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“the cult of the unseen”

I don’t see religion as necessary in 2017. I say that with one who holds gnostic beliefs and one who analyzes religion via a secular lens. At best religion as interpreted through a literal lens is childish and destructive. It is akin to magical thinking and its worldview is arrested in its development.

I do see the efficacy of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung’s interpretation of religion and agree with Jordan Peterson that there is utility and profound insight to be found in religion when studied in a certain way via certain hermeneutics. That said, I also agree with Sam Harris in that this interpretation shouldn’t be overplayed. It’s interesting to be sure but not entirely necessary and this methodology of studying religion can be abused as in the case of Ken Wilber, as one example.

One can peruse my gnostic posts to get a sense of another take on these religious traditions which aren’t as generous towards them as the strictly secular Darwinian approach to religious studies.

What western democracies should never allow: alliances between literalist Muslims and those who hold toxic beliefs within the Jewish community who have hidden agendas to destroy traditional White Christian Nations. It can’t be more obvious that this is a very large part ( but not the only influence) in the mass migration multicultural ‘experiment’ going on in western nations.

Here is a list ( by no means exhaustive) of nations that are racist and won’t allow multicultural societies. I’m of the opinion that most trade should be minimized with these toxic racist states and that all immigration from these nations is on a ‘person per person’ basis which guarantees the freedom and human rights of both individuals in the exchange:

  1. Israel
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Japan
  4. India
  5. Mexico
  6. China
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