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I’ll first say I don’t have an answer to this query! But 40 years of inquiry hasn’t given me a satisfactory answer to theodicy when the question in the introduction is reversed.

I would say atheism is the most congruent answer that I’ve come across as it simply asserts that evil is random chance. But conceding that still leaves me wanting although I concede it could just be a gripe of my ego. As an aside on this issue: on the question of money and power I’ve asserted that pathological atheists (and theists, too) have committed a murderous rampage in the last 200 years as it became clear to them that there were no consequences for bad actions. *And this is what happened; but again, that’s an aside to this post.

I score Christian Gnosticism and Buddhism as tied in trying to answer the title of this post! Although both kind of end up looking like the Ouroboros… I’ll start with Christian Gnosticism.

Firstly, we don’t know what this evil God created, and whether this life, on this earth, at this time, is exactly what the demiurge created at the Genesis! But even the demiurge didn’t know it was evil; that it was a harmonic distortion so to speak, therefore goodness could be theoretically accounted for in this cosmology–even with an evil god. What I’m saying here is if the demiurge didn’t know what it was then it could quite conceivably create evil and good side by side. It explains the brutality of life and why life has to devour life to survive.

Second, what mother doesn’t love her child no matter how deformed? So perhaps Sofia made immediate compensations for what she had done; perhaps even embedding herself as the earth’s mother goddess. Or, perhaps, she is responsible for the earth, period, because as mentioned–Genesis is shrouded in mystery.

And third, the demiurge doesn’t negate the Kristos or Logos as all things came to be through its energy, to begin with. I would say, though, that the Kristos and the demiurge are either eternally opposed or have come to some kind of conciliation. The latter would look very much like Judaic Gnosticism; although not wholly, because it’s going to be near impossible to tell if the coming Judaic Messiah is wholly good. 

I find Theravadin Buddhism slightly more accessible as an answer to the problem of evil as its cosmology considers ‘God/Heaven’  (the 31 planes of existence) and the Archons (Mara being the chief antagonist in Buddhism) to be more real than the Mahayana School. As I mentioned in the first paragraph a strict materialist explanation is depressing as hell (so why not still consider metaphysical possibilities). So, ignorance and wrong action lead to evil. Okay, it sounds reasonable but soteriological efficacy over 2600- years could be called into question. Has Buddhism been a failure if we look at the incredible amount of evil happening on the earth today 2600 years after Gautama?

In the end, on this issue, although I do see Christian Gnosticism as best describing ALL combined events on the planet at this time, I, right from the beginning of Gnostic inquiry, sensed the problem with Gnostic thought. But I’ve personally not found a spiritual explanation satisfactory at all for why evil exists. And yes, I’ve read them all…

NOTE:* It’s estimated that 10,000 people per day have been killed by governments (democide) and their agents since the death of God.

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