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I’ve been ranting against The Frankfurt Schools Marxist Multiculturalism over the past month and there is an important caveat which needs to be understood. We are right to criticize postmodernisms deficiencies as far as its falling into relativism but it’s a serious error to dismiss what the postmodernists got right: the deconstruction of archaic myth.

The solution to the deficiency of late post-modernity is not to regress back into archaic mythological modes of cognition. That would be invoking pre-rational insanity to once again take the reigns of power i.e. the neocons as one example………….

What we are looking for and should be aiming for is a POST-post modernity; one which understands that there are accurate truth claims notwithstanding the myth of the given (post-modernities deconstruction of modernity)and that religiosity does have a proper function in a post-post-modern culture–it’s simply not a literal religious interpretation of an archaic book!

Okay, once in a while I wax Integral!

The way past the confusion of late post-modernity is to keep the arrow moving to the right and not turn it around and aim it back to the premodern, yet that is what many are attempting to do. And BTW: the picture on the right is not accurate or is only accurate in depicting late postmodernity.

And No, Molyneux, the solution to the welfare state is not archaic notions of charity! Damn it! Fucking wake up!

Oh, do I have to link some Wilber? I guess…..

Jordan Peterson riffing on this topic:

But the thing he omits is the unmerited wealth of the new oligarchs in an economy modeled on a casino! The ‘I’ll go to bed a millionaire and wake up a billionaire ethos!’

Why, sir, why? Why are you omitting this obvious criticism?

Here is a link to the parasitical nature of the ‘rentier class.’

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