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Okay, then, this post will explore the root of much of the mayhem happening on this planet. Let’s start with a definition of metaphysics: I’ll define it here as belief in an invisible power or force usually involved with the destiny of humans and the planet. I’m not using metaphysics here in the context of Heideggerian being.

I’ve asserted here that there is very little evidence for any such notions. Over 40 years of research and experience with this topic has led me to believe that there is only limited data on the efficacy of yoga and meditation. That’s it! 10,000 years of religiosity and that’s all we have as evidence! Now, I might add, that I do believe in the existence of subtle energy or Chi but I simply don’t believe there’s enough evidence about what it is to call for political systemic government premised on these ideas. Hinduism and the caste system are proof enough that such systems are destructive and abusive.  500 years of scientific investigation has led to the same conclusions that I’ve come to myself although, of course, I’ve considered scientific evidence to help me form perspectives on this issue. The best system of government developed by humans was a non-corrupted form of secular law. That billionaires have corrupted this system is not an indictment of secular human values but rather an indictment of corrupt mafia ethics! That there are those that assert Buddhist metaphysics as justification for the crimes of the billionaire class is as problematic as the metaphysics of Calvin with its ridiculous assertion that wealth was an indication of God’s favor.

Let’s now, then, start our deconstruction of all humanities crap metaphysics and the murderous mayhem that they most often enact. We’ll begin with the mother of all insanity: Judaism. In this video, Abby Martin interviews average Israel’s and it clearly elucidates the mind control and child abuse of this particular religious system. There is a Reconstructionist Jew interviewed therein so the situation isn’t entirely hopeless but they are a small minority and quite often enact a code of silence enabling their toxic brethren to carry on business as usual. I’ll add right off the top that Christianity and Islam fare no better and their histories are littered with murderous mayhem.

Modern epistemology easily understands what good parenting is and the clear diagnosis is that the Judaic God is a psychopath (if it existed), Reconstructionist Jews understand this.  There’s really no other reasonable interpretation yet centuries of mind-control continue to persist on delusion as being real. This should be–by all modern ways of knowing–unacceptable. Yet here we are with Israel manipulating world events so they can usher in their political Messiah. 911 was, in part, the collusion of literalists within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam who have more in common with each other than they do with any healthy secular order. The endgame, here, IMO, will be the invoking of The Noahide Laws by whoever claims to be the Jewish Messiah.

And it’s here we must look into the claims of Christian Gnosticism. Very many of the early Christian’s were dead set against the idea that Jehovah was a good God (something clearly validated by modern knowledge). Yet the Roman Church found a way to make Jehovah be the father of Kristos–something Christian Gnosticism has always disputed. Please allow a little speculation here: look at the Whitehouse today–clearly controlled by the union of Judaic thought mixed with the power of Caesar–it’s not hard to imagine that that is exactly what happened in the time of Constantine. It’s historical fact that the Rabbi’s wielded extraordinary influence by the time Constantine appeared on the scene and that Constantine was used by the archons to set up the next chess piece within the demiurges matrix. These machinations continue 1700 years later. I’m not arguing this as fact but it’s at least a coherent view which is consistent with events and I also am adamant that Christian Gnosticism in no way asserts that spirituality should be codified into societal structures so I can hardly be accused of being inconsistent.

I believe Christian Gnosticism to be a distinct spiritual worldview which stands on its own in direct contradistinction to other less coherent types of religiosity.

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