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It’s very telling and interesting that Canada refuses to keep records of deaths caused by the products of pharmaceutical corporations. We can reasonably speculate that this is no accident within the corporate state that is Canada. I will cite American records on this issue so we can get a sense of the enormity of the problem here. If 3000 dead on 911 led to outrage and 16 years of imperial war then the number of deaths caused by these products should create galactic mayhem. And, of course, it will do no such thing and this post will explore why this is the case.

This  Alternate article gets into the numbers. 100,000 each year. Roughly, that is about 10,000 people dying from these drugs each year in Canada. Do the math– 3000 dead on 911=outrage and 16 years of imperial war. Since 911 there have been 160,000 deaths by these drugs in Canada and not a peep! No galactic maelstrom; no outrage ( even though the 911 outrage was manufactured and fake); and it’s business as usual in the corporate state of Canada.

Business, as usual, is now the opiate crisis killing 1000’s. This is where this post spirals into the obscene. We need to understand empire and the history of empire to make sense of this tragedy. Make no mistake about it: Canada is an experiment in corporate empire. We know it’s fact that The British empire used opiates as a tactic of imperialism. It was an effective and brutal tactic. We know that the corporate state of Canada began in earnest with the imposition of The Chicago School of Economics neoliberal policies.  A brief side note here that the corporate state of Canada began in earnest when Trudeau signed the currency over to the central bankers ( that’s a post for another day).

This was the end of any attempt at having any kind of healthy social welfare state although I would argue that even the earlier attempts of social justice were poorly implemented and it’s fact today that the result of these endeavors is a massive mid-level bureaucracy wherein intermediaries eat up significant portions of every dollar spend when it comes to the welfare of citizens.

Under Canada’s neoliberal policies the welfare of the citizens has been decimated especially within the lower classes of society. Juxtaposed to this, under neoliberal policy, is the massive bureaucracy of the political class wherein every policy is about siphoning money into their pockets and the pockets of their corporate masters. Since the ’80’s there has been a constant attack on the lower classes with all social welfare programs cut and underfunded as far as money actually getting into people’s hands.

One can do their own research as to where welfare rates were at in 1979 and where they are at today. No significant increase yet at the same time since then cities like Toronto and Vancouver have become extravagantly expensive. Concomitant with this astronomical inflation is the ‘spirit’ of misanthropy of the political class towards lower classes of citizens. And it’s here where the rubber hits the road and where reasonable speculation must take over as to the intentions of the neo-imperialist corporatist state and those who enforce it by every manner of force and coercion.

I’m not going to mince words here: neoliberalism is fascism! An evolved form of it to be sure but fascism nonetheless. We know fascist states hold deplorable positions towards all lower classes and we know the worst of them do terrible things. Yes, that’s right! That is what I am suggesting! The deaths of the most vulnerable in this society are no random accident! Corporate imperialism is rising in ugliness and is taking out, intentionally, but covertly, all those who are a drain on the corporate state. This is speculation premised on the historical facts of empire and the obvious attitudes of the political and corporate elites in power today.

A side note on this: the 100-year war against a relatively benign plant–marijuana–by the corporate state is also consistent with the premises in this post.

We know the first attempt at removal of the homeless by the fascist oligarchy was to bulldoze them out of existence via the gentrification method. But natural selection has also endowed the homeless with a certain tenacity and they are not easily eradicated; hence the new tactic of the opiate wars by the corporate state with its covert alliances. An important point here to consider is this: repressed islands of mythological belief have done exceptional work on this front! The bloody Mormons in Sault Lake City have little homelessness as they actually do everything possible to help these people which is a far cry from the methods implemented by the technofascists.

Some other points on this: oh, how ridiculous these assertions are! We are not fascist as we have mass immigration and female workers! Look, mass immigration is the delusion of The Cultural  Marxists who came out of The Frankfurt School. Obviously, the corporate fascists ripped a page out of this playbook as it plays into the corporate agenda for wage slavery.

Postmodernism’s attack on truth and justice has helped create this situation, too. They declare there is no universal truth with a declaration of a universal posit: there is no universal truth. This obvious contradiction has led to the destruction of academia with its non-stop cultural nonsense and has enabled the techno-fascist oligarchs to implement their own agendas upon a ‘sleeping’ population. The fact that women have some freedom in this country and that there are misguided cultural Marxists on mass is not evidence of the non-existence of fascism in this country.

Au contraire mon Ami!

A post note here: a rational analysis of this situation would account for all the enormous costs of policing poverty. This is separate from the bloated administration costs mentioned earlier. Policing, health-care, paramedics, theft, crime, etc. goes to the complete irrationality of the current fascist corporate state as it relates to these societal issues…This is misanthropy!

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