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So the earth has been transformed into a casino with casino ethics, right?

Come on, we all know it’s true! We know a few thousand billionaires took over the earth in the past 100 years and reshaped how humans lived their lives.

Until very recently most people on the planet didn’t know what these cabals of billionaires were up to, and the few that could find out largely found information from the cabalistic media empires that the billionaires started building. And then came the internet and it blew the lid wide open! Now we could all find out what they’ve been up to and we now know the picture is far from pretty. We found out about Edward Bernays and many like him who created mind-control programs on mass.

So how did they turn the earth into a casino? Well, they needed to normalize the casino ethic! That is to say, they needed to make sure the house would always win and that they would always rig every system in their favor. The way to do this was to try and control everything! This started in earnest in 1917 with the control of the money supply; then laws were enforced to protect their corporations which would be a place for them to hide and gain immunity; then they simply purchased the political sphere and judiciary over time, and voilà, complete control!

One of the primary ways they controlled humanity was through their sports and entertainment complexes which were simply ripping a page out of their old Bread and Circus methods used in Rome.

Of course, they did have to get rid of the old world morality and usher in a worldwide ethic of amorality and the 1960s was used to create that shift and the tactics were extraordinarily successful! They now had a near worldwide culture of narcissism whereby any whim, pleasure, or desire could be had as long the cabals got a cut of the vig of every transaction!

Oh, yes, they created controlled opposition or the Hegelian Dialectic by creating the capitalist America versus Russian Communism dichotomy but we can all see it now for what it was: divide and conquer the common people of the earth! But, yes, oh sure, I’m not saying the different mafia cabals didn’t squabble or have internecine conflicts, but these were always going to be a part of the camouflage. They were simply tactics on the road to total control…

It should be noted that the old world knowledge monasteries were abandoned and turned into tools and the means of shaping the agenda of the mafia billionaires. Along the way, the academies were turned into lifetime debt machines for the fiat currency masters; knowledge became replaced with power and hidden agendas. The academies served the whims of the billionaires. In over 100 years no systems of justice, fairness, honesty, or sound ethics were developed in the academies and if the odd person did think along those lines their ideas were marginalized or buried. The capitalist casino ethics of running an economy was never successfully challenged in any meaningful utilitarian way within the academies; in fact, they embraced the casino economy.

September 11th, 2001. The day the casino owners let the earth’s people know who’s in charge.

By this day their systems of control had been deeply and firmly embedded and there would be no way to challenge the narrative they put out about the events of that day. We see them moving their chess pieces almost every week since that day; one scapegoat and patsy after another; one atrocious crime after another, one totalitarian two-step closer to the world of total control–power by any other name!

Las Vegas, October 1st, 2017. The casino owners struck again! The symbolism of that day couldn’t be more obvious! The mafias did what mafias do: commit atrocious crimes. They did this one right beside the pyramid and obelisk alluding to the genesis of who these people are: The Pharaohs, turned into the Ceasers with their festival of Saturnalia celebrating the master-slave relationship; the Ceasers turned into the Kings and Queens of Europe, who divided the earth up and set the conditions for the technocratic elites who rule this age. it should be noted that Vegas sits very near 33 degrees north latitude which runs right through Mt. Hebron in Israel and where the myth of The Nephilim originated. I explore various Nephilim theories in the linked post.

So who are these people that rule the earth with such surety and arrogance? Can we find the answer in religion? No, I think not; in fact, they have always controlled religion and use it anytime they can as a tool of manipulation–a big part of 911 was to fan the flames of religious control once again–911 ushered in a post-secular order setting up the conditions once again for religious control and conflict. Religious orders like The Sabbatean Frankists and The Jesuits seem very much obsessed with setting the conditions up for a new Messiah whom they think will usher in The Noahide Laws. Vast systems of amorality and endless violent conflict will create the conditions for this Messiah to be accepted and his laws put in place. Of course, we once again see The Jewish people at the forefront and center of all this controversy and that happens century after century and millennia after millennia. One could argue it’s more than simple coincidence. 

So, who or what is God? Well, there is only one honest answer to that: we don’t know! We don’t know if God exists or what it is if it does exist. Anyone who says otherwise is being dishonest and that dishonesty is found most often in religion. Science isn’t qualified to answer the question and religion is contradictory, historically inaccurate, and cosmologically false as far as their creation myths. I do believe the billionaire mafia oligarchs don’t care if God exists and act as if they are God and think themselves immune from any consequence. I think some of them are psychopathically obsessed with their idiosyncratic beliefs about who they think God is.

May God help us all if it turns out it does exist and save us from the corrupt casino owners and their enforcers who rule over a generation of somnambulists.

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