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This post will need a little introduction to give it some context. I believe the Hobbits (most of us) are in the battle for our lives but that most Hobbits are unaware of the danger facing The Shire. I think the Hobbits that are awake need some help! Unfortunately, though, in real life, there are no Gandolf’s although there are a ton of Sauron’s. I often quip that I don’t know if God exists but I sure as hell know that Satan does! Unfortunately, today, as in monotheism of old, it’s near impossible to tell the difference between Satan and Jesus (see the Lost Books of Adam and Eve)–this doesn’t help the situation as the few who claim they are environmental Gandolf’s; again, look more like Sauron!

So what are the woke Hobbits to do? Well, my suggestion here is that we, “Better Call Saul!” Yes, indeed, we need a team of greasy lawyers to do two things:

  1. to sue economists that promote crazy unsustainable models; sue The Chicago School of Economics because that was the main ‘thought bubble’ that created economic neoliberalism (the main antagonist in environmental devastation in late postmodernity), and we need to sue the academies for negligence for promoting unsustainable models while ignoring and dismissing economic models which are conducive to human survival on the planet.
  2. we need this team of lawyers to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a Court of Law that tens of thousands of scientists are not lying or skewing the data. This court case, if won, could be a path forward for real systemic change.

I do know of a few court cases out there but I don’t believe they are targeting the right spheres of influence. I think we need to target the root of the problem and that is the economic foundations of global capitalism and that is the economists and their academies.

Once we get there we might be able to block the other main antagonists in this nightmare and that is the billionaire oligarchs who want to form a Transnational Marxist PlutocracyThe Technocracy! We can’t allow this to happen but we can’t fight the billionaires until we get the LAW back on our side and this won’t be easy because the billionaires have bought court systems in the past 100 years. Nope, our first avenue of resistance has to be the economists and their academies.

A note to the lawyers: this is one instance where I wouldn’t care at all how much money you make–go for it! If we win you’ll deserve every cent you make! Go, Saul, go!

We need to delve into the nature of the origins of liberal and conservative ideologies here, also, and argue that these modes of thinking are no longer adequate for the environmental complexities of our age. Here is a link that discusses origins.

These ideologies came out of Europe in the past 200 years and are directly responsible for creating the bloody mess we are in and these control mechanisms of the masses are not adequate to solve the complexities of the age. Liberalism, today, as an avenue for 10 billion people doing whatever they want whenever they want with the profit motive being the sole arbiter of actions in the coming century will lead to disaster. Conversely, the old world order with its crap metaphysical ethics will no longer do either. We need a new model and it needs backing by LAW which proves beyond a reasonable doubt that climate scientists are not lying!

In fact, what we need are anarchist communities! But these can’t be Ayn Randian business as usual AnCap modes of being and doing because that won’t change anything for the better–it will only privatize the current disastrous environmental trajectory of civilization.

I propose here, as part of the solutions, the 150 people anarchist community model: figure it out here in test towns and get it right on this scale and then there may be a congruent way forward. I also propose what I call the NEW EARTH COMMONS with Four Piller’s as the foundation for any sustainable society–they are premised on humanity’s basic needs.

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