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Home made Ginger Beer!

That’s me playing the peanuts theme.

Upgrades to the Van interior.

Some Flawed Design Wood Muse…

Have a cookie with the ginger beer!

The film is linked HERE…

The first thing I’ll address is whether rock’n roll was/is an organic rebellion against The Man? Absolutely NOT! Rock was a creation of the Peerage Elites and it was created as a tool of control as everything is when it comes to the Archons. HINT: SIR Paul McCartney, SIR ELton John, SIR Bob GELdolf, and definitely SIR ELvIS Presley if he had lived, etc…

HERE and HERE are links of one of the Four Rabbis (Lennon) saying (he was asked) that the entertainment industry is run by the Hebrews (archons). Of course, it is! And they manage all the scriptwriting with preternatural precision. My gnostic reworking of the classic devil song Crossroads would never be given the time of day by the industry as it diverts from the karefully krafted script.

The Abrahamic (Demiurge figure) religions are also karefully krafted scripts. The Genesis (The Genes Of Isis) story is the narrative of Yaldabaoth the Demiurge. All the characters except Adam and Eve were Archons! This means that the Serpent and (((god))) were Yaldabaoth who was almost always depicted as part serpent and part lion in antiquity. In my version of Crossroads, I suggest that the Aeon Christ and Sophia remained hidden and were not involved per se in that narrative–I described them as hidden trees in the Garden (higher dimensional earth). This is a diversion from the script and can never be allowed.

I’ll focus on two characters here: *Mr. Capricorn played by Malcolm McDowELl and Lily Mayflower played by Jesse Sullivan. It’s worth noting the MM as it is another iteration of the 33 and Jesse’s name is an anagram of jesus and MC is code for the highest point of the sun’s (demiurge) arc (ecliptic) in the sky–think GMC, too, which is code for ‘god the highest’ which is always the declaration of the demiurge: ‘there are no other gods but me’…Lily is obviously a reference to Lilith and it’s here that the film is interesting from an esoteric point of view. There is a real-life intersection between cinema and metaphysics with Jesse being Trans.

In Kabbalah (which runs the world today) the devil and the jewish jesus are said to be the hermaphrodite Samael and the film depicts this rendition rather well. So Samael in Jewish lore is Satan as well as the fake/replicant Christ as well as Lilith (also portrayed to be the bride/wife). This version of Satan as jesus is also why the jews say that **jesus is a deception and Christianity is the controlled opposition of Judaism– something I agree with. See the many videos of Adam Green who documents this beyond all reasonable doubt.

The fun starts when the lads meet the angel (archon ) GabriEL who, it should be noted, lied to Mary and/or Muhammed: in the prior he said Mary would birth gods son and 700 years later said that he wasn’t gods son but merely another prophet.

Indeed the deal gets signed with blood magic. FF to a convo wherein Mr. Capricorn starts to reveal who Lily and ELias really are! There are no coinky-dinky’s on Conspiracy Lane:P At Hellfest he finally reveals to Faust that he is indeed Lily as well as Mr. Capricorn. And this IS the Kabbalist view of Satan as Lucifer/Samael/ENKI. So maybe the real title of the film should be Israeli Satan.

And just for fun as an end note. I recently watched a video on the Beatles Paul is dead psyop. There is no doubt that they acted out this script but where I differ is that the Beatles were part of a much larger than four-writing team and an aspect of the script was the P/Faul drama. I add this as I remember as a kid playing the records backward and hearing the ‘Paul is dead’ words quite clearly (among others). So this d/mockumentary is just a continuation of the psyop. No one died.

NOTE*: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn in premodern metaphysics (astrotheology) and Saturn is synced with Judaism and why the rabbis wear that little black cube on their head (along with the Kaaba in Islam). It’s the place of ‘unresolved sin’ within the reincarnation template. Notice in the film that Lily the Mayflower never appears together with Samael as eventually, they do reveal (spoiler ) that Lily/Lillith is in fact Samael–this points to the symbol of the serpent/lion of Yaldabaoth.

NOTE**: Lucifer as Enki. See The Joy Of Satan website. The film is produced by Sumerian Productions and Akkadian Records is the label. So we venture into modern E.T. theory here wherein ENKI is Samael/Lilith. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that the supposed antagonisms between the brothers ENKI and ENlIL does explain the antagonisms between the Old and New Testaments with Enlil as the wicked Yahweh and ENKI as the human saviour jesus. Please note that in this essay the non-capitalized j marks the fake/replicant jewish jesus/ENKI/Samael.

An add-on: we’ve already established that they used the Judaic version of Satan in this film (for the most part). But why America? Well…that is the question, isn’t it… Yes, I’ve covered this ground before so see Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality. From that, we can discern that Egypt (named after Ptah the Demiurge) was also known as Tameri with MERI being one of the famous Egyptian words meaning beloved. KA means spirit in Egyptian but the anglo transition is CA. So (T)America means ‘beloved land of Egypt’s spirit’ and is one of the primary residences of the descendants of the 18th dynasty Hebrew Pharaohs who have never been victims. And yes, Canaan was the land bordering Egypt and the land bordering America today is CAIN ada…A land totally controlled by the 18th dynasty Hebrew Elites and their associates.

All this kind of begs the question of whether these Pharaonic Hebrew Elites and their allies will ever give up on all their shenanigans. NOPE! They are The Relentless…

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