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Gian Ghomeshi resurfaced this week:

My reply:

Jian got punk’ed by The Frankfurt School Marxist’s but still wants to sing from their playbook! The fact of the matter is that until Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico and countless other countries start reciprocating person per person in free and protected human rights within the exchange of persons then it’s all still manipulative bullshit brought to you by The Rockefeller, Rothschild legacy. And no, I’m not an alt-righter; but rather a pro truther devoid of bullshit! And please don’t compartmentalize this issue: what’s come from mass immigration for corporations, banks, oil companies, and The Greater Israel Project is massive inflation; unaffordable cities; unbreathable air; a lifetime of debt bondage; the reduction of a human being to wallet status; the dismembering of truth into relative insanities; the transfer of the ‘wealth of the commons’ into the hands of about 6000 oligarchs; a society premised on a Social Darwinist feeding frenzy wherein the majority now get a lifetime of gig work with The Hunger Games as retirement; not to mention the alienation of the person which the artist known as Jian correctly diagnoses.


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