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Okay, this is going to be a list of all the things that are going to cause collapse according to The Chicago School NeoLiberals and The Frankfurt School Multiculturalists:

-society will collapse if politicians start telling the truth! :)))) B.S.!

-society will collapse if the monopoly on money and fiat currency ends.  B.S.!

-society will collapse if there are parameters put on usury. B.S.!

-society will collapse if society doesn’t embrace every single element of gay culture! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we don’t put the concerns of the CO2 automakers first! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we don’t exploit third world labor for the corporatocracy! B.S.!

-society will collapse if I can’t own more than one home! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we make all natural drugs legal and teach responsible use of the substances! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we give everyone that needs it a minimum home standard! B.S.!

-society will collapse if women can’t be men, dammit! B.S.!

-society will collapse if the sports and entertainment complex makes reasonable amounts of money instead of obscene amounts. B.S.!

-society will collapse if we concede there may be something as universal truth! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we have honest media instead of propaganda machines for pre-stamped ideologies with an agenda.B.S.!

-society will collapse of we have a culture of co-operation instead of competition! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we do away with unnecessary exploitation and coercion! B.S.!

-society will collapse if we put constraints on personal and corporate wealth! B.S!

-society will collapse if health-care practitioners put their patient’s health before money!B.S.!

-society will collapse we can’t make interest on education! B.S.!

-society will collapse if The Marxist’s don’t win over the Capitalist’s!B.S.!

-Society will collapse if the Capitalists don’t win over The Marxist’s! B.S.!

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