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Imagine you’re flat! Completely and absolutely flat! And not only that, everyone one you know is flat and everything that you exist in is flat! I think it might be fair to say you live in Flatland! Now imagine that there were rumors of this substance called Tallomite and if you ingest it you would quite shortly after experience something extraordinary: tallness! Imagine that, eh? Now, the most important part of this to understand is that you wouldn’t become tall via ingesting Tallomite, but you would for a brief moment experience some myth known as tallness!

One of the other most important aspects of Tallomite is that it didn’t really prove anything about tallness and moreover there were those in Flatland who thought the idea ridiculous and did everything possible to ridicule the very idea of tallness! They went as far as banning the use and production of Tallomite and making its use illegal; the worst of the haters intentionally created ridiculous stories about tallness that made absolutely no sense but they enforced these fairy tales by force and law. They spread stories that one day when your flat little life ended you would be magically taken to Tallville! They repeated these falsenesses over and over for millennia and brainwashed their young about magical tales of tallness; of course, none of it was true and all of it manipulating perception so they could hide the truth about the very real experiences with being tall by the use of Tallomite!

The most extraordinary and difficult part about Tallomite is that Tallness was a very real place! Although invisible its existence is completely intertwined with Flatland and the kicker about Tallville is that the place was populated by very real tall people! These tall folks preceded Flatland and a rare few of them are able to access Flatland via various mechanisms. The liars and manipulators within Flatland had occasionally run into these tall folk over the millennia and because the elite Flatlanders felt their control was threatened they did everything possible to deny and ridicule the few tall folk who came to Flatland to talk about tallness! The controllers divided themselves into two groups: the ones who told fairy tales and a group that insisted by every means that tallness was impossible! These two groups were very cunning, indeed! But here’s what they never understood: Tallness was inevitable! 

It was known though that the best most likely way to experience tallness was to have free societies where all the fake and false Tallness stories were kept to a minimum. However, there were those who didn’t want this so they ended up creating scenarios in Flatland that turned the Flatlanders into prisoners and these manipulators doubled down with their false fairytale myths about Tallville! It was not a good situation as most of the Flatlanders could only choose between fairytales or the untruth of eternal flatness!

Another of the most incredible things about Flatland was that it was very much affected by 1-dimensional entities who were also quite real and were in collusion with the elite Flatlanders! These 1-dimensional entities also preceded Flatland and in fact very much owned the parameters of the Flatland experience. Their main message to Flatlanders is that there is no Tallness and there will never be hope whatsoever of ever being tall!


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