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Humanity has developed thousands upon thousands of religions and spiritual philosophies. None of them are obviously true! That is to say, all of them are contradictory and no claim can be proved–these are facts!

Now, despite these truisms, there are many still that espouse their faith or spiritual inclination as universal fact. This is a type of cognitive dissonance and individuals making these universal claims to spiritual truth are usually suffering from the fallacies of popularity and appeal to authority; this is true whether fundamentalist Islam or new-age gurus espousing nonduality.

Nonduality generally came out of eastern religious thought written in the Vedas and Buddhist Sutras. There are thousands of schools of thought within these traditions and many of them contradict; but for now, we’ll only concern ourselves with nondual philosophies.

Nonduality espouses that the dichotomy of heaven and earth is illusionary and that they are one; it goes further and asserts that there is in reality: NO THING! That is that everything arises out of an ocean of non-personal infinite potential. God if you will.

I will first say that this a very compelling spiritual philosophy! And yes, it could be true! But that sadly is as good as it gets in this post! My criticism will start by pointing out that there is no way to prove this claim; there is no way to falsify it; there is no way to have the claim be scrutinized by repeatable verifiable observations! As in all things religious and spiritual, it is an assertion of faith.

Subtly woven into nondual spirituality is the idea that God doesn’t and can’t exist as a person. This philosophy most often results in human beings making claims of divinity, or practitioners claiming to be God. The New-Age movement is littered with these gurus and more often than not they are mired in unethical behavior.

Secondly, we find that those espousing this philosophy usually demonize, ridicule, or otherwise are contemptuous of those who believe or espouse dualistic religions or spiritual philosophies. Usually, this contempt comes packaged within parcels of arrogance and hubris. For a philosophy that asserts they’ve overcome ego the irony is near laughable if it wasn’t so serious an issue.

To be added to the criticism is the fact that most of the conclusions about reality are based on experiences within meditation and the human mind. And although all of these experiences are relatively true it is a gross error to universalize the meditative experiences of the human mind. The first obvious fact is these experiences could be thoroughly local to this planet.

There is also the problem that this philosophy tends to deny the possible existence of real dimensions of reality that are populated by highly advanced intelligent beings. It’s not clear why this denial is so prevalent within nondual schools. It should be noted that more than a few of these beings if they exist, are in any way friends of humanity. It should be noted that The Theravadin School of Buddhism is sympathetic to these entities being real.

Soteriological issues are important here, too! Thousands of years have come and gone and it’s not clear or obvious that any type of enlightenment has been successful; in fact, one could argue the efficacy has been rather dismal! If there is even one enlightened master on the planet today I would argue that is evidence of failure after thousands of years as civilization and the planet itself are in extreme stress and chaos! Is there more than one enlightened master alive today?

Most practitioners of nonduality espouse an individualist anarchist economic model. It’s every man for himself economics! It’s telling, isn’t it, that the most advanced spiritual philosophy on the planet asserts that one only has a responsibility to oneself and to hell with all the peons who deserve their misery because of their crap karma!

I’ll finish up here by saying that Christian Gnosticism asserts that God is not this universe and in fact, this particular universe is a prison created by a false demiurge! The last thing one would want is to become one with this! But I’m quite sure this position is simply silly dualism!

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