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The Vishnu Purana states, “When society reaches a stage, where property confers rank, wealth becomes the only source of virtue, passion, the sole bond between husband and wife, falsehood, the source of success in life, sex the only means of enjoyment, and when outer trappings are confused with inner religion…” Then we are in the age of Kali Yuga. We live in Kali Yuga and will for 432,000 yrs. When Kali Yuga ends, the yuga cycle begins again with Krita Yuga(Satya Yuga).

In this post, I talked about various metaphysics as an excuse for crap ethics. Most religion falls into this category in late post-modernity. I touched briefly on the terrible ethics of reductionist materialism which has turned humans into nothing more than objects of financial exploitation for the capitalist machine. This post will delve a little deeper into this Flatland metaphysics and the Social Darwinist (and eugenicist) meme of “life isn’t fair” so get over it and live with corrupt ethics!

If one really thinks about this ethos it becomes apparent how absolutely retarded it is as a mode of thought, and I mean that literally. If a child has an abusive parent it’s the parent who is literally developmentally retarded and an unfortunate consequence of this abuse is the likely developmental retardation of the abused offspring–sometimes, in its extreme form–leading to Stockholm Syndrome–which is the identification of the abused towards the abuser as far as feeling empathy.

As far as I can tell the meaning here comes from an evolutionary view of the human condition with an over-identification of humans as nothing more than unthinking cattle. Like I said, reductionism at its finest! Coincidentally, also the view of humanity in the *Talmud…The problem, of course, is that humans are thinking animals and this ability to cognize should be enough to reason our way out of such faulty premises. I shall attempt to do so in this post with the caveat that I don’t accept that the complexity of late post-modernity should equate with unfair and unjust ethics–something that economic neoliberalism appears to take as a given.

Before I get into it I do concede that humanities existential condition is somewhat brutal as it’s a fact that life does eat life to survive, but this is automatic as far as we can tell–and are unthinking processes although panpsychism would argue that even on these levels there is sentience–but that’s a different topic and another post. The primary point I would make here is that although somewhat brutal; these processes, for the most part, strive for equilibrium and balance–that is to say they are not totalizing in their destructiveness–something that 15,000 scientists are warning humanity about (an upcoming post). We are on a path towards incredible destructiveness because, IMO, humanity has been reduced to objects of financial exploitation for the capitalist machine.

I think we need to look at who promotes this meme and it’s pretty clear that the victims of crap ethics are not the ones promoting this line of thought. It seems to be promoted by the ‘winners’ in the crapitalist casino model of economy which is a death sentence for much of the life on this planet. Look, I get that if one has won is this casino economy then life looks grand! Hookers and coke and all the travel and pleasure one can indulge in! Fine! Understandable, but ultimately unsustainable! And the point of this post is that a thinking animal should have been able to do better–at least this is what I will argue.

So what is this casino economy? Well, that is the crux of the issue, isn’t it? The casino economy was implemented by billionaires in the past century and they have been able to normalize pretty much everything that was considered immoral in 1890. In other words, what was not that long ago considered unthinkable economically by the majority of humans has now become completely acceptable and normalized when it comes to making money. Quite the conquest in thought, eh? I’ll give the casino owners 100% rating when it comes to the efficacy of their business model. There’s only one wee problem, though: it’s likely going to kill most of us in the coming century and at that point, the dealer’s hand doesn’t look so appealing, does it?

Here is some of the modus-operandi of the casino owners: kicking the majority of humans off land that was the Global Commons and forcing rents upon humanity to such a degree now that financial speculation in real-estate is going to make most people homeless in the coming century as an affordability crisis gets further and further out of control in large part caused by the inflationary mechanisms built into the fiat currency system concomitant with the decline in labor earnings which will be brought on by the development of A.I. This is already happening now in all the major cities in the world–all evidence points to this situation becoming exponentially worse.

The disconnecting of the masses from their ability to be self-sustainable by their own production of food. Well, if one wants total control of populations then control the money and food supplies and the TPTB have been remarkably successful in creating this dissociation. This has created dependency on the casino system for survival.

Control the education system so that the masses of humanity agree to their own enslavement in the amoral casino system. And let me define what I mean here: amorality as a social system wherein any behavior is acceptable as long as profit is being generated.

Make it so the physical and mental health of populations becomes a low priority as a sick and weakened people are easier to control. Make sure the food is crap; load the populations up with pharmaceuticals; promote addiction; create slave jobs that kills the creative spirit of people. Make sure populations go bankrupt paying for medical services brought on by the ethics of the casino owners. Again, truly brilliant, I’ll always concede their brilliant cunning.

So those are The Four Pillars of societal de-evolution, IMO, which are leading us down a path of unimagined destruction. I have the remedy in my Global-Commons solutions with a new Four Pillers as the foundation for benevolent societies here and here which aims to stop the unnecessary exploitation and coercion of humanities basic needs. We should, as thinking beings, be able to do better than our own self-annihilation. I concede this idea is in its infancy, but it’s a reasonable compromise between Marx and Adam Smith although the implementation would need a renewed vision of humanity from cynical misanthropy to a view somewhat more positive. A brief note on Mises: I don’t think he really grokked the enormity of the environmental issues facing humanity. He certainly didn’t live to see the diabolical implementation of neoliberal economics and its negative consequences for the earth. I think he suffered from an all too familiar cultural hubris, too. Another thing I don’t believe that Mises seriously considered was human pathology when it comes to economics. It’s estimated that about 20 in 100 people are prone to sociopathic and psychopathic behavior; Mises ideas are simply an open door for those twisted minds to co-opt any economic system, and that is precisely what’s happened! BTW: A fair share of this pathology resides in the Jewish demographic! Anyway, times have changed. Unnecessary exploitation and coercion of humanities basic needs is unacceptable. Once those are met then Mises’s ideas would become relevant again. One of the main themes in an upcoming blog is the utter failure of liberalism when it comes to the environment.

One last thought here: we need to address all the ways the casino owners have loaded the deck in their favor by creating unmerited wealth. In point form in no particular order:

-every manner of usury and the doozy of fiat currency.

-laws favoring corporate malfeasance.

-using the State to enforce by force casino ethics.




-*Darwinism in group conspiracy ( Jewish supremacy).

-unprovable and dubious metaphysics as self-justification for poor financial behavior (my recent post). The Divine Right of Kings, systemic caste systems, etc.





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