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Okay, I’m heading out on a limb here! Me bad! This post is going to explore the very excellent Netflix show, Stranger Things from a Christian Gnostic perspective.

Before I start I’ll say I’m not the only one sensing this storyline/narrative/interpretation. This YouTuber has done a video positing that the Demogorgon is Eleven’s mom–( or the fractured mind of 11’s mother). It’s worth watching if you want to travel down this rabbit-hole. I should note here that I also very much consider Buddhist ontology and that this all could be the phantasms and projections of the collective human mind on all its myriad levels. Nevertheless…

In Christian Gnosticism, the Demiurge is the monster and it’s no accident that the monster in the show is called Demogorgon. The Archons of the Demiurge created this upside down in which we reside and are called the Elohim. ELeven! 11…The star of the show! They control the Matrix and they let us know of their existence on 9-11! We see in the show the collusion between the Elohim (11) and the governmental and scientific authorities; although in the show 11 is the victim–I’m not looking for every detail of this theory to be consistent–it’s enough for this blog that the generalities connect. The reality here though is that the archons are very much in league with government and scientific authorities and they are up to all kinds of shenanigans with mind-control experiments only the tip of the iceberg! It should be noted that recently discovered Gnostic texts clearly describe some of the archons and they appear to be the grey aliens of popular lore (soulless machines) and reptilian type bad actors.

Anyway, it’s business as usual in sleepy town America when Will is abducted into the upside-down. It’s interesting to me that they named him Will because will plays a crucial part in our longing to be free of the matrix in which we are trapped. Arthur Schopenhauer and Nietzsche were keenly aware of this–or so I will assert. They were also acutely aware of our existential dilemma–trapped as it were–in a conundrum wrapped up in a labyrinth surrounded by a clusterfuck!

If there were anything to what I’m espousing here we would then find that nearly everything about this existence is inverted! That is to say that one is not here to be a slave of the archons but to be free and gain freedom. So when the Bible says a man shall not eat if he doesn’t work you can be sure that is an injunction of our slave masters! The slave-drivery of the Bible (and other religions) start to make a lot of sense from this perspective. We see this in the Roman festival of Saturnalia (El) which was the celebration of the master-slave relationship and the Saturn logo is everywhere with the Nike swoosh being the most prominent within popular culture (got slave labor, Nike)?

So……if we are in the upside-down then what is the right side up? Well, according to the Christian Gnosticism that would be the realm of the Aeons– Kristos and Sophia (multi-dimensionality) who are revealing their presence to humanity in this age.

It should be noted that I haven’t watched season 2 yet but I’ve discovered that they are introducing Kali! Oh, my, the plot thickens:D

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