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This one is a difficult one to delineate and definitely needs some unpacking. The first thing I would say is that the atheists could be right and that ALL of this is man’s mythological inheritance; or man’s mythological structure of consciousness. i.e. man’s cognitive attempt at making meaning in an otherwise brutal universe.

Gnostic means, to know; and in this context–to know something about god and the nature of reality.

There were Jewish gnostics in the first centuries after Jesus’ death. Whether they would be Christian gnostics is something that isn’t immediately clear but it makes sense to me that they were just that.This is rather important in light of modern Frankish and Sabbatean gnostic movements which seek an earthly messianic kingdom upon the earth. It’s not obvious that the early gnostics held this view; I know I certainly don’t when it comes to my gnostic leanings; although I do consider an alternative preterist Christian view to be somewhat more compatible to Frankish and Sabbatean eschatology–in the sense that redemption and salvation are strictly earthly affairs; that is to say, everything about ‘heaven’ is really all happening here on earth. And this is why the Frankish and Sabbatean gnostics are ‘manipulating’ civilization for the direct purpose of perfecting humanity on earth via the resurrection of The Nation of Israel and the preparations for the coming of the earthly political Messiah.

I don’t hold this view and I consider it Judaic Gnosticism which is completely distinguishable from Christian Gnosticism–at least the views I hold on the subject.

In my view, Christian Gnosticism isn’t seeking to redeem a fallen and perhaps even irreparable universe. The Christian Gnostic is seeking ascension or transfiguration out of the prison amnesia matrix. Indeed, in this view, this universe is too far gone and ultimately the ‘legal property’ of its maker: the demiurge.

In contrast, the Judaic Gnostics are exceedingly busy manufacturing an earthly salvation via the political and economic institutions of civilization. To a Christian Gnostic, this is folly. And by the way, there are those who say there is no such thing as Christian Gnosticism. This is silly or duplicitous or both! Clearly, Jesus, from the gnostic perspective is the savior in a specific sense in that he is The Aeon of Sophia! The one who came and taught humanity about the horrible condition they find themselves in: trapped by evil!

Now, The Judaic Gnostics are busy buying and selling and practicing empire via their fiat currency systems; judicial systems and by manipulating the political institutions of the earth’s nations. These are the modern Pharisees(The Chicago School Neoliberals) and Sadducees ( The Frankfurt School Marxist’s)of the god KA$H–or so I’ve argued. We can see that their methods have one thing in common: the breaking of The Golden Rule especially as it applies to economics and the trading of goods and services. It’s obvious also that a foundational assumption of these Judaic Gnostics is the ownership of the earth via private property. To me, it is not a coincidence that the capitalist system they’ve helped install over the last 400 years breaks two foundational premises of The Golden Rule: not to exploit and coerce, unnecessarily,  other human beings and life forms for personal gain and profit and not to assume the earth is yours to buy and sell! But these are indeed, the two fundamental premises of this religious view.

In modernity this has played out in the creation of the nation-state of Israel; the implementation of vast fiat currency systems modeled on usury; and the ubiquitous selling of the earth for profit. Wrapped up in all these machinations is the idea that the Jewish people doing most of this are the chosen purveyors and chosen actors in the quest to perfect humanity! This seems rather odd to me!

Finally, and I think this may be the most important point of distinction: Christian Gnosticism doesn’t take scripture to be literal history and modern studies confirm this truth; whereas Judaic Gnostics are very much caught up in literal history; a history which has been proven erroneous.

Wouldn’t perfection rather be instituted via honesty and ethics?


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