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Oh, where to start? How about at the Genesis. We now know the cosmology outlined in the Torah is not scientifically accurate; that the creation story is one of the very many tribal myths of our ancestors; we know the history of the Torah is inaccurate and most of the stories are taken from The Sumerians and other tribes in the area. We know from modern psychology that ideas like choosing one sibling to center out as an example is terrible parenting and notions like eternal punishment are antithetical to being a good parent (good for the Torah not to have said that). We know the Torah God did demand one cannibalize their children as punishment for transgression, though, so the above bracket is only a minor victory.

Okay, okay, most likely the cosmology espoused in the past 100 years from the combined knowledge of all the earth’s academies is that we are some kind of cosmic fluke! I know, brutal to digest and Nietzsche prophesied 200 years of nihilism because of it. No matter how bitter the pill, though, it could be true. Make your own meaning and a part of this post is that a few thousand psychopaths have done just that: realized that God is dead and are committing heinous crimes because they now know it doesn’t really matter; that nothing really matters, so they are thoroughly justified.

So what to make of this Kristos fellow? Was he the Jewish Messiah? Hardly, IMO. The Jews have that much right. Well, if he’s not the Messiah then who is he? Well, probably a solar myth personified. But there is another possibility and that is he is the first Aeon! The Logos! The first of two beings to come into material existence! All things come through Kristos and Sophia (truth and wisdom). Or, the yin and yang if you will. But these archetypal energies can indeed take form. And it’s these two who confronted the rabbis 2000 years ago and remain in confrontation with them because the Torah God is not their creator but is the creation of Sophia.

Why, then, did the Catholic church declare The Torah God to be The Kristo’s father? Well, that is a very good question but beyond the scope of this post other than to say that from this perspective the Catholic Church did embrace this fallacy and falsity.

What does this have to do with today? Well, the tenacity of the Rabbi’s is such that they WILL usher in their Torah Messiah shortly and this will be forced on every population. The conditions will be set up so most people will accept this Messiah as God and he will enforce The Noahide Laws.

What are we to make of these events given they will come to pass and that The Torah God is premised on a false history while using very dubious irrational and illogical methods? We know from cosmology, history, and psychology that this Messiah can’t represent the true God!

Well, at that point it looks as though humanity is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Accept him and live or reject him and die! I figure most will accept him. I even might! But I doubt it.

I’ve only ever concerned myself with truth and I hardly doubt I would accept a false demiurge and his Archon. But one never knows, do they? The most interesting bit about this scenario is that even my Gnostic view could be incorrect and that the atheist view could be true and that the pathology of the Rabbis will usher in a worldwide system of delusion!

Man, to quote, Kunstler: ‘what a clusterfuck!’

And at that point, I hope it’s all the phantasms of The Buddhist Mara (the chief demon in Buddhist cosmology).

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