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Below in italics is an anonymous post on capitalism that was posted on Craigslist. My commentary is below.

Someone posted begging anyone to explain capitalism (as if that’s hard). So, here goes, but I warn you, you need a double-digit IQ and a bit of reading comprehension to grasp. Good luck.

Value is created by labor. A pile of wood at a table factory remains a pile until workers apply labor, which adds value by turning the wood into a table.
Say the wood pile had the value of $100 but once it is converted to table by the labor of a worker, it has the value of $1000 which the boss realizes by selling it in the marketplace.
Say the time the worker spent adding value to the wood pile is 10 hours. Say the worker gets $20 an hour for those 10 hours. The worker added $900 of value through their labor but only gets paid $200 of that.

The difference is value that the boss keeps. It is value that is unpaid to the worker, even though it was created by the worker’s sweat and brain power. This is the exploitation that we liberals refer to.
It gets more interesting.
The surplus value–the gross profit–is kept by the boss for their own. From this they pay the rent/mortgage on the factory, buy the woodworking saws and drill presses, raw wood, and other inputs like heat and electricity. The surplus value also pays the worker’s wage. And finally, the boss keeps a bunch of that worker-created profit in their own pocket, called net profit.
The worker actually pays the boss’s rent or purchases the factory land and building and buys the machines. The worker also actually creates the boss’s profit cut. Everything the boss gets comes from the labor of the worker. But the worker doesn’t get even close to the full value they create. It’s a great deal for the boss but crappy for the worker.

This is the basis of the capitalist system: the exploitation of workers’ labor power.

If you don’t understand this, that’s fine. No need to email me calling me a bunch of rude names, using poor grammar with tons of misspellings and zero punctuation. It isn’t my fault if your education failed you. That’s another rant for another day.

This definition was one aspect of Marxist work (surplus value) that was more disclosure by Intel. as it existed around the turn of the 20th century. Basically, it was just the Pharaonic Hebrew EL ites letting the Gentiles know how their business models work. But let me assure you that capitalism did not stop in that era. What you should understand is that definition and that era was founded on the economics of the manufacturing and industrial models.

A key point within that era was that governments at the time subsidized this burgeoning corporatism by funding, via the social sphere: housing, food, education, and to some degree healthcare. So governments laid the economic foundations for that era of corporatism and in doing so kept humanity’s basic living needs well within the reach of the common working person. Another key takeaway to understand is that this model made the West’s nations the most successful in world history.

It’s here I’ll once again call on Miles Mathis’ idea of resetting economics to an earlier era. My own line of thinking along that line is the Hebrews could have stopped at New York! From what I can tell it was everything they ever dreamed of and there is no doubt they created it and owned it. Certainly by the 60’s and 70’s New York was the center of the world party that they threw once they took control of oil in the Middle East mid-century. And yes, in many ways, rock-n-roll would have never happened without that cheap seemingly *unlimited supply of oil.

Ah, but they did not stop did they? In fact, there are those asserting today that the war in Ukraine is really about retaking those lands that were the traditional lands of the Ashkenazi. So even the Middle East wasn’t enough if this theory pans out and from my view, it looks to be the case that it will. Yes, indeed, there are Nazis in Ukraine, but the media will jump over backward telling you it’s those damn pesky Germans! In CAINada today there is more farce and absurdity along these lines promoted by the Ashkenazi-controlled media and politicians.

Flash forward to the 80s. Financialization or what I call the monetization of everything replaced industrial/manufacturing and it’s basically e CON omic liberalism on crack cocaine or liberalism gone mad as portrayed in the movie A Clockward Orange. But if you’re a researcher worth your salt you’ll know that that thinking had its roots with the Pharaonic Hebrew El ites in the 18th dynasty 33 centuries ago and they conquered Egypt and shortly thereafter Greece, Rome, and the West. So they definitely know how to play the long game.

Financialization is basically all about making money with money rather than creating a widget (the table above). In fact, it’s nothing other than usurious economics with mental abstraction creating every imaginable, grift, ponzi scheme, or pyramid scheme, with its center of gravity grounded on the gambling mafia casino model of doing business. In a way you can think of it as upping the ante on the usury of fiat currency creation so in reality another doubling down of economic crime from a spiritual perspective. But the primary point in my mind is the government ended ‘playing nice’ with the working class and abandoned the notion of being the foundational support for humanity’s four basic needs of housing, food, education, and healthcare. At least in the West…

So the Hebrews, in their long game, helped outsource the most successful economic model in human history to the Far East. From what I can tell these ‘archon technocrats’ ( EL ites) just followed the number crunching and the 21st-century demographics steered them to Asia–which I believe they also control– at the very least since Marx, but perhaps much earlier. So where did that leave the working Gentiles in the West? Homeless! Or, call it whatever you want: high rent/low wage; neo-feudalsm; etc., but the point is these shenanigans have turned the majority of Gentile workers in the West into economic slaves of some sort with little chance now of rising above their serfdom.

Of course, the Chinese and, Asia in general, ran with their newfound wealth, and a large part of that was buying up real-estate assets in the West and adding them to their speculative portfolio Holding Companies. I can’t really blame them for this but I also don’t have to like it. But we are now seeing the serpent eating its tail in the East as they also turn their countries towards the grifting financialization model. This is why we see graveyards of electric vehicles turning to rust as the Chinese swallow the crack of speculative investment–it really is a frenzy of pathological economic obsession. Of course, this happened in Japan, in the 80’s, too, as they rolled the dice on corporate speculation and turned away from manufacturing which saw tens of thousands of young Japanese men commit suicide.

And what is the common denominator of all of this? The Central Banking Cartels with their boom and bust usurious economics. When I first put this/my site online in 2017 I did a series called

Towards A New Earth Commons

and coincidentally the primary idea was to end speculation on humanity’s four basic needs of homes, food, education, and healthcare! And what was the response from these archon technocrats? Well, they contacted me and wanted to discuss civilly my ideas! HAHAHA! And if you believe that I’ve got some #$^% coin you might like! In truth, they canceled me and used social media to target me for serious injury and I’m now permanently disabled and not by accident.

And, of course, they ushered in the pandemic shortly after with the economics being the complete inversion of everything I said. Hmmmm, I remember in my early days of commenting over at the left-wing rag Truthdig where one of the hebrews told me how insolent I was to dare question their superiority. This makes sense if the Christian Gnostics who hold my views are correct about Yahweh’s malevolence and how that has affected his tribe.

In my opinion, this abandoning of the people will be their undoing but arrogance combined with spiritual ignorance has blinded them to consequences. But it could be that the demiurgic script here is deterministic and if that’s true there is no stopping them.

NOTE* imagine if oil was used sparingly and conservatively and that these archon EL ites didn’t go into every country on earth and disrupt centuries of sustainable living and cultures.

An add-on:

Here is the video I’m commenting on:

You couldn’t write about this idiocy in fiction…

It comes down to this: the corporatocracy outsourced manufacturing to China (and Asia) in the 80’s decimating the working class in the West which has left millions of us homeless. To rub salt into the toxic archon wound China replied by building a billion apartments that all sit vacant likely to be demolished at a future time! I guess all those Chinese moved to CAINada and bought their houses here instead. Although many hundreds of thousands of these investment houses sit empty here, too.

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty here on Conspiracy Lane.

China was co-opted by Chinese Jewish people long ago. Like always this was done via stealth– at least on the individual family lines. They are always changing their names to hide themselves but the terrible e CON omics are always a giveaway– sort of like their DNA marker.

**Miles Mathis **has done quite a bit of research in the area of Jewish control of China. I would add that Marxism was the overt takeover along with the implementation of Central Banking Cartels. But again, the families behind the scenes are obscured intentionally.

Now here is some of my speculation. The WHY of these construction projects? These Chinese Jewish family lines taking care of each other. And that is at least 99% of the motivation behind this madness as no other explanation makes any sense of this whatsoever.

Only these malevolent archons could create a shitshow this large (Ever Grande) when it comes to something as simple and basic as a home. Note the name there as it’s always a giveaway for the demiurge–sort of like the word GREAT! Like in the Great Depression that wiped out a once halfway decent Christendom in America that was replaced by our current grifting christian zionists.

Or, better for this blog, The GREAT Wall of China! I’m the only person I know of who ties China into the mythology of East of Eden and the land of Nod. China is the only civilization on Earth that remains unbroken over at least a 4000-year period. And never mind that pesky dragon that has long been a primary symbol of the demiurge.

The truth is that as soon as any Christian allows the Jewish people to trademark and copyright the name of Christ then it’s inevitable that he will be turned into the GREAT grifting usurious chief CEO banker in the sky!

I was reading Jung in my mid-twenties and found him through my earlier teen year readings of Huxley and Hesse. I think it was Man and His Symbols if I recall correctly.

Interestingly enough, and on a somewhat dissonant note, I was also reading Dickens’, Great Expectations, during this time, and the book’s theme would have severe repercussions for my real life; especially given Miles Mathis’ paper which ‘proves’ Mr. Dickens was from the tribe and that this particular book could easily have been a warning to naive and dumb (young) gentile kids…Of which I certainly was.

This theme is extraordinarily problematic as it intersects with modernity with its progressive views on culture along with how problematic the ‘soft-sciences’ are when it comes to legitimate verification of claims. The fact is that this line of scientific inquiry is ripe for the corrupt to espouse every manner of fiction as fact. Things are bad enough along that line in the hard sciences: if I drop a rock everyone will agree that it falls down (and not up) but if I tell you I can split the invisible particles that make up the rock to create energy….well, even that is exceedingly problematic when living in a thoroughly corrupt culture–in which we certainly are today. There is no way any scientist could prove that claim even if they took me on a tour of a nuclear plant. All I would see is steam and that wouldn’t prove anything so we are faced with a situation about who to believe when it comes to complex things and I find ZERO good reason to believe the powers that be today when it comes to complexity as it intersects with science and culture.

Let’s start with consciousness. Do we know what it is? Not really…Although we know it gives us self-awareness and we know it functions via imagery and representation–which give us ideas and concepts. But we don’t know how it came to be or if it evolved. And this part of the not knowing is important! We can rightly assume that evolution in biology via natural selection is real and accurate but it’s a huge error to take that truism and project it into consciousness studies–or cultural studies, for that matter, as modernity, to me, looks more like de-evolution.

Given the above, I’m not sure how Jung got away with positing his theories to the extent that he did within the public sphere. My guess is that he caught the tailwinds of the Theosophic movement. That, combined with the notion that his ideas are not incoherent irrationality–but that in itself does not make something truthful. His work was likely a retooling of Plato’s forms which he renamed as archetypes for a modern audience. This combined with Schopenhauer’s idea of WILL was likely the base for his progressive evolution theories (individuation) which he likely adopted from transmigration schools present at that time which taught involution/evolution of the soul (Aurobindo).

Of course, dreams offered Jung a strong doorway when it came to legitimizing his views as they’ve always been ripe for the talented when it comes to ‘spiritual grifting’–see the Torah. So Dream Until Your Dreams Come True, right Mr. Tyler? Nevermind that Jung’s ideas can be easily co-opted by those instantiating a neo-caste system in the West turning many people’s dreams at the bottom of the pyramid into social nightmares and we have the Kabbalists to thank for that today with the rise of *Idealism (Kastrup) and the eCONomic fascism that comes along with it: see Plato’s Republic and see todays Integral Theory which seldom offers a critique of our current fascist eCONomic model.

HERE is the lame Catholic response to the decimation of Christian values when it comes to eCONomics. One of my comments on my E. Michael Jones’s video was that the score of the last century is female Jewish lawyers 99: male Christian theists 1…So Christendom has been annihilated by legal LILITH and her cohorts! Of course, Lilith to any Christian Gnostic worth their salt is the replicant Sophia created by Yaldabaoth. But allow me to offer some free advice to Dr. Marshall in the Culture Wars: kick the Jesuits and Freemasons out! They are poison to the true spiritual Christ. And your decimation will only advance until you come to terms with Jewish power and politics: control of the **MONEY SUPPLY! If you can’t solve that issue you are guaranteed to lose, but you also have to make houses homes again via instituting one (or two max) homes per person laws. You have to find a way to stop BlackRock (Jewish) from buying all property. Not that I maintain any hope along these lines.

A quick add-on here: I’m addressing the Catholic Church here and not all the other Yahweh-friendly splinters of Christianity created by the Freemasons over the past few centuries. I’m certainly not addressing the grift of American Christian Zionism whose members are cheerleading for the Jewish destruction of America that the overwhelming numbers of Rabbis agree on–the Esau, Amalek, Rome, trope wherein the Jewish Jesus is seen as Samael the devil in Judaism who is performing Yahweh’s duties by destroying the enemies of Judaism. American Christian Zionism is SICK…

By now you’re probably getting that I don’t think much of Jung these days. True! And Jordan Peterson’s grifting for all things Jewish (eCONomics) hasn’t helped when it comes to my assessment. But really, we have to go back to Alexandria to get to the gist of my critique. Of course, Alexandria was named for very specific reasons when it comes to Alexander (surely you can figure this out). And when Alexander(ria) got to Jerusalem he didn’t slaughter the Hebrews for one very good reason: he came across his KIN! And many Egyptians in Alexandria KNEW this and they KNEW the Torah was presenting a false history and they KNEW about the stealth rule of Pharaonic Hebrew EL ites…Those who had control of coinage and bronze, and tin, and silver, and gold, etc… Goldstein, etc…See Charles Giuliani HERE. Please note that I don’t share Charles’ metaphysics nor do I condone his use of pejoratives but other than that? He’s spot in in my view. Whether he is an agent disclosing info. or one sharing metaphysical enlightenment is up to you to decide.

This is the core truth about how Christian Gnostics came to be and how Egypt’s PTAH came to be associated with spiritual negativity. All other types of Christian Gnosticism are misdirection and YouTube is full of them. I’ve said previously that I don’t know what the spiritual truth is about the earliest Egyptian dynasties and what they knew about spirituality. But I do KNOW there is something terribly amiss with the spirituality of Egypt as it has been handed down to us by Hebrew Pharaonic EL ites who’ve taught that everything is mind (Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Freemasonry).

NOTE* Kastrup is simply parroting most of the ideas of the Idealist schools throughout history. And one of the primary motifs of those schools is dogmatism. See Tom Campbell’s TOE for a modern iteration of these ideas. Every sentence is publicly displayed AS FACT with zero caveat that it’s all metaphysical speculation; again, a hallmark trope for this kind of metaphysical school. YouTube and Gaia are filled with these channels wherein the spokespersons declare every manner of metaphysics with a straight face to the gullible public: Intel. Inc.’s fave modus operandi. I might as well unpack Wilber’s ‘mean green meme’ here. Properly defined: the atheist Jews who control modernity have zero compulsion to NOT destroy the lives of anyone who has even one iota of critique of Jewish power and politics. At the same time, these same atheist Jews (and Jews generally speaking) endlessly attack, via argumentation, anyone and everything that they have an opinion about!

NOTE** It’s amusing, if you read the linked article, how cringe it is to Marshall that Peterson and Shapiro are the spokespersons for Christianity today–to the point of correct embarrassment. But what he doesn’t directly say, and I will, is that the Jews have total control over the Christian narrative and always have. This should lead one to question whether the abysmal failure of the Catholic Church (notice the 33) over the past 100 years, when it comes to addressing the Jewish Economic control over Christianity, was/is all just coiny-dinky? This writer does not think so. But they had better get resistance in overdrive soon before it’s too late. Start a New Christian Republic: the only political system to have shown to offer any degree of efficacy at addressing pathological oligarch control (prior to entering the empire phase/Jewish control of the Republic). Again, one or two homes per person laws; tax via land value (Henry George); take back control of currency creation via proper credit ledgers (see Anthony Migchels); 5-year political term limits (never to serve in politics again) and see my Four Pillars of A New Earth Commons.

An end-note here. Jung’s view of Abraxas is mysticism and not Gnosis. The ‘become one’ with the demiurge is just more of the same spiritual BS of the Archons. Gnosis proper, as it was understood by early Christians, is that that is the one thing you should never do! But again, they knew the Torah was false and that Christ was not genetically Jewish (Docetism). This is the only coherent view that aligns with the metaphysical dualism that the Christian Gnostics held. So strike one up for the Sethian view at least as far as this blog goes.

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