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Life eats life to survive! This is the sad fact of existence. What got us here seems like blind chance and non-intelligent impersonal evolutionary processes. Please note that from this materialist non-theistic perspective that a Dog Eat Dog universe came into existence by non-thinking processes! 

I won’t spend much time on the possibility that this bizarre universal condition came into existence by thinking consciousness. I’ll only say that it would seem to me, if this were true, that the mind who created a universe could hardly be called good in juxtaposition to a condition where eats life to survive. In fact, this would be the Christian Gnostic perspective–that this universal condition (it may be local) is not good!

Be that as it may, what we will consider in this post is if a financial system predicated on the same (unthinking) processes could be called intelligent? I would argue, no! If we got to Dog Eat Dog by unthinking processes and have created a worldwide financial system upon Dog Eat Dog processes then it could hardly be called different or in any way more developed or evolved than blind chance unthinking Dog Eat Dog!

What’s unique about our condition here is that there has developed such a thing as a Top Dog! And that this Top Dog wants to treat everyone else as his bitches! This again is hardly a thinking sustainable model of existence let alone any way to run a civilization! Please remember that Top Dog is simply an extension of blind chance mechanisms and at its roots, it functions on the same blind process of dog eating dog to survive.

It may be worth considering that these blind chance processes seem to continually wipe out various forms of life in a type of brutal hammering of the living conditions on this planet and that maybe it might be time to consciously reconsider such a mode of operation. I would argue that in recent history there were developmental processes of logic and reason within the human mind and that for the first time in human history the universe could actually contemplate this Dog Eat Dog condition!

Now, this should have been remarkable but it hasn’t turned out that way as the financial system which was implemented within modernity via The Age of Reason was predicated on the lowly evolved non-thinking Dog Eat Dog ethos! This goes by different names but would most accurately be described as Social Darwinism implemented via various predatory financial mechanisms, and the point is that it’s a misnomer to call this mode highly developed as it’s clearly an extension of a blind unthinking template. At the very least, it could hardly be argued that the present situation within civilization is much of an advancement in spite of concomitant technical achievements.

In fact, there are thinking beings within this civilization who are pointing out and arguing that this present mode of doing business is about to collapse in on itself as well as cause unpredictable and costly damage to the earth’s life systems and that  it’s not exactly blind chance doing it this time–it’s us, supposedly rational thinking beings! I would argue, NOT!

Is there any way out of this present predicament? Probably not! Mainly for two reasons: the present engineers of this system can be likened to drunks steering a locomotive fully loaded at top speed and the train is running out of track…Not good! The second reason goes to a misdia- (gnosis) of the present condition on this planet. On that issue, this post will only deal with one aspect that any alternative explanation for the Dog Eat Dog condition we find ourselves in and that is it has to align and cannot contradict the processes of logic and reason as far as explaining our present predicament.

Here is a list of mythical age religion which contradicts the processes of logic and reason and in fact continued and embedded the ongoing lowly evolved lizard limbic system predatory mindset of a universe driven by chance and necessity.

-the Chosen People doctrine (Top Dog).

-accepting Jesus as one’s personal Savior (Top Dog).

-surrendering to Mohammedan religion (Top Dog).

-setting up caste systems based on a myth (Top Dog).

So we see that a return to irrational and illogical religion is the last place we are going to find solutions to our current predicaments. It does beg the question whether there is such a thing as rational and logical spiritual narratives? Yes, there are a few and the one I subscribe to is Christian Gnosticism–it’s a narrative which not only explains the J.Q. (The Jewish Question) but could also explain the A.Q. (The Alien Question)…

And I’ll be exploring these issues in coming weeks.



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