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As promised, here is the first post on Marxist Multiculturalism. I call it Marxism without the good parts. In my last post, I suggested we now live under a system of corporate fascism which works hand in hand with leftist ideology– A.K.A. Marxist Multiculturalism. Politically, this has become known as The Duopoly. This system is funded at its root by Central Banking and Fiat Currency. So, we have a tripartite structure with The Central Bankers covering the ground floor; corporate fascism covering the complete roofline, and wedged in the middle are the political class who have been purchased by the two over the past 100 years or so.
And yes, because I’m not a strict atheist (sorry Kyricos) I’m able to analyze this from multiple perspectives. On certain days this civilization looks to me to be uncannily controlled and it seems to be an agenda that is ancient in its thinking and cunning in its implementation. But anything I say in that regard is speculation although I never suggest anything that blatantly contradicts the faculties of reason and logic as far as I understand them. It’s why I don’t espouse western theism as those religious tenets and foundational premises are irrational and illogical. I do hold lightly two alternative views on western theism: two alternative Gnostic positions and one Preterist position. Neither of those ideas believes any Scripture literally; they both believe that scripture is historically inaccurate and that the last place we can find truth in any particular matter is in books written as control mechanisms by The Archons…..


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