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This post will prove beyond any doubt that the Christian version of Satan is impossible. This post is not interested in the veracity of Judaism as it’s been proved that the Torah is not historically accurate or scientifically sound as far as its purported cosmology.

Nonetheless, this link will give a very accurate depiction of Judaism’s understanding of Satan. The understanding is today exactly how it was 2000 years ago (and 3500). Satan is a soldier of God and performing God’s will as an adversary of man.

I’ll point out that 2000-years ago the Jews may have been influenced by Zoroastrianism which teaches there are two opposing God’s of good and evil and it’s plausible that Jews came across Hindu and Buddhist ideas of evil actors. However, it appears the Jews nevertheless stuck to their unique version of this character. Anymore cross-pollination of ideas between religious thought on this issue is beyond the scope of this post.

It becomes fact then that the Jews at the time of the Kristos would not have argued with Jesus about the nature of Satan in the way Christians today would assume. It’s simply not possible as the Christian version of Satan wasn’t established until many centuries later. This leaves us with two possibilities when it comes to what pissed off the Pharisees and The Sadducees when it came to their confrontation with Kristos. The first one is that the Jews were right and Jesus was just a fake poser! Although this is possible I don’t believe it’s an adequate explanation for the hostilities of the Jews towards one of their brothers and further, the Jews were well used to every other person claiming to be a Messiah–the trend continues to this day–Messianic fervor, but the point is the Rabbi’s were well used to dismissing charlatans in that regard even in those times. Jesus would have been equally dismissed without commotion.

So, then, what did Kristos say to the Jews that stirred their hearts to wrath? The Gnostics would say what stirred their hearts to wrath is that the Gnostic Kristos called the Jewish tribal God an evil demiurge! And yes, sir! That indeed would have pissed them off a great deal! Furthermore, it actually makes sense of the nonsensical because the non-Gnostic Jesus wouldn’t have been arguing with the Rabbi’s about Satan as they would have shared the same version of who Satan was. This is the only POSSIBLE explanation for the antagonisms between the Rabbis and the Kristos.

I guess Muslims could chime in here but their version of Satan is just as non-sensical as Christianity’s so that gambit does little to alter the veracity of my claim. I would need extraordinary evidence from Muslims to alter my view on this; moreover,  Muslim history fares no better than Jewish history as far as the historicity and accuracy of the Genesis stories of these two religions.

Nope, the only thing that makes sense is the Christian Gnostic version of Kristos who didn’t die for your sins because you are not a sinner; who wasn’t born via a virgin as that’s not possible either; who isn’t going to torment you forever for being a screw-up in one life, and on and on.

Gnostic Christianity teaches that Kristos is immortal and appears as human whenever and wherever it decides to do so; this being cannot be murdered in any human way. It was this Gnostic Kristos who pissed off the Rabbi’s enough that they wanted to kill him (but couldn’t possibly do so).

Does this make the Jews evil? A resounding no! But it does render them blind, or as one being said at the time, “the blind leading the blind!’. It’s an interesting coincidence today the Jewish people tend, generally, to fall into either  Rabbinical Judaism of some type or are atheists (not that there is anything wrong with atheism). But this assessment, again, is quite general as there are obviously Jews who believe myriad different things about life, but that doesn’t dismiss the general assessment, IMO. Either way, as far as Christian Gnosticism goes–rabbinical or atheist–it’s the blind leading the blind. This gives a whole new slant on Marx’s dialectical materialism or Rand’s Objectivism, doesn’t it?

Okay, then, that’s all for now, and hopefully, everyone grows up enough not to have a hissy fit because of these truisms:) Besides, we will still get the spectacle of witnessing whoever the Rabbi’s declare Lord of Jerusalem! Damn! More fun than anyone should be allowed to have:D

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