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Physical slavery requires the slaves to be housed and fed. Economic slavery requires the slaves to house and feed themselves. This is from the comment section on Eric’s video…

I am addressing Eric Dubay’s recent and excellent video on what is basically *Christian Distributism. His video is grounds for **hate speech from the perspective of the usurious mafia that has hijacked the earth and pretends to be legitimate.

I guess I must start with the elephant in the room: FLAT EARTH. I first came across Eric’s ideas in 2005 on a site called ZAADZ. This was the 25th year of research into my quest to find the answers to our lives and what it all means. I have found those answers after 45 years of seeking but next to no one on earth will like the TRUTH of what this place is and who owns it: humanity revels in its slavery.

I will only address flat earth theory from the perspective of theism and especially the notion within theism that our universe is owned by a solely GOOD and LOVING God, or what a human would describe as a good daddy. If this God existed under this metric NO ONE on earth would have to question or debate the shape of the earth. Let us say that your five-year-old child brought a beach ball to you and asked you what shape it was. Would you say it was flat? That would make you a dishonest daddy. What if another child asked you what shape a pancake is? Would you say it was a ball? That would make you a dishonest and deceitful daddy. And to be sure these questions are well within the scope of your knowledge, so there is no reason for you not to be clear and truthful in your answer.

So, by this metric, we can easily deduce that this universe does not have an all-good and loving spiritual daddy who is eager to share knowledge with humans about something as juvenile as the shape of the earth. This has always been the view of the Christian Gnostics who taught that the god of our material universe is evil and views humans as slaves. This is why what Eric is suggesting can never happen here–period.

What I said about FE theory 20 years ago: the only way I could know for sure is to go up about 40,000 feet and see the earth without any glass that would alter my perception. I have not accomplished this task (DOH) so I’ve no choice but to remain agnostic on the shape of the earth. Yes, I researched all the arguments quite extensively from both camps and remain unconvinced. The issue, from my view, is that I have never experienced a spinning ball earth and no human ever has so I’m left with taking the word of others and this would only work in a system that is not corrupt and our current system is 100% corrupt. Why should I take the word of Professional Liars especially when these issues intersect with complexity? Bullshit baffles brains you know. This is basically why my site deals strictly with the issue of HOW SHOULD WE LIVE? And Eric nails the truth of the matter on this one.

NOTE* The RCC talked about land distribution in the 19th century. This is my view on it: to fail at implementation of the idea on a worldwide scale is far beyond coincidence especially when factoring in the RCC worships Satan (Yahweh) and wrongfully declared the devil as the father of Christ. You see Christ was explicit that the father of the Jews is Satan. And that Satan is the master of the synagogue, and any Jew will tell you it is Yahweh who is the master of the synagogue: ERGO Yahweh is Satan. And no, the Third Temple will not be an aspect of Baal worship as that is already here (the worldwide religion of money) but rather the Third Temple will be built as instructed by Yahweh: ERGO the Third Temple is Satanic!

A point on the dismal worldwide failure of Distributism: I’ve said many times that there is a universe of differences between those who share universal spiritual truth and agents of our deceptive construct disclosing information. The failure of the RCC when it comes to Distributism puts them squarely in the latter camp.

NOTE** Today I see Trudeau in trying to pass hate speech laws in Canada. The leader of the opposition said that means anything Trudeau does not like which was a public admission here as it is well known on Conspiracy Lane that the real definition of Antisemitism is anything the Jews don’t like. Once again, the audacity to pass these laws under the pretense of protecting children is despicable. I won’t deal with adrenochrome here as it is far easier to show that our children are being indoctrinated into falsity, ugliness, and spiritual evil (materialism and moral relativism) so an inversion of beauty, truth, and goodness. I also watched Trudeau’s government pay lip service to First Nations again as the pandemic dragged on and saw that for what it was: distraction away from the current internal colonialism with its genocide of the vulnerable and naive via opiates and vaccines along with doubling down of usurious economics during the pandemic which has doubled the price of everything in this country in 4 years and that is not an exaggeration.

E Michael Jones has suggested that the West’s current government is by those least fit to rule, and I agree with him wholeheartedly notwithstanding our different views on who the Father of Christ is.

My first research into these laws is that these Illiberals want to pass life sentences for what they consider thought crimes. It appears pedos can get off with a slap on the wrist but if you say anything the Jews don’t like you will spend the rest of your life in jail. This is precisely what the communists did in Russia and Trudeau is on the public record saying he is a huge admirer of the CAP/COM Chinese system.

More on the kids: any kid not born into privileged status in Canada in the last 20 years has their future already decided: they will be lifelong debt and tax slaves with no chance of owning a home or being able to afford to have children of their own. Moreover, more and more of these kids will be relegated to perpetual homelessness and will join the ranks of the elderly and vulnerable who now litter the streets of every corner of this country. And no, today’s state-run media NEVER addresses the amount of homelessness in this country as they are mandated not to report on it– especially in any accurate way.

And lastly, a reality check on affordability as it is obvious our governments are forbidden to speak any truth. Let’s grant that the Liberals will implement a $2000.00 a month UBI. THEY WILL NOT but let us put that aside. The lowest one could find a 250 S/F closet studio is for about $1800.00 a month. Plus, a phone and electricity will get us to $2000.00. I must say that I am thrilled that there are so many BREATHARIANS in Canada who do not need money for food or anything else. So, we are dealing with the economic metrics of deceit and diversion and the only thing that matters to these governors is to keep the KA$H flowing into their corrupt coffers. Not to mention, and, what has just been proved by his issuing of usury as a means of dealing with the pandemic, is the inflation we have seen in the last 4 years is directly linked with his irresponsible method of dealing with their shutting down the economy and denying Canadians their fundamental right to earn a living. So, if they were to issue a UBI using usurious currency the cost of living could potentially double every decade making the cure worse than the disease.
The truth is these governors refuse to be criticized for their terrible governance, so they want to shut everyone up who is critical of their inept rule, and that goes for both sides of the Isle as the conservatives are champing at the bit to get another chance at slashing and burning any human decency when it comes to the social contract. Bye-bye, pensions and most everything else once they regain power. They want affordable government and even those with half a brain know what that really means…

Some relevant links: On The Jewish Question.


I cover the theme of Eric’s video more extensively here and the blog has links to further writings on this theme.

The Problem Of Money…

A next-day addition wherein I’d like to qualify my statement about kids and make more points on the Totalitarian rule of the Canadian government.

One would need to read my definition of what neoliberalism is and I suggest it is capitalist economics for and by the EL ites. 

Within that context, my statement above is a bit off base and the system will allow gifted children who are not EL ite family members to succeed in their casino. But even there I’d suggest they will be not much more than the gifted kids who fight on the Hunger Games and that implies they will also be fully embedded within the nascent digital feudal economy that neoliberalism is morphing into. All those other kids who are not gifted and not from the families will be slaves under the coming model. 

The truth about the government of Canada today. As Dr. SHIVA (TM) correctly points out common people can get nowhere close to the reigns of political power. PMs are selected and not elected and the whole of government is vetted by big finance. The result of that is common people today have zero representation as big finance controls both parties. This is an uncontroversial FACT! 

I paid a lawyer a fair amount of money to see if I could sue the government for the destruction of my life due to their inept pandemic policies. NO GO! We can no longer use the courts as a means of airing grievances for damages done to us by terrible public policies. So we cannot have any political or legal say in our lives. But surely the media will HELP US? LMAO! Canadian media is now propaganda! So that leaves the serfs with the internet and in my view sites like YouTube should be publicly owned and censorship-free as they are the only town halls left for the common people. And this is the common person’s last attempt at having any say in their lives when it comes to airing grievances and Trudeau can’t have that! 

This leaves Canadians who are not privileged with absolutely ZERO avenues of redress when it comes to terrible governance…

The first point I’d like to address is divine hiddenness. If the God of the Bible was real as written there would be no room for debate of any kind, philosophical or otherwise. Yet all we have as evidence for the normative take on a Biblical (or Koranic) God is endless sectarian debates–so nothing more than any given believer offering their opinion via differing rhetorical tactics–this is a FACT. I should note that the other method historically was believe/convert via the threat of violent coercion.

So let me address this first. It could be argued that the Father has always been hidden, transcendent, and aloof (no man has ever seen god) so this would be a plausible explanation; Jesus did say he was going away so that explains his leaving the building; but the Holy Spirit? There is zero justification for the disappearing act in this case as it was specifically sent to help Christians. A plain reading shows the Holy Spirit was doing some Jedi-like stuff there as it struck dead on the spot two people who were stealing from the church; this spirit is said to be the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and if that were true, most of the Christian pastors in America would be struck down for their obvious carnival barker grifting. Not to mention their embrace of American capitalism (Jewish usury) which by the Bible’s own definition is the mark of the beast system–which the American church has fully embraced under Zionist control. To try and pass this off as anything congruent with Christianity is a farce. I should add that it would have been in the Holy Spirit’s JOB DESCRIPTION to protect the sheep from the predators who would have obviously wiped them out and it would have protected this church with open Jedi-like displays of self-defense.

Moreover the Holy Spirit, in a plain reading, directed those Christians to live economically in what can only be described accurately as a SHARING COMMINUTY. Now many disingenuous hack commentators in our era try to pass this off as Communism which is laughably absurd. Communism is a 19th-century atheistic ideology wherein the State will eventually own all the means of production and private property and divvy it up to the people as a rental economy and this is precisely the model the Jewish-run WEF wants for the world. Note that the Hebrew communists can be every bit as nasty as their Noahide-loving cousins as easily verified by the atrocities in Palestine over the past 100 years (it’s about the OIL)–see the Holodomor.

First-hand attestations are non-existent. I find this analogous to Superman showing up at birth in NYC doing open supernatural acts throughout his life and the NYC media not writing one single firsthand account of any of it. The writings do say he performed public miracles as a child and astonished the elites as a teenager. The earliest attestations we have of his life are from Paul (likely Flavius Josephus) and he openly admits his version of this tale comes from his own mind and nowhere else–in other words, he made it up in his mind.

I should add here that I identify as a Christian Gnostic and find DOCETISM to be the best explanation for the Christ narrative. Many early Christians held this view but they were disposed of (murdered) by the Jewish Christians that controlled the church out of Jerusalem–although the disposal process happened over centuries. The theme is always the same today as yesterday: your life is destroyed if you say the Torah god is malevolent. We should note as a fact that in the modern era, the same predators spliced and diced their earlier version/s of Christianity into what is now about 33,000 sects and the one common denominator the Freemasons taught while doing so is that every single schism is Yahweh-friendly. That is not a coincidence.

I may do a more detailed blog on this theme later but for now, I’ll address how these church councils decided who is who when it comes to the gods. Did they invite Krishna, Zeus, Azura Mazda, etc. into their councils and ask for a kind of supernatural Olympics to ascertain who had the most godlike attributes? NOPE! They just made ____ up! And the ____ they made was fully loaded with agendas that served societal EL ites and no more so than the money lending cartels who controlled the flow of civilization– then as they still do now.

I finish this off in the video below and explain why They turned God into a Jew:

In my previous post on Fascism, I referenced Dr. Shiva who also defines correctly what fascism is today (our current capitalist iteration). HERE is a link to another of his videos where he has a chat with the daughter of President Eisenhower. I can’t find that video so Eisenhower must have requested he take it down as it was incredibly salty when it came to a certain use of language.

So I wanted to cough up some commentary on this very interesting person although one of the perspectives I’ll cover here is whether or not he is a SPOOK asset of the central banking Intelligence agencies–we do live on Conspiracy Lane here although I’ve said many times that Judaism isn’t a conspiracy as it is a religion with explicit tenets and political goals that encompass every nation on earth. I’ve outed some others in this regard, but in this case, it’s hard to say. State/Banker Intel. agencies are there to manage the flow of information from intelligent people and thinkers. Take Tesla as an example: he was very intelligent so these agencies create counter-intelligent agents to interfere and disrupt or even steal the intelligent ideas of intelligent people. Now their game has become much more complex than that but this is all we need to concern ourselves with in this blog.

Let’s start by saying what he is right about without equivocation. He’s 100% correct that the current worldwide financial structure is fascist to the core and he calls it the SWARM. One of the primary ways they’ve taken Total Control of ALL the world’s nations over the past 500 years is by rigging who it is that can get any political power and say over the question of ‘how shall we live?’ which is a foundational theme of this website. In the West, at minimum, over the past 500 years, they’ve achieved this via SECRET SOCIETIES and especially Freemasonry which is esoteric Judaism or Esoteric Judaism for the Gentiles. This is a FACT of history and Dr. SHIVA correctly states that absolutely NO ONE can get anywhere near the top of the political power structure unless they are vetted by these societal actors.

These EL ite banking families are incredibly sophisticated (sophist) and have projected the idea that we are not being ruled by the divine right of kings anymore but that is basically bullshit as we are still being ruled by these royal houses en masse. Yes, maybe via a subtle form of hidden rulership up until Sept.11, 2001, at which point they’ve declared OPEN RULERSHIP of the nations of the world for anyone who isn’t blind and has eyes to see.

A point here on the Alex Jones, David Icke, and Elon Musk interview. The idea was put out there that these families only control the Western nations and I’ll tip my hat to Icke for calling BS on that one as they control ALL nations. The assertion that they do not is especially absurd from the perspective of spirituality and theism and David Icke correctly pointed that out so kudos to him on that point. I mean they tried to imply that the Jewish communist takeover of the East was historical fiction! Read The Controversy of Zion and Under The Sign of the Scorpion for overwhelming evidence that Hebrew control over the East is not fiction. But it’s even more ridiculous when analyzed via the lens of a plain reading of Judaism whose god, according to these detractors, only has or wants control of Western Nations! SMH…

On his vulgarity. He is entirely right on aggregate that working people tend to have a base and less than stellar vocabulary in their day-to-day lives. I worked the trades all my life and I’m 65 years old and can testify to the fact that on average we workers are very often saying fcuk this and you’re full of shite that, etc., etc., etc…all day long. His slogan for a run at the presidency on his platform is

‘don’t suck _EW _ICK!

See the interview with Laura Eisenhower linked above. It’s on this point that he likely outed himself as a SPOOK. I’ve been investigating The Jewish Question for 20 years now and every single time I come across an actor/agent who uses vulgarity ubiquitously they invariably out themselves as Jewish upon investigation. Harry Vox is another one in this regard and linked here is his video where he explicitly and correctly states that it’s these Jewish mafia banking families’ economic control over the earth that has created our many environmental crises. In my blog on The Problem of Money, I asked whether it’s sane that those who have created the problem should be given the task of solving the problems….Um…HELL NO! These are known as agent provocateurs within Intel. Inc. and are not much different from the Hebrews who paint swastikas on their synagogues! However, I am not explicitly accusing Vox or Shiva of being agents–ultimately I don’t know but the evidence does seem to point that they very well could be.

I did see commenters on his videos suggest to him that he tone down his vulgar rhetoric and he’d be wise to take that council and only use it when it will make a vital point really stand out. But if he is an Intel. asset them he will not take that council. Some cursory research on him shows that he was ‘married’ to Fran Dresher who is Jewish although that wouldn’t prove he is an asset of Jewish Intel. it does point us in that direction.

His claims about our new Neo-Caste system are 100% spot on. I touch on it in this blog. And this from my blog Post-Pandemic as Economic Rape:

In Kabbalah, it’s called Tikkun and money is a huge aspect of their philosophy; so much so that they’ve created a neo-caste system in the West, and if you struggle financially you are to blame for being spiritually inept and inferior (according to them). This is a primary reason we are seeing an epidemic of homelessness within Western civilization. The New Economic Model of Financialization in the West has just as often as not created an eCONomic grift culture. We should call this the dark side of Passive Income seeking.

In one of his talks he covers the ground of how the old-Indian caste system was re-imagined by British-Zionist (Freemasonry) rule in India during the Colonial era and as stated above this idea now rules economics in the West and we get all the usual gaslighting that comes with this trope implemented by royal EL ite banking families whose economic policies are creating mass unaffordability and homelessness with the added accusation, especially in America, that your economic plight is your own fault for not having the gumption to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and rise above it.

The TRUTH on this point is that a primary actor in this regard is the antinomianism of the Sabbatean Frankist sect that has gained enormous power over the centuries. If this is true then this is all being done willfully and intentionally with an end goal in mind. So PROBLEM/REACTION/SOLUTION.

Embedded below is a video of this sad state of affairs in NYC. But it’s everywhere in the WEST! In the video he covers the ground of the limits to growth when it comes to infrastructure and the same problem is happening in places like Vancouver where I live. When the Hebrew agenda of mass immigration into once white Christian nations gets ramped up it puts incredible strain on local ecosystems and in the case of Vancouver one major problem is summer water shortages. I don’t even want to think about the amount of garbage this has generated or what they do with all of it but a fair portion of it litters the whole city and it was not always like this.

In NYC it is major flooding as the sewer system can’t keep up with the population growth. And what is never mentioned on this point is that this globalist international Kabal disrupted and co-opted all the nations where these immigrants are coming from: so it’s a double whammy as both their home nations and ours have been hijacked by those practicing economic usury. Miles Mathis has documented this extensively although this isn’t an endorsement of everything he says as says a lot…

And this video called WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EVIL WINS is entirely relevant here:

If SHIVA is an Intel. asset then his primary disinfo. is that it’s Zionism that is the problem and not the Torah. Look, I get that there are Hebrews who believe in the Torah and reject all the worst aspects of what it teaches explicitly. But on aggregate, most who believe it buy into all the spiritual supremacy, racism, and calls to genocide and enslavement of all Gentile people. To suggest that the Torah isn’t like this or teach this is utter rubbish! On this point, I keep seeing comments on his videos for him to debate Adam Green @ KnowMoreNews. SHIVA would get demolished in that debate if it is framed solely around what is explicit teaching in the Torah.

This is an update on an earlier post where I struggled to get across what I meant. A part of that was because I was straddling two worldviews in my early blogging. The first was my upbringing in a once-half-decent secular Canada that no longer exists. It’s run by Hebrew occultists now.

See the Amazing Polly channel for some confirmation of that statement. Conjurers of Reality...And that statement leads me to my second Christian Gnostic worldview which is now my primary worldview.

In light of the latter, I will add this video by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai wherein he describes precisely the Fascism I was describing in 2017. This isn’t necessarily an endorsement of him as I know nothing about his person and only came across this video today. In brief, he details the how of the worldwide fascist state while my Christian Gnosis covers the why. It’s called The Swarm/How the Few Control the Many.

I guess I should mention he is describing a pathological dominator hierarchy within what Integral Theory calls the lower-right quadrant: cultural or societal systems.

My 2017 blog:

” to bind together as to be strength in unity”

2021 update: DIVOC-91 (what I call COVID economics) is fascism as described in this post. The virus is being used for the largest theft in human history or the largest transfer of wealth in history from the commons to the fascist elites. Please read Miles Mathis’ papers on culture when it comes to this issue.

2024: as usual the left wants to pretend that it is not practicing economic fascism by projecting onto right-wing females like Lana on Red Ice. But both sides are from the banking family cartels so it’s all divide and conquer.

We might ask: what is being bound together? EL ite banking families…

The word fascism is being thrown around big time in every imaginable way with the rise of Trump and Bannon. Please go to the *wiki if you want the official academic (lame) definitions of it espoused by academia.

It should be clear by now that what is being bound together in fascist ideologies is ethnicity–or better said, the internal genetic markers for what I’ve come to call Nephilim-Archon-Spook bloodlines. In recent decades the ethnicity was white nationalism but fascism is not limited to this–it can be any type of mass identity politics! We might include here the first mass-organized identity politics in antiquity: the chosen people ideology! Something that could arguably be called spiritual fascism!

Here is a graph from this site based on, political

I’ll start by saying fascism today is extremism as shown by the graph. It advocates social restriction and fiscal policy which enriches the EL ites-or,  government partnered with private corporate interests.  One can see that centrist positions offer the most societal freedom and the possibility for fiscal fairness. We can see from the graph that the two main parties are extremists and tend towards fascist ideals–this is called The Duopoly!  It’s only The New Democrats and Green party in N.A. that are not fascist in practice, but, more and more I see them becoming what I call ‘left-wing neoliberal communism!’...Another way to describe state-run totalitarianism of the corporate kind is what I’ve dubbed lipstick fascism.

So, how did this extremism happen? Well, it started with two oligarchs in the modern era. Rothschild and Rockefeller–money and oil and they hold a firm grasp of power in the White House today. It’s no coincidence that fascism arose with the rise of the fiat currency/fractional reserve lending Ponzi scheme–two world wars started within years of this system being implemented. Today, these two oligarchs have diverged into about 1000 oligarchs running the planet via a transnational plutocracy! Make no mistake about it: this is worldwide fascism and the means was the corporate model! So, it’s near laughable for the left to call Trump a fascist when Obama is cut from the very same cloth.

Now in the past 50 years, it’s been The Chicago School’s economic neoliberalism that has enabled the entrenchment of fascist ideology in a worldwide concatenation of the totalitarian two-step. Whether South America; Russia after the fall; or The E.U.: all of it imposing the corporate plutocracy on civilian populations and all of it funded by the bankers who are implementing a cashless society where there will, eventually, be no work or labor for humans! And they have convinced us by Wall St. and Hollywood to buy their imprisonment model via non-stop advertising 24/7 for 100 years (close enough)!

All this does beg the question as to how fascism evolved in the last 100 years. It’s fascism where women have extraordinary freedoms but have offered no resistance to worldwide fascist machinations–Angela Merkel being the prime example (it’s not good enough for women to dismiss half of the fascist agenda and solely focus on what they see as right-wing fascism). Dr. Jordan Peterson makes an excellent point here in that for the first time in modern history women have power societally, and he asserts, and correctly so– that the mothering instinct which is appropriate to the child then gets projected onto civilization’s political-economic structure which ends up being a type of neo-fascism; that is to say–the mothering instinct at the societal level becomes exceedingly problematic and encourages dysfunction and irrationality. We see this with Angela Merkel’s misplaced care for the other. However, there are other agendas to do with Israeli policy when it comes to mass immigration into traditional Western nations. But the initial point stands that females, in relation to society’s current fascist economics, is simply one wherein consent has been manufactured: brilliantly implemented but diabolically so…

It’s a fascism where black men can be presidents and drop hundreds of thousands of bombs on Muslim nations killing millions to secure control of Muslim oil resources and also use Western militia for the political aims of The Greater Israel Project! Yes, once again the Jewish people find themselves right in the middle of this shit-storm! Whether in Rome 2000 years ago or overwhelmingly controlling the White-House today! It doesn’t take much investigative measure to find out that the Jewish elite used every fascist method in the book to take control of the land of Israel in the past century!  And it’s a fact they were front and center of the movements in Europe mid-century– in this case, claiming victim– while initially funding this movement. The White House today is every bit as convoluted with Bannon being completely funded by Israel yet being called a nazi by lame-stream media.

Economically, this system over the last 100 years manufactured your consent by offering about 20% of the population an exceedingly good standard of living! There is only one problem with that: most of the ways the wealth was garnered was via corrupt practices! Yes, unmerited wealth in an economic casino! Yes, folks, this is fascism! And you bought it! It should also be noted that  20% will consent to this fascist state as it will help (but not succeed) in maintaining the status quo of ill-gotten gains.

*To be fair to wiki:  micro ethnonationalism is accurate but to not list the worldwide institution of fascism is wholly unacceptable! INTERNATIONAL FINANCE that is.

A part of this site is to offer solutions!

  1. every country needs as its base currency a non-debt public currency within what I am calling The New Earth Commons Civilization. The SCAMdemic in Canada proved that issuing fiat currency en masse as they did during the 2020 fiasco simply doubles the price of pretty well everything as we are witnessing (inflation caused by printing too much funny money in too short a time).  So a UBI cannot work with this type of currency. Solving human welfare issues has to be done using an alternate money system if one insists that money is the best solution. See The Problem of Money...where I flesh this out. I should note that speculation on real estate is a separate issue when it comes to inflation.
  2. The judiciary needs to pass laws that commit to prosecuting, criminally, corporations and CEOs, along with criminal prosecution of financial crimes (and to pass laws making sure financial crimes are listed on the books). The CEOs involved in the 2008 debacle should be in prison as should those involved in The Gulf Oil spill…THIS link called It’s All Designed To Distract You covers the ground of what I’m suggesting here. It covers the fraudulent economics of the big banks with many of the top CEOs being women. None of the schemes being committed are illegal but should be. Another way to think about this is that they are crimes of economic financial abstraction and I’ve suggested elsewhere that those imagining these fictions into existence really believe they are ‘repairing the world’ when it comes to undoing the curse of work in the Torah (fiction piled upon fiction).

Tucker and Putin just spent over 2 hours talking about the Nephilim and the Jewish Question! The section on Khazaria was epic!

That aside, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the political class of the West for making Putin’s Russia look like the White Hats. I’d go as far as to say that the liberal ruling class in the West has committed what I would call the ‘controlled demolition of the West’…

Perhaps Putin would be good enough to invite as refugees all the millions and millions of people in the West who can no longer afford the rent or food!

Does Russia have good beaches? It would be a deal breaker if it doesn’t…

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