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This post will explore conditions, in general, that will exist in 2050 or thereabouts given all the current trends and trajectories of our current policy makers. This post is also the secular continuation of my 2030 post. These are premised on the non-intervention of God, or the gods, or aliens on this planet and that things will continue in a  downward spiral as civilization collapses within the weight of neoliberal/neoconservative policy. They will be in point form:

-the oligarchy has sucked up 90% of the earth’s wealth and now live in enclosed safe zones in the most luxurious of abodes. The post-collapse aristocracy has reverted to modes of decadence and debauchery which were the trademarks of their pre-modern cultures.

-automation has decimated 50% of the workforce and most people in the lower demographics which were middle class in the year 2000 now live in ‘dumpster towns’ in a daily struggle just to survive. A.I. is heavily invested in the policing of these new slums.

-universities have shut down as their degrees became nothing more than toilet paper although they still exist in the oligarchic safe zones. Professors can still find work in the aristocracies safe zones but must teach according to aristocratic dogmas.

-the earth’s great cities now live in air polluted distress as they hit the toxic saturation point forcing inhabitants to stay inside or use respiratory devices. These cities are also all in various states of martial law and commerce is nothing more than tribal/feudal survival within a social Darwinist survival of the fittest meme.

-the military industrial complex now has full control of the remaining resources of the earth and has full immunity as far as being protected from prosecution by using any means necessary to extract and protect any remaining resources.

-to be continued…

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