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‘Truth is in history, but history is not the truth. Analogously, God is in history, but history is not God’. (unknown).

As Einstein and Heisenberg became the household names of a new complexity The Rockefeller’s and The Rothschild’s were implementing a new economic model premised on a casino– premised on corruption.

Sadly, and I predict tragically, these two avenues of knowing and being have created the conditions ripe for chaos and disorder and we are very much experiencing the consequences of this converging.

What The Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics most needed were political, economic, and social systems premised on integrity, honesty, and justice and fairness–we got the exact opposite!

You see, 99% of the people on this planet don’t really understand these levels of complexity; most people’s everyday lives are firmly rooted in the Newtonian paradigm. The 99% have to take the word of specialists as far as knowledge goes and herein lies today’s greatest dilemma: The Rockefeller’s and The Rothschild’s set up worldwide systems of corruption, deceit, and dishonesty–and that has created a situation today wherein no one trusts anyone anymore and a system where everyone can be bought and most people now are! This is the mafia ethos!

The unraveling of trust started in recent history on September 11, 2001. On that day the oligarchies media empires solved an extraordinarily complex crime in 1-hour over the television and so much so that no official crime scene investigation was needed; a compromised and underfunded task force was set-up by the progeny of The Rockefeller’s and The Rothschild’s that whitewashed the events of that day.

Extraordinary lies have been told to justify 16 years of unending war– costing trillions of dollars and murdering millions! All this was done with the complicity of media, entertainment, and sports complexes who have been used as a shield to deflect criticism of their billionaire mafia masters.

Here are some of the consequences of setting up societies modeled on the casino:

-a viral resurgence in Flat Earth theory.

-a general distrust of ALL authority from NASA to Law Courts.

-the general sense that any type of coercion and exploitation is acceptable to satisfy one’s desires.

-the general notion that policing authorities will not investigate heinous large-scale public crimes thoroughly or honestly. We see this very much evident in the Las Vegas shootings.

-debt slaving students for life.

-having huge amounts of income be toxic and unmerited setting up the conditions for extreme wealth inequality.

-the objectification of all things and especially women as nothing more than objects of exploitation. ( But yes, women have been on the positive side of benefit throughout the initial stages of this system). They will, IMO, have the most to lose as this system inevitably unravels.

-a culture of might is right.

-a culture which glorifies violence.

-a culture of rabid anti-Semitism.

-a culture of vanity and narcissism.

-a culture of immature religious fundamentalism.

-a culture where the colour of one’s skin became more important than one’s character.

-a culture of hidden agendas.

Well, I could probably go on and on! Will new complex algorithms coded with the same mafia mentality solve these issues? No! I don’t see how this is possible. The Bitcoin algorithm looks every bit as hierarchical and easily corruptible as the fiat currency system of The Rothschild’s! Now, sure–I’d like to be wrong about that but I’m deeply skeptical. And no, it’s not just governments that are corrupt! It’s the combined influence of governments, fiat currency banks, and corrupt corporations practicing Wall St. speculation that makes this current epoch near impossible to solve. I have little hope.

Fortunately, though, the nature of reality has not been definitively answered so there may be hope in that it’s possible the true nature of reality has been purposely obscured by some of these bad actors!

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