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It doesn’t exist today, you say! Well, let me assure you that you couldn’t be more wrong!

Truth be told is that it has existed for quite some time. Once religious narrative became codified ALL religion became a tool of manipulation and control.

The Enlightenment loosened the reigns of this control but it was somewhat illusory because the Archons simply pulled the ‘bate and switch’: they replaced religion with financial control!

Now in modernity financial control become embedded and framed within the corporate model and those pulling the strings created the perfect deflection and hiding place. They were also able to purchase government and create the laws needed to entrench their hegemony over the earth.

In the latter part of the 20th Century under neoliberal corporate capitalism, they created new spiritual doctrines that aligned with their agendas and worldview.

Here are some of the primary tenets of corporate capitalist spirituality brought to you by their Ministry of Spiritual Propaganda:

-first and foremost is the ideology that any given human has only responsibility to themselves.

-embedded within the spirituality of the self is the idea that their systems of manipulation and control cannot be changed and are not responsible for the way things are on this planet; again, their spiritual assertion is that things are this way because individuals made things this way.

-primary as a tenet is that all forms of income are legitimate and justified! This notwithstanding the fact that they’ve set up vast systems of usury and have imagined into existence every manner of unmerited wealth.

-secondary as tenet is the idea that the individual is solely responsible for any and all evils in their life. This is the ideology that victims are responsible for the wrongs in their life! This is simply a reworking of the older karma and caste system of control so it was pretty easy to reestablish. The L.O.A. is the neoliberal reworking of this old and false spiritual mode of control.

-on the periphery of this system of control is the idea that your primary concern should be your pleasure and your whole life should be in service of gratifying that pleasure. In effect, modernity simply allowed the decadence and debauchery of the elites to become mainstream. This is not to say that pleasure is in any way wrong, but when it’s treated as a mode of manipulation and control it becomes ethically problematic.

-necessary to the achievement and success of this propaganda was the need to dissociate humanity from nature and time cycles. This severing of humanity to its roots has made humanity easily susceptible to archonic manipulation. This process of removing the people from a relationship with The Commons starting around 300 years ago in England and through imperialism and colonization was projected into every country on the planet. The Commons Monasteries were transformed into private for-profit academies especially under late neoliberalism. This severing has also made it easy to dismiss enormous amounts of pollution as not being of any concern or consequence.

-subtly woven into these spiritual views is the idea that there are no limits to what a person can do, earn, achieve, and that the earth can easily accommodate every manner of human desire and whim; regardless of the shallowness or narcissistic impulse of such desires.

-concomitant within this spirituality of the self are two primary myths: that technology will inevitably solve all our problems! This is called the myth of progress. Within traditional modes of religious control is the idea of imminent disaster or apocalypse. This is fear porn or the myth of the apocalypse. These control mechanisms are used as the ‘business as usual ethos’ and ‘we’re all going to die and nothing matters anyway’ forms of control.

Now, I would suggest, that somewhere outside of corporate neoliberal spirituality and traditional fundamentalist religious narratives is a truth about life, the earth, and how humans should live on it, treat each other, and how we should treat other life forms that live with us here.

                                         This is what is being obscured.

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