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media doesn’t reflect the mores of the people but rather the narrative of the elites.

This one is about the black side of money lending as it intersects with the ‘economic matrix’, especially with those who criticize this corrupt economic system.

But first a preamble. Israel threw the biggest world party in HIS story starting in 1948 when they took control of oil in that region; before the discovery of oil, they had little interest in those lands other than the few that had always lived there. Flash forward 1 degree of precession (72 years) to 2020 and we could reasonably say that the party is over. The Pharaonic Hebrew Elites came out of the closet on Sept. 11, 2001, and now rule openly which ended millennia-long ages of stealth rule via their royal houses. Yes, the Two Towers were Boaz and Jachim and this is again Freemasonic symbolism for pillars that were monuments in Egypt’s Temples (Sun and Moon=Solomon). Building 7 was the Salomon Building and Sept. 11 was the first month of the Egyptian calendar in today’s time keeping with the first month named THOTH.

In the modern West, in the 21st Century, we are experiencing what Palestine experienced during the first 50 years of the 20th Century (Fox/Jewish). Our political systems have been entirely co-opted as has the judicial system. Our countries are being torn apart by every divide-and-conquer tactic ever used. They’ve manufactured consent for every type of vice and have weaponized vice against human weakness to a diabolically astonishing degree. A more detailed analysis in this blog, Casino Economics, Murder, and God.

Okay, so what have they been up to when it comes to debt weaponization? Well, it exists on many levels. Whole nations are being held hostage as evidenced by the recent debt ceiling farce. The truth is that there is only one law when it comes to their religion of money, *’thou shalt not forgive debt’. So students, whose futures are nil, will have to pay these slavemasters for the rest of their lives while getting extremely little in return unless they are prone to liking Ponzi Schemes.

On a more individual score, they are well aware that very few can have any kind of life today if one disconnects from their matrix. So that in itself is really bad as all the avenues of self-reliance have been cut off during the ‘century of the fox’. **All homestead laws have been rescinded so one can no longer do what humans have always done: attempt to live off the land. Once the Royal Hebrews controlled the banking system in England, they at that time, passed laws ending ‘common ownership’ (clumsy I know) of the land. This forced commoners to move into their cities and work for their burgeoning corporations where they could hide and shield themselves through LLCs, Holding Companies, and Shell Companies. This is their primary modus operandi today especially when it comes to homes and creating mass homelessness via the greed behind unaffordability.

And if you critique them and have worked hard to have good credit? You will be targeted by various means and put into debt. In my case they ***targeted me within 30 days of putting up this website and the first injury cost me 30G’s over 3 years. Then the COVID scam added another 20 G’s and put my long-term small business out of business just as I was recovering from their first round. But that wasn’t enough and they targeted me again for injury in 2021 and that has added another 20 G’s with no ability to earn preinjury wages on my own terms. So a Credit Score of around 800 in 2016 to around 550 now. Inevitable insolvency which is their modus operandi in these times as it’s a very civilized way of doing ‘business’…Hey, the mafia went legit, remember?

If you had a mom-and-pop type business prior to the scamdemic you are likely swimming in debt now and your business has been replaced by the mid-level proxies that are wired into their matrix. It works like this: they control all the contacts for work and you can get hired in their networks as long as you pay them a commission (a cut of the vig). You will never get hired (next to impossible) as an independent anymore and will have to work through their contact matrix if you want to survive. In the 90’s I first perceived this but it was unclear to me what they were up to although now it’s as clear as day via spiritual gnosis.

There is likely no remedy for all of this and it has reached a scale after 33 millennia wherein it is next to impossible to live any kind of decent life outside of their economic matrix. It’s on the level of ‘god tragedy’ now and I can only suggest avenues of withdrawal for gentiles that are still minutely available. Withdraw from all their political manipulations; withdraw from as much of their sports and entertainment complex as possible; withdraw from their cities; withdraw from eating as much of their poisoned food as possible; read Miles Mathis and BOTCOTT everything or as much as you can.

Some thoughts on Canada today. They took away Legal Aid for the most part in the 90’s as the party was starting its hangover phase and my lawyer at the time asked me what I thought about the coming denial of legal aid for the peasants in this country. I told him that any country that abandons Justice writ large is doomed and I see nothing today that alters my view–things are exponentially worse! I just went to see a lawyer because of my injuries. I paid him $350.00 bucks to find out no one can sue for terrible government policies; they’ve also made it impossible in my province to sue if you are in an auto accident, or injured at work. I told him I’d rather be living in Katherine’s Russia as at least she understood elite pathology and wanted to give the serfs Tribunals to air their grievances.

Any pretense of enlightenment is now gone after two Trudeau eras and there is no conservative on earth who can fix this, as they are, in reality, much worse than the illiberal’s. All the right wants to do is Monetize everything and make everything transactional and that goes for relationships and Christianity swallowed the deceiving Red Pill hook, line, and sinker. By the way, I was one of the few around 2016 that openly called BS on the Red Pill psy-op as the Matrix was many things but the one thing it certainly was not was an allegory for right-wing populism. I called them a bunch of Sophists!

Here is an endgame speculation: what is the goal of this economic matrix? Well, you PAY THEM to go to work and be happy! But ya know, there is a tiny whiney little problem with that: it’s called SLAVERY! And that is indeed what the Rabbis want for the Gentiles–in fact, it’s a core tenet of Judaism.

NOTE* The reason Judaism has never called a Jubilee is because they lied about what it is in the Torah. They took the Jubilee from Egypt as it was a celebration of the Pharaonic God-King.

NOTE** The exception is all the Israeli Intel. assets on Youtube, who, generally speaking, have big breasts and live out in the woooooods by themselves or promote nonsense like Van Life. The Jews know what they have done to Gentile Nations and they use every covert tactic to tell us but the dumb Gentile sheep have somnambulism created by their media-driven mind-control. They know all they have to do is put some big breasts in front of the Gentiles and we’ll fold…And if those channels are not directly Jewish then they are paid via corporate influencing and are proxies which is another prime modus-operandi of the Hebrew Royal Elites. More on this PROPAGANDA HERE…

On the Youtube atheists. Their primary goal is to continue the deconstruction of Christian and Muslim countries so that their Economic Matrix can be further installed. They do this while the Rabbis have become the most powerful influence lobby on earth and seek their One World Order rule. I can’t think of anything more despicably duplicitous on the part of these atheists. Are Youtube atheists a part of a cult? With the leader being Jewish interests? Not one of them signed up for my Atheist Pledge which should tell the Gentiles that they will ALL convert when Third Temple Judaism arrives. And yes, women in Gentile countries have become proxies as has the gay community. Women have been convinced that a lifetime of cashier work is better than being a traditional wife and it’s unfathomable, but that is indeed the case.

Now y’all know that I believe Judaism is FALSE and by default normative strains of Christianity and Islam are too. But knowing this there is still an argument to be made within the Culture Wars, but that would entail the re-establishment of a HEALTHY Christian Culture that rejected and outlawed ALL forms of usury defined here as using money to gain and make more money. So Passive Income would be illegal as would all types of Rent-Seeking. Certainly, the Ponzi Scheme of Fiat Currency would be illegal. Any new Christian-type economy would have to be set up so that one person (note I didn’t say man) could earn an income that would provide an adequate but modest income and would provide for the whole family. Any other form of Christian Economics would be false and deceptive. The current model is best described as The Mark Of The Beast System within normative eschatology.

We should note that if the world has to live by Judaism’s delusions and that Economic Darwinism is simply a synonym for Judaism’s/Jewish view of economics then why can’t Christians build a delusion that is better for them? Put aside for now that any civilization built upon delusion will likely fail, but it’s possible Christians could build a much better delusion than the current Judaiac one; whether the religious or Darwinian Economic one. The avenues to do so are found within the New Testament if Christians are willing to explore this route. Yes, many have done so in the past and even today we have The Amish so it’s simply an issue of not letting Judaism or Economic Darwinism be the foundation of their culture.

I know mind-controlled Christians will find this difficult to accept but they would have to rebuild ‘utilitarian useful widgets’ that had a large degree of societal usefulness (good use good use good use) and then implement a means of exchange that did not involve usury–so no third-party shenanigans when it comes to economic exchange. See my series along this line HERE and HERE. I’d also suggest to Christendom, in general, to stop arguing about unprovable metaphysics, and to renew a focus on how you should live with one another economically. And make no mistake about it that that starts with common human decency in all your transactions with humans and other life forms–so Good Will applied to economic exchange premised on The Golden Rule. IWO.s refuse to live by the Pyramid and Ponzi schemes by those that hate you and Christ.

NOTE*** We don’t have an unbiased and uncorrupted court system that would hear the overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence that likely could prove my case beyond a reasonable doubt. I suspect the Palestinians don’t either. Their kids matter while ours DO NOT other than as objects to be manipulated into being good consumers of their toxicity.

An add-on bonus track!

A final muse on this Father’s Day on what I call the deceptive construct of the Demiurge. See the Matrix movie that offers a decent depiction. In my view, it controls what I’d call the Orion/Saturn/Moon reincarnation nexus. This is inherently linked to Egypt and Judaism which are both Lunar/Solar religions (Sun and Moon=Solomon). The best I could give this demiurge is that it does hold the keys to this nexus within the context of getting the ‘spark of the pleroma’ back home. So it’s the primary gatekeeper here and a human will not pass until a reckoning is had with this entity. But in recent years I’ve also come to question the nature of the Bardos and now think even that experience is compromised and manipulated to keep you here in ‘the loop’.

I’d even go as far as to say that this entity does love us in its own way but that love is similar to how a husband will beat his wife and children when drunk on power which is a form of control. So humanity suffers from spiritual Stockholm Syndrome.

In my view, Yahweh is not the Demiurge, but rather the Archon War God of Israel which I’ve ‘proved’ is populated by the hybrid Hebrew/Pharaonic elite bloodlines on earth.

A final note on what governments could have done when it comes to the carnage they inflicted on small businesses because of the pandemic. They could have called a ONE TIME JUBILEE for those that could prove their business lives were destroyed. But all we get is the usual denial that ‘they dindu nuffin’. And this proves, in my opinion, the malicious intent hidden behind Covid economics as the wiping out of our business lives was intentional. They KNEW they would destroy our Credit Scores!

And this intersects with the hollow claims of anti-Semitism which is nothing other than the banking cartels not wanting any critique whatsoever. So it’s the usual misdirection cover story. On this site, there is not ONE WORD that advocates violence against these people and I’ve many many blogs that offer compromises to their corrupt thinking and system. But they will have none of it and that is plain disgusting to anyone with any spiritual sense whatsoever. I should note that only a Marxist critique of capitalism is allowed and not any Christian critique of capitalism which can no longer happen anyway as Christianity today is fully tainted and controlled by Jewish economic thinking.

A 2023 update at the end.

I am in no way saying that Judaism borrowed the myths of Osiris, Isis, and Horus verbatim, that is not what I’m saying at all. Read the blog which shows ample evidence that the Torah writers borrowed many of the same cosmological ideas that were part and parcel of Egypt’s spirituality. And in this writer’s view, they also created a fake history.

Well, not in totality, as the Hebrews made lots of additions and molded it to their proclivities. But what I’m saying here is inarguable, in my opinion. I’ve covered many times the name IS RA El itself. Egyptian goddess and god (as well as Canaanite EL). So we have the fusion of Egyptian and Phoenician through the marriage of royal houses. …RA bbi is clearly a reference to (Amen) Ra/RE–SOLAR cultism. KA is Egyptian for life force or spirit; Ba is Egyptian for soul–so the root of Kabala. AL means Lord (ALLA) so Kabbalah can be said to mean Lord of SOUL and SPIRIT–ALL is ATUM! Moses means ‘son of’ in Egyptian; it is not meant to be the personal noun of a person per se. So we know Moses the person is a myth based in Egyptian spirituality along with other syncretisms like Sargon Of Akkad, or Akhenaten–who many, including Freud, said was Moses. My belief is it was Akhenaten’s cult that eventually morphed into what is now Judaism. This is one of the reasons the number 18 is so important to them as it was the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago…So the Freemasons ran with this but Freemasonry is Kabala for the Gentiles–but as you see it’s all Egyptian at its roots. Whether this links to Atlantis is not a part of this blog. We see Moses’ 10 commandments are directly taken from Egyptian moral codes. On that link: I don’t get caught up in skin color in these investigations. Add Hammurabi (rabbi) the lawgiver to the syncretism involved in the Moses myth. 

#Yah (IAO) was one of the moon gods in Egypt and is likely one of the roots of the Judaic lunar time system (calendar) as well as the first known use of YAH. This is why 30 is important (30 pieces of silver, etc.) 30 is also Saturn’s (sabbath) transit. Egyptian spirituality asserts a positive god with no evil adversary–a god who is the origin of both good and evil. This is precisely the foundation of Judaism. In Judaism, the absolute name (YHWH) is not to be spoken and that is the same in Kemetism. Set/h is the adversary entity in Egyptian religion and performs a counter-balancing act within creation. This is not dissimilar to how Judaism views Satan although there are subtle differences here. In both religions, evil is ‘god’s will’. Yahweh is said to be totally transcendent as was the Egyptian idea of Neter. So both religions have a supreme transcendent deity at the pinnacle of their systems. Egyptian cosmology starts with the VOID which they called NUN…’ and a void was on the face of the deep’. The 7 days have their root in the idea of MAAT–which is the idea of universal truth and justice along with order and this idea eventually formed one of the templates for LOGOS.

Above From Moustafa Gadalla

The functions and attributes are used in the same way in Judaism. El Shaddai, etc., etc., etc. These are attributes of god. 

One of the names for Egypt was Ta MERI. Meri means beloved. Again, Ka means spirit. So (T) A MERI KA means Egypt’s spirit or beloved land of Egypt’s spirit. The country beside Egypt in antiquity was Canaan; today we have Canaan (ada). Miss ISIS is the Mississippi which is also the Nile. Both had wars between the North and the South. It’s clear who is responsible for colonizing the Americas and naming them. All the power brokers in this colonization were Freemasons. This is why the pyramid and the Eye of Re (Rebbe) are on the dollar bill and why Egyptian iconography litters the West’s architecture. The idea of Messiah is taken from the Pharaoh who was the only direct link to the gods. I suspect we shall see a new Pharaoh soon in A MERI Ka and will be the 47th president. Look at who was born in 47 B.C. for the concatenation of that bloodline. So Judaism’s political Messiah idea is directly taken from the god-king Pharaoh. The word Messiah is likely taken from the crocodile oil used in the ritual anointing of kings called Messeh. It’s also the Egyptian Mesheh–to anoint a king. HERE is a good paper showing the likelihood that I’m on track with this.

A primary difference between Judaism and Kemetism is the idea of Tikkun. Saving the world. This is strictly Judaic as Kemetism held no such notion. The cosmology of Egypt predicted eternal recurrences of creation and destruction. Many of you know that I’m not fond of the idea of Tikkun at all. I think it’s a grievous spiritual error and the consequences will not be good for anyone. Mind your own business and practice the Golden Rule in economics would achieve far better ends, in my opinion. 

It seems Judaism did resist what Christianity did not: the Monad-Dyad-Triad hierarchy of Egyptian theogony. But this reluctance is within orthodoxy as Kabala does have its version of this original triad template. Having said that, SHE kinah is equivalent to Barbelo, and all the names of god–EL Shaddai, etc, etc…could very well be the archons–at least from the C.G. view. 

Egypt had exoteric and esoteric compartments within their religion and we see this in Orthodox Judaism aligned with esoteric Kabbalah. 

I should note that the religion of Kemet did not view the demiurge *(PTAH) as malevolent. Nor did they view the body and its pleasures as evil. Again, this is more or less consistent with Judaism. 

If Christianity was the invention of Jewish and Roman elites (see today’s America and the video linked below), and this is my view, and they’re bloodline descendants of the pharaohs, then this blog elucidates why Constantine’s church ended up looking so much like Egyptian religion with Osiris/Isis/Horus. See my take on THOTH HERE…It’s why the obelisk sits in St. Peters (Ptah) square. And London, and Washington. On the bloodlines: if the Phoenicians mixed with the Pharaohs then one of their lines eventually merged with the Greeks and eventually Cleopatra. One of the lines was also light-skinned and red-haired and eventually became known as the Ashkenazi. It’s interesting to note that one meaning for ISRAEL is ‘God Rules’ which is one of the names of a pharaoh. And that the name ISRAEL–the blending of Egyptian and Canaanite gods first came to be via the unholy marriage between Sarai and the pharaoh *Twthomosis 111…

A note on Kemetism. Suppose I Steel Man these spiritual codes and accept that for some reason the common person could become a ‘god-king’ on earth. My question then is where are these god-kings who teach MAAT (truth and justice)? Because FIAT CURRENCY is a worldwide criminal Ponzi scheme, I would think there is a glaring SILENCE from the god-kings. Here is a list of the consequences of this currency: 

-it has robbed the common people who end up paying the taxes on the bonds and the only way to pay the taxes on the bonds is to keep printing more funny money. ‘

-it has made the people who created this crime rich on an unimaginable scale and with the richness came enormous cultural power. 

-it has caused massive inflation since 1913 which is another form of theft on the commons. 

-the creation of the Federal Reserve was directly linked to the Taxation of Income. A banality under capitalism. But at this point the quibble is meaningless. 

-it has created an economy of infinite growth on Earth with finite resources. So it’s directly responsible for many of civilizations’ pollution problems. 

-it is unmerited wealth via a criminal act. In my opinion, it is also a ‘spiritual crime’. 

-this scheme is also the foundation of Marxism. Central banks are fundamental to Marxist ideology. 

-by the nature of how this currency is distributed it has given the commercial banks privileged access to assets first. This allows them to buy assets like real estate first and before it becomes inflated. 

-through imperialism, it disrupted every culture on earth and colonized long-standing and environmentally sane societies. The central banks and their partners also captured every nation on earth and have made a mockery of representative government. 

-in my opinion, the agents involved in this scam were also the promoters of material ideology (HYLICS) which is a disaster for the earth and is creating what Paul Kingsnorth calls the machine. 

-the solution today, via a flu virus, is to correct the woes of usurious economics by implementing digital fascism with digital funny money. Always doubling down on bad hands!

That aside, Kemetism also closely resembles the religion of the Brahmins and it may as well be classified as the same religion. Brahma is the craftsman of the material world but not the source of spirit. Fasting, meditation, invoking rituals, initiates in caves, etc., etc., etc. It’s interesting that Egypt, where the Nile pours into the Mediterranean, looks like a LOTUS. See my Abraham is Brahma post HERE…Neither tradition can cough up a demonstration of any supernatural ability today in controlled settings. So I’ll stick with Christian Gnosticism and say these religions of the ruling archons (Pharaoh Kings ) are bullshit! 

A bit more on Freemasonry: Hiram Abiff and the narratives around Solomon (Sun and Moon) seem to me to be later iterations of Thoth— known as Hermes Trismegistus by the Greeks. Ralph Ellis elucidates the lack of any historical evidence for a Judean Solomon (or his grand empire) but rather finds correlates within the lineages of the Pharaohs. 

And this: the Egyptian word ‘NU’ was used as NOUS as in to perceive. The Shabaka Stone and the Egyptian ideas contained in its writings were the foundation for Greek philosophy (Logos) as well as the foundation of Christian theology–or, at minimum, contained the roots of Christian theology. 

This VIDEO covers the ground of everything I’m saying here. That America and Canada were founded on Egyptian (and Phoenician) ideology. They were designed to fail so the ‘order’ could implement the ultimate agenda: total control of the WHOLE world. Try and ignore the presentation and focus on what is being said. 

This VIDEO suggests that Egypt was multicultural–that’s my take, too. Sound familiar? And their implementation of MAAT (law) ended up being exceedingly bureaucratic! Sound familiar? 

The Sefirot in Kabbalah’s Tree OLife is taken from the long pre-existing metaphysics of Egypt: 10 spheres of existence: the Decad, Ennead, and Ogdoad, followed by the other seven. I have many blogs that go into the delineation of why Kabala’s YHWH is not the father of the Aeon Christ but the demiurge. That YESH (as distinct from Ayin) is the demiurge personified (this universe), but this is the replicant Christ created by Yaldabaoth–known as THOTH in this essay. There are a few Jewish Kabbalists who are Christian (Cabala) as they associate YESH with their Yeshua (Jewish Jesus). But Yaldabaoth has blinded them to the truth of who the real Christ is…

ZI ON comes from the Egyptian city of On…Heliopolis. Zi means desert (city) and is Egyptian etymology. So the great desert city of Heliopolis.

Women were equals in Kemet with the eldest daughter’s marriage creating the new god-king (pharaoh). We see in A MERI Ka two women of Phoenician persuasion standing behind the president when he gives speeches. How Egyptian is that!

THIS Yahweh Loves YOU? blog goes well with this as does A Jewish Jesus? blog….HERE and HERE

NOTE*: The Egyptians to some degree didn’t view Ptah (demiurge) as the origin of the divine spark–that came from the source and this is the ROOT of all further iterations of gnostic thought. See the 2nd chapter HERE. As mentioned above: the same can be argued for Brahma who is not the source of spirit but an architect. 

NOTE*: there are different theories about who David and Solomon were. Some say Hyksos and others like Mustafa Gadalla say otherwise–see THIS link which is a must-read. But what is certain, is just like 911, the academies, controlled by the tribe, run interference and obfuscation to keep the official narratives intact. What else is hackedemia lying about? Certainly the age of the Sphinx and the pyramids. Certainly, no one runs interference for economic usury (The FED) more than the academies. My view is that the Hyksos is misdirection–shepherds are not warrior kings. I don’t think much of the Khazarian theory either–more misdirection. 

four generations

NOTE#: it’s likely Yah got its moon associations from Osiris. We see a fusion in Judaism between their version of Yahweh and the Messiah. This is Osiris/Thoth who ‘control’ the moon matrix reincarnation template. Osiris was known as the Good Shepard…Sound familiar? 

Some more musing: this idea that the religion of Judaism is monotheism while the religion of Egypt is polytheism is a blatant distortion. Judaism started polytheistic and eventually morphed into strict monotheism. But both are monotheist, with many aspects, functions, and attributes of one ineffable god. But if they are the same religion then that shouldn’t surprise us. 

The temple of Egypt beside Solomon’s temple. Do they look the same? There is only one correct answer to that.

November 2022: the video below called Ring Of Power gets to the meat of almost everything I’m saying here. It’s poorly done and the narrator is at times annoying but the content is pretty well everything that this website and author have concluded during about 50 years of research.

It’s my view that this Egyptian Jesus is not a friend of humanity but a royal archon and offspring of Yaldabaoth’s archons. I’ve suggested elsewhere that The Living Aeon Christ also made an appearance in that time and that some kind of cosmic drama was played out in that era. 

And last but not least: 

This is a note (ah) from chapter 8 of the Domain of Man site: 

 In Ancient Egypt, commoners were variously called the “cattle of Re,” “noble herd” or “flock of the god.” See “Tales of the Magicians” in Joseph Kaster, The Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, p 264.  As in the Tale of Etana, a loophole in the law of Thoth was found by declaring men to be animals!

Another example of why Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality (borrowed from the Egyptians). It’s no accident that Judaism views the Gentiles (commoners) in the exact same way. 

2023 Update: 

The idea of the matrilineal line when it comes to royals (and found in Judaism) was also taken from the Egyptians. 

A correction on a point above. From my research, Judaism started as polytheism, then morphed into henotheism where YHWH was the supreme god among many. The first commandment testifies to this fact as they were to have no other gods other than YHWH. And then by the C.E., it morphed into monotheism. 

A point on Gadalla. If it’s true that Judaism black-washed Egypt then it’s also true that Gadalla white-washes Egypt. I’ll still give him up to the 18th dynasty on that point but after that, it was all about stealth Hebrew lines who wanted what we would call today a fusion of ‘multicultural elite corporatism’ otherwise known as Hebrew Fascism. America today represents that achieved goal. But I don’t think it ends there. The demographics of money combined with the false implementation of Edom, Rome, and America within Judiac trope/ideology (delusion) means the Hebrews will pretty well abandon the West and set up shop fully within a Russia, China, India, axis. That is where the money will be this century and America has served its purpose and is in the process of being destroyed (as is the West) on all levels and no one seems able to stop it. 

Oh, BTW, it’s on the reincarnation loop that I part ways with Gadalla’s pantheism. If reincarnation is true, I believe it is, then there must be something judging the process, no? 

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6 Responses to Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality.

‘There’s a new kid in town

I’ll spend some time on this one again.

Anyone familiar with this site knows I’m agnostic on cosmology within the context of knowing definitely what this earth and universe are. I’ve settled on the term ‘deceptive construct’ as it encapsulates most of the primary ideas I have along this line of inquiry.

I just watched THIS video by one of the few remaining Youtube channels I can still tolerate when it comes to spirituality. He goes by this name:

John St Julien Baba Wanyama

It’s well worth the time listening to as he frames the idea as allegories which is the only way to go with this line of inquiry.

But first, my brief view of who he is and what he teaches and these are my opinions as I could not know for sure what his intentions and motivations are. He is not really teaching any kind of Christian religion per se; at least nothing within any orthodox view. He is teaching what I would call an eastern Vedic view of Christianity– although from what I can tell his teachings also line up with the gnostic school of Valentinus–so a school of Christian Gnostics that did not hold an antagonistic view of Yahweh and the Old Testament.

We should note that Valentinus’ school also aligns with the view held by most of the Egyptian schools when it comes to the idea of the demiurge, known by various names, but mostly by PTAH which is where the name Egypt comes from.

I think we should start with the idea that god believers of any sort must hold to what might be called a first premise of theistic belief: The Primacy of Consciousness. There are schools in the east that take the idea as far as it can go and declare, with a high dose of dogmatism, that everything is MIND and that matter is illusion and Maya. In my research, it remains unclear whether the Egyptian schools held this view in antiquity, but what is certain, is that no matter what they believed in long ages past, by the time of the C.E. this view was held by Hermeticism which was the westernized version of Egyptian spirituality. In fact, the first tenet of Hermeticism is everything is mind. And this view is supposedly taken from the Egyptian Thoth, known as Hermes Trismegistus, in these schools. Nothing has changed today in this regard and its modern iterations in the New Age movement are teachings like ‘you create your own reality’: so The Secret et al.

From our perspective today there are two points worth considering: the Vedas describe a ‘soul template’ they called the Akashic which from today’s technological perspective could be interpreted as a referent to computer technology. The second is the modern invention of computer technology. Combine the two ideas and it’s not unreasonable to suggest simulation as a hypothesis. But how one could test or falsify the hypothesis is another issue altogether. Of course, this won’t stop those in the A.I. field who are attempting a materialist version and merging of silicon and mind.

John’s framing of the ideas is quite decent and in my view, he does justice to the theme. But please note he frames within a non-antagonistic view of the demiurge who he (seems?) to believe is Satan. Or, less clumsily, he seems to think that GOD and the demiurge (god) are on the same religious team so to speak. In other words, unlike my Christian Gnostic view that Christ is an Aeon that preceded the demiurge, he seems to think that the relationship between Yahweh and Christ is as narrated by Orthodox schools–so in this framing, he does away with the antagonism between Judaism’s view of Yahweh and the Christian Gnostic view that Yahweh is Satan. So he keeps the normal Christian notion of Satan intact albeit with a new modern lens that keeps the Torah and the N.T. on friendly grounds. It’s at this point I might call his hand and suggest there is a hidden agenda with this framing especially when factoring in that the Freemasons over the past few centuries have splintered Christianity into about 33,000 schisms with all the new schisms being Torah friendly.

The problem with doing so? One might start by reading Mustafa Gadalla’s, Historical Deception, The Untold Story Of Ancient Egypt linked HERE. The problem with his framing is that the Torah is false on all the most important levels whether history or on the nature of goodness and what constitutes a good father, so this also calls Christianity and Islam into question. Or, at least the versions of these religions that base their scriptural foundations on the Torah as accurate and reliable. I’ve many blogs on this theme so feel free to search them out. You see, what he calls Satan and the replicant programmer, I call Yahweh and what he calls Christ (presumably subservient to Yahweh) I call the Aeon Christ who preceded Yahweh in cosmological time. It’s not a trivial issue as far as I’m concerned. Again, my question to him would be why when most of the knowledge we have today about the Torah is false? Combine that with the notion that the B.O. Revelations describes Judaism as the religion of deception when it implements Third Temple Judaism, which is again, taken from the Egyptian Sun and Moon temple. In my view, it’s my stance on Christian Gnosticism that is the most coherent and needs the minimal amount of intellectual contortionism.

And then there is Mr. Mathis. For the first time, I have 2-requests for him. Consider doing a paper on John’s video and perhaps consider doing a paper on Mary Shelley if you’ve not done so yet. I’d be interested in what Frankenstein means to you. In my view, every decent thesis deserves a well-thought-out antithesis and I think you’ve met that criteria. Does John’s framing alter your views even one digital iota?

‘it’s like a bloody John Wick film’…

Just as I finished my last blog I came across another one!

This guys name is Bob ThiEL @ The Continuing Church of God…Do you see the CC (33) as per usual. Please notice the obligatory EL

I can’t tell you how many of these idiots I’ve come across over my 50-year search.

This cult came out of Herbert W. Armstrong’s B.S. which was another ‘paid by shekels per minute’ let’s just worship the nasty Yahweh and declare him the Father Of Christ. I’ll give ‘em that they are relentless. In this case more splintering of Christendom into about 33,000 sects via Freemasonry in the past few centuries–again, the common-denominator is all the schisms are pro Torah.

This is from one of Bob’s papers.

Protestants, like the apostate Marcion, doom most human beings to eternal torment.

We in the CCOG realize that God is wise, all knowing, loving, and all powerful. We have faith that He has a plan of salvation that will result in the salvation of the vast majority of people who ever lived.

Can you see the blatant contradiction even within 2-tiny sentences within this word-salad propaganda piece?

A note on construction and deconstruction of religion. This may be a tad sloppy but it will likely get my point across. Imagine these religions are sand castles and the elites build one for what ever reason; they can go on to build another if the first one served their purpose, or they could smash the sand-castle if it didn’t. And at any point they could rebuild when it suited a current agenda (911 and the return of religion).

I came across THIS video yesterday and it’s the first time I’ve heard of this likely Q-agent Juan O Savin. This blog is in no way directed at the channel that provided the video link.

This blog will explore the possibilities of how to guess whether someone is a Spook of the Intel. agencies and that they’re members of what I’ve come to call The Department Of Spiritual Propaganda since 2008.

The thing with this guy is how much truth he packs into his vocal menage. He’s entirely correct about the founding and layout of D.C. which was another step on the world chessboard by the International money-lending cartels that had their roots in Egypt about 33 millennia ago–implemented by the Hebrew Pharaonic ELites– who are very much alive and well today (although I use the word well lightly).

One of the first markers of the money-lending Intel. agencies are the site GAIA which is jam-packed with spooks asserting every manner of nonsense. Another hint is when they seemingly come out of nowhere with really slick and snake-oil-like production. And another way to tell is by their use of wording and in this case the words Judaeo-Christian is the red flag. The spook Jordan Peterson uses this one all the time and it’s no surprise O Savin does. And, as Miles Mathis points out, in film they use actors that are related to the characters portrayed, and, they also use Intel. agents today to ‘keep alive’ previous Intel. assets from previous eras such as THIS video on Blavatsky by Gary Lachman.

And then there are some of the nonsense names they dream up like Sage of Quay. And follow ‘the circuit’ wherein they all host each other on their platforms. Think Jones interviewing Icke and Icke being interviewed by Maher ad infinitum. Basically complete trolling of dumb and blind gentile sheep being led to their enslavement and slaughter. Another way to tell is via the cognitive dissonance they so often invoke. An example would be MAGA juxtaposed to Judaism’s view of Amalek, Edom, Rome, the West, and America, which Judaism is committed to destroying for revenge for the destruction of the second sun and moon temple (Solomon) in 70 AD. Never mind that the temple is a near exact replica of Egypt’s temple (another fake arch-nemesis of the Hebrews).

I’ll take the time here to address a previous blog called Judaism Is Egyptian Spirituality. I am in no way saying that Judaism borrowed the myths of Osiris, Isis, and Horus verbatim, that is not what I’m saying at all. Read the blog that shows ample evidence that the Torah writers borrowed many of the same cosmological ideas that were part and parcel of Egypt’s spirituality. And in this writer’s view, they also created a fake history.

To the meat of this blog! NOWHERE in the Egyptian spiritual oeuvre can one find the idea that Osiris was evil as understood by Egyptian culture; hell, they didn’t even believe SET (H) was evil in their spirituality, but it goes further than that, as Egyptian spirituality was understood to be allegorical myths via what is known today as pantheism–so they didn’t consider the gods as humanlike in the way some religions do today. So his portrayal of Osiris couldn’t be more incorrect as understood by the Egyptians. Now certain religious philosophies (ahem) today are more than allowed to have their opinions on the god/s of Egypt but we are not free to blatantly misrepresent how the Egyptians viewed their god/s.

Miles Mathis has put out the idea of a Parallel: that is an agent who is actively trolling a truth-teller and when he gets into the idea of ‘the flip’ it looks to me like he’s trolling andrewmarkmusic. It’s like he read my whole website and then went on to pervert most of the primary ideas espoused here. This guy can’t even make a distinction between mythical allegory of nature and occultism. Doesn’t his picture icon scream spook? And if one read my site one will find that I spent 7 years as a ‘kid on the side of the road’ hitch-hiking between ’79 and ’86. He uses expletives every 2 seconds and then goes on to assert original sin and Jesus redemption! No honest evangelical-type Christian believer is going to use this type of language so he doesn’t believe the narrative but is in reality weaponizing the normative Christian narrative for his own hidden agendas.

More made-up claims by O Savin: the number 17 that he coughs up out of nowhere is likely his made-up fiction to the letter Q as nowhere does it say that Osiris was dismembered into 17-parts; I believe the likeliest number is 14 but I’ve heard up to 42.

On his 911 claims. The Egyptian calendar is primarily understood as a reference to Thoth and was based on Astrotheology, especially within the context of the star Sirius. If one investigates the Sothic calendar one will find that Sept. 11, by today’s Gregorian calendar, aligns with the first month of the Sothic year, again known as Thoth. Think Thutmose here which means Son Of Thoth. So he’s correct about 911 but totally misrepresents the reason why: these occultic bloodlines of the Pharaonic Hebrew Elites that came out of Egypt and ruled by stealth still live by Egyptian Spirituality.

I would even argue that that is the root of Kabbalah which is another type of Pantheism so the idea that Kabbalah came out of the Persian Empire and Zoroastorism is more misdirection as the Persian religion is another type of Gnostic Dualism which Kabbalah certainly is not. In my view, Kabbalah is best described as a type of Pantheistic Monism as is the spirituality of Egypt. One might go as far as saying Hermeticism, Freemasonry, and Kabbalah are best defined as Monist PanENtheism. But the point is they don’t view god/s in the way moderns might view god/s as human-like entities. These beliefs were/are a type of nature worship (pantheism) with ‘gods’ given human attributes so Thoth is described as a falcon with the human attribute wisdom… It’s a total misrepresentation to call this polytheism which is why I have zero respect for Hackedemia on this issue. There was obviously a hidden agenda to name the religion of Egypt polytheism so that they could enforce the lie that Judaism is monotheism–it is not!

Hackedemia might consider reading the first commandment wherein it directly references other gods!

I’ve also argued elsewhere that the significance of Thoth, from a Christian Gnostic point of view, is that Thoth is the template for the Jesus figure that these Hebrew/Egyptian/Roman bloodlines wrote about in the New Testament. That IS THE significance of 911 so these Pharaonic Hebrew Royals came out of the closet so to speak on that day. We should note, in an attempt to back up my assertion, that the Hermetic Orders and Freemasonry were also based on Egyptian spirituality and I’ve many blogs on this ground. But he is correct that these Occult Orders did create America which means ‘beloved land of Egypt’s spirit’.

I’ll primarily tackle the Intel site Youtube and all the Intel assets posting fake Christian deconversion videos recently. 

This is simply an extension of what the Freemasons did over the past few centuries when they dissected Christianity into about 33,000 schisms–all Yahweh and Zionist-friendly. But this was only a continuation of the original Christian RCC controlled- opposition- psyop of the Pharaonic Hebrew Elite bloodlines created during the centuries after they wrote the New Testament. I’ve covered this in many blogs so I’ll only link below for those of you who want to investigate the truth further. Yes, Paul was a Hebrew/Roman Flavian and would be a part of what we call The Deep State today. 

Please note that in those early centuries (after whatever happened between 47BC and 33AD) the Hebrew Elites disposed of all those who knew the Torah was fake and these Christians were known as the Marcionites and Christian Gnostics. Many of them believed that Christ was not Jewish but was rather an angelic type being known as an Aeon. This view that Christ was a pure spiritual light being is known as DOCETISM. So kind of an Avatar. See THIS video which covers this view. 

So, little has changed from those early years other than the tactics of manipulation. Today it’s primarily an Infowar (yes, Alex Jones is an agent of the same Intel families) so he’s only telling you what they are doing which is more 2+2=3 whereas on Conspiracy Lane you get 2+2=4 with the added bonus of clearing the mind-fog that these families have created intentionally on earth. *I’ve said previously that there is a universe of difference between Intel agents telling you what the families are up to and truth seekers revealing spiritual gnosis. 

In modernity, one has to understand what Marx wrote in his book The Jewish Question. We should note that communism was another controlled opposition by the same families. But a covert social engineering aspect of this part of Marx’s work was to split civilization in two new ways which would benefit Jewish interests and that was to push materialism and atheism on masse while continuing to splinter and deconvert Christians; this juxtaposed to the promotion of Zionism and the creation of the political state of Israel, which was simply an avenue for the Rabbis and the Torah and the creation of Third Temple Judaism–which will implement the enslavement of all gentile people. A part of this religion is also the spiritual extermination of all gentile people and this is known as Tikkun. So we have duplicity and hypocrisy on a very large societal scale. Here is a pic of Marx’s Freemasonry hidden hand symbolism which many of the founders of modern atheist philosophy posed for. 

I’ve said in previous blogs that there are two acceptable stances on life that Jews approve of and fund and that is materialism and atheism and the deconversion of Christians and Muslims. These choices are known as false dichotomies in philosophy and that is pretty well the definition of Youtube when it comes to spirituality and economics. Endless debates by the likes of Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris coughing up false dichotomies amount to the same social engineering tactics. 

A few notes on the incoherent philosophy of materialism. How do they deny immaterialism (consciousness) well, by using consciousness to tell us it doesn’t exist, so they are caught in what is called a performative contradiction. The same goes for their arguments for moral relativism which has helped them to no end with their economic crimes. They say that everything is relative, but the statement itself is a contradiction, as it contains the universal everything which is an absolute reference. And again, by coughing up the choice between the religions they created and atheism and pretending there are absolutely no other rational options when it comes to god and spirituality. Of course, their Department of Spiritual Propaganda pushes every level of irrational spiritual nonsense for the naive and spiritually blind –see their Intel site Gaia on that one– but I’d advise running like hell from that creepiness. 

This is as close as rational argumentation gets to any god theory: 

Okay, there is a newcomer in this arena: simulation. Although I get why people are espousing it (it is compelling) I also see most involved in promoting it are overreaching in their assertions. But any and all theistic propositions must start with the idea that consciousness is primary. 

On number two: 

The possibilities don’t include the racist supremacy and spiritual fascism that is the Torah and because the Torah is false the devilish children it spawned are false, too. Neither the Torah, normative Christianity, nor Islam meets the rational component of any rational theistic debate. In my view, David Astle , was more or less right when he proposed the money-lending cartels hi-jacked every early religious structure and used religion as cover. So the Bible is a creation of these money-lending cartels that now own the whole earth. *This is distinct from who David Astle was and what his motivations were. 

But, if one is an honest seeker, one has to concede that the Bible and Koran are treatises on supernaturalism. And that that supernaturalism is claimed to be implemented by a wholly good and loving god in an open and non-deceptive way. When we look at quotes like ‘let us reason together’, and ‘I AM the same yesterday today, and tomorrow’, it is next to impossible to ignore the disappearing act by the gods of Western theism.

On the other side of religious philosophy, one of the foundational tenets of the East is that the earth is under some kind of deception, illusion, veil, Maya, etc…And this is not too far off from a Christian Gnostic view of this earth; we only differ on the what of the deception (see above). But to be clear: a maximally evil god theory is utter rubbish and no Christian Gnostic would argue that (only dishonest atheists would). We do understand the amazing aspects of this construct and we are simply saying that it is thoroughly corrupted. Whether it can be redeemed is another topic altogether but certainly not by a Kabbalah notion of Tikkun–this is a death sentence for the Gentiles.

I said in a recent post that the Rabbis should be lining up at Miles Mathis’ door as no one understands Tikkun better.

But to head off criticism on that point: show me the links wherein it proves the Rabbis and Hebrews used all their influence and power in every country they were involved with (all of them) over the last 4-millennia to argue for Jubilees. I suspect not one successful link will be coughed up and anyone can search my site for why that is. Provide those links and I’ll shut up.

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