years of Jesus theory, wherein, it’s said that is exactly what he was teaching and was taught in his journeys in the east (India/Nepal, etc).

Onto the irrationality of the gospels. Let’s start there: this great victory and good news mean that most people who have ever lived will be brutally punished and tortured by a wholly good god for eternity for not being able to glean the truth about metaphysics from a god that withholds all kinds of vital information from humans who only have short lifespans. Ahem…how much irrationality can one pack into one concept? Obviously a ton! But it gets worse as YHWH wasn’t interested in sharing the mysteries of the afterlife in the Torah but somehow becomes obsessed with spiritual punishment when he puts on the Jesus hat. That, plain and simple, is an irrational flip-flop. So even the jewish jesus can’t get rationality right! So how is it the Logos?

I could go on and on with the irrationalities of the religions of Abrahamism, but I should keep this blog manageable.

I’ll finish here with the conspiracy theory wherein the Hebrew Pharaonic Elite families merged with the Greek Elites which would set up the coming of the **Hebrew Messiah trope: Caesarian. Within this context, Greek philosophy would have informed the religion of the Egyptians as it morphed over time. We should note that the father of god: Julius Caesar, died via stabbing in a symbolic reenactment of the death of Osiris. The Obelisk which sits at St. Peters Sq. (PTAH) was moved there by these families for a reason; it’s no accident that this Hebrew/Roman/Greek Pharaoh-King taught submission to his families governance over the common people; that these families migrated to France (Paris named after Isis) and eventually the City-State of London, and later the City-State of Washington D.C. where another Egyptian Obelisk was placed. Ask any Freemason who the world Messiah will be and they will tell you it will be a descendant of this/these bloodlines.

In my Christian-Gnostic view, these are bloodlines of the Archons and they’ve ruled the earth via stealth since the beginning. These archon/human bloodlines that created these religions are not of the Pleroma but are rather the ruling elites of THIS demiurgic template.

NOTE*: if one argues that YHWH is a Trinity then it behooves those making the claim to back up the assertion with evidence. I’ve argued again and again that the Trinity idea was ubiquitous in Egypt and India and was the foundation of their theologies so it’s not like it was an inconceivable concept in antiquity. If that’s true, and it is, then one has to explain why YHWH withheld that information about its nature from his supposed chosen people. At the same time, apologists should address when Angels received free will as that is not the view of Angels in Judaism, and don’t forget to address the point in time when Satan rejected its role as a ‘sergeant at arms’ for YHWH only to become YHWH’s arch enemy and nemesis who clearly found a way to outmaneuver YHWH in every way imaginable!

NOTE**: any real antagonisms between this version of the Hebrew Egyptian– God-King and the Pharisees, etc., were about calling out the B.S. that had been written by the first writers of the Torah who in my view were the descendants of the Mallavi(LEVI) priesthood that left Egypt with Akhenaten (if he was Moses). This version of the Messiah would have known 100% that that story was fiction so he called B.S. on it. But that doesn’t make him the savior of the Gentiles or the world if he’s from the archon bloodlines; in this view, he would be more like the false savior and there are versions of Judaism that suggest exactly that. See THIS video by Adam Green where he covers this exact ground and shows how Kabbalah views this jewish jesus as Samael the devil. This is all the machinations of Yaldabaoth and the Archons and Adam Green proves it beyond all reasonable doubt: that Judaism is toxic racist ‘spiritual fascism’ and doesn’t represent the Pleroma nor the Living Aeon Christ who confronted Caesarion about 2000 years ago. So there was a cosmic drama played out in that era and the real Christ was not Jewish.

FTC: fuck the Christ…As X has always been a marker for Christ.

The media is the message and the media message is the Jewish hive mind egregore.

This whopper is going to need some unpacking!

First off this is my Christian Gnostic spiritual view about what this really means. To understand why one needs to understand that Judaism and its god have absolutely nothing to do with the Living Aeon Christ. The god of Judaism is known as the god of the material world often called the Demiurge in antiquity. The material father is also known as The Grand Architect of this template and was brought into existence long after Christ when viewed in cosmological terms (and time). The Jewish people now exist within an energy matrix best called the hive mind egregore. Associated with that energy is the fact that Yaldabaoth (demiurge) HATES the Living Aeon Christ (the spirit of truth and wisdom) who was not genetically Jewish (see Docetism). See Marcion and his Antithesis.

To understand the insider aspect of this one needs to grok an old saying from the fringes of Christendom. I met many kids in my 7 years of living on the streets and most of them were Christian kids who had been quite abused in one way or another. In a strange ironic reversal, they had a saying and many had the tattoo FTW! This means Fuck The World which, in a strange kind of way, is what Christians should do, although perhaps in a way that isn’t quite as explicit. Perhaps a saying from the N.T. will help although they altered the real meaning of this teaching which was, ‘if any person loves this world and puts the concerns of this world before Christ then they are of their father the devil’. Which here mean minions caught in the demiurgic matrix. This is the real meaning of this scripture, which is otherwise nonsensical, and a jewish jesus would never have said it if he was representing Judaism as Yahweh incarnate– as Judaism’s entire oeuvre is world-affirming! Not to mention that a judaic jesus would not have taught a false version of Satan that contradicted the Torah–not possible! Nor would he have taught the Trinity and violated Judaism’s foundational metaphysics and cults like The Jehovah’s Witnesses figured out that much (not an endorsement of another Freemasonic cult in modernity).

Okay…and last but not least: CRYPTO! I have quite a few blogs on it. Isn’t the name enough to tell you what it is? And Satoshi? Come on…there is no doubt in my mind that he was from a certain tribe. And what is it? The digital subdividing of the analog penny! Truly ingenious, yes…but it’s just more of the same when it comes to the religion of money and who is behind it. If we could just get the dumb financially illiterate gentiles to learn how to trade…And just a FYI: the descendants of the last full-blown Judaic Messiah known as Sabbatai Zevi (from 1666) are known today as Sabbatean Frankists and they have one very meaningful code when it comes to civilization: antinomianism which is to invert ‘the law’ into lawlessness in a macabre attempt at ushering in the Messiah. In my view, this was what the FTC scandal is about and it was all pre-planned and pre-scripted.

Folks like E. Michael Jones will understand what I’m saying here as he documents it in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, but of course, as a Catholic, he misunderstands the why of it.

Unfortunately, this sad tragedy will have to play itself out to the bitter end.

HERE is a link to another Miles Mathis blog where he covers the shenanigans of frying the bank man (the blackjack 21 years after 911). …But, IMO., he doesn’t quite get the real meaning of FTC. And, yes…I’m still up and hodl ing on my coins. The universe took me there in 2017 and I always follow the muse as it’s always a lesson. One of the things I learned was if you are invited into the home/casino of a tribe member you are consenting to be abused (although I would never claim innocence). So, nevertheless, I’m still up when it comes to my coins. And sometimes if a casino is the only game in town…well, one just might take a spin. It’s all so Diabolic!

Of course, all the usual caveats here: non-violence, etc…The Spirit of Anti-Christ is now in full force on the planet and is funded and supported endlessly but don’t dare say those two words (TJ) together, right Mr. ChappELle?

One word to help turn around the optics on the current trend of things: JUBILEE! Will we get it? NOPE! Not a chance! The dumb HYLICS (blind foolish ignorance) are in control of an out-of-control civilizational locomotive. Bezos and mr. blackjack just can’t seem to get it: gentiles are not looking for Jews to give away their money! They are looking to end predatory usurious economics with all its grifts and Ponzi/pyramid schemes. Why are you too stupid to understand this?

Oh, a quick note on the Sabbatean link: Jacob Frank was right about Yahweh but wrong to try and attempt to save the world (the stupidity of Tikkun). The Christians who wrote the article are also wrong when it comes to metaphysics but right about Frank. But there is another issue: the ‘how should we live’ question when it comes to the culture wars. On that specific topic, I would side with Christian Culture, like what I’ve heard described in Hungary right now. So traditionalism mixed with nixing the worst predatory aspects of capitalism (a non-marxist approach) to the degree that it can be done. I’ve many blogs on this issue on this site. But if Christianity can’t DO BETTER than Jewish internationalism then perhaps it doesn’t deserve much anyway. But on the metaphysical side of the street, I do wonder if any culture can be healthy when its foundational metaphysics is incorrect: in that regard, I’d think they are all destined to fail.

Dec. 22 update:

I hear Bankman got a standing ovation in NYC. Likely from those he funneled investors’ money to. But it occurs to me that something more is going on here. Consistently, in the Torah, god chooses the most questionable and dubious characters to be his chosen ones. Not that they existed as written but Abraham selling his wife to Pharaoh? That was gods fave person? And David killed another man’s wife so he could have her? Perfect! And on and on…and apparently the game is still on when it comes to the dubious characters that god seems to favour. The fog and cognitive dissonance disappear though if Yahweh is dubious itself and this has always been a primary assertion of the Christian Gnostics.

evolutionary theory applied to economics looks incredibly close to the chosen people’s enactment of Judaism’s monetary policies

Linked HERE from Integral World.

That’s Joe Corbett but I just couldn’t pass it up! At the very least there is a certain consistency over time when one travels down these hi-ways and bi-ways of metaphysical inquiry. Don’t feel bad Joe, as I’m a Christian Gnostic, who doesn’t believe Christ was Jewish, and I’ve suffered blows from this cult in much the same way the Christian Gnostics did in their quarrels with Plotinus–who I’ve said is Wilber today (loosely speaking).

Even though I’m a peace-loving hippie to the Jews I’m an evil Nazi (I’m not German and I disavow National Socialism) so there is 100% no nuance within the Jewish Question anymore. My guess is that the Nazi card couldn’t quite work with Kanye–so maybe now he’s a ‘blackzi’…And BTW: it’s priceless that the Jews love Integral Inc. but it appears the irony is lost on them. As is their endless obsession with nuance which gets entirely deleted and trashed when it comes to the J.Q. as the comments prove in Corbett’s essay. In my view, the chart that is presented in the essay doesn’t show any kind of healthy integration but rather COLONIZATION!

See my Towards A New Earth Commons blog for suggestions for creating healthy spiritual economics. And my 12-part Winter Solstice Golden Rule series. Of course, the reason I’m called a Nazi by Jewish interests in politics and power is that my ideas would actually address and correct the bad economic policies today that have given the power to Jewish interests.

If the Integral community can’t have an open and honest deep and constructive conversation about the J.Q. then who can? The only thing I’ll add is that if someone is going to declare themselves a victim would it be too much to ask not to be over-represented in every major aspect of society? How can I declare myself a victim with the percentages of influence represented in the chart?

This brings us to pre-crime. So now every gentile on earth is a suspect of thought crime when it comes to the J.Q. That’s what this amounts to and it’s deeply neurotic and offensive. This, in fact, makes every Gentile a Palestinian today and if one speaks out about abusive power and politics in the Jewish community one gets targeted. The controversy surrounding the Jewish Question isn’t going away and the calls for canceling J.C. is why I gave up on Integral Inc…

Okay, I’m off to check out Miles Mathis! A must-read for every person on earth today! Are they victims or *PEERAGE ELITES throughout history? I haven’t come across anyone who has debunked Mathis yet on his cultural writings. Not in any serious in-depth analysis. Maybe Kenny is up to the task? Convince me Miles is incorrect!

*of course there are people within the Jewish community who are not peerage elites.

I was going to do a separate blog on Once Upon A Time In America by Sergio Leone, but I think it will fit here.

I grew up on Hollywood just like pretty well everyone else of my generation in Canada. I consider myself reasonably well-versed in Hollywood lore. But I’d never heard of this movie and it’s one of the best films ever made, in my opinion. So WHY? Why had I not heard about this film? Because, for the most part, it was buried by the PTB in Hollywood. And what was Leone trying to tell us? Perhaps there are certain people within the higher ranks of the Jewish mafia that are faking their deaths. Could that be why? Notice the year in the film: 1933! That’s a marker for the 18th dy nasty Hebrew Pharaonic Elites 33 centuries ago.

On the intro aphorism: is it just a coinky-dinky? And is it just another coincidence that the Integral Spiral Dynamics mapping ends up also looking like another version of the Chosen People doctrine? Albeit with the Philosopher King’s twist.

Isn’t this the claim of Catholicism and many of the other sects within Christianity?

But wait a minute…if Christianity is true then surely Judaism is false and therefore the god of Judaism could not logically be the father Christ spoke about.

Before I get into this I just want to clarify that I’m dissecting this from the perspective of spirituality and theism and not from materialism, atheism, and evolutionary theories. That would be an entirely different blog and is not relevant here per se.

Perhaps it would be good to flesh out the foundational tenets of both religions.

Judaism is strict monotheism and Yahweh has no son. Their Messiah concept is about political control over the nations and not about soul salvation per se. The Hebrew Messiah is not Yahweh’s son!

In Judaism, angels do not have free will and are Messengers of heaven.

In Judaism, Satan is an arch-sergeant at arms (so to speak) and is the adversary of man and not god.

Judaism is quite limited (on the surface) about the afterlife but we do know eternal damnation has never been a tenet of Judaism–at best Judaism hints at some kind of reincarnation template–but the idea isn’t clear and overt.

Judaism teaches racial supremacy and ‘spiritual fascism’. The Gentile nations are to be subservient to Jewish rule. To be fair, HERE is a link that attempts to refute this but I could also link thousands of Rabbis that DO TEACH SUPREMACY and ‘spiritual fascism’. So when we have that many Rabbis teaching the latter then they are getting their ideas from somewhere. I agree that everything is hermeneutics but those who teach a negative view of Gentiles are getting their teachings from somewhere and I’d suggest that somewhere is within Jewish spiritual writings. Muse on this because it’s relevant. Again, that is just one of 1000’s I could link.


Christianity, for the most part, teaches that god is a Trinity.

Christianity teaches that angels have free will and this is one of the primary foundations of its whole theology.

Christianity teaches that Satan is the arch-enemy of god.

Christianity teaches universalism and that the Law is not a part of salvation–Christians are saved by Grace In Christ. So no race or ethnicity has a special place in Christian theology.

Christianity teaches eternal damnation (in general).

So we should be able to flesh out some basics here. If Christ was a Jewish Rabbi then he would have declared himself the political messiah of Israel but this is something he was not at all interested in. He should have been if he was the Judaic Messiah. We should note that the second coming of the Christian version of the saviour does not include Judaism’s view of these events; it’s more accurate from my reading, that Judaism would be destroyed by this Christian Christ and his second coming. Isn’t this enough to argue that Yahweh is not the father Christ spoke about?

And this is from Jacob Elon Conner’s epistle to the Gentiles:

“If God is a Jew, what have we Gentiles to do with your religion?” What indeed?

Christianity teaches that Satan was a liar from the beginning. But this simply isn’t true by their own theology. Satan was a ‘perfect’ archangel and not a liar from the beginning. So they contradict their own teachings. A note here that there is a version of the Christian devil that fulfills the ‘liar from the beginning’ quote: Yaldabaoth, the god of material existence and known as the demiurge in Christian Gnosticism, who was a liar from the beginning and was birthed by Sophia who named him a blind fool! Then there is the scripture that says the devil deceives the WHOLE world and the only version of Satan I’ve come across that fulfills this quote is the Christian Gnostic view of Yahweh who is an Archon created by Yaldabaoth. If this is true then the whole world HAS been deceived minus a handful of Christian Gnostics.

So god is a tad schizophrenic when it comes to spiritual crime and punishment. In the Torah, the afterlife was not a priority but by the time of Christ there was obviously a 180 done in that specific regard and god became obsessed with torturing forever anyone that didn’t meet the Christian standard of salvation. How can this be the same god? Talk about a cosmic flip-flop! Now I don’t claim to know what happens to someone when they die other than to say they are dead but these inconsistencies logically argue that these two religions are not at all compatible. Having said that, I’ve argued elsewhere from a Christian Gnostic view, that eternal damnation is somewhat consistent with the brutality and violence of Yahweh but I usually use that argument in blogs where I argue the Jewish version of Jesus as Yahweh is at that point consistent–although sickening.

I’ll sign off here with some suggestions:

Read Marcion’s The Antithesis.

Watch Bobby Collier’s videos that go into amazing amounts of detail which prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Yahweh is Satan.

The only thing I’d add is that Jews who convert to Christianity are deeply confused or, rather more likely; have a hidden agenda and are not sincere. This blog should cough up evidence that Judaism is not compatible with Christianity. On that note, I’ll leave with mentioning the stupidest comment I ever got on YouTube: this presumably jewish person said that American Christians have consented to usurious economics! A truly sickening comment but par for the course when it comes to a Christianity co-opted!

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