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Okay, okay, I know, there is no such place and it’s mythological fiction!

But, let’s for the sake of this post consider that such a place exists.

Please read this link as a guide to the economics of the Pentecostal Church.

We can see that a system of hoarding private wealth was anathema to God.

But wait! That was just an archaic church…….

Please read this linked discussion on the description of The Church as The Bride during the 1000 year millennial reign. 

In both the Pentecostal Church and The Millennial Reign we see that Capitalism with all its necessary exploitation and coercion was and is not acceptable to God.

We may want to ponder the meaning of The Golden Rule here especially as it relates to the economy ( oh, indeed it does). The Golden Rule is premised on the ideas of not using unnecessary exploitation and coercion to gain an advantage against your fellow human or other life forms (and resources). We are to be good stewards of resources and not callous exploiters.

So given that all this seems obvious how is it then acceptable to have Christendom be the primary driver of the modern exploitative, coercive system of capital accumulation?

Further, why would God appoint a sharing economy in The Book of Acts and the millennial reign and have a church in this age immersed in every type of avarice and corruption? Could this age of the Christian Church be a deluded and corrupt church?  I leave this for you to ponder as it’s above my pay grade to assert definitively what is going on here; but I can say that, IMO, something is certainly not jiving!

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