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Yes, corporatocracy is a huge problem, but it is far from the only problem. It would be possible to have non-toxic corporations but they would need to be modeled on profit sharing. Here is a list of a multitude of problems:

-the central bankers set up vast systems of unmerited wealth. I’ll go to sleep a millionaire and wake up a billionaire. Every manner of swindle has now been normalized.

-the governments have been bought by the 2-aforementioned and now only serve their interests and the interest of the state as far as putting the political class first and foremost and this is now done in a spirit of contempt for any countries citizenry.

-we have one of the most toxic energy supplies that one could imagine and rather than do everything possible to limit its use we squander it wildly in decadence and narcissistic hedonism. We could have chosen to limit its use to only the most necessary– thereby buying us much needed time to develop an alternative that is nowhere in sight–at least not to scale.

economists are delusional and what they omit from their calculations is criminally insane.

-we are a species that obsessively clings to literal interpretations of archaic religious books.

-there is a very powerful group of people who think they are chosen by a god who doesn’t exist in the way they assert and they now have undue influence in government, law, and commerce throughout the earth. They refuse to constantly and unequivocally state that this doctrine– which has caused so much destruction over millennia –is factually untrue and in error. Every modern scientific methodology testifies to this truth but the silence on this issue remains. Every time Mr. Sam Harris opens his mouth and spews on about Islam (criticisms in which I agree) he should preface every critique with a scathing attack on the chosen people doctrine. This would help Islamists see how destructive and insane their own version of this vile doctrine is.

-we have about 2000 oligarchs siphoning the wealth of nations into their pockets! There seems to be no way as of yet of finding a way to keep sociopathic and psychopathic people away from societal power; in fact, our systemic structure enables such pathology.

-the current economic model is premised on unnecessary exploitation and coercion of everyone and everything for personal gain and profit.

-we have a civilization where 7 billion people have been told they can have anything they desire without regard for consequence.

-we have whole populations who are misinformed about what evolution is and how it works and what it means. This ignorance has created Social and Economic Darwinism along with strong man politics.

-universities became the purveyors of debt bondage and allowed themselves to become the whores of central banking pimps.

-energy and finance are still operating within the 1850 mindset.

-we now have bloated welfare systems where a majority of every dollar spent goes to the bureaucracy of mid-level intermediaries. A realistic basic income of $24,000 in Canadian in 2017 would be a far better system. At a minimum, the personal tax exemption should be $24,000 in Canada at this time as inflation has wiped out income especially in major cities. For the government of Canada to not put the personal tax exemption at this amount is a declaration of war against all low-income people in this country.

-the media no longer reports or investigates news in an impartial way. Media is now propaganda for whichever arm of the duopoly any particular journalist works for. This device helps to maintain the ‘bipolar’ division of the divide and conquer strategy of the plutocracy.

-___________________________________feel free to add to the list:)

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