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“Please sir, may I have more?”

The neo-oligarchy (are they the same as the aristocracy of old?) has been extraordinarily successful in dividing and conquering those at the bottom end of the worldwide financial pyramid scheme. Most of us now attack each other, over more often than not, mere trivialities which are framed within non-trivial modes of trying to survive within the oligarchic casino. This fact renders any long term meaningful resistance to the mafia casino owners impotent at worst and marginal at best. Of course, it doesn’t help that the oligarchic casino owners use Putin’s method of propaganda using their media empires to promote every manner of conflicting narrative so as to render incoherent or muddy any assessment of their ways of doing business. It’s a type of media obscurantism, or non-stop bullshit baffling brains! Moreover, we now have non-stop paid shills for whatever product or narrative the corporatocracy wants to propagandize us with; this renders scientific knowledge next to useless because most voices are now paid to promote hidden agendas. Stephen Hawking’s latest outburst on humanity having a limited time to get off the planet is one example of this; how absolutely stupid of this man to promote this narrative when all his energies should be spent trying to convince humanity to take care of the only planet we know of that sustains life! What idiocy!  It’s hard to believe there isn’t some kind of hidden agenda here when the message is coming from one of his stature; he might consider Wittgenstein’s adage to shut the fuck up if this is the best he can do when speaking about things he knows little or nothing about or at least dismisses as irrelevant. Geez, he must be aware that there is going to be exponential fighting for the scraps in the near future if he’s correct in his bleak assessment about why humanity has to leave this planet…..Haha, bet he’s never considered that there may be those out there that will never let us leave this planet until we learn to respect this one!

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