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It may have well been 33,000 as the earth’s destruction is considered a conspiracy by the majority of people engaged in the greatest liberal orgy to ever have existed (it would shock even Nero!) And you would logically think we could turn to conservatism! But you’d be wrong because as the liberal capitalist orgy took over the planet so did the murderous reign of the Israeli’s who have hijacked conservatism so that conservatism became nothing more than fetishism for Israeli policy–but that’s another post.

So what did the Archons do in reaction to this cheery news from scientists? The government-owned by central banks partnered with the corporatocracy signed the TPP! No worldwide pollution emergency called; no asking humanity to change their ignorant ways, just business as usual! And so the demise of our age continues! I would point anyone to James Corbett’s documentaries Why Big Oil Conquered the World and Sustainability which go into great detail about the motivations of the billionaire archons. My own belief is that Christian Gnosticism best explains why these psychopaths want city-state TECHNOCRACIES. The irony of my linking his work is that Corbett probably believes that scientists are lying and that’s where I part ways with him. But from my perspective, his documentaries are sound and correct, nevertheless.

Before I go further I’ll address the earth will survive meme: yes it will! But I can hardly express the sheer mental retardation of this meme as an excuse for business as usual and the status-quo! This is what they do in CIA bunkers now! This is how your tax dollars are spent!

So what do we talk about today? Whether the earth is fuckin’ flat or round! More of your tax dollars being pissed away in CIA bunkers! I’ve pointed out, though, here, that Flat Earther’s could be an avenue towards sustainable living if we were to usher in what I call The Amish Laws: if you believe the earth is flat then by law one has to live like The Amish! I couldn’t think of anything better for the earth! These folks have no right to use fridges, automobiles, or computers when they are so quick to dismiss science; and really, that goes for most liberals, too–who want the comforts of the scientific age but not its insights! This situation can be likened to a large apartment complex where a few astute people warn of smoke starting to fill the public stairwells and hallways but the landlords just tell everyone to go back to sleep because it’s just burned toast! NO! It’s a very REAL FUCKIN’ FIRE dumbasses! And the fire is being fuelled by our behavior! And by the way, the Torah clearly describes the earth being flat and the universe as being a snowglobe! And the people who believe this story hold the keys to the nukes! UNFUCKIN’ believable until one comes to understand Christian Gnostic cosmology which ends up making a lot of sense of all this madness!

A note on the scientific age and Christian Gnosticism. Christian Gnosticism understands that the worlds religious books are not historically accurate or scientifically sound. We understand that bad parenting is bad parenting and call a spade a spade. The story of Isaac and Ishmael are classic examples of bad parenting and are not to be trusted. The only God who would do such a thing is an evil god! And this is the assertion of Christian Gnosticism. Now if God existed it would never give us the faculties of reason and logic and use them against us but this is exactly what the Biblical God does! Reason and Logic dictate dismissal of this version of God. As for cosmology: our origins are a mystery still and we know very little about consciousness, but more and more data is pointing to the fact that consciousness may very well be multi-dimensional, and this is the Christian Gnostic perspective. We assert without proof that these dimensions are populated and that in fact our existence sprang from these dimensions but we hold this as metaphysical speculation and don’t assert it as fact.

As for the destruction of the earth from a Christian Gnostic perspective? It’s not the first time this has happened…


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