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‘The Serpent is Yaldabaoth and this ‘blind fool’ believes it is the author of wisdom’.

I first came across Pagels many years ago when I was researching the history of the devil and read her book on that topic. I can certainly recommend that read; although with our content here, and, at this time, I would describe her as a *Gatekeeper.

Please allow me to unpack that. I’m mainly referring to YouTube here but this assessment works for (H)academia, too. Yes…the god of the Torah is the devil but this has no relevance to the Jewish people today. Or, put another way, the Torah god/s is the devil but this has no relevance for the Jews today and is not a problem for the Gentiles. And, YES…this is the overwhelming consensus of anyone discussing Gnosticism within the previously mentioned spheres of influence.

So here is the real deal from the Van and this is 100% undiluted pure Christian Gnosis proper. But first, all this means and, all its ever meant is: ‘what is true’ about spirituality, the cosmos, the god/s , and human life here on earth. It’s as plain and simple as that but endless bullshit along this line of inquiry on earth definitely baffles brains.

Okay, so the first place to start is challenging the consensus in academia (therefore YouTube) that no one 2000 years ago was skeptical of the historic claims made in the Torah. This is especially egregious and untrue and no more so than in Egypt and especially Alexandria during that era.

The best we can say on this is that there were likely some within Egypt who read the Torah and, although skeptical; thought that if the Exodus story did happen it was done by the god SET at the behest of the Hebrew Hyksos Pharaohs. But even this concession was likely minimal.

The second major truth is you will get endless cul de sac’s along this line of inquiry until you come to understand that the Torah’s patriarchs were likely four generations of Hebrew Hyksos Pharaohs within the 18th dynasty. This is really the beginning base assumption needed to get to any truth regarding the claims of the Christian Gnostics. I have many blogs on this theme. Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality More HERE and HERE

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, is that the story about god presented in the N.T. is fiction written by the same tribe who created the historic fiction in the Torah. So one good fiction deserves another, right? Well, not really… The problem here, as you could guess from above, is that god was not a human Jew from the *Hebrew line of David as presented by the Hebrews who wrote the N.T.

NO, No, No! And this is really primary to understand what the Christian Gnostics were saying. You see, according to this premodern speculative metaphysics, the divine order of existence called the Aeon of TRUTH and WISDOM in the Gnostic tradition predates in cosmological time the Archon demiurge. So it’s more true to say that Yahweh (as believed in by Torah dupes) is the rebel son of the Logos. This is certainly one way to frame it but I don’t want to get into this cosmology too much here, but suffice it to say, the N.T. version of god has things upside-down when it comes to the relational order–assuming the normative take that the Jesus character was referencing Yahweh when he said Father–not at all a given.

To be fair, there are different views on who the Jesus character was based on and some say Judas Chrestus– the insurrectionist son of Pantera. In my blog, I argue for the Caesarion Theory but mainly because it’s the one theory (H)academia hates and no one will touch. But, in a way, it is not so important for the purposes of this blog, but the main point is that the Jesus presented to us by the Hebrew writers is a fiction they created in a successful but diabolic attempt to superglue the Torah god to the god of the N.T.

TWO different gods! And there were many in that era who understood this with Marcion being the beginning of wisdom on this point. And the idea that the ‘Christ of the Pleroma‘ appeared on earth 2000 years ago as an angel type person who looked human is not a modern injection into the narrative but is rather consistent with premodern metaphysics. The official view along this line is called Docetism but I won’t focus on the idea in this blog.

And lastly we should look at the narratives coughed up in the Genesis account. Yaldabaoth is the Father of Lies and was represented by the Serpent/Lion motif. This is telling us that both antagonists in the GOE story were Yaldabaoth–at least this is my view. But if we look at the Jewish ideas along this line then we find the serpent was Samael (as Jesus). If we trace this interpretation through history we get to the Knights Templars who were major players in BIG FINANCE and usury and the offshoot of this Hebrew sect was and are the Freemasons who’ve promoted BIG FINANCE and usury at every turn on the corrupt chessboard. So this Jewish Samael as Jesus is nothing other than the Great Usurer In The Sky! This cannot be the Aeon of TRUTH and WISDOM but is in reality (in my view) Yaldabaoth’s replicant of the true god of the Pleroma.

What does this mean for us today? It means first that the whole world is under the spell of a corrupt financial system. It’s likely the Messiah of Third Temple Jerusalem will be another incarnation of this demiurgic archon character. We should deconstruct the falsities of Tri-Omni monotheism ideas within the context of the brutalities of life and the incoherence of the attempt at merging two very different religions (Judaism and Christianity) whose incorrect fusion creates more inconsistencies than if separated.

NOTE* true Christian Gnostics are the ‘hippies of Christendom’ and we would never advocate violence towards anyone. If Pagels is Jewish it is understandable that she would have a ‘skin in the game’ bias.

NOTE* The Caesarion Theory does suggest that the Jesus figure presented in the N.T. was a Hebrew but not as written. It suggests that Caesarion, as the model for the Jesus character, was indeed Hebrew but from the Hyksos pharaonic lines that came down via Thutmosis 111 (the likeliest person for the David character).

Update and a clarification on the last points:

This pic will help elucidate what I mean. A Tri-Omni all good and all loving god would never have created this type of life form. There are species whose venom keeps the prey alive while it consumes its still living flesh. This is known as the problem of natural evil and the fact that it is debatable is proof against this notion of god–the abject philosophical contortionism never ends when it comes to protecting all things Yaldabaoth on this earth. The FACT is that this demiurgic entity thrives off of this kind of violence. And this is why the TRUE AEON GOD of the Pleroma should never have been superglued to the archon god/s of the Torah.

‘rotten roots can’t produce good fruit’...AMM

Here is the video I am commenting on:

CJB says he doesn’t believe any of this but just like *Adam Green the net result is unprecedented promotion of all things Judaic. There is obviously something very odd about these stances.

Once again, the common denominator here is the 100% complete trademarking by Jewish interests of anything to do with god/s. This is not the first time this is happening.

The first major psyop along this line was trademarking the gods of Egypt as their own. So a type of cultural spiritual theft. You should know by now that David was Thutmose 111, the Egyptian warrior king, and Solomon was Amenhotep 111. Both pharaohs life stories match precisely those written about in the Torah with the omission that they were Hyksos pharaohs.

They used this gambit big time in the centuries after 33AD wherein they trademarked (once again) the non-human avatar godman as a Jewish carpenter. The view that this godman was not a human Jew is known as Docetism. More along this line HERE…

They turned him into a human Jew so that they could superglue this ‘god of the pleroma’ to the god of the Torah–I concede it was a brilliant although diabolic move on the chessboard within this demiurgic construct.

So it’s no surprise they are at it again trademarking all things Gnostic as Jewish. The fact is, although speculative, there is NO CONNECTION per se between the Aeons of the Pleroma and the Archons of this demiurgic construct. The Jews are simply the minions of all the lies and hate here when it comes to this line of inquiry.

What Yaldabaoth (demiurge) and all its minions have always tried to do is blur any real distinction between their falseness and the truth of the pleroma and its residents. And this is precisely what CJB is doing again in this assessment.

Let me be clear in opinion: THERE IS NO ALLEGIANCE BETWEEN THOSE OF THE PLEROMA AND THE ARCHONS THAT CONTROL THIS CONSTRUCT. So his well done diagram of the Kabbalist Tree of Life is complete nonsense–well done fiction, yes… although I’ve always conceded they are masters of the genre.

In my view, any truth regarding the GOE story is that everyone involved other than Adam and Eve were ARCHONS! The serpent was Yaldabaoth as was the Elohim Lion/Yahweh who represents the Torah.

Previous blogs on the Matrix HERE and HERE…

A note on the first linked video. The assessment on Sophia therein is along the lines of the Valentinian school and perhaps even the non dual schools of Neoplatonism: AKA Integral Inc. in our era. I’ve moved away from that school since I made the video although I’d always concede they could be correct. Today I side with the Sethian school notion that there is likely no conciliation between the Archons and the Aeons.

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Judaism is Egyptian Spirituality.

  • please note that neither Green or CJB will give an ounce of airtime to any spiritual view other than parroting all the official narratives of any and all things Jewish.
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