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The Devil Used Christendom to Set Up The Anti-Christ System…

Okay, okay, I know! But we’z gotz us a reckonin’ comin’ so’z ya better not get too uppity there ya wee varmints! Now, allow me to elaborate…

First off, please, bitches, don’t be accusin’ me of being a commie (a failed manipulation of the archons); a socialist (did you know Hitler was a socialist?); a statist (haha! sticks and stones retards!); or any other number of illogical strawman arguments! You’re going to have to do better than that.

Okay, now that we’ve annihilated the grunts we can get down to business! Let’s get one definition and parameter clear: *capitalism is a social-economic system developed within the past few hundred years. So, please fuck-off with the inanity that capitalism as a system has been here since hunter-gatherers! It has not, dummies! Now, for the most part, capitalism, as we know it today, came out of Europe and specifically England where the aristocratic elites started kicking commoners off the land by passing certain laws; this forced commoners into the cities to work labor in newly formed capitalist factories. From all accounts, for most people, it was a hell-hole and an environmental disaster for the locals.

We really need to pay attention to the intentions of the people who instigated this. They were white Christian elites who also practiced slavery outright and very few of them had any second thoughts or qualms about the morality of their actions. True, Christian women led a revolt against slavery in later years but that’s a side note to this post. This conquest of Christian capitalism spanned out around the whole earth over the past few hundred years with the consistent theme of kicking commoners (and natives) off their ancestral lands by violence, force, and every manner of coercion! It was fuelled by arrogance, ignorance, and greed! But, yes, true, we brought with us ice cream! Okay, I’m not going to argue it was ALL bad, but my argument is that we need to be honest about what capitalism is and what is bad about it.

But it wasn’t only the Christians responsible for this! Behind the Christian’s were the financiers and those were overwhelmingly Jewish influences. How this happened goes to earlier European machinations within Christendom. Nonetheless, by the early 1900s Jewish influence was so that they had created the Central Banking system which is premised on the pyramid (Ponzi) scheme of fiat currency and fractional reserve lending. In America, in the early 20th Century this coalesced into the first modern oligarchs of British Christian and Jewish dominance–The Rockefeller/Rothschild legacies. The 20th Century became one where everything and everyone was ripe for capitalist exploitation and coercion–and more often than not the robber barons used violence to get what they willed.

The model implemented for the economy ended up being the casino and although it’s been normalized and legitimized in recent history it is still unequivocally the instigation of various mafia influences. Wall St. now encapsulates the casino ethos. A tiny percentage of oligarchs own 85% of Wall St.’s wealth. This is hoarding and loading the dice in the casino! We can see that speculation has also turned traditional homes into speculative ventures causing massive inflation bubbles in real estate. This has never happened on the earth prior to this model.

A very large part of what happened was the legalization of the corporate model which protected the oligarchs from legal repercussions from their, at best, amoral exploitations and coercions. This type of centralizing power had never really existed on earth before in the way it has played out today where about 6000 billionaires rule the destiny of the planet. These oligarchs also purchased the political system and the justice systems and manipulated populations by Hollywood, advertising, and the negative use of psychological knowledge i.e. propaganda!

I would concede that technological innovation (itself distinct from capitalist dogma) has brought incredible advances to standards of living in that most of us today have better amenities than kings and queens in the middle ages. But these technological advances are not in and of themselves justifications for the exploitative, coercive economic model which grew along with new tech in modernity.

We really must note that within this system are myriad ways the oligarchy has rigged the casino to gain unmerited wealth. From fiat currency, usury, wage slavery, speculation, rents, inheritance leading to dynasties which lead to the co-opting of the political sphere; these are all means of gaining unfair advantage–none of them ethical or moral.

So, what do we do and where do we go from here? Well, first we HAVE to concede that humans MUST become good stewards of the earth again if we are to survive! And as much as I appreciate James Corbett he’s also deluded if he thinks every manner of pollution is acceptable and manageable within the status-quo! This isn’t to say his most recent documentary is inaccurate but environmental concern is valid, real, and a necessity.

The present incarnation of neoliberal corporate capitalism has to be dismantled if we are to survive as a civilization. It cannot be replaced with another false dichotomy manipulation of the elites… The economics of this system is what’s unsustainable. It’s not hard to imagine a 300sq. ft. condo renting for $10,000 monthly in thirty years while minimum wage gets set to 40.00 an hour. Even at a 50-hour workweek in 30 years, one will still be short and accumulating debt every month just to pay the rent! Outlandish, you cry! Hey, on a lesser scale this is already happening and it’s only going to get worse! Not to mention the clusterfuck of A.I. and the fact that capitalism has nowhere else to outsource, or externalize as it relates to the cost of production.

I’m am going to link a post to a solution that is a compromise between Marx and Smith as their ideas are outdated and outmoded. I call them the Four Pillars Of A New Earth Commons. So, for those still reading here is the link to my ideas! The housing idea is premised on a respect for private property rights but all of us only get to own 1 property! And, yes, it can be as big as your honest merit allows!

Of course, we Christian Gnostics believe the Devil is Yahweh, and that kind of makes sense of everything here, doesn’t it?

  • I’ve no quarrel per se that the idea of the capitalist mindset within a sect of robber barons goes far back into antiquity.
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