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Riffin’ off Scott Preston’s blog post on Neoliberalism. I’ll add a diagram below of Wilber’s quadrant model which depicts the four modes of operation for humanity: the upper left is interior of I; the lower left is interior of we; the upper right is exterior of I, and the lower right is exterior of we. So individuals consciousness, collective interiors ( shared consciousness), exteriors living spaces of the individual and collective life systems of cultures.

I’d like to unpack this from a Christian Gnostic perspective; although admittedly, an alternative one at that and admittedly one which is a tad clumsy. Now it may be that this universe is inherently damned and irredeemable from this cosmologies perspective, but here I’m going to offer a Tantric take on Christian Gnosticism. The basic idea of Tantra is to take that which is considered vile and evil and flip it upside down and work with those energies for the end-goal of enlightenment. Sex was generally held to be sinful in religious antiquity but the Tantras’ turned this upside down and converted the energies towards enlightenment, and I think the same idea can be implemented upon culture. And this is is what I think The Sabbatean/Frankist Gnostics are getting at and are up to when they say the culture has to be made evil to attain enlightenment. It is the same idea, I think, but implemented on the cultural level via the notion of a group of people teaching humanity to learn about perfection; yes, that would be Judaic ideology in general, that’s why the Jews were chosen; there are  utilities and purpose to it and it wasn’t about ethnicity per se.

Now, I’m not saying this is fact but offering up a hypothetical that tries to make sense of all this madness. Maybe The Plemora, Sofia and The Kristo’s will use The Demiurge to teach humanity the efficacy of goodness over evil? Because certainly these NeoLiberals from The Chicago School who were Jewish and perhaps knew of these things knew they had to make society evil which would lead to the devastation of nature; and this, indeed, is what neoliberalism has done — as Mr. Preston’s blog post points out. But the main point for these Jews and for us is to teach us what evil looks like so we can learn from it and overcome it.

We can see that neoliberalism ushered in a culture of me first narcissism inculcated especially within the entertainment and sports complex; it’s a culture of me first hedonism  where city streets are laden with garbage; where  we practice alienation by  everyone exploiting everyone in every imaginable way in a Darwinian food fight for the survival of the fittest over who can have the most money earned by the most egregious means possible. This is a mafia ethos–my power drive of the ego which will only extend empathy to my blood kin and society and nature be damned! And this is exactly what’s happening under this system. Trump encapsulates this ethos and IMO, it’s no mere coincidence that his administration is the most Jewish in history.

Now, where is this all heading? A new Integral Age? The evacuation via light photon processes interacting with human DNA to ‘lift’ some via ascension into the next dimension and this earth be damned?

These are the two hypothesis of what’s happening here from an alternative spiritual perspective. Of course, the wild card here is 3-dimensional players such as The Anunnaki and The Lemurian’s; what their role and influence in these shenanigans are definitely hard to gauge…

I know, one of my stranger post!

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