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“Daddy loves me more than he loves you!”

I’ve noticed a surge of Judaic Christians online and they are exceedingly vocal and self-assured and self-righteous. I’d like to respectfully deconstruct some of the issues I’m having with their religious position. I’d like to do this without accusation and with a spirit of concern for truth; notwithstanding the previous sentence:)

The first problem I’m having is their position on Satan. Jesus would have known that Satan was a sergeant of God doing as God wills as an adversary of man. At what point, then, did Satan become God’s arch-enemy challenging God’s authority? At the time of Constantine? Is that when Satan relinquished his traditional role and turned against God? Because he certainly isn’t God’s enemy according to Judaism!

Secondly: at what point did God decide to change a nebulous ‘holding’ spot for the dead (Sheol) and turn it into a brutal place of everlasting torment for being a screwup in one life? Did God turn Sheol into eternal hell at the time of Constantine? Because Judaism describes no such place.

On Jewish historicity: The Torah God didn’t have enemies which could have subverted his plans for his people or humanity as it is omni-everything. So who made it so the history in the Torah is so historically inaccurate? There could be an argument made that a Christian arch-enemy could have altered physical history to obscure truth but there is no room for such a gambit within the Torah. 500 years of academic research has more than less proved the history of that book as being dubious–that it’s ethnic mythology. I guess here Judaic Christians can invoke a Christian Satan but such a move still contradicts the Torah and doesn’t solve the inaccurate history of their book.

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