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My vlogging these days is less than stellar.

HERE is what I’m commenting on. The Youtuber, Morgue...

So the main points:

Women are being programmed by the central banking cartels to take on the worst attributes of the male species–this is not an advancement, in my opinion. Usury and porn is not saving anyone in the greater scheme of things. I should point out also that the patriarchy stretched far beyond any Christian borders.

This inverting of the social order is an experiment in disruption and is likely unsustainable when it comes to ecology and the environment–this is regardless of whether god/s exists or not. My upcoming post on anti-natalism will cover this ground although I’ve called it ‘soft-antinatalism’ within this context.

Lilith, within some gnostic schools, is the consort of Samael who in some schools is synonymous with Yaldabaoth. Within this context, it isn’t possible, especially within a Sethian school, to view her as of the same order as Sophia and Barbelo.

There is the added problem of The Son Of Man who would not approve of what the moneylending cartels have done to women today. So why would Sophia act against him? This is not an endorsement of injunctions made against women in the New Testament whose naming itself is an error. So there are more false dichotomies at play here which is a trademark of the archons.

Teaching women to commit ‘spiritual crime’ within the field of economics is one of the worst things that could happen. Normalizing ‘casino economics’–which is our model today, is anti-Christ and would not be taught by Sophia or Barbelo. So the video is unable to make simple distinctions between what is good and evil when it comes to this demiurgic construct and the Pleroma. This is an example of why commentary IS NOT spiritual gnosis.

He has an inaccurate view of what the Matrix is and many of his errors are because of this misunderstanding. Although I get there are non-dual gnostic schools out there that he might be drawing from. But in my view, they are in error also, so it’s basically the same as the Ebionite heresy but within the gnostic oeuvre–Judaizing of the message of Jesus. See as an example of this syncretism which I reject.

I’ve been consistent in my blogging on this site when it comes to the schisms that exist within these schools whether of the exoteric or esoteric versions–*Kabbalah IS NOT Christian gnosis! It’s also the ‘borrowed’ spirituality of the Egyptian religion but what is another quibble at this point?

In the end, I’m open to women showing me they are of wisdom and truth, but on aggregate, at this point in our timeline, I am simply not seeing it. All I’m seeing is women and men being divided and conquered while also being turned into materialist-consuming pimps and whores…Could that be because the archons view us as cattle?

NOTE* I don’t even view Kabbalah as GNOSIS PROPER but rather it is, in my view, Judaic mysticism and similar to all the other types of mysticism out there. It’s not Gnosis in the way Gnosis is supposed to be understood with its stark dualism and definitive delineation between the demiurgic construct and the Pleroma. If one takes all the oatmeal out of oatmeal it is no longer oatmeal, is it?

Recent events have me thinking about this so I’d like to attempt a rational and coherent definition notwithstanding that it will fall on deaf ears. Ears likely made deaf to reason via hysteria, neurosis, pride, egoism, ethnic or intellectual hubris, low-level I.Q. mob frenzy, etc.

Anti: to be against. Semitism: a language group and HERE is a post from My Jewish Learning that covers some ground here.

So what do you notice right off the top? The word/s are nonsensical. And I’d suggest this is not accidental and goes to so much of the 2+2=3 surrounding the Jewish Question.

Ask yourself if you are against Semitic language groups. And if you are get back to me and tell me why?

So I’d like to offer some suggestions about how to define the words in a coherent manner considering we kind of get the intention of those who created the term, but for our purposes here, we want to define it rationally and fairly with as much coherency and accuracy as possible. So semitic in our use will only refer to the Jewish people.

The first criterion I think should be violence. If a person does not advocate violence towards Jewish people then they are by this definition, as a start, not antisemitic. If you think about this framing and apply it to Jesus then there is no way he was antisemitic as he never taught anyone to commit violence against the Jews. I want to add here that Jordan Peterson’s recent Tweet was ^’inverted antisemitism’ (clumsy I know) and meets this definition because it was a call for violence and genocide (against a Semitic people).

A rational analysis of the events described in the Torah when it comes to the violence and genocides committed by the god of the Torah cannot be labeled antisemitic. Thousands upon thousands of *people, many of them atheists, have documented the atrocities committed by Yahweh’s personal hand in the Torah. To study the Torah as a nonbeliever and come to the conclusion that the acts of Yahweh are objectively evil cannot by any coherent meaning be described as antisemitic.

Add to those deconstructions of the Torah by Marcionites and Christian gnostics or any other spiritual groups coming to the same conclusion as atheists also cannot be said to be antisemitic by any rational standard. Nor can Jesus’ assessment of his religious opponents and this is especially true for the Marcionites and Christian gnostics. We are concerned with an accurate and truthful assessment of what god is or isn’t.

So by these definitions, I can’t see religious criticism of the Torah as antisemitic unless you want to say that all the Jewish atheists who criticize the Torah are antisemitic. So this line of accusation by the Jews is sheer nonsense by any standard of fairness and rationality.

POLITICS: Poly (many) Ticks (bloodsuckers). It’s here where some accusations might have some legitimacy but I’ll argue when it is not legitimate. Criticism of the State of Israel when it comes to breaking international law and every known standard of human decency cannot be considered antisemitic by any rational standard.

But Jewish control of Gentile nations is its own unique problem. I side with the Rabbis who ask what kind of peace treaty is it when they want to divide up a stolen house. A **pooh pooh caca peace treaty in my opinion and if you want to say that is antisemitic then you have to also say the Rabbis who say the same thing are antisemitic. And if it’s nonsense to say that then it’s nonsense to say that Gentiles who hold the same view are antisemitic.

ECONOMICS. This is by far the most problematic area within this topic. My first point is that if Israel wants to implement economic policy in Israel then that is their business and right to do so but we will suspend the legitimacy question here. Israeli and Jewish control of Gentile nations? This is where it gets really nasty. And in my view, this is what the claims of antisemitism are really about. So it’s not so much about the genetic disposition of a Semitic people but about their control of Gentile nations within the arena of economics. This is no more problematic for nations that consider themselves Christian and especially Christian nations that make clear delineations between Christ and the Torah.

My primary point here is that they are saying it’s antisemitic to protest their economic hegemony over Gentile nations. HERE is the documentary ALL WARS ARE BANKING WARS…Moreover, if you state facts like their over-representation in politics, academics, media, banking, the justice system, and nearly everywhere else you are smeared with the label antisemitic. I guess if the truth is antisemitic in this specific instance then so be it but in my view, it is bad sportsmanship bordering on bullying by those who love throwing punches but don’t want to take any. Here I’d also like to point out because it’s really relevant right now that one of Herzl’s primary talking points last century was the Jews just wanted a homeland where they could live in peace and mind their own business.

Never mind that if the new country has you surrounded by people that have serious quarrels with you then it might not be a good idea to move there. And really, it’s laughable that they minded their own business, isn’t it? Laughable in a not-so-good way. In a previous blog, I suggested they didn’t have to move there as by 1900 they had their new Jerusalem called New York City! From the perspective that there are no gods or aliens, it could be argued that they could have stopped all the bullshit there and be content in their new home city. But it obviously wasn’t and isn’t so.

This brings us full circle back to the Torah with its ambition of worldwide domination of all the Gentile nations on earth. In my mind, this is a very serious problem. At this point, this specific issue is about FREEDOM and who gets to define it– who gets to live freely, and who does not. The Torah is specific about its intentions of end time Third Temple Judaism and this is now intersected with the Technocracy and A.I. which the Jewish people are exceedingly enmeshed and invested in. So they are basically saying on this specific issue that it is antisemitic to critique their ambitions of world domination on two primary fronts. Okay, defending human dignity and the freedom of Gentile nations is antisemitic but on this issue, it’s an accusation I can live with.

A few points, the first political and the second theologic.

Does the country in which you reside look like a country that you would want if you had a say in how it was run? You don’t! Or does it lean and look more like a country structured on Hebrew economic interests and ideology–say Marxism as one example?

The second point has to do with the Greek schools and the idea of the demiurge. Plato said the demiurge was good. But I side with Marcion on that point–at minimum. The craftsman or architect of the material cosmos is Chronos/Time/Saturn/Moon (symbolism) and is a nonpersonal ruler of the reincarnation construct–so blind justice and not mercy–at least as far as premodern metaphysics was understood. I have many blogs on this theme so search away if you are so inclined. However, it is clear Plato understood the Egyptian view of Ptah.

I’d like to end with a reflection on anti-Christ. I concede this first part is my opinion as the past 700 years (thereabouts), saw the rise of Jewish supremacy since the mainstreaming of Kabbalah and the advent of Central Banking in the 1400s. The Jewish people, on aggregate, during that time, have reveled in the spirit of anti-Christ. Journalists like Douglas Reed correctly pointed out that Jewish-owned media says whatever it wants whenever it wants but the same journalistic freedom is not given to those with a critical view of Israel and the Jews.

NOTE* HERE is a video by the YouTuber, underlings where he gets much of it right (but not all).

And HERE is a series by the Youtuber, Bobby Collier whose channel is called GOOD GOD, and he’s done the most extensive analysis I’ve come across explaining the EVILS of Yahweh.

NOTE** atheists and materialists always argue their points from a Darwinian view premised on pragmatist philosophy and utilitarian ethics and although I get it, I also find it as problematic as any other view. In other words, it’s not the only perspective, and likely wrong to think that it is.

NOTE^ I’ll leave the original thought as clumsy as it is but for this framing, it is likely better to use anti-arab. This is distinct from the religion of Islam which should be open to rational analysis and critique. A fair and rational criticism of the Koran’s claims should not be labeled anti-arab.


I’d like to respond to the video below as an addition here. I’d like to also be clear on the context. I’m writing from Canada which is supposed to be secular (it is not anymore and run by occultists) and that is supposed to have a constitution but Trudeau’s son turned the constitution into toilet paper with his inept handling of a cold virus. I won’t get into the reasons for the truth just spoken here in this blog but I don’t believe I can share my opinion anymore in this country without violence directed at me.

Let’s define Jihad. One definition is an outward declaration of Holy War against the infidels. If this war is waged against the Jews via violence then by the definition above it would make such violence antisemitic. An alternative to that, it would seem to me, would be massive economic sanctions against Israel by everyone and anyone who thinks that their treatment of the Palestinians is morally and ethically wrong. I should point out the second definition which in my opinion is the correct one: an interior struggle with internal evil in each and every one of us.

Upon reflection, I’d think it would not be antisemitic for a nation to defend itself if Israel attacked your country militarily. And there is the idea of allied nations within the arena of war. It’s on this specific point that one could argue that nations allied against a perceived enemy nation; Israel in this instance, would not be considered antisemitic by this definition. But I’m open to debate on that point.

                         ‘We are all just bricks behind Yahweh’s walls’

Roger has just made a beautiful humanitarian-themed video on the crimes of Israel and I want to comment on it.

There are two primary points I’d like to comment on. The first is *Netanyahoo’s message to the U.N. in September where he told everyone his intention by showing a map of The Greater Israel Project. You’d think that after 100 years of this B.S. (not to mention the Torah), people would start to see that the patterns have meaning and it ain’t that hard to figure it out. But apparently, it ain’t so. To the degree that this blindness is ‘innocent,’ I’d have to point people to my blog on Marcion yesterday. Marcion taught that there is a veil of blindness that covers every aspect of the Old Testament and its people. The point is every aspect of these current events was planned well in advance and there seems to be a hidden law that states these people have to openly declare their intentions albeit in many different obscured ways–see the cartoon The Simpsons that cough up tons of predictive programming. A fellow Decoder has given me the green light to link his video on this point.

The second is his seemingly unquestionable allegiance to historical narratives. Here is a link to Benjamin Freedman’s speech in New York in 1962. Facts have never been spoken so clearly and succinctly. Let me highlight some of the main points and I’ll add CAPS to get the point across.


So the Jews did a 180 and in doing so also manipulated all the narratives about Germany in that century stripping all the context out of why the Germans acted the way they did. After WW2 Hollywood went into full-time propaganda mode backing up all the lies of their rewriting of history.

HERE is a documentary called Promises and Betrayal and the British Elite. It backs up everything Freedman said. It’s clear, that in the Balfour Declaration, no harm was to come to the Palestinians although that was a concession to a previous agreement with the Arabs. The Jews 100% KNEW this and that by the spirit of the declaration (admittedly not good) they were supposed to do no harm or displace the Palestinians.

Go to 34:22 of the video that says the Zionists traveled to Palestine in April 1918. Just as the PANDEMIC started. There are no coincidences on Conspiracy Lane…

I know Roger won’t like this but I have to reference a sentence by E Michael Jones who correctly says that anti-Semitism’s real definition is ‘anything the Jews don’t like!’ Or anyone. And that goes to the Jew, Paul, whom Marcion interpreted correctly. The Jews to this day attack other Jews whom they don’t like and add Benjamin Freedman to the long list. So the Jews hate and attack anyone who tells the truth about spirituality or history.

I’d ask Roger to imagine what he would feel if after he released some of his music and lyrics it was responded to by bankrupting him and having physical violence done to him. Such is my case although I don’t think of myself as a victim but rather a truth warrior and all wars have their casualties.

Here is an example of my lyrics which the Jews didn’t like.

Didn’t I always tell you, didn’t I always say; didn’t I always warn you, things would always end this way? 2+2=3 in my tragedies…This is my Hell, it’s where I fell, why can’t you tell, this is my hell…Follow me down through the light that shines, follow me down to the ties that bind, follow me down till the end of time…etc.

This all has me thinking about a rational and coherent version of how antisemitism should be defined.

I’ll get back to you shortly on that. DONE HERE...

NOTE*: the last I heard about this war criminal is that he was supposed to be put in jail for crimes he committed just like Trump is supposed to be. Of course, this is all Hollywood script writing and it really comes as no surprise that he resurfaces to manipulate the HIVE MIND of the Jews into the usual irrational fury. The pandemic showed how submissive they are to their pathological EL ites whose symbolism is nearly all Egyptian in origin. But the Jews in general don’t care about such trivial facts…


My 2017 post…

Hi, I wanted to do a post on free will and determinism, or free will, chance, and necessity, and came across a video by Roger Waters as I was thinking about these ideas. And go figure…I might add that this is one of the most complex topics in philosophy, science, and religion and a blog post by a high school drop-out will hardly do the topic justice; nevertheless, I will argue the veracity of my points with the caveat that all metaphysics described herein are speculations and I assert nothing as dogmatic fact.

This is a video of Waters talking Israel. Waters is assuredly correct in his analysis of the situation surrounding Israel and the Palestinians–he couldn’t be more right! It’s an intolerable situation from any logical and rational analysis. But that isn’t what this post is about….

I don’t necessarily like to pigeonhole people but I think it’s probably accurate to describe Waters as a leftist materialist, no? Please correct me if I’m presumptuous and wrong here but the rest of this post will be premised on this assessment.

There are two issues here and I’ll cover the first one briefly. The first is a pragmatist ethics of how societies should behave, act, and function. The most advanced society would be premised on secular ideals with the rule of law enacted by the very best interpretations of human reason and logic. If such a society were to exist it would lay a safe foundation with ground rules which would work towards a society wherein human beings could realize their full potential and explore safely the ultimate concern of being human: what is the nature of reality? So far so good…

Upon reflection it may be worth comparing the society we have to the one just mentioned: Go shopping! While billionaires hire private armies to commit heinous acts of murder all around the earth and please make it a priority to be entertained by celebrities and athletes while all your dignities are slowly stripped away by these archons.

Here’s the rub though, and yes, it affects all of us! Mr. Waters is a slave to his ego! And guess what? His ego has convinced him that he has free will! And this is the root cause of all the mayhem on this planet.  No! Not Roger’s ego, dumbass! OUR egos! Now, will leftist materialists ever consider and accept this truism? Probably not! But that doesn’t change reality which is ultimately transcendental compared to this illusionary construct. Well now, the hornet’s nest has been poked and I guess this will need some unpacking…

Leftist materialists have reduced life to what Wilber calls ‘frisky dirt’–or, Flatland. It’s here that the human ego achieved its most convoluted imprisonment. But really, it had helped in that premodern religion was inculcated with every manner of irrationality, illogic, and superstition. This problem, of course, was elucidated by Enlightenment thinkers applying logic and reason to the earth’s religious traditions claims, and what they found was that it annihilates most of them, but crucially, and this is the most important aspect of Flatland –it doesn’t annihilate all spiritual claims…

The truth of the matter is that everything here is determined and your free will is an illusion that doesn’t exist in reality. In fact, you’ve likely been trapped in this construct for a very long time and the fruits of this imprisonment have become rotten. And this rot is being played out on the world stage.

I’m not going to get into the ultimate metaphysical reality because Siddhartha was correct when he counseled not to go into this arena, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t exist! I’ll only say that it’s my belief that we live a multi-dimensional existence and that, IMO, we don’t have souls–but rather, are living souls! But what’s a fact is that the human ego is separated from its source and there is no free will that can ever put Humpty Dumpty back together again. This truism makes Judaism wrong, Christianity wrong, Islam wrong, Hinduism’s caste system wrong, and Buddhism as its played out over the centuries hasn’t fared much better. From this perspective, the most foolish doctrine on the planet is the idea that God will ‘calcify’ your ego forever…

These religious machinations over time are the work of the Archons who control this illusionary construct. Western theism is their masterpiece and they’ve sewn falsity into the eastern traditions and obscured the truth about the human ego and its relationship to ultimate reality. They’ve even convinced you by manipulation to return to their prison camp over and over again. But you’re not here because of freewill ego choices and their associated karmas–you’re here because you’ve been duped into believing their bullshit! And modernity hasn’t freed us from their B.S.!

Here’s the truth: you want illusion to be reified; you want the impossible! You want proof! But the only thing you’ll get in that regard is the White Rabbit–you should follow it! The veil is being lifted and the revelation of the Kristo’s is at hand.

Here are some questions you might ask: what are the latest scientific understandings of free will? It’s an illusion! Oh, yes, you have the ability to choose a ham sandwich or oatmeal for breakfast but these are inconsequential to your relationship to ultimate reality. And it’s here the Archons wove their mischief into the eastern traditions.

Was there a religious narrative in the past that assessed reality correctly? Yes, Christian Gnosticism knew that free will was an illusion; that Kristos didn’t die for your sins; that you are imprisoned in a false construct; and that you have the ability to fully realize these truths if you truly seek wisdom.

And like the Ouroboros this post circles back to its beginnings and Israel. The Demiurge will have its day but no one is obligated to play its game. Seek truth tenaciously and life’s illusions will vanish! Follow logic and reason as far as they will take you but know the truth transcends but is not contradicted by these frail human faculties! Above all escape the bondage of the human ego with its associated dramas, sufferings, attachments, and delusions.

Will leftist materialists consider what’s written in this post? Most likely not–which puts them in direct confrontation with reality.

I’ll end by asking Mr. Waters a question: what does he think Israel will give the world for its seventieth birthday?

I’ll leave you with this to ponder:

Bhagavad Gita
5.8-9: A person in the divine consciousness, although engaged in seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, moving about, sleeping, and breathing,
always knows within himself
that he actually does nothing at all.
Because while speaking, evacuating, receiving, or opening or closing his eyes,
he always knows that
only the material senses are engaged with their objects and that
he is aloof from them.

This is a repost of an earlier blog as I find it fitting on this Friday the 13th 2023.

Let me say, because a Jihad was declared for today, that if they target all the usual non-important people and places, say a guineafowl farm in Alabama, then you can reasonably deduce they are fake and or psyops. It’s been over 100 years and no one has it in them to stand up for the Palestinians in any way that makes a significant difference and I include the gods in that assessment. The situation is hopelessly depressing and more fake terrorist psyops only add to the anomie. Walter Veith, although I disagree with his religious views, has done extensive research on the creation of Islam and proved sufficiently enough to me that it was a creation of the RCC and any Marcionite knows what that means: another Hebrew project of divide and conquer. Do your own research.

HERE is a link to Marcion’s writing. The very first sentence teaches DOCETISM. This is an incorrect understanding of Marcion on my part. They say he descended from heaven in a human body (me bad). A link HERE on this point. Even still the whole story of Christmas was more Jewish fiction–I’ve stated previously that the Jews are masters of the genre and I offer Hollywood as evidence.

In fact, the story of Christmas is simply more *transfer of Egyptian astrotheology as the Three Kings are Orion’s Belt (Osiris) who pointed the way to Isis (Sirius) as the star appeared on the horizon. Peter, who betrayed Paul in ideology, became PTAH (or Ptah became Peter)., and that is why the Hebrew Egyptians put the obelisk in St. PTAH’s Square.

The Pre-Nicene Christianity channel covers tons of ground on Marcion.

I’d make the point again about the critique of Gnostics being elitist. Every single epistle written in that era was written by societal elitists because it’s only they who could read and write to the degree necessary to do so. So it’s an absurd and baseless attack.

I’ve previously described myself as an Agnostic Gnostic and that is because I side with KANT on most issues and no more so than how important reason is. I also think that the Pleroma is off-limits to humans and that fits quite well with his noumena. Although I think the Aeons can project into this place they never really want to come here because of how disgusting it is–from the perspective of the Pleroma. I’ll be doing some posts on anti-natalism soon. And when it comes to morality I sit squarely in the Categorical Imperative camp. So there are things humans can’t know but we can know how to act in the world. And for the most part under Jewish hegemony of nations, we are all acting dismally from a healthy spiritual point of view. Did I just dis Hegel? lol

For me, Marcion cleared ALL the fog when it comes to the absurdity of anything to do with the words Judeo-Christian. An impossibility, but I still have many areas of inquiry left unanswered, hence my use of the word agnostic within that specific context.

My quarrel with Marcionism. A truly GOOD GOD with absolutely no evil within its own being would not have partaken in the death of the cross as described as a remedy for sin. So the crucifixion doesn’t mean what they say it means. And a truly GOOD GOD’s only possible outcome when it comes to soteriology is universalism. Everyone would HAVE to be redeemed eventually under this notion of God.

A Friday the 13th update on my What We Are Asked To Believe (see the end of the post)…

A comment from a YouTuber that hits the nail on the head. I should say I’m more quasi-Marcion than Neo but Marcion is the entrance to any sane understanding of Abrahamic religions.

7 months ago
Interesting, but two corrections: First, Marcion did not view the Jewish God as evil or bad, but as “just”: An eye for an eye. But justice is of course the opposite of mercy, and so the Christian God could not be the same. Second, the claim that Marcion altered the scriptures of Paul or Luke is a claim of his enemies, but it is difficult to believe: Marcion was faithful to the scriptures. Only because he believed the Old Testament to be true (for its believers) could he come to the conclusion that it could not be reconciled with the Christian faith. Had he been able to dismiss the Old Testament as a lot of funky stories, he might have come to a different conclusion {ANDREW HERE: THIS IS MY VIEW}…So why should Marcion change any text by Paul or Luke? Perhaps it was he who had the original letters of Paul and on this basis argued his belief that the God of the New Testament was merciful (rather than just), and that this God of the New Testament was removed from Genesis in that only a God who was not involved in earthly belongings could be truly altruistic and have pity in what he had not created. Perhaps it was his enemies (Tertullian etc.) who changed the scriptures of Paul to serve their needs in arguing against Marcion. After all, for the acceptance of Christianity, it was vital that this faith could be traced back in the scriptures (Josef being a descendant of David, etc.). Why should Marcion change Paul? Macron’s belief that the New Testament (and thus the God of the New Testament) was different from the God of the Old Testament did not originate from any anti-Jewish feelings. Marcion simply concluded that a God who delivered when being so asked (Eliah and the rainmaking), and who allowed enemies of the faith to be slaughtered (the same Eliah who had praised God as being merciful and patient) could not be reconciled with the message of Jesus as taught by Paul. Paul’s letters formed Marcion’s beliefs rather than the other way around. But Marcion’s belief comes with a heavy price: If God is (only) the knowledge of His assistance, He cannot get involved in earthly doings, He is not responsible for the good or bad that is happening, and if God is mercy, there is no hell, either. Changing scripture to arrive at such probably far-fetched conclusions looks unlikely: Rather Marcion’s faith derived from the scriptures that he had: Perhaps only Paul’s letters. Perhaps it was he who wrote the first Gospel based thereupon.

NOTE*: it’s 100% dishonest to say that Egyptian spirituality is a satanic thieving of the truth of Judaism. The Egyptian language predates the Hebrew/Phoenician by hundreds of years if not a thousand. There is zero evidence that the Hebrew language predated the Egyptian. This quarrel is relevant to the claims of those who say Marcion was the linguistic adulterer. No chance, in reality, it was the Ebionites (James especially) who perverted the writings of Paul. I’ve said in other blogs that it could be more than a coincidence that the paleo-Hebrew language occurred shortly after the 18th dynasty. This makes sense if Moses was Akhenaten. But what is certain is that it’s 100% impossible for Moses to have written the Torah in Hebrew as dated in our Bibles.


In some way, you could label me a Neo-Marcionite and I wouldn’t be too upset about it.

I’ll start this one off with something I don’t think Marcion addressed: Physics. If we look at modern physics today, and the people who promote data from their studies in this arena, we would have to conclude: Heliocentrism and the likelihood that we exist via a cosmic fluke–this is the overwhelming consensus over at least 100 years of scientific inquiry. So there is an immediate disconnect with the claims of the Torah.

My studies as a layperson suggest that the overwhelming consensus on the Torah’s cosmology is that it presents some type of stationary-flat-earth model. So there are serious conflicting claims even within the parameters of something we have reasonable access to. If we can’t even agree on things we can see then how much more problematic is the arena of supernaturalism?

2023: HERE is a link from the Marcionite top brass that says the earth is stationary. My thoughts on that: no one who has ever lived has experienced a moving earth as described by heliocentrism. The only way I could know for sure though is to be taken up into the atmosphere high enough to see for myself without any distortion of a glass lens. Because I can’t do that I remain agnostic on the shape of the earth. I would say, however, that there seems to be no god/s willing to end the dispute.

Marcion wasn’t a homeless gypsy. Any epistles written in that era were written by societal elites and Marcion was no exception. This means he likely would have had access to most of the cosmological claims of that era from the Greek and Egyptian Schools and likely even from the Vedas. It’s odd to me that he didn’t address this issue so I will. We can assume he rejected Democritus and ‘the atoms in the void’ materialism. It’s also likely he would have sided with Plato over Aristotle. But did he know about Samkhya and the ‘eternal existence’ theory of the universe? Or, did he think there was a beginning? This was likely his view but it’s also likely he viewed TWO ideas within this inquiry: the beginning of the ‘demiurgic construct’ as described in Genesis, and whatever existence his version of Christ’s Father has which precedes the creation account in Genesis. See The Apocryphon Of John.

And…NO! None of these quarrels have been resolved! See the science site of Miles Mathis for another wrench in the wheel! As a Neo-Marcionite I’m adding cosmology to the list of incongruities that is the bloody mess of the abrahamic traditions. But to be fair they haven’t fared much better than the East with the Vedas. Some of the earliest schools were materialist and atheistic and rivaled Hume’s skepticism. It seems no one on earth has been able to solve any of these quarrels and to my thinking that screams ‘Deceptive Demiurge’ although I concede the possibility of fluke random materialism–it’s simply not my view. I think the Demiurge IS the material universe and that its mind is instantiated within it via what we call Panpsychism. And when someone has a psychedelic experience this is what they are accessing: another realm of the demiurgic mind. But this is not the Mind Of Christ that preceded this existence.

I guess what I’m suggesting, to the degree that Marcion wasn’t another intelligence spook of the money masters, is that it’s consistent that physics would be in dispute and not made overwhelmingly clear and concise by a not-so-good demiurge. And then there is the Historicity problem.

No clear and obvious physical evidence for most of the major characters in the Bible and that’s besides the issue of the extraordinarily questionable moral character of most of these actors. If Solomon was WISE he only would have had one wife! But what’s another quibble, eh? And, with all my studies, one of the only ideas that fits the timeline of Jesus is the Docetist view–that he only appeared human. In my view, there was a cosmic drama played out in that era between Christ and Yaldabaoth. Books like The Book Of Judas, allude to it. But the story as it’s written in the Gospels is largely the fiction of elite Hebrew/Roman families like The Flavians who had every reason to twist those events into the story that fit their agenda: make Jesus Jewish and the Son of an (Evil) Yahweh, and make it so everyone has to submit to their politics under the threat of eternal punishment. History proves it was a pretty effective gambit.

I’m totally okay with the idea that reason and logic have epistemological limitations and I’m totally okay with a sincere simple faith in God. But that simple faith can’t include the blatant irrationalisms that exist in some of the Abrahamic traditions. Yahweh’s personal murder count is in the neighborhood of about 2.5 million! Eternal damnation for one finite life mistake is entirely insane! Good parents don’t choose favorites among their siblings as a means of teaching life lessons–only a lousy parent would do such a thing.

The above are some of my additions to Marcion’s stream of spirituality. HERE is a link to his direct writings and HERE and HERE are some previous thoughts on Marcionism.

Oh, yes…I’m forcing myself to read, The Protocols Of The Dumb Elders Of Zion. I wonder what Marcion would have thought about it? The mainstream says it’s fiction, of course, but it’s very strange fiction, indeed, when fiction comes true. On Conspiracy Lane I often quip that Judaism isn’t a conspiracy. Please note, also, that it’s these apparent ‘good guys’ who did (and will do?) all the murdering of the Marcionites and Gnostics.

‘I’m just a dumb spiritual hippie’…

Or what they pejoratively call a ‘Midwit’…

It’s my contention, in this blog, that a core group of spiritually *dumb and blind Mensas has hijacked Western civilization while stripping it of moral human decency and replacing moral human decency with amoral financial metrics that feed the ‘mark of the financial beast system’…Or, the e CON omic machine/matrix.

So, yes…to begin with, this is an assessment from the view of Christian Gnosis and my critique is largely aimed at Jewish atheist actors (and sectors) that control, via amorality, the *West (and humanity’s greater civilization in general) via the way it implements financial policy (and control and distribution of money via usury).

In short, they’ve done this via number crunching combined with what is called Utilitarian/Consequentialist moral philosophy wherein the ends always justify the means no matter how amoral, immoral, or unethical. As long as the outcomes succeed in creating a society premised on Jewish interests then it’s all good!

These people have what could be termed presuppositional bias’ towards treating humanity and the resources of the earth as nothing more than cogs within the international finance machine that their financially obsessed minds have total control over. I’ve argued in other blogs that this is a secular (worldwide religion of money ($). And like all religions, you are sure to be gaslighted if you fail to meet the standards of the e CON omic Archons that rule this earth’s shitshow! Hey literally, have they ever quantified how much poop per day gets created on this earth? What I can tell you as a Midwit is that it’s BS., MS., and! In an upcoming long overdue video I’m going to attempt to suss out the Christian Gnostic notion that Christ held called Anti-Natalism. This will be another attempt or avenue proving that Christ was not Jewish nor was he endorsing Judaism–the exact opposite is true from this perspective of Christian Gnosis.

At the root of this spiritual sickness is the idea that everything has to be monetized and that they should be in total control of the monetization of everything while inventing ways to extract percentages of every financial exchange made by anyone anywhere on the earth. This is a logical and likely only outcome of the atoms in the void philosophy when applied to economics as it turns every individual (and object) into nothing more than ‘bubbled automatons of consumerism’. The individual, at this point, has no connection to anything but the financial machine or ‘economic matrix’. One might also say, at this point, that humans are now wired into what I’ve called the Jewish-Hivemind-Egrigore whose ultimate end is an A.I.-run technocracy.

In previous blogs, I’ve coughed up a way out of this sickness by suggesting new healthy boundaries around world economics which would, in essence, create TWO ECONOMIES, one would be what I call a residential economy with the foundation being the four basic needs of every human: food, homes, healthcare, and education: I call these the Four Pillars of a New Earth Commons. Juxtaposed to this new residential economy would be our current extremely exploitative economy and we could call this the COMMERCIAL economy and it could exist as it exists now.

If anyone is familiar with the idea of problem/reaction/solution then one might be able to see that the Plandemic was used to double (and triple) the price of everything and has been the largest transfer of wealth into the 13 Illuminati families in world HIS story. One solution to Gentiles not being able to afford basic living needs is to have EL ites own everything and have everyone rent from them: the ultimate goal of Marxist State Run Capitalism–or so it could be argued. How this plays out isn’t a given as it could end up looking more like the Hunger Games with a diabolical and decadent EL ite creating a massive 2-tiered neo-feudal order.

A note here that to whatever degree the N.T. answered the question of how Christians should live their economic lives we can be sure that Christ wasn’t teaching the communism of State-run Marxism which is an outcome of materialist philosophies. The idea that early Christians were practicing communism is absurd. Do you really think they were asking the Romans to control their means of production?

NOTE* The general idea within Christian Gnostic thought is that the Demiurge has created soulless entities referred to as Hylics. The material creation was also referred to as an abortion (cosmic error). We should also consider that science isn’t qualified to answer spiritual questions so all scientists can do is cough up personal opinions about what they think reality is or isn’t. I’ll link Miles Mathis’ paper on atheism again HERE as he covers this ground better than I do. But I’ve also argued that I don’t find sufficient reason to believe the assertions of these Hylics as they intersect with complexity (the spokespersons thereof) –especially given the corrupt nature of this earth and especially the corrupt nature of modern e CON omics.

Another important element of all these messes is the notion propagated by postmodern philosophy that the only true objective morality is POWER–so everything is reduced to power relations and the only right is who controls the power. This is nowhere more evident than in the Middle East within the dynamic relations between Palestinians and Israelis. All moral concerns are reduced to Israeli power as the only legitimate criteria for assessing what is right and wrong. This power lever is no more apparent than in the zionist control of world media wherein morality is flipped and the victims in an open-air prison (a metaphor for the earth) are seen as the terrorists. While the Archons in Israel are seen as morally righteous.

NOTE** Historically it would be atheist Zionists in the West and Marxists in the East. I’ve come across a handful of Rabbis who correctly teach that this modern iteration of Israel created by the Freemasons aligned with the Rothschilds is an abomination and should have never happened. I’m happy to see there are a few Rabbis who still have an ounce of decency and common sense.

($) below is from THIS site:

The Slavery Theory

There have been claims that the dollar symbol, $, is derived from the words for “slave” and “nail” in Spanish (or in Latin, according to one version of this theory that posits an earlier date for the invention of the symbol). The shackles worn by slaves could be locked by a nail which was passed through the rings or loops at the ends of the shackle and bent while it was still hot and malleable. The Spanish for slave is esclavo and for “nail” is clavo. Therefore the “S” with a nail, $, or S-clavo = esclavo or slave.

Slaves constituted a store of wealth and as a result, the abbreviation for slaves that slave-owners used in their account books came to represent money.

This seems like the kind of explanation that would be popular with conspiracy theorists. It does not seem to be very popular in printed sources, at least not in English language ones, but I (Roy Davies) have seen it on the Internet and was also told it by someone who said he had heard it from a Latin-American economist and an American history professor. 

In my view, this assessment aligns with spirituality especially those of the Christian Gnostics.

I’m not much into physical fighting and never have been but I think I have a decent grasp of concepts like self-defense–which is a human right.

The first premise of any sane and rational fighter is not to pick a fight you are guaranteed to lose–especially if family members and other communities refuse to assist you in your quarrels.

With this logic in mind, we can reasonably deduce that the latest escalation of violence in Gaza was a FALSE FLAG!

Say I live in a bad part of town by myself and I pick a fight with a group of heavily armed thugs (the local mafia) …There is a guaranteed outcome here that no sane and rational fighter would want–so, the sane and rational thing to do is not pick a fight and find a way out of the situation that doesn’t involve your annihilation. And if there is no way out of the neighborhood then you’d best find a way not to ask for your destruction until such a time as family members and other society sympathizers alter their view on assisting you.

But here we are being told by the lamestream media (since 911) that these Arabs have a death wish and are the stupidest people to ever exist when it comes to rational self-preservation when in dismal circumstances. I for one am not buying that they are this friggin’ dumb, especially given the fact of the decimation of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, etc., since 911. The atrocities against these nations were overwhelming evidence that payback is exponentially worse than any aggression they might have instigated. So much for Yahweh being a fair arbiter of justice…

Like all things criminal when it comes to the idea of justice one has to look at who benefits from crimes. There is no doubt that the money-power of Israeli interests won every aspect of the post-9/11 world as they did with the two world wars in the 20th century. There is a point wherein any rational assessment has to ask at what point are the coincidences more than simply random–and we have definitely reached that point today.

There is an old saying on the streets of the world, ‘What have you done for me lately?’ In this context, the Israeli Zionist Archons are the overwhelming perpetrators and not the victims. And from my research, it’s been that way for some time. Add to this the frenzy coming out of the zio-owned media calling for the complete annihilation of somewhere around *1 million Palestinian children. It’s despicable that such voices adorn themselves as the paragon of morality. Furthermore, it is explicitly taught by most Rabbis that America and the West are to be exterminated because they are Amalek, Esau, and Rome. These Jewish (so-called American politicians) have evil balls of steel to lie on such a scale.

I don’t know how much going on there is fakery but to the extent that it isn’t, I’d say much of it is staged theatre. There is a lot of money to be made by the military and media-industrial complex when it comes to the most disputed territory on Earth.

And speaking of dumb. The largely Jewish commentators in the West, when it comes to economics, couldn’t have foreseen that there would be some serious backlash, even if just opinion for now, on the Jewish Question when it comes to the obscene speculation on homes in the West causing mass unaffordability and homelessness…See the paragraph above…

NOTE* it’s not just zio-politicians screaming for this genocide but christian preachers. At that point it is 100% true that these preachers are no longer preaching the message of Christ but rather that of Yahweh as it was Yahweh who ordered genocide after genocide in the Jewish religious book. Let me repeat that again: when christian preachers call for genocide they are no longer christians but jews preaching judaism.

A next-day addition:

I’m going to link two videos that I have no affiliation with nor have I commented or subscribed to their channels. I’m linking them because they are telling the TRUTH and that is my primary concern. The first video is called The Pagan State Of Israel And Their Luciferian Tools. Two incredibly important points are made. The first is that prophecy can never be used as justification for violence and the suspension of humanitarian principles. The second one has to do with the view of the two orthodox rabbis who correctly say that modern zionism is evil and against any rational notion of what a GOOD GOD is and what a GOOD GOD would want. My agreement is said with a suspension of my Christian Gnostic views–so an agreement based more on a secular rational analysis.


In it, O. Benjamin correctly deconstructs how toxic and destructive usury is. I suspect it’s not an endorsement of Islam per se but rather he’s making a very good point.

I’ll tack on a third one here called BENJAMIN FREEDMAN GIVES WARNING TO AMERICA

Benjamin’s overview is one of the most important talks on the internet. Add to this that Theodore Herzl swore up and down that all the Zionists wanted was a homeland where the Jews could have safe refuge and mind their own business. Sickening laughable. I’d recommend just listening and ignoring the background video which is manipulative. HERE is a transcript of the talk. I’m going to do a separate blog on it because there is a lot to unpack there.

A note on how much of what is happening is 100% fakery. I’m not against the idea generally speaking but I can testify that the injuries inflicted on me by my spiritual enemies are not FAKE! They are real and were inflicted by the use of subtle coercive violence. So my personal experience is that not everything is fake when it comes to the J.Q.

SECOND ADDITION: MURDERED DEAD BABIES! I’ve just heard about this on the zio-news. It’s not relevant whether I believe it or not but I do want to make a point. I haven’t read the story but let’s say 12 babies were murdered by these ‘terrorists’. What kind of morality responds by murdering about a million other defenseless children? No morality at all so the moral indignation of the first murders is blatantly hypocritical if you are willing to commit the same crime on a much more significant scale. So it’s really a false moral outrage and made much more despicable coming from a people who declare they are the arbiters of spiritual moral law (on both sides).

Friday the 13th. Some thoughts on the video below:

None of the usual definitions apply to this conflict because it’s now all about blatant deeply neurotic emotionalism and irrationality embedded within animalistic powerdrives.

When I view this video I do lean towards much of the carnage and mayhem as real. To say that the past 100 years of mayhem in that area is ALL staged doesn’t sit right with my spiritual intuition. But this journalist and video makers are clearly top-notch, so although it’s not what I think, there is the possibility that some of this footage is the very best of Hollywood production within the genre of making real-life war dramas.

My comment on the video:

All the Western nations are being turned into Palestine via Jewish ideology. I, too, in Canada, have been made homeless by their control, and also mourn what was once a half-decent country. So although I appreciate some of the points of this journalist, the left, in general, is in total denial of the aims of Zionism and Judaism when it comes to all the other land masses on earth that the Jews believe is their spiritual right to rule.

If you listen carefully to the beginning of his video he blames England, the West (and the international community (whatever that means). But notice he doesn’t say why (and can’t say why) but it’s explicit if you read between the lines: ALL THESE COUNTRIES ARE ZIONIST OCCUPIED TERRITORY.

Below is what I woke up to today. It was on a door of the public washroom I’ve been reduced to having to use for 4 years. Humanity are frogs in boiling water and don’t have a clue as to their spiritual predicament. The media pretends that the Jewish Question is just about a land mass in the Middle East. Let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Part 1.

This is part 2 continuing on from the video above. I’ve been out of the video loop so this works better for me at the moment.

My research shows there were *two primary cults that came out of Pharaonic Hebrew EL ite spirituality.

The first one is what David Icke references as the Saturn/Moon matrix. In Egypt, Saturn was known as **SET (and Geb) but it’s SET (Satan) that is relevant here. While Osiris, along with THOTH, are inextricably linked to moon reincarnation themes. So the Hebrews, who were steeped in Egyptian spirituality for centuries, adopted these ideas and eventually re-created their version in the Torah.

IAO is the earliest iteration of Yahweh that is on record and this name was also a reference to the moon in Egypt. It’s worth noting that THOTH was likely associated with Mercury and wisdom because it’s the closest planet to the sun god.

The second cult, which in my view, ended up as Roman Christianity, is based on Horus as a representative of the Sun King and Venus as a representation of Isis. Think the N.T….Jesus says that he is the light of the world (sun) and that he is also the bright morning star (Venus). So early renderings of Mary and Jesus can be said to be a recreation of the Isis/Horus motif. Of course, it was Hebrew bloodlines that created all of these religions (post-Egypt). But the important part here as it relates to all the one-eyed symbolism today is that according to this occultism, Jesus is Lucifer (the bright and morning star), or, but another way within this context, Jesus IS ISIS (Venus), too! Androgyne.

This idea takes us to Judaism’s idea of Samael being the Lord of Death (Osiris) and Lilith, who within this view, can be said to be Isis/THOTH–ahem…or is that an Amen? And this is exactly who the Rabbis say was Christ (the first suffering Messiah) who will betray Christianity in the end. And, in a sense, I agree with that although for different reasons–both Judaism and Christianity are the projects of the ARCHONS! But in a strange way, the Book of Revelations does get it right in that it will be Thoth incarnated again who will declare him/herself as the political Messiah of his third Sun and Moon temple. Thoth was also known as the neverending Trickster…

And the last part is why all these celebs have that smirk on their face when they put the SHHHH SSSHHH finger in front of their mouths. At least in part, with the other part being that they KNOW that Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality! But they are forbidden to declare it openly as it would not serve the purposes of the first cult (relatives) mentioned above wherein they crafted a narrative of eternal victimhood; which in today’s world especially, is the number one gambit in shutting down any and all legitimate critique of Hebrew power and politics. Not to mention that everyone involved in these cults is either from or subservient to the 13 Illuminati bloodlines that have long ruled the earth with most of their roots coming out of Egypt. And…yes, a pedestrian take on this is a kind of decadent Hunger Games trolling of the masses (Gentiles) by these EL ites wherein they get to flip morality upside down.

A definition of Egyptian spirituality from my view: I assess it as a type of pantheistic monism. But perhaps it could also be panentheistic monism. But at its root, it was nature worship combined with astrotheology–as is Kabbalah. Whether there was a remembrance or reiterating of spirituality from a previous ‘age of the gods’ is not within the scope of this post. I’d refer anyone to Charles N. Pope’s site The Domain Of Man in that regard.

Some notes on Thoth as he/she was merged with Greek philosophy and in my view that was largely a Hebrew undertaking. So Thoth was known as the Thrice Great which could be a reference to Trinity thinking. Hermes took over the role of Thoth with many of the same attributes and when young became known as ‘the thief in the night’ (stealing from Apollo). Not to mention that Hermes had a tendency to ‘make shit up’ and I’ve said many times that that is a quality the Rabbis excel at.

Obviously, this last Matrix movie was all about Thoth and the psychology surrounding him along with soteriological themes. But in the end, from my view, the archons have simply set up another metaphysical false dichotomy: the Egyptian spirituality of Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and Freemasonry in opposition to the narrative in the New Testament version of Christianity.

NOTE* I mentioned Akhenaten but he was likely a primary influence in the creation of the first cult so really not three as I referenced.

NOTE** This is taken from THIS site…

We might speculate in fact that the Egyptian God name Seb is related to the Hebrew words Seb, Sabea, Shebi and Sheba. Seb, also known as Geb, was Saturn’s Egyptian Equivalent. Seb, known as “the father of snakes,” and often depicted with the head of a snake, was also the father of the Egyptian Set or Seth. Indeed, this study argues that the Biblical figure Seth or Sheth, שֵׁת, son of Adam and brother of Cain and Abel, is likely a reference to the Egyptian God Set or Seth. Seth or Set was the deity of the Hyksos, a group that was expelled from Egypt and identified by ancient mythographers as the same group as the Ancient Israelites.

A note on this: so the snake or serpent was linked to SET in Egypt who became associated with the serpent in the G.O.E and Satan in the N.T.

The author of that site centers his metaphysics around race and anyone that knows my work knows I’m not a fan of that framing when it comes to spirituality. The problem is non-human archons...It seems to me all these ‘race card’ spiritualists are just mirroring Judaism’s primary spiritual error. I’ve said this about Israel and Germany mid-century wherein they were both implementing the SAME horrible protocols but in one case it was very very bad (Germany), in the other case, in a nascent Israel, they ‘did nothing wrong’.

In the end, it is very important to understand that I view all of these shenanigans as the work of the archons and the demiurge and that includes this version of Jesus/Lucifer whom I believe was Ceasarion who was indwelled by the ‘spirit of thoth’...The true Christ and Sophia remain HIDDEN!

Researchers like Joe Atwill and Ralph Ellis move the timeline for Jesus in our direction by about 40 years and if that is possible then all I’m saying is that it would be just as easy to move the timeline back 40 years and voila that takes us to Ceasarion who has all the numbers that go along with these spiritual fakers: born in 47BC and dies in 33AD which would have made him 80. CHAI! As far as Hebrew gematria goes!

A late add-on to muse on. HERE is a pic of Nietzsche doing the Masonic hidden hand gesture. They say he wasn’t a Mason but the pic could argue otherwise especially considering one of his core philosophies is Luciferian (you shall be like gods). One might also consider the traction he would eventually get and we all know you don’t get that kind of promotion unless you are one of them.

So what is the true Gnosis? The Archons have created a technocracy (mark of the beast) based on e CON omics and that is the true matrix and you cannot get out if you play their casino–in fact, the whole earth is set up like a casino from a metaphysical point of view. In fact, you are at that point a battery that feeds them energy. Albeit with the addition of fear and loathing which also feeds them. And although you will likely lose here (casinos work that way) there are ways out. See my Golden Rule page and Winter Solstice series where I cover the way out in more depth.

A next-day muse…Let’s deconstruct the claims of the serpent in that ‘ye shall be as gods’…For one, I’ve never seen one iota of evidence that a human is god other than via spiritual abstractions like in the non-dual schools. The idea seems to be enmeshed with spiritual idealism that teaches everything is mind. From what I can gather, a human can connect to a higher version of itself as god and create their own reality. But there are a few problems with that: they can’t! They certainly cannot do anything as they cannot break the laws of physics (whatever they are). And what have these human gods created? Well, if we look at Freemasonry, they created the American empire premised on usurious e CON omics.

Excuse me, but if that is the best these human gods can do I think I’ll pass on being a god.

Let’s look at the other false choice: Roman Christianity. We are asked to believe by the church that one of the primary revelations by Jesus was that he is one-third Yahweh. But wait a minute! Why the delay in communicating something that was ubiquitous knowledge in Egypt? All Jesus had to say to Moses was ‘Just think of me like Horus’ but Hebrew! And at that point, one should see how absurd these framings are. Nope, the beginning of clarity here starts with a full reading of Marcion at the very least. Two different gods are at work here. Add in the question of why opposing gods want to copy their supposed enemy’s spirituality to the degree that they did: IS (IS) RA (AMEN) EL…come on! I suggested in another blog, that got trolled heavily, that Yahweh would have been better off calling his chosen nation Wisconsin–at least you couldn’t mistake that for your arch enemies gods…

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