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When I was a child I used to love Casper–the friendly ghost! It seems when it comes to the human condition and its economic models that many people still do! I’ll argue how that is and came about herein.

If we were to take a 150 person test town where 3-people (the average pathology to scale) want to enforce their particularly mean version of Casper onto the other 147 who have no such delusions, we would justifiably call that a particularly mean-spirited version of a crazy society–yet that is what we have–especially since 911...Now, to be fair, if Casperville was a fair friendly ghost town like The Amish then I wouldn’t need to write this ridiculous post! But alas, there are so many mean and crazy Casper believers out there that espouse every manner of ridiculousness when it comes to economics and the human condition that I feel the need to waste my time doing this.

It’s obvious, now, that one of the Casper believers in this small town created a means of exchange out of thin air and forced it on all the others by force because their belief in being special Casper lovers rationalized their ability to do so–they charged the other 149 people interest on the means of exchange which has obviously created severe hostilities once the other 149 people figured out what the one special ghost lovers did! I think that there was a collusion with one other member (the believers in the ghost cross) of the community and that towards the end of the age in this community another ghost believer aligned with them because of energy considerations.

The fact of the matter is, though, is that the only way this community can be healthy and prosper is if everyone has their basic needs of food, water, and shelter met and that no ghosts, friendly or otherwise– should be factored into the reasonable and logical ability of these 150 people to do such a smart and intelligent thing!

But, oh yes, there are many other ghost stories in this community! A few of them say that the starving and hungry attracted their condition and are responsible for it! This ghost appeals to narcissism and ego and denies that the community is perfectly capable of solving problems without calling upon ghosts! Some of these ghost lovers go as far as to say that previous lives have dictated the outcome of how people live in this town! Complete nonsense! Well, in the context of how these 150 people live in a community, anyway. The fact of the matter is that the turning into a ghost at death should have no bearing on creating the conditions for 150 people living sane and healthy lives premised on fairness and the ability of the faculties of reason and logic to implement healthy living choices for all members of this community. Anything less will lead to the destruction of this town.

Now true enough, there are those in recent history who have attempted to create this community without the ghost stories and these were our communal ghost-busters in recent times. But they lied to themselves because they didn’t deal with the foundational pathology of this town–the equal distribution of the means of exchange creating the conditions for equal opportunity for all its members. is one such organization within this town that is attempting to undo the pathology of earlier ghost machinations within this community.

There are those in recent history who say that each 150 person town should have its own color but this, it seems to me, is just another angle of implementing the 1-special ghost fallacy! If the 1-special ghost dictates that that is what it wants then it may manipulate the other members into thinking such machinations are a good idea! Now, to my thinking, solving the economic problems would be a far better path to dealing with the issues in the community and not appealing to color.

It should be noted here that I’m not saying that there are no complications in this community; indeed, it is a quite complex community but what I’m saying is that ghost stories don’t help to solve the problems and that most of the complexities can be alleviated by ensuring equal means of opportunity and the surest way to do that is to agree on foundational issues that concern all the members and their basic needs.

Here are the issues which need addressing by this community past believing in ghosts.

-making sure that 3-people prone to pathology don’t acquire undue influence.

-making sure hoarding doesn’t become institutionalized.

-making sure all people learn to grow their own food and learn fair and just trading practices from an early age.

-making sure land is distributed to all equally so that all have a home and that available land doesn’t sit empty because it allows some to get rich without benefitting the community.

-that the 150 educate themselves about the natural limits of their community and that they learn not to pollute their community. That environmental ethics be inculcated at a young age within the community.

-that the more productive members of the community learn compassion for those less talented and skilled.

To wrap this up: believing in ghosts is fine but the belief in them is no way to run a society! There are certain ghost stories that are fun and do no harm and like I pointed out earlier some ghost stories are congruent with natural ethics. And that’s about all for now! Boo!

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