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This link is a video conversation between Sam Harris and a priest of a Los Angeles liberal church.

Let me first say that there is a certain perspective where I can nod my head in agreement in a very generally evolutionary sense as far as this conversation goes. Yes, I’m well versed in Integral Theory. But that, I’m afraid, is as good as it gets, and it’s going to get much worse as I get into a Christian Gnostic interpretation of this talk.

But first the easy political critique. The liberalism embraced by these two is environmental cancer to the planet! 10 billion people doing whatever they want whenever they want by 2050 is a recipe for disaster yet liberal politics and religion embrace this deeply flawed ethic! It’s convenient, isn’t it, that this ethos just happens to line the pockets of corrupt billionaires. You would think conservatism might be a remedy for this travesty but you’d be wrong today because conservatism has been hijacked solely for the unwavering fetishism of Israeli policy…

So, let’s ask, then, what has happened to the Christian church in N.A. since the creation of the nation-state of Israel? Well, overwhelmingly, it’s divided, coincidentally, into two main schisms: the neoconservative idolatry of Israeli supremacy and as this video shows a liberal branch which is subtly enabling the Greater Israel Project, The Yinon Plan, and especially the  Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi plan–all of which use liberalism as just another tool for Israeli objectives and in this case the liberal ideology of multiculturalism.  Make no mistake about the ‘left-hand’ machinations of Mr. Harris’s people who are fully implementing– on a worldwide scale–an endgame which is most likely a worldwide Marxist central government headed by a Jewish Messiah who will usher in the Noahide Laws. We can thank the Sabbatean Frankist’s here, also!

So what do we make of Mr. Harris who has the audacity to talk the way he does in such a place? (I get he was invited) Well, there are pros and cons to that, too, and although it’s good, IMO, that he considers Buddhism it may not be so good that Mr. Harris represents himself as a spokesperson for Buddhist thought. There are many in the Buddhist community who resent Jewish ‘infiltration’ of Buddhist cosmology which is in no way united in a materialist cosmology. Be that as it may, we will now get to the heart of the matter of this post…

The much-maligned Christian Gnostic worldview would see no incongruity in this talk as Christendom was always a machination of the demiurge and its archons who wove one supreme lie into Christian thought: that Jehovah was the Kristo’s father. And in this talk, we see one inevitable, and consistent outcome of these narratives over time: Jewish alignment with Christian ecclesiastical authority–truly, there is nothing new under the sun. I talk about this collusion here as it pertains to a cabal of Jesuits, Jews, and Freemasons who implemented modern finance, or what I call MONOKA$HISM!

I think what bothers me the most here is the outright dismissal of the root cause of much of the problems with Islam in modernity: millions of Muslims killed and lands raided by Jewish and Christian instigators (corporate ones, also). Now, in saying this, as a Christian Gnostic, I believe Islam is also a tool of the demiurge, too, but that fact shouldn’t preclude an honest assessment of the shenanigans in the middle east in the past century. Much of the mayhem is the direct result of Jewish delusion and it’s here where Mr. Harris becomes the purveyor of duplicity. The West, in general, has become a weapon and financial backer for all things to do with what benefits Israel.

Anyway, I guess a part of this post must be anecdotal and I understand the problems inherent in such a position; but, nevertheless, I shall lay it on the table. First, though, I’ve read a few of Mr. Harris’s books and don’t have a problem with atheism per se, I see atheism as one camp among many with the key point being we don’t really know what this is. Here, then, are my issues with this guys positions on certain topics: the complete dismissal of an alternative narrative on 911 where there is overwhelming evidence that Israel benefitted the most from that day (and certain Jews) How my spirit, much like in reaction to this post, was quite stirred to anger when I saw S.H. giving a talk at the JFK campus(in another video) when there is overwhelming evidence of Israeli involvement (and motive) in the JFK assassination. The dismissal of Jewish influence, in general, within Christian cultures (and the consequences of that). I bet not one word conceding that Las Vegas was some kind of staged event surrounded by Israeli actors and Egyptian symbolism. (see my earlier link on MONOKA$HISM).

All in all, this doesn’t paint a very pretty picture of potential motivations by these particular actors. If everything else I was saying is wrong in this post the liberal delusions therein should be enough to question the approach within this video. The only positive thing I can say is that certain types of spiritual atheism are better for humanity in the long run than material reductionism. But we need to make sure spiritual hypothesis is not embedded within duplicity and double-talk.

Some final thoughts on Zionism: imagine a culture who implemented a great idea of taking a rest day every seventh day and every seventh year and every seventieth–The Jubilee! This would create a sustainable way forward for humanity. Economic reset as continually re-occurring! But no, instead we get one of the worst ideas in all of religion: The Chosen People. It’s curious as to which ideas they pick and choose from, isn’t it?

And what if the Zionist’s went into Palestine with the mindset that they would help the Palestinians by teaching them to build healthy homes and schools while guiding them into modernity and its complexities? And what if the Zionist’s kept their aspirations to Israel only giving safe haven to the Jewish people ( and Palestinians) while abandoning plans of worldwide supremacy?

No……..we couldn’t have that, could we? And I suspect the reason is explained in Christian Gnostic thought! The blind leading the blind!










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