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A tad sloppy so I’ll summarize here.

All three groups claim Yahweh as their own: Hebrews (Jews), White Aryan Christians, and Black Africans (Christians). So all three claim that they are the chosen Israelites.

So it’s me/us daddy loves most! Idiotic and infantile but that’s about where we are when it come civilization these days. Not too much of a problem until any of these groups take control of civilization and that is exactly what has happened. And that is extraordinarily dangerous. If you don’t see that letting delusion run the world via politics and economic power then you cannot be helped.

There is that not so tiny problem that the Israelites were Egyptian Pharaohs and that the Torah illustrates a false history when it comes to the Patriarchs. But why let reality interfere with your narcissistic delusions?

‘Caesarion was known as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords’…

This one is the mother lode on Conspiracy Lane. What one should consider is whether an elite and toxic group of Hebrew Pharaohs could have pulled this civilizational heist off. I’ll argue that nothing could have been easier. Please note that these families have been writing history since the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago and those numbers are a marker for who and what they are. Many of our religions were written and started by these Royals who also control the flow of information and what I call Hackedemia today. So they don’t want you to know what they’ve been up to nor what they did to conceal themselves (and conceal the truth).

This is a Christian Gnostic assessment of HIS story (the demiurge) so there will, by necessity, be some speculative metaphysics involved in this one. We live in a dualistic existence and there is a VOID between this demiurgic construct we reside in and the godhead of the Pleroma (heaven); there is also a dualism between mind and matter (the brain); and a dualism between the goodness of the pleroma and the blind ignorance that is responsible for evil within our existence.

Primary to understanding this essay is the notion that Christ wasn’t a Jewish carpenter (see below) as presented in the writings written by these ruling families. Second is the assertion that Christ was not referencing the Old Testament’s Yahweh when he spoke of the Father. There were many sects of Christians in the early church who understood this. And that Christ was here to elucidate the falseness of what came to be known as the Torah which is the work of the descendants of Egyptian/Hebrew scribes known as the Levites whose roots came from the Egyptian city of MalLEVI. And that ZION was Heliopolis–also known as ON and ZI can be said to mean dry/desert so it means great city of the desert and was one of the primary schools within Egyptian spirituality. And lets’s not dismiss IS (Isis) RA (Amun Ra) and the Cannanite EL and this name points to the merging of these bloodline royals.

Let’s start with god: Julius Caesar (J.C.)…Also known as “Divus Iulius”. Said to be a direct descendant of Venus/Isis. His early forays into empire started in Gaul/France and this is where the lore of his bloodline is said to have settled. His death can be said to be a reenactment of the death of Osiris. The comet named Caesar’s Star in 44 BC was likely the source of the star of Bethlehem in the gospel stories.

From Tupper Saussey:

We see clearly that they created a narrative around this man that turned him into a direct descendant of The Queen of Heaven. He must have known what it meant when he married Cleopatra who also considered herself the Queen of Heaven.

J.C. is also Jesus Christ, of course. Christ is Egyptian and means ‘the anointing of the pharaoh’. The anointing was done with crocodile oil which was known as Messeh oil and is where the word Messiah comes from. So Judaism borrowed Egyptian spirituality! See my blog Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality. And, of course, the spirituality of Egypt was recreated by Caesarion’s families and friends and became known as Catholicism. It was Caesarion’s goal to create a new and expanded state religion and in this, he was hugely successful. The spirituality of Egypt is embedded like DNA in Christianity.

Meri (Mary) means beloved in Egyptian and Cleopatra (((VII))) was the Virgin Queen of Isis. She was well instructed in all the healing arts and would have passed that knowledge onto her son Caesarion. His initiation into the healing arts would have continued during his ‘lost years’ in India and surrounding countries. It’s here where he likely met and was greeted by other royal families who created and controlled these countries via their religious creations. This is a fact with Buddhism; although the roots of the Vedas are more obscured, I’d challenge the notion that they were written by commoners as we would understand the term today.

Caesarion was born in 47 BC and died in 33 AD. These are Illuminati number codes and he lived 80 years which is also a code marker. The 47 has long been the Gematria code for YHWH and 33 for Jesus. You won’t understand this until you realize that Ceasarion and his bloodline heritage were the Archon Hebrew Pharaohs that came through the Ptolemys who came from the 18th Dynasty. In my view, this Hebrew King was the ancestor of Thutmose (Son Of Thoth) and the mythological warrior King David. In Egyptian the TWT (Thutmose) translates to DWD (Dawood) in Hebrew which sounds David in English. So this Hebrew bloodline was by no means victims! As speculation I’d go as far as suggesting that Caesarion was a reincarnation of the spirit of Thoth as was Alexander The Great who paved the way for him. It’s not random that he was born by Isis in Alexandria and was said to have died at 33 as did Alexander. Of course, to the Christian Gnostics, these are all *Archon bloodlines.

Now, it’s my contention that part of the hostilities between this Jesus Caesarion and the Sanhedrin is because he KNEW that these Rabbis were teaching false history. But it was always tempered by the knowledge that they did share a common ancestry. Parsing out exactly what happened when he came back from India isn’t really possible but I believe some kind of cosmic drama did play out in that era between this Archon Thoth as Caesarion/Jesus and the Living Aeon Christ: so one was a Hebrew King (not a jewish carpenter) and one was an ‘angel in human form’ (or appeared human)–the latter known as Docetism in religious studies. I even suggest that they looked very similar! So The Living Aeon Christ and the Demiurgic Archon Thoth as Caesarion/Jesus did battle it out in that era. In some gnostic texts it says that it was the Archon Hebrew Thoth as Jesus who was crucified! So the Jews helped crucify the DEMIURGE! Cosmic irony on a grand scale…

Cleopatra’s daughter Selene is the template for the Statue of Liberty. Search for pictures of Selene and put them side by side and they are the same person. Selene became Mary Magdalene and it’s quite possible that king Thoth as Jesus married her–this is what these royals do. And they ended up in Gaul of course. The twin was the brother Thomas who wrote a gnostic gospel. So the brothers and sister disappear from the public record but reappear in the gospels. Some will say Selene went to Maurantia but I call B.S. on that one, too. These royals write history and the Flavians were in the loop and helped craft the New Testament narrative–so religion was created by royals. Who could have thought?

Some thoughts on this Thoth/Hermes/Jesus character said to be the wisest being in existence. He’s said to have lived 777 years and tunes to the 7th note of the major scale and it was Thoth that created the 7-day week. The 7th generation from Adam in the Torah was Lamech who was based on Thoth. Here is a paragraph from The Domain Of Man site:

In Greek legend, Hermes was celebrated for his musical ability and inventiveness. He is also credited with devising the musical scale.z The common musical scale is that of seven distinct notes that repeat in octaves. The reign of Thoth also represented the fulfillment of a grand cycle. Thoth was not the first note of a new cycle, but the seventh and final note of a completed scale. The number seven is the Biblical number of completion and is emphasized in the narrative of Lamech. He is said to have lived 777 years. Thoth was the final Patriarch before the Flood, which signaled the end or completion of an Age. In the Book of Genesis, Thoth (Lamech) is the 7thPatriarch in the line of Adam. This was made possible by the removal of the god Seth from the succession list. Lamech was to be avenged 77 times if killed in retaliation for helping Seth murder Osiris. 

The god Thoth changed the Egyptian calendar from ten-day weeks to seven-day weeks. In the Bible, the seventh day, i.e., the Sabbath, was considered holy and a day of solemn rest. Sheshat, the consort of Thoth wore an ornamental headdress notable for its unique seven-pedal flower or seven-spiked star. The number seven is integral to the pyramid with its square base and triangular faces. The Great Pyramid also embodies the number Pi, which is closely approximated with whole numbers by the ratio of 22 divided by 7. Thoth was made the final custodian of the Great Pyramid. The Greek name Hermes means “cairn, or pillar”aa, i.e., a monument or heap of stones. As a fertility god, Thoth was called by the name of Min in Egypt. The Egyptian word men also means monument, as in the name Akh-menu, “most glorious of monuments.”ab

The symmetry, serenity, and solemnity of Thoth’s character are misleading. The world he ruled was becoming an increasingly hectic place. Genesis 6:5,11 (KJV) states, “The wickedness of man was great in the earth and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.” Maintaining control was Herculean labor, even for mighty Horus the Younger. However, Thoth (Hermes) and the other gods already realized that it didn’t really matter. The end of the Age was at hand. It was no time for piety or for sobriety. The plan of the day was “eat, drink, and be merry … for tomorrow we die.”

The god Enlil had opposed both the making and the educating of man. Yet, an even greater sin in his eyes had come next. The “cursed” creatures became one with their blessed begetters. Enlil was enraged at this “evil” and determined to put an end to it. The coming Flood provided the perfect opportunity. The other gods, especially Enki, did not share the sentiment or sentence proposed by Enlil. Nevertheless, as a senior god, Enlil pulled rank and imposed his will. Although a difference of opinion among the gods was to blame, it was their children who ultimately bore the shame.

We too are bloodthirsty like Cain and Seth.
Completely unworthy both Ben and Beth.
Our Judgment comes and Nun will thrive.
Is an Ark ready? Will knowledge survive?

Peace is to have purpose in every breath.
Lasting contentment comes only with death.
We are the happiest when we can strive,
To make life better for being alive.

As one living in the modern age I do concede that the E.T. alien theory does seem plausible and that the ENLIL and ENKI quarrel does make sense out of the antagonisms between the Old and New Testaments, but having said that, it’s not my view. I even get that the early Christian Gnostics were likely ‘Egyptian friendly’ as they knew it was Thoth and Osiris that ruled the reincarnation template (premodern metaphysics) and that this was the real foundation for Christianity. But as a Christian Gnostic in our modern age, I don’t share a positive view of these Egyptian Gods. I also think researchers like Ahmed Osman and Ralph Ellis are delusional when they suggest the TPTB will one day acknowledge all these cosmic shenanigans. They will not, IMO. At this point in time, the Jews are doubling down on their delusions and trademarking the Jesus character as their own Jewish Rabbi who had no quarrel with the Torah. They will even implement a Third Temple and make the supposed sin sacrifice of Jesus redundant so contradiction and cognitive dissonance on a grand scale. The only reason they are copyrighting the Jesus character now is because they then become immune from being called Anti-Christ and they do this while inverting all the core teachings of Christ who they believe is Samael the Lord Of Death (those who control the reincarnation template) whom Jews say will betray Christians in the end. Can you see Thoth/Osiris in that view? I certainly can. They do this also as they implement policies for the destruction of EDOM (the West). So delusion is being acted out civilizationally on a grand (not so grand) scale.

A final note here and it goes specifically to the nature of god in Christianity but also applies to Judaism. Why would an all-good and all-loving Jesus make it so there is next to no historic evidence for his existence? This makes no sense and cannot be blamed on Satan. The same goes for the near absolute lack of evidence for Judaism’s patriarchs and this essay covers why that likely is. The Levites created a religion based on the Pharaoh’s beliefs and metaphysics. And these Royals did what they’ve done since the 18th dynasty: hide themselves and the truth about the religions they created.

Although somewhat poorly done and the narrator can be annoying I’d suggest watching the documentary,

The Ring Of Power, by Amenstop Productions.

I’ve written about all of this in my song, NO COMING BACK FOR YOU:

NOTE*: in the gnostic texts they suggest that Eve was raped by the archons. In my view, this didn’t happen on this material earth but happened on a higher dimension. The offspring of that rape eventually led to the lines of CAIN on this more fallen-density earth.

Jan. 4, 2023: here is a list of authors who either confirmed or supported my own research along these lines as an ‘uneducated blogger’ (haha). In no particular order and it’s likely all of them would reject my unique Christian Gnostic views on these matters. But like they say out on the farm, ‘what the hay!’

The previously mentioned Ralph Ellis and Ahmed Osmond. Moustafa Gadalla, Joe Atwill, Charles N. Pope, makes a compelling case for why different researchers view different pharaohs as the Israeli patriarchs: because they borrowed motifs from earlier dynasties. We see these repetitive motifs all the time when it comes to the Bible characters. So, although Yuya as Joseph is a perfect fit in the 18th dynasty the motif of the Vizier also happened within the 12th dynasty.

I guess I should explain why I hold a negative view of these Egyptian gods. I see them as archons of the demiurge and although it’s true that isn’t how the Egyptians viewed their deities it is how I view them from modernity. I see Thoth (as wisdom) being a replicant of the true hidden Sophia, and I see Osiris as another archon and basically another replicant of Christ. The true Christ and Sophia remain hidden and they were hidden in the G.O.E. story: ALL the characters involved in that story were agents/archons of the demiurge (Yaldabaoth) with the exception of Adam and Eve.

This is a note (ah) from chapter 8 of the Domain of Man site:

 In Ancient Egypt, commoners were variously called the “cattle of Re,” “noble herd” or “flock of the god.” See “Tales of the Magicians” in Joseph Kaster, The Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, p 264.  As in the Tale of Etana, a loophole in the law of Thoth was found by declaring men to be animals!

Another example of why Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality (borrowed from the Egyptians). It’s no accident that Judaism views the Gentiles (commoners) in the exact same way.

HERE is a link to Pope’s book, Jesus Among The Julio-Claudians. You can read an intro for free. He’s basically confirming pretty well everything I intuited via SPIRITUAL GNOSIS: I didn’t really have to research this but came to understand it via the ‘spirit of Christ’ which is the spirit of truth (and wisdom). He’s saying what I’ve been saying: these bloodlines controlled Greece and eventually Rome! And, yes…they are still at it today with all the fakery and name changes and body doubles, etc.! It’s very important to understand why they worked with Judaism even though they knew it was a false narrative: because it helped them in trade and commerce and still does today! It’s basically the religion of money (and power).

2023 Update:

I’m watching the Jewish Elizabeth Taylor play Cleopatra (Miles should take note of that). In it, there is a scene where she is talking to Ceasar by Alexander’s tomb. She goes on to describe her imperial ambitions that were brought to life through Jewish Christianity which has as its primary injunction the aims of her speech: the takeover of the whole world which will be fulfilled by Third Temple Judaism. Adam Green covers this ground all the time when he suggests that Christianity was a controlled opposition and it was used as a weapon to subdue all gentile nations.


from Tupper Saussy wherein he shows that the Pontifex Maximus circus (JC) was well on their way to creating the Jesus story although here he documents Octavian’s birth myth. If they were doing this with someone who wasn’t even his son then how much more would they have doubled down on the idea with someone who was his son–Ceasarion….

More in 2024: I’ve moved away from dualism when it comes to the ‘hard problem of consciousness’ within the study of consciousness within science. I’ve moved to dual-aspect monism, in part, because I’m fond of Samkhya. I call Prakriti the ‘demiurgic construct’ and lower mind is fully instantiated within the material universe. See The Demiurgic Mind. But I still maintain metaphysical dualism between this universe and the Pleroma (Purusha)…Whether I end up as an Idealist (everything is mind) is yet to be seen although Chalmers suggests it is a natural trajectory. But in my case, I think it is unlikely.

“in the land of the blind, the one- eyed man is king.” 

Anyone who reads these blogs understands that I believe Christianity is the re-invented theology of the Hebrew Pharaohs. So although the Egyptian Hebrew Pharaohs kept their identity hidden they continued to practice the religion/spirituality of Egypt. This spirituality eventually morphed into Constantine’s RCC wherein it taught obedience (slavery) to these ruling Hebrew Elites who remained hidden until Sept. 11, 2001: a date they used to openly declare their rule over the entire earth (for those with eyes to see). HERE is a link covering the ground that Sept. 11th is now the Egyptian New Year with the first month called Thoth and Thoth rules the reincarnation temple. Without endorsing him I would also suggest watching Mark Passio’s excellent presentation on the occult nature of 911.

This blog will explain why the RCC looks so very much like the religion of Egypt with its Trinities and why Egyptian symbolism pervades Rome, The City Of London, and Washington, D.C. These city-states show the trajectories of the descendants of these royal Hebrew Elite Pharaoh Kings and Queens.

What is most important to understand is that these Hebrew descendants of the Pharaohs KNEW FOR A FACT that the Torah, as it came to be known, was a work of fiction by those blood-relative Levites who created a false history juxtaposed to racist supremacy and spiritual fascism. One has to assess Christianity in this light and when one does so one finds that Christianity is also not what it pretends to be: the child of Judaism it is not. Without endorsement of his work, we also have researchers like Walter Veith who’ve also argued strongly that Islam was created as a Psy-Op by the very same families that created the RCC.

Okay, so those preambles said. Nowhere over at least 1500 years (prior to A.D.) did Yahweh teach the Hebrews that he was the first person of a Trinity. As explained above, the Trinity WAS created by Hebrews, it’s just that these were Egyptian-Hebrew-Greek- Pharaohs who hid within their renewed religion of the Roman Catholic Church: this is where the Trinity comes from: the Egyptian Schools.

Nowhere did Yahweh teach the Hebrews that he has an arch-enemy that outsmarts and outflanks him on every possible level. This is laughable if one understands the self-aggrandizement of Yahweh clearly outlined in Isaiah wherein he declares he’s the author of both good and evil. So that leaves us with the Book Of Enoch as an explanation for the evil on earth but most all of Judaism rejects these stories because in Judaism angels are messengers that do not have free will. My take on the Enoch/Watcher/Nephilim stories is that they were misdirection by the archons although this is a Christian Gnostic view on those myths.

So these stories were created to misdirect away from the Demiurge and Archon view of cosmology wherein Judaism is a direct creation of the Archons who are not acting against their will: they act according to their will which is premised on deception, occultism (Kabbalah), and *spiritual lies and treachery. Adam Green correctly details the toxic cosmology of Judaism and Kabbalah wherein he clearly shows that the gentile people on earth are viewed as nothing more than POS (pieces of shite) by these teachings. Interestingly enough on that note: Hylic materialists like **TJ Kirk (Amazing Atheist) and many of his followers used the POS extensively to describe anyone critical of jewish power and politics (see his videos on the Kanye psy-op). So even the left-wing atheists can’t help but act out the Judiac and Kabbalistic view of gentile people–whether consciously or not is hard to gauge.

So if Yahweh is Jesus why didn’t he tell the Hebrews right from the get-go? So when god gave Moses the task of writing the first five books (he didn’t) he didn’t see fit to share its Trinity nature, nor tell Moses that god has an arch-nemesis, nor that angels have free will–that is a ton of theological omission. Why not tell Abraham or Moses exactly who it was? That’s about 2500 years that passed from the time of Abraham (if we buy the Bible’s timeline) and Yahweh refused to tell his chosen people that he’s a Trinity! And it took another 300 years after Christ to get that coded into verse! Clearly, something is amiss here. And if Yahweh sent the Messiah Jesus to the jews (who is not the son of god) then this is the most terrible news ever for gentile people because the foundational tenet of Judaism is that gentile people will be thoroughly annihilated or be enslaved to the jews. I could link thousands of rabbis here who teach this explicitly so I’m only parroting what Judaism teaches.

NOTE* of course not every jewish person holds this view. And the idea of eternal damnation is just as toxic when it comes to Christianity. I’ve argued elsewhere that on aggregate Christianity is close to toxic too which makes sense if it is the invention of the same toxic royal bloodlines (as is Islam).

NOTE**: I’ve said many times that civilization is witnessing a Game Of Thrones within the Jewish mind. TJ says he created the anti-social justice movement (S.J.W.’s known here as tikkun) so this is evidence that materialist jews are warring with religious jews. Whether it’s all WWF(wrestling) fake trolling is not to be dismissed although obviously not provable. As a Christian Gnostic, I view NO ONE as a POS. Materialist Hylics we simply view as IGNORANCE of Truth.

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