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‘It’s not the Anthropocene but rather the Ponziocine’…AMM

It’s likely time that I do an overview of this website and what it (I) stands for.

I am what is called a Christian Gnostic. We have been known at times as ‘the hippies of Christendom’.

I do not claim to be a Perfecti, which was a similar moniker as Apostle, or Guru in India. Whether Perfecti, Apostle, or Guru– it makes little difference when it comes to public, and open and honest repeatable and verifiable displays of supernatural ability (miracles in the N.T.) as NO ONE on earth today can do so. The Christian Gnostics do have one viable explanation for this: the only sign to be given at the End of the Age is the Jews and their TOTAL CONTROL over economics on the earth–known as The Mark of the Beast in Revelations.

There were three categories of humans described by the Christian Gnostics: HYLICS can be thought of as like the clones in Star Wars in that they cannot perceive the truth of spirituality; the PSYCHICS who have strong intuitive spiritual understanding (I place myself in this group); and the Perfecti (like Christ in that they can alter the laws of physics–walk on water etc.).

HERE is a link to one of the best documentaries on Gnosticism by David Brakke Ph.D.

His lengthy documentary is excellent because he delineates accurately what Christian Gnosis is and isn’t and there are few alive today willing to be that honest when it comes to this line of inquiry.

We believe we are prisoners here via the machinations of Yaldabaoth the demiurge– the creator god of this material existence. We long ago associated this entity with the god of the Torah (note the small g).

We believe in non-violence similar to the concept of Ahimsa which was a core teaching of the Jains in the East. We also understand that this stance consistently leads to our destruction (death) on this earth by those whose core tenet, within their religion, is violence against anyone who speaks against the Torah. This has always come to pass. There are certainly times, because of this, that we feel like CYPHER in the Matrix who understood that knowing the truth about existence can at times SUCK! But rarely, if ever, do we renounce our conviction to the TRUTH about existence.

The J.Q. was a huge topic as the 20th century dawned and has now, once again, resurfaced in the mainstream, so because of this I write this blog.

My website has many posts about Marx and Communism and I’ve been consistently saying Marx was an agent disclosing information (but not spiritual enlightenment) about the Hebrew Archon Overlords or what I often call the Pharaonic Hebrew EL ite (Rothschild et. al.). Ask yourself why these Jews use Egyptian symbolism in all their power centers with Osiris’s penis being the logo for Amazon (one exp. of 1000’s I could link). This isn’t merely coinky-dinky. Search my blogs for the root of this in the 18th dynasty of Egypt and certainly search the Hyksos Hebrew Pharaohs as we are dealing with their offspring today–what I call Nephilim-Archon-Spooks.

But my point on Marx is that he was telling the Gentiles about economics and how it works when handed over to the Jews. It ain’t pretty! And when Marx revealed something of this nature he knew what he was talking about and wasn’t making shit up. Yes, the official narrative with Marx, Socialism, and Communism is that the Jews are sincerely interested in ending the economic slavery of the Gentile proletariat–this is beyond laughable! The more anyone speaks in either of these sects/ideologies the more enslaved the Gentile nations become to usurious predatory economics by the Jewish-run banking cartels that control all the world governments.

HERE is a link to one of the most succinct overviews of The Jewish Question online today. Unfortunately, it is presented by one of the leaders of the Alt.-Right and I ask you to ignore the messenger and focus on the truth of what he says for it is 100% accurate. All I’ll say about Mr. Johnson is that it is likely no accident that, in the West, the only critique of Jewish power and politics today, and all the abuses that come with it, come from the ‘Naziesque’ camp. That’s called controlled opposition, by the way, making the only critique come from those whose ideology was the biggest failure in universal history–no accident. No rational person would want anything to do with the abject failure of mid-century socialism as presented by the ‘mustached one’. Not that he was portrayed accurately in HIS story but I do not need to cover this here.

However, there is a good segue way here into the BEST paper of 2023 from Miles Mathis:

Friedrich Nietzsche

I would hazard a guess that one aspect of our spiritual revealing is that humans have to smash all their idols as painful as that is.

I was going to do a separate blog on this but it seems better to add it onto this one.

I took the time to listen to the whole thing. These guys are a branch of Integral philosophy and are advocates for a society founded on Neo-Platonic metaphysics. But they have competition as the Neo-Marxists of the Rothschild WEF want Total Control and they hate religion and are acting out one variation of the serpentine gnostic script in Genesis–‘ye shall be like gods’. It’s a gnostic interpretation I fully reject–it’s another Hylic school attempt at the knowledge of good and evil. HERE is a video of KLAUS and the gangsters telling you about the future that they want for the whole world.

The other competitor for world domination is coming from Third Temple Noahide Law Jews. See Adam Green of Know More News who covers this extensively. My website covers this ground quite extensively, too, so search if you’re interested.

If I was coerced into having to choose one of the three it would be the first one notwithstanding the contentions/quarrels between the Christian Gnostics and Plotinus. The Valentinian-type Gnostics will get on board with their plan but the Sethians will reject it as becoming one with the demiurgic construct will only keep you trapped within this deceptive construct.

From a modern secular perspective, I’ve not come across one of these neo-platonists in our era who have any substantial critique of modern economics. IOW’s they all seem fine with fascist economics defined here as the corporate oligarch control of the nationstate. Or, as stated by many honest-type Jews: ‘Yes, we have control of the nation’s economic structures and we don’t care how we got it but we are not going to give up that power!’…So silence from Integral Inc. on this one. I’ve dubbed this Integral without integrity.

That aside, I wanted to comment on the first video as it intersects with the situation in Israel as commented on by Ken Wilber. HERE is the Integral World blog on the convo. It’s barely worth listening to, in my view, and goes to why I rejected Wilber’s school.

But all is not lost in that camp as there are people within it who get it right. Below is a comment from the blog that I agree with. The only solution from an Integral Metacrisis view is what I’ve BOLDED below in his comment.

Joseph Dillard · Dec 9, 2023

Thanks for this Frank. 

You say, “ Perhaps we should just bring more reason and rationality into this conflict, plain human common sense, that however complicated this conflict historically is, two rival populations should accept each other and live peacefully, either within one state of as two separate states?” 

This gets to the heart of the problem. According to Wilber (and I agree), the pre-trans fallacy in its elevationistic aspect occurs because one has transcended stages without including them. What you are pointing out is that Wilber’s integral is elevationistic in its analysis of the War on Gaza: it transcends reason by claiming 1) access to an “integral” (vision-logic/integral-aperspectival/post-personal) perspective and 2) a mystical one, will solve the problem. It will not and cannot, because Wilber’s formulation does not include accountability before law, a prior, foundational, rational perspective. 

The abrogation of the West of its self-appointed role as light bearer to the primitive masses and enforcer of freedom, justice, and human rights, in its failure to not only hem in and stop this genocide, but by actually supporting, aiding and abetting it, puts the rest of the world on the spot: is there the collective will of a global majority to put a leash on the Emperor with No Clothes in the General Assembly of the UN and in international tribunals, or does the global majority meekly roll over and let genocide continue? 

This is not an “integral” decision for the global majority. This is more a brutal cost/risk calculation by countries who have a lot to lose by upsetting the ongoing hegemonic world order by forcing the stop of the genocide. So far these countries (the Arab states, Russia, and China) have largely wrung their hands and wailed but done almost nothing of a concrete nature to reign in the ongoing atrocity. Little Yemen has provided a notable exception. 

Wilber says, “… politicians should become integral so they can take all perspectives into account.” 

The problem is that a rational understanding of multi-perspectivalism does not produce experiential, empathetic multi-perspectivalism. Politicians (and integralists!) can become adept at integral or metamodern theory or whatever and maintain the bias of their worldview, without any authentic identification with the suffering of the other side. I have seen this numerous times in the integral community. 

“ Wilber seems oblivious to the geopolitical reasons this conflict has endured for so long, with the United States backing Israel all the time, even if it has a record number of UN resolutions raised against its practice of colonization of Palestinian land and the treatment of its inhabitants.” 

This is why listening to the geopolitical realism and objectivity provided by people like Mearsheimer, Jeffrey Sacks, Alexander Mercouris, and, in the case of Israel/Palestine, voices like Ilan Pappe and Norman Finkelstein, is important. Such voices provide geopolitical background and reasons for the conflict, reasons which are often left out of integral analyses of conflicts (as this critique by Wilber demonstrates). I have noted (in various essays on IW) this absence in essays by Smith, Freinacht, and others regarding the Ukraine war. 

“(The US)… should be the prime candidate to order the Israeli government (mostly headed by Netanyahu) to stop colonizing Palestinian land and to actively work toward a two-state solution.” 

There are a couple of problems here. 1) Polls show that Israelis overwhelmingly support continuation of the war, meaning apartheid, ethnic cleansing and the continuation of genocide. Getting rid of Netanyahu and imagining that a more conducive government will take his place is wishful thinking. The problem is endemic, like a systemic disease. A band-aid or aspirin is like painting the walls of a house when termites have destroyed its wooden framing. Zionism is apartheid. Genocide is not a bug; it’s a feature. 2) People have to come to grips that the entire Zionist project is racist and that therefore a two-state solution is to put a global stamp of approval on apartheid. 

People are reluctant to think this through, partially because they are used to associating criticism of Zionism with anti-semitism, something that the US Congress, in its infinite capacity to subordinate itself to the financial power of AIPAC and Israeli interests, just made illegal. But if we do develop sufficient objectivity, we will recognize that only a one-state solution will do, one in which Israelis and Palestinians live together in one democratic state. Those who do not wish to do so are free to move elsewhere. 

“Wilber gives zero analysis of the role played by the West (the US and Europe) in the perpetuation of this conflict.” 

Exactly. Wilber’s integral is highly Eurocentric in its worldview, but that is obscured by its embracing of Indian religion and mysticism. What has occurred is that Hindu and Buddhist concepts have been grafted onto an underlying Eurocentric worldview. (How and why this has been done and the consequences for integral theory is a vast and important subject that integralists with more time, energy, and knowledge than myself need to address.) 

Another reality that people are highly reluctant to call out is the objective fact that Israel, the US, and EU are terrorist states, based on their exporting of extra-legal wars and their support for genocide. For example, the grooming, training, arming, and financial support of ISIS terrorism by the West is well known, at least to those who look for an understanding of geopolitics outside of the mainstream western narratives. 

Your final conclusion, that Wilber’s Integral has devolved into “Integral scholasticism” is well-put. It has very little to add to the major issue: how to bell the cat of “might makes right,” of the “rules-based order,” of transcending five hundred years of Western hegemony. Russia, China, and the Arabs want to take a “go slow” approach, partially for selfish economic reasons and partially from real fear of precipitating rage in an emotionally unbalanced adolescent superpower with nukes. Can the world afford to “go slow” when millions of Palestinians continue to be bombed, murdered, and exterminated in a genocidal “final solution?” Can humanity justify status as homo “sapiens” (wise) if it collectively turns a blind eye to such pervasive inhumanity? 

To my mind, the “new” integralists, like the metamodernists and those focusing on consciousness, self-development, enlightenment, and metamodern spirituality have so far added very little, if anything, to the resolution of this core issue: man’s inhumanity to man, particularly on a state level. Until it does, it will remain largely irrelevant to the evolutionary arc of humanity. 


The only thing I’d add to his correct point above is that the Israeli nation-state should become multi-cultural! HAHAHA! And it’s this sentence that explains why I maintain my unique Christian Gnostic stance. It’s also why I see little hope for the future.

A next-day addition. For the most part, I like Mcgilchrist, but he’s very selective when it comes to interpreting Kabbalah. The fall of the West, so to speak, can be traced back a thousand years to the advent of the first written Kabbalist books which were promoted by nascent banking families like the Medici (Jewish) who also seized control of the Vatican (or made it even worse). The overwhelming majority of Kabbalists that have ever lived reject Christ wholesale along with viewing this existence as intrinsically good. This is mysticism and certainly not Christian Gnosis proper–at least in the way that defines correctly the essence of what some Christian Gnostic sects were saying. Then there is the not-so-tiny point that Judaism, the Talmud, and Kabbalah are overwhelmingly hostile to all Gentile people to the point that they teach our enslavement via usury with the added assertion that all Gentile people are to be spiritually exterminated. From this perspective, the term meta crisis is synonymous with Hebrew control of the earth and all the myriad problems that come along with their being in charge.

Having said that, I’m willing to grant that Daniel, in the linked video, and folks like Jordan Hall, and the rest of the Jews surrounding Integral Inc. who want to fulfill nondual Platonic philosophy via the New World Republic are the White Hats. But granting that, the fact remains the top of that White Hat pyramid is largely Jewish and it is not a given that they can win their wars against their less-than-stellar brethren whether World Communism of the WEF or the Trump Messianic Noahides. It’s likely best to add in the Jewish Lone Wolf Wildcards like EL on Musk. Yes, I’m riffing off of Miles Mathis’ paper on Musk with that comment. This is why I always say the Gentile Nations are being trolled by various sects of world Jewry.


A further addition on the very astute Michael Tsarion. I’m commenting on his paper on the Jewish Question. I first came across Tsarion’s work around 2005 when I was steeped in a 7-year study of Integral Theory. It was rather obvious that he is a foremost researcher when it comes to occult esotericism. His Female Il LUM inati series resonated deeply with me as I perceived the dark feminine early on in my life. So my critique of this paper is not a critique of his whole work. I should start by saying that he holds largely alternate views on the history of humanity which he sees as being rooted in Atlantis mythology. I remain agnostic on this view but I have covered this ground in the early years of this website.

Okay, with that said, if he was writing this in 1999 I’d likely not have as much to say about it. But 911 changed everything, didn’t it? Any serious unbiased researcher knows the official story is utter tripe and that Islam was once again used as a means to an end. I won’t harp on this again here but Islamic nations were decimated after 911 and no sane person commits a crime when they know they will be destroyed by doing so. Furthermore, has Tsarion noticed that Israel is committing another genocide in GAZA as we speak?

I seriously don’t know how he gets from Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality to the Jews are not the problem. My research, coming to the same conclusion on Judaism, was independent of his research on Judaism’s roots in Egypt via the cult of SET and the Hyksos royal EL ites. How he gets from that correct assessment to his benign tepid assessment of the Messianic fervor of the Jews today via Trump and his ilk (see above) is beyond me. Does it not dawn on Tsarion what happens when delusion and outright lies get instantiated into world politics and power? Again, see Adam Green’s channel @ No More News, as he covers this extensively.

A plain reading of the modern Torah can’t escape the fact that the primary tenets of their religion are racist, and supremacist and seeks to rule the whole earth via enslavement of Gentile nations. And all of this, as Tsarion shows, is again, based on historical deception. How is this not a problem? Now, of course, not every Jewish person is culpable but that is certainly missing the point severely when it comes to power and politics today, and as shown above, it is mainly a Jewish affair.

But let us explore Tsarion’s ‘It’s not the Jews’…Where does that leave the Gentiles and all the average Jews? It leaves us shadowboxing the air or sky! We are in a ring by ourselves throwing punches into the empty air in front of us…Or, boxing with ghosts! I guess Tsarion would say he has given us plenty of tangible targets albeit peripheral or proxies.

Nonetheless, one of the most curious aspects of Tsarion’s endorsements that borders on cognitive dissonance is his stance on Judaic orthodoxy. He shows beyond reasonable doubt that Judaism, as it is known today, coughs up a false historical narrative while borrowing laws from other cultures. I can’t for the life of me see how he concludes that Judaism is neutral or benevolent and this by his own research…Weird!

On his endorsement of capitalism. I’d be inclined to agree if it was 1890 but in 2024? Not so much and the White Hats within the Integral cult know it. Even if anthropogenic Climate Change is more manipulation by ‘his’ hidden hands of power there are still incredibly bad problems facing humanity and the earth today. Not the least of which is having a civilization built upon the Ponzi scheme of fiat currency.


Upon reflection I think I should assess Tsarion in a general but hopefully fair way.

Let’s start with his name. King Michael, right? Michael has long been referenced as Jesus in many Christian sects.

Others have pointed out that he neither looks nor sounds Irish. So it could be he is a Spook of the Intelligence agencies. Another point I am agnostic on.

On his alt. history. He says a lot of bizarre things along this line and all of it is speculative. Here is what I can gather. At some point, Atlantis was destroyed and there was a remnant of Aryans who survived and lived on the British Isles. These ancient Aryans traveled to the Middle East and India and taught a hi-brow knowledge leftover from their civilization in Atlantis. They became some of the Pharaohs of Egypt and various sects of their bloodlines ended up writing Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as a means of population control. My independent research agrees with this from the point of the 18th dynasty.

But I part ways when it comes to his view on the Jews in modernity as his view aligns with the one common denominator since Constantine: that Yahweh is the father of Christ. This is ALWAYS the case for every sect of Christendom created since the 14th century. Moreover, he correctly understands that Judaism is founded on Egyptian spirituality (so Judaism is deceptive) but then goes on to say Jews obey the laws of Moses! But neither Moses nor the laws given are Hebrew in the Judaic sense but are really all Egyptian in origin. I don’t see how this deception equals stand-up moral behavior. I’d say such deception leads to immorality and in fact, has to.

Now you might guess if what I’m saying is true, why the true Christ will destroy the Third Temple! Because it is stolen from Egypt and being used fraudulently.

Although I’m a Christian Gnostic, this post will also draw from my *secular upbringing and love of philosophy–the wisdom of Sophia. Let me be clear on this point: the usurious central banker’s control over the nations is the exact opposite of wisdom. It’s foolishly evil. What this post hopes to do is reground Christians in first principles about how we should live. Or, to borrow a phrase from a meta-crisis site: the  “democratization of enlightenment, sanity, and psychological sovereignty.” (for the more secular among us).


I understand that the positive structural changes we need as outlined in the blog would never be allowed by the powers that be. Control of a night’s sleep and a day’s food is the primary source of the banking mafias power and they will not relinquish that control voluntarily. Nor will they voluntarily stop printing money charged to the commons at interest. Think of this as the exploitation of humanity’s base (basic) instincts and needs. But I write this for any future investigators so they could see there were some sane people on this earth at the beginning of the 21st century who had clear spiritual insight. What humanity has to decide at this point is if they want the Central Bank crack dealers solving the problem of usurious crack currency because if this is what they choose they are choosing their enslavement. This blog suggests avenues away from a worst-case scenario on this issue.

I guess I should unpack the above. Where are we at in the 21st Century, from a Christian Gnostic view, when it comes to the economics of ‘Satan’s Majestic Domain’ here on earth? As soon as humanity agreed to put homes (a night’s sleep) under the control of the usurious mafia it was, in fact, the end of any culture that could properly be called civilized–at least from an accurate spiritual view. Add to this the intentional stripping away of society, and the groups that make society, from being responsible for their food supplies (having a direct relationship with the land), which has, in effect, created a civilization of dependency. Furthermore, the intentional indebtedness for higher education puts a heavy yoke on citizens right out of the starting gate…and well, it ain’t a pretty sight, when it takes until 40 to pay off education debt as a prerequisite to owning a home. And the god/s forbid you get sick in many of our usurious banker-owned countries–you will pay dearly to get treated. And say you’d like to procreate? Well, the central banks have that one covered for sure: it’s going to cost you a small fortune to have a child today.

All of the recent century’s economic shenanigans will reach a ‘vanishing point’ by the end of this century as there will be nowhere left to outsource and no country cheap enough to escape to. It now comes down to who decides the fate of humanity…Do we allow the oligarchs to commit mass genocide in an attempt to save themselves or do we find a way to live economically on this earth where everyone gets a partial win? The suggestions here are a chance for that compromise. My views offer up the most voluntary choices for humanity while not dismissing class structures or differences in human ability. These ideas offer capitalism an avenue of survival and acknowledge what it does well while unapologetically aiming to eradicate what is extraordinarily bad (and evil) about it.

My views on homes align with ‘property rights for all’ which addresses the notion that all people need a home. A large part of my thinking here goes to solving the obscene amount of homelessness in our current era. So although I suggest ^250 S/F parcels of land as a human right I am in no way saying all people must live their lives with that allotment. If one is happy with that allotment for their entire life then so be it but the COMMERCIAL economy gives the choice of larger houses and more property– although with necessary limitations that will prevent the hoarding of real estate we are now witnessing.

Humanity has not been able to solve the problem of money and I’m not seeing any healthy solutions in that regard today so what I’ll attempt here are avenues of mitigating the carnage it can cause. And although all people could investigate and embrace some of my ideas this blog is directed towards Christian communities and nations.

Here is what Aristotle thought money needed best to work and to my knowledge, no money ever emerged that satisfies these qualities.

  1. Durable- the medium of exchange must not weather, fall apart, or become unusable. It must be able to stand the test of time.
  2. Portable- relative to its size, it must be easily moveable and hold a large amount of universal value relative to its size.
  3. Divisible- should be relatively easy to separate and put back together without ruining its basic characteristics.
  4. Intrinsically Valuable- should be valuable in of itself, and its value should be independent of any other object. Essentially, the item must be rare.

I should note first that ideally I agree with Aristotle that money would be best used as only a medium of exchange but I also agree this is incoherent from the perspective of teleology as a kettle can be used as a paperweight so things can and do have more than one purpose. However, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. A baseball bat can be used as a weapon to murder someone…

I think if Aristotle were alive today he’d be horrified that we now live with the economics of pyramid/ponzi schemes and grift all founded on usury. Add to this that countries like Canada only work on one primary premise now which is all things must proceed as the moneylenders want them–in the early 21st Century that would be economic rent-seeking and monopoly. In other words, make it **illegal to build a useful widget and base your economics on the passive income grifting of usurious speculation–‘money earned while sleeping’…Add Bitcoin to that list as it’s another currency based on speculation. The Central Bankers are making moves that will effectively make it impossible for you to have shelter if you do not meet their credit score standards–this is truly economic obscenity from a spiritual point of view.

The problem with money being a store of value is one of hoarding so this is primary to address. It’s not so much that a store of value is a bad idea but we should implement policies (laws) that prevent the few from hoarding all the money–and the self-selected few who control its supply. We’ve seen this again with Bitcoin and entities like Blackrock, and billionaires, in general, having gamed the casino and bought out huge amounts of it; we are also seeing the hoarding impulse work its way into private property with entities like BlackRock buying up huge percentages of available real-estate. I’ll address this later. We see both Bitcoin and housing run primarily as speculation for the casino owners.

The question that arises, I think, is at what point does this monetary hoarding trespass against the ‘common law’? We are well past that point, IMO. And, please note again, this isn’t a treatise against capitalism, but an avenue of exploration away from its worst impulses and tendency towards fascism (the corporate hoarding/takeover of nation-states); nor is it suggesting communism as a solution because free people do not want the State controlled by ***Jewish Elites (WEF Rothschilds) who then create a renter society of slaves. No no no! We must not hand over the earth to Hebrew delusion in any form.

I should mention here that Republics for the people end when billionaires seize control of the political sphere; and again, we are well past that point. The Rockefellers ended any attempts at a Republic and turned America into an empire for Israel. The State’s role should be allotting minimal property rights for all as explored in this blog and issuing a means of exchange that is not charged at interest to the commons via private banking cartels. Implementing the RESIDENTIAL economy as outlined in this post will set up the conditions for a spiritually healthy COMMERCIAL economy–at least to a certain degree.

So this paper assumes that money in itself cannot solve the many structural problems plaguing civilization although the focus here is on Western nations and especially Christian culture. So this paper will explore ways to solve this money problem without money itself to the degree possible. The problem in our world today in developed nations is that poverty in our era is directly linked to not having enough money. There is lots of food but there is a problem if you have to get it from a food bank, via theft, or credit cards. Our streets are now littered with ‘humans as societal waste’ because of capitalism’s toxic elements. The solutions suggested herein are large-scale-full-spectrum Anti-Trust type laws that make it impossible to hoard money or homes and housing along with making it illegal for the fascist corporatocracy to buy out all our mom-and-pop small business enterprises.

It should be said before I go further that modern capitalism succeeded (generally speaking) in ^kicking humanity off of the land (I understand it was a feudal system) and privatizing ownership into the hands of the elites who used the land as and for their crown corporations. It was a dual-mode gambit that ended any self-sustaining livelihood for the masses and was instrumental in taking away options about how to live while making the masses of humanity dependent on the elites for homes and food. In other words, extremely coercive and implemented via imperial violence–especially against all First Nations.

A major retooling of economic structuralism is needed, though, and in this regard, I’m suggesting two parallel economies because of the failure of anyone to solve the money problem/crisis (see above). The base economy I call the Residential Economy which consists of humanity’s four basic needs of

food, housing, education, and healthcare.

All other commerce would take part in a second economy that I call the Commercial Economy–it covers all areas of marketplace economics that are not part of the basic needs economy.

I concede this is likely more than a tweak but rather revolutionary in its scope. But the ONLY way to solve the money problem is to have property rights as a human right and I’ll use ^19 years old for this blog. In the base RESIDENTIAL economy, available land would be divided up into 250S/F livable sections and this would be the minimum universal right of land ownership. The material needed to buy the Tiny House would fall under the COMMERCIAL economy, so yes…people would have to work to buy the products needed to build the house but two primary points are crucial here: there is no debt incurred with the basic minimal 250S/F property for life (for all people) and people can move into the COMMERCIAL economy and ‘grow bigger’ and own larger pieces of land and property up to TWO assets per person. Think of this as Anti-Trust laws specifically directed at homes and real estate.

It’s here where the ideal of voluntarism kicks in as anyone can choose to live their whole life on their 250S/F property and TINY HOUSE but are not forced to. But those who do choose to live like this will help create the steady state economy we so desperately need. People are free to move into the commercial economy which will offer them the possibility of working to own larger but no more than TWO pieces of private property–again Anti-Trust laws within the sphere of home ownership.

To implement such structural change would require a retooling of the primary school system which would add in courses that taught all children about basic economics and basic building knowledge so they can build their Tiny Homes within the base RESIDENTIAL economy. Another aspect of the primary education system would be to teach basic home food production so that everyone can learn to grow, at minimum, small portions of their food supply–or as much as possible. This retooling of the primary school system aims to teach the masses how to live sustainably within what is called a ‘steady state economy’ at the basic needs RESIDENTIAL structure.

NOTE^ I hear Alex Jones ranting against the idea of small parcels of property but I never hear him cough up solutions to the vast amounts of homelessness we are seeing.

NOTE^ The mercantile elites succeded in removing humanity from a relationship with the land and the outcome of that thinking is an A.I. interface trapping humans in further simulation.

NOTE^ I’ve picked numbers that are somewhat arbitrary in this blog as the age of land ownership could be decided by those who implement the laws; as well as such things as how much land per person should be the birthright (maybe they decide 333 S/F per person). The minimum basic need land ownership could be thought of in the same manner as the Basic Personal Exemption within the income tax domain–the same type of idea (universal in that everyone gets it). The primary residences in the RESIDENTIAL economy would have legal size limits but for COMMERCIAL enterprises there would be concessions for larger lots when commercial businesses (and not personal residences) ‘prove’ that larger land lots are necessary for their enterprises–say, commercial farming as one example.

The only exception here is when someone is mentally incapable of taking care of their small property rights. Physical disability could likely be managed via skillful means. Also, when people get married they could merge their properties when possible and build in larger sections as children are birthed. The idea that individuals and families could once again learn to live comfortably and healthily within smaller dwellings should not be met with irrational hostility as humans up until this century did live in smaller type dwellings on aggregate.

So humans, if they choose, can enter the commercial economy and become billionaires and the COMMERCIAL economy would allow them to buy up to TWO properties with lots allocated for larger homes. But I do think there should be reasonable limits on how much land and how big of a house (s)these people can buy and own. Maybe a 33-acre limit with 3300S/F as a limit for size. No one truly needs a 33,000 S/F house as that is simply a self-serving vanity project. Again, ANTI-TRUST-type laws on land and homes. I see that Tiberius Gracchus in 133 BC also attempted anti-trust type laws by limiting land ownership (laws against hoarding).

NOTE* the West is no longer Secular in practice (in my view) as it is now run by high-level occultists.

NOTE** I’m being facetious here but the suggestion isn’t that far off. This goes to the question of who stole the ability of Hobbits to own their means of production. There is only one correct answer to this and only one religion that teaches this as a primary tenet.

NOTE*** The left is forbidden to talk about the Jewish Question as they know their income stream will be deleted if they talk about it. This reinforces the fiction promoted by Hollywood that the Jews are simple humble honest merchants who just want to mind their own business. Moreover, they create a complete omission within the societal dialogue that it’s the Jews who own and control America and that finance capitalism, premised on speculative usury, has absolutely nothing to do with the ‘Jewish-owned nation-state’.

THIS blog on antisemitism will be appropriate here.

And THIS blog On The Jewish Question rounds out a Trinity of thought along these lines in 2024.

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I see that Elon Musk took a democratic majority rule vote on the issue of bringing Alex Jones back onto Twitter. I’m suggesting that about 2 billion Christians be asked a question (in a YES or NO only answer) if they think God provided enough land on earth for all Christian people to have a home as a birthright. What say you Christians? Yes or no only, please…This is not a trick question.

A recent news feed from Gaza stated, ‘We’ve nowhere to go!’

HERE is a link to the book that is a must-read notwithstanding my critique.

HERE is the WIKI on the author Juri Lina. The thing that stood out to me was the total lack of critique of the history he presents in the book. It could be because the history he outlines can’t be debunked but there could also be other reasons and I’ll go over at least one in this blog.


That statement above is a summary of the human condition as it intersects with The Jewish Question in the 21st century. The delusions of Judaism have not had worldwide consequences until this century–the reason for 911. Major moves on the civilizational chessboard with world Jewry at the beginning of the 20th century, as outlined in this book, did not have universal consequences when it comes to what is sustainable ecologically for the earth’s life systems. We have now reached that point and whoever stated that, was in reality, referencing all Gentile people and their existential circumstances as the Jewish itinerary for world dominance plays itself out this century. It is quite likely that many of the Jews at the top of the control pyramid now know they have overplayed their delusional hand.

My Winter Solstice blog this year is going to cover this ground again in much more detail.

This is likely the reason the Georgia Guidestones were erected with the warning about the genocide of about 6 billion people (Gentiles). More and more I see these types of stories entering the news feed. Certainly, the WEF has not been very subtle on this issue, with their declaration that we will eat the bugs and own nothing and be happy. And Yes, the WEF is a Jewish branch of the Rothschilds.

Okay, let’s get into it: Lenin introduced logocracy (power through the use of barefaced lies), which became a political weapon. Sound familiar? With a platform like that one should ask what the party name should be. ShiteStorm! Or, what is known as the Kakistocracy–government by those least fit to rule. I think it was Adam Curtis who covered the media lies in the documentary Hypernormalization.

He’s correct that Communism is a branch of Judaism. Many scholars have said there were four primary sects of Jews 2000 years ago: Sadducees, Pharisees, Zealots, and Essenes. I think it’s appropriate to add Communists within the specific analysis of this book–previously I’ve called Communism secular Judaism.

HERE is the paper on Lenin and you can cross-reference it with Miles Mathis’ paper on Lenin HERE.

One of the first things that stood out to me after reading most of the book was what he revealed about Mozart. His death never added up to me and I filed it away as unsolved until I read this–solving this is worth the read alone. The Freemasons took in Mozart and he took the oath not to betray them. But clearly, Mozart was a smart dude and it didn’t take him long to assess all the 2+2=3 with these people. But once you take the oath and break it you are a dead man. And that certainly appears to be the case so Mozart was murdered for his betrayal of the Masonic order. People of Mozart’s stature get proper autopsies and burials but that didn’t happen and his burial was a sham unless Mozart faked his death which I don’t think happened.

On Lina’s anti-Christian stance. For the most part, I agree with this because, as a Christian Gnostic, it’s obvious the Rabbis (via proxy stealth) seized control of the church by the 4th century. During the 200 years prior they did away with the Marcionites and Gnostics and anyone else that dared question the character of Yahweh–so as fake Christian Jews they weren’t hesitant to murder those critical of the Torah. We should note that by the 4th century, these so-called Jewish Christians of the Roman church ushered in a 1000-year-long feudal society where the plebs were kept from reading the scriptures. Is it a coincidence that under Jewish hegemony today we are entering another techno-feudal age?

You could laugh at the view above but even folks like Richard Carrier show tons of evidence that the Jews had every reason to create Christianity once the temple was destroyed and Adam Green covers tons of ground showing it was Christianity that got the Jews to where they are today.

Lina doesn’t go far enough in his research on Gnosticism. He’s correct that Jacob Frank practiced antinomianism but then tars all Christian Gnostics with the same ilk. Cainite Gnostics indeed practiced intentional lawlessness but most sects of Christian gnostics held ethics in very high regard and in a similar vein as Kant’s Categorical Imperative.

An intro to one of his documentaries covers the ground of Hermes who was known as Thoth in Egypt. In my view, after many years of fairly extensive research, he gets this right. I’ve said in many of my blogs that Hermeticism is a false spiritual teaching if we define spirituality via the Aeon of Wisdom and Truth. Specifically, I’ve suggested that this Trickster Thoth is Yaldabaoth’s replicant of the Aeon of Truth and Wisdom (the Jesus Christ character). So he gets two thumbs up from me on this one. Read books like the Lost Books of Adam and Eve to make sense of this as it took Adam and Eve 1000 years to differentiate between Yaldabaoth and the Aeon of Truth and Wisdom (the real Christ).

How real the brutal atrocities supposedly committed by these fake Jewish Christians is an entirely different matter when analyzed under the microscope of Miles Mathis’ writings. My view on that is it is hard to say. But skipping to Lina’s description of the atrocities committed by these Jewish communists: it sounds like fear porn fiction but I couldn’t say for sure. What I would say is that the body count of Jewish atrocities against the Gentiles in the 20th Century far exceeds anything the Gentiles did to the Jews.

I’m skeptical that a King like Romanov could be murdered in the way described. Imagine that conspirators could infiltrate the Trump Tower today and murder all of Trump’s family–not at all possible. The Tsar of Russia couldn’t have been so cavalier about his protection and that of his family. All I’m saying is there is good reason to be skeptical on that one.

What is a fact is the liars who write history omitted all the reasons why the Germans behaved the way they did: because the Jews and their media were on the German side for the first two years of the war until the British Freemasons made a deal with the Zionists to hand over Palestine to them. At that point, the Jewish media did a 180 and stirred world Jewry into a frenzy against the Germans who were winning that war. This was a brutal betrayal of the German people who had befriended the Jews for centuries and it was certainly a betrayal of American citizens who did not want any part of Europe’s war.

One of the first things I noticed about this book was the format. It could be nothing but I’ve seen it before with David Astle’s, The Babylonian Woe. My search on Astle (note the similarity to asshole) turned up nothing, so it appears the guy is a ghost, which is a marker for Intel., which I could apply to Lina. But yes…both books are very much still worth reading. It would explain the lack of debunking of his work. But again it’s hard to say and that is likely intentional on Conspiracy Lane.

I’m reading his Architects of Deception now…

Over and over I continue to repeat correctly that Freemasonry is the spirituality of Egypt in a perverted form. It’s no accident that Osiris was one of the primary lawgivers in Egypt along with being the lord of death (underworld/lunar calendar)–so the root figures for Moses and Samael. THIS IS WHERE JUDAISM AND KABBALAH borrowed (stole) most of their spiritual ideas from. This was likely done by the Hyksos pharaohs who worshipped SET and later by the descendants of Akhenaten’s cult who were also Hebrew–Queen Scotia whose lines ended up in Scotland.

He points out the fact that these Jewish Freemasons stole the symbol of Osiris (obelisks) from Egypt and placed them in Paris (named for Isis), London, and New York. Again, this is theft. Furthermore, the so-called Temple of Solomon is a replica of the Egyptian temple as David and Solomon, in reality, were likely Pharaohs of the 18th dynasty.

From Ahmed Osman:

I’m not so much interested in all the magical woo of the Freemasons he documents in the book because, in reality, it is via money and politics that they took power–in that sense, it’s anti-Christ from a Christian Gnostic view.

Start your read on page 158 with the chapter called Economic Slavery.

A random addition:

I was listening to Michael Tsarion and Eric Weinstein both talking about the J.Q.

Both dudes, although different, are really smart. But here’s the thing, as Seth Andrews said about his brain turning to mush when talking about Christianity, when they talk about the J.Q. their brains turn to mush.

The first thing one has to do is cover a plain reading of the Torah: it’s racist, supremacist, and aims to enslave and or genocide all Gentile people. The second thing all rational people must say is that the religious authorities, who believe this horror, should not be allowed anywhere near societal power–but we have the exact opposite today as E Michael Jones just pointed out in a recent interview wherein he said all politicians (except maybe in Hungary) have to pay obeisance to the Synagogues today. So Gentiles today have no avenue of grievance correction from Jewish hegemony over their nations.

I’d mention also that any plain reading of the Jesus character is incorrect if it asserts that Jesus was for Judaism and the Torah. My website covers this ground extensively. The Jesus character was certainly not for the enslavement and genocide of all Gentile people. In my view, he taught a wholly different religion than Judaism but that ain’t this blog….

A point on Conspiracy Lane would also ask where these guys stand on 911 and if they vomit up the official story then they simply should not be listened to when it comes to the J.Q.

On the Andrews reference. There are no YouTube atheist channels that will give the Christian Gnostic view(s) ‘airtime’ at least not in any open and honest way…With maybe the exception of underlings.

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