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” I’ve seen my original face prior to the big bang!”

I call Bull-Shit! A statement like that is pure poetic baloney. I doubt the Buddha would have said anything like it. Here’s my take on meditation from a Christian-Gnostic perspective: the human mind is insane! Just look at the world:( Got proof? Even the bloody exoteric religionists understood the devil controlled the airwaves. Yet here we are thinking the rational mind can solve our problems! But, no, that is not a call to every manner of irrationality! It simply means we are fools to think a human mind is a place of any clear thought or sanity.

So, yes, when one meditates and becomes aware of the above and has bypassed all the visual imagery of the mind one will find a tiny place of no thought; and one can rest there, and even expand the phenomenon; experience expansiveness or states of flow. But what we can’t do is then use that experience to extrapolate about the nature of reality or the cosmos! Complete over-reach! What we know about meditation and some of the good doesn’t warrant sweeping grand narratives about the nature of reality. That my friend is religion and all religion is faith-based! All religions could be earth-centric.

You see if we ARE somehow fallen or in an amnesia matrix; or surrounded by a prison grid then we are by de facto cut off from the true nature of things. This is The Christian understanding and definitely The Gnostic take on things, too; Gnosticism has simply understood scripture to be inaccurate as pertaining to the historical record; not to mention a few wee issues on irrational dogma. Something else is going on here……

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