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The two I’s were also the twin towers and the obelisk/phallic the two planes.

The two I’s are Isis and the obelisk is Amen Ra.

We see this symbolism show up in the English iteration of Is Ra El.

El being Saturn and a primary god of the Roman hierarchy with its festival of Saturnalia.

Saturnalia normalizing the master/slave relationship and ‘the casino ethos’.

Sounds quite familiar, doesn’t it?

It seems The Left has rejected the possibility of God! Perhaps because Nietzsche declared him dead…

But science is ambivalent about God and can only deconstruct religion; a deconstruction I agree with.

But the atheist’s are mistaken thinking they are non-religious and here is why:

KA$H is god; The Holy Spirit the hidden Hand of The Free Market; The loving Kristo’s inverted into The Anti-Christ in every manner of false inverted Christianity; The Pharisees’ the economists; the scribes are the media; The Sadducee’s are The Marxist’s; The Caesars and The Money Changers have the same roles in this millennia age drama of ‘The Genes of Isis’ (Genesis); The Apostles are The Heads of the Central Banks; The Evangelists are people like Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux; The Priests are the corporate C.E.O.’s; The High Priests are the real-estate developers; the brands and stores are the temples and the consumers the faithful; all marching to Hollywoods new scriptwriting of the code and verse book of war known as the two Gods of ELLE! Bi-bel…

Yes, religion is very much alive …I might add here that if there was anything to these musings I don’t see how a cabal of Jewish people did this; they were, IMO, somehow aligned with very powerful forces within Christendom–namely Jesuits and Freemasons. Of course, the question is: why do this?

So The Frankfurt School had a wee episode of premature ejaculation and on top of that decided they wanted to do God’s work: install the millennial kingdom in the way they saw fit!Bozo move that one:(

The Tower

Anyone love irony? These atheist leftists don’t understand evolution! Ha!

And this, too:

I was just musing on this irony: the Christian fascist capitalists are doing everything possible to help god invoke the millennial communist reign, and the earthly communists are trying everything possible to dispose of god and capitalism!

Oh, yes, they also fetishize the rational structure of consciousness! As if humans are not able to rationalize every manner of deplorable behavior ( just look at Congress in 2017)……

This scribe for The God KA$H is shilling for The Money Lenders who have kept the same moniker in this drama and tragedy over millennia. Blame the victim and not the predator! And certainly don’t analyze from a wide-angle lens; compartmentalizing issues so one obscures the full view of what is happening here–that is a mass civilization wherein every mode of operation and decision making are premised on what is best for the money lenders in the global casino they’ve installed! The boom-bust cycle is one of their favorite tactics.

I’ve recently come across The Babylonian Woe.

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